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Kirby: Right Back at Ya!
Odyssey of Dreams

Chapter 8: A Lost King in a Vast Desert

*Tiff’s Journal*

    “So much has happened since I last wrote in this thing, but last time I wrote I was having some trouble keeping up with Kirby and the others in terms of power.  When I went up against Ado I thought I was finished, but after Kine gave me that trident I felt my hopes return!  I know now what I have to do.  I have to find more magical weapons even though that sounds so~ childish…”


    “I wonder if it’s okay to write in this without asking.  I recently met new friends on this beautiful planet and they are wonderful.  I lost my brother to what’s known as, the Dark Matter.  I won’t stand for it; they can’t just do this to civilizations and expect them not to fight back!  I wonder how many civilizations were destroyed by them.  Grr, well we won’t be joining them!  No matter how powerful they are!  We just have to keep fighting, everything has a weakness!”


*Over the Ocean*

    The party now consisted of Tiff, Adeleine and Kirby himself as Waddle Dee opted to stay at rest.  Kirby and his friends rode the Warp Star over the deep blue ocean until a beach came into view over the horizon, “Sand Canyon!” Kirby shouted as he happily pointed at an upcoming beachside.

    “Alright, Kirby let’s kick it into overdrive!” Tiff cheered.  Kirby sped up his Warp Star and soon hit land.  Kirby began flying over the desert sands when Tiff’s eye caught something.  “Hey Kirby, wait go back I think I spotted something back there!”

    Kirby did a u-turn and went back, but slowed the Warp Star to a crawl until the party saw someone wandering in the desert, “King Dedede!” Kirby said cheerfully.

    “What’s King Dedede doing all the way out here?!” Tiff asked in astonishment.

    “Who is he, do you guys know him?” Adeleine asked with a smile.

    “Yeah, but I don’t see his punching bag-err… I mean, buddy Escargoon anywhere,” Tiff said as she looked around.  Kirby landed his Warp Star only a couple of feet from King Dedede.  Upon further inspection, King Dedede was acting very strangely and he moved very lethargically.

    Ribbon’s senses picked up something, “Guy’s I think he’s possessed so approach him with care.  Kirby approached King Dedede and tugged on his robe from behind.

    King Dedede took notice and turned around to face Kirby, “Waaah, huh, oh iz only Kirby…,” he said with a slur.  Dedede was sweating profusely and his face was flushed.

    Tiff noticed a jug that Dedede was carrying with him, “Hey he’s not possessed, just intoxicated!  That jug is full of Moonlight Dew, it’s a drink not only for grown ups, but exclusive to Kings.  I wonder where he got it from he’s no legit King…”

    Dedede scoped out Kirby, “Look at the mess I made Kirby, *hiccup*, if I hadn’t, uh, activated that dumb robot, I would still be at the castle.  I guess, *hiccup*, that don’t, uh, matter much now.  That dark cloud’s makin’ everybody go nuts.  Now, I ain’t got anythin’ to do with that dark cloud, so don’t blame that on me!” he said sadly as he stared blankly into the sky.  “Tell me straight Kirby, *hiccup*, izzit the end of the world this time?  I mean, Escargoon’s gone and Meta Knight’s gone and, uh, *hiccup*, I think someone’s been followin’ me!”

    Tiff began to feel sorry for Dedede, “I’ve never seen this side of him before.”

    “Everyone has a good side and a bad side Tiff,” Ribbon stated.  Kirby tried to comfort Dedede as he finished off his drink.  After finishing his drink, Dedede fell back and passed out dropping the empty jug in the process.

    Suddenly, Ribbon sensed a sinister presence, but before the words could escape her mouth a Dark Matter Scout emerged from the sand behind Dedede and enveloped him.  Kirby summoned his Throw ability only to be conked on the head by the King’s large hammer and loose his power.  Kirby flew backwards into a sand dune and his friends rushed to his side.

    Tiff took an offensive stance as she equipped the Bramble Whip she received from the museum curator, in a flash of magical light Tiff gained a crown of vines with two orange flowers on each side of her head and colorful marks on her cheeks, “This new power the Floralmancer is really nifty it even makes me smell nice!”

    Adeleine used her new form, Master Green, “Hey, I can still fight even outside the water this is cool!”

    Kirby dug himself out of the dune and transformed into Stone Kirby.  The party took a long hard look at Dedede and they noticed that while he was fully functional, he was still very much asleep.  “I think the Dark Matter’s making him sleepwalk!” Tiff stated surprised.

    “I think you mean ‘sleep fighting’ Tiff,” Adeleine corrected.  Dedede smashed his hammer into the ground causing a massive sand wave.  When it cleared the king was nowhere to be found, until Kirby looked upward into the air that is.  Dedede was mimicking the way Kirby flies.  The king let his breath out and dropped behind Kirby and his friends.  Dedede mimicked Kirby again by inhaling Kirby and spat him out at a sand dune.  “How does it feel…, to have your own attacks used on you Kirby?!” Dedede taunted in his sleep.

    Tiff was in awe, “H-how, I didn’t know Dedede could do that!  Where did he learn how to mimic Kirby?”

    The king rushed awkwardly towards Tiff this time and she snapped out of her surprised stupor just in time to use her whip.  Tiff caught Dedede around his neck with the Bramble Whip and tried to drag him to the ground.  However, Dedede did not flinch from the damage, so Tiff used one of the spells that she learned with the whip.  Tiff’s eyes glowed green as Dedede’s feet were wrapped up by vines, preventing him from moving, “That was so cool!  These Floralmancer spells are pretty awesome!” Tiff gloated.  However, Dedede shrugged it off fairly quickly and retaliated by inhaling Tiff.  Adeleine began her own attack with a burst of electricity, but before she could unleash it, Dedede spat Tiff at her causing her to withdraw her attack while Tiff slammed into her.  Kirby took the initiative and turned his body into a large statue.  He then jumped high into the air and fell directly on top of Dedede.  Kirby jumped multiple times on the king like a trampoline.  Then after a third jump from Kirby, Dedede pulled out another surprise.  The king was able to effortlessly lift Stone Kirby and throw him off.

    “Who knew Dedede had such strength!” Tiff thought to herself.  Then Dedede pulled an object from his robes.  The latter object was a hard iron mask with a few spikes on it.  When Dedede placed it on his face, hiss body flooded with power and his regular wooden hammer was replaced with a new one.  This new hammer was double in size and became entirely mechanical.  As Stone Kirby lifted himself from the ground he was suddenly hit with an enormous impact of the king’s hammer being swung around in circles at super sonic speeds.  This not only destroyed Kirby’s hard stone body but caused him to loose his Stone Ability as well.  After he was done however, he was really dizzy.  Kirby picked his battered body from the ground and transformed into Cutter Kirby by using it from the storage in his stomach.

    Kirby attacked Dedede with a horizontal cut across the stomach.  The Dark Matter scout started to manipulate Dedede’s body again in unnatural ways.  The wound made by Kirby’s cutter opened up and his stomach was lined with razor sharp teeth and the Dark Matter’s eye was within his stomach.  The iron mask melded with Dedede’s face and made him into a deformed monster.

    Kirby and his party were extremely grossed out, “That has got to be the sickest thing I’ve ever seen!” Tiff said trying to hold down her lunch.

    “Is that the kinda thing that would’ve happened to me, too?!” Adeleine said horrified.  Dedede floated in the air limply and the Dark Matter in his stomach began blasting Kirby and his friends with dark energy spheres.  While Kirby and his friends dodged, Kirby was able to deflect one of the spheres back at Dedede and it knocked him out of the air.  Once Dedede landed he smashed the ground with his hammer creating an enormous wave of energy.  The wave hit both Tiff and Adeleine hard, but Kirby flew over it.  Kirby was able to get in close while Dedede was busy with Tiff and Adeleine and he assaulted Dedede with a nasty cutter combo and he was careful not to hit any of Dedede’s vital spots.  Dedede broke the combo by trying to fall on Kirby, luckily, Kirby was able to dodge.  Adeleine took the chance to hit Dedede with a blast of electricity.  Dedede was now severely damaged and the Dark Matter had a lot of trouble trying to control his limp body.  Dedede attacked the entire party again by planting his hammer in the ground.  The hammer’s head opened and out came a barrage of homing missiles.  Kirby and his friends dodged the missiles but got caught in a flame thrower that was also from Dedede’s hammer.  Kirby and his party had had enough and decided to attack Dedede all at once.  Adeleine used Dedede’s hammer like a lighting rod for her electrical attacks while Kirby attacked with fierce cutter combos and Tiff with a barrage of whiplashes and Leaf Towers.  The Dark Matter Scout left Dedede’s body and the mask fell from his face, his body back to normal.  The King was now out cold, he lay in the sand with cuts and bruises.

    Kirby’s friends stored away their equipment, “He’s gonna have one rough morning,” Ribbon said solemnly.

*Citrine City*

    Kirby and his friends transported the unconscious King Dedede to a nearby Inn as the sun set over the harsh rocky desert.  Citrine City was the largest known city in Sand Canyon and is built around a large oasis.  Citrine City was named after the lemons and limes that grew on the trees that grew in the oasis.  A large Arena was at the northern end of town and fights and other sporting events were held frequently.  Over the eastern horizon lay the vast sandy desert, a deep canyon that ran across the country and lone tower could be seen just on the eastern outskirts of town.  Finally, a shop and a museum could be found as well.

    Kirby and his friends began to relax as Dedede snoozed in his soft bed while Ribbon bathed him in her Soothe spell.  Adeleine decided to go for a walk.  When Adeleine made it to the lobby she noticed that it was strangely vacant, save for lone Cappy guard at the front door.  “Um, hi,” Adeleine said nervously.

    Waddle Dee, brought to the Inn through Ribbon’s teleporting spell, walked down the stairs and met up with Adeleine, “Oh, hey what’s going on Adeleine?”

    Adeleine turned to Waddle Dee, “Oh, I just wanted to go outside for some fresh air.”

    The guard interjected, “You must not travel around this time of night young lady it isn’t safe.  Please, if there is anything you need feel free to ask.  However, I must ask that you return to your room.  It will be much safer for you there.”

    Waddle Dee and Adeleine looked at each other with bewilderment, but decided not to argue and return to their rooms.  Kirby, Waddle Dee, and King Dedede shared a room and Tiff, Adeleine and Ribbon shared the one next to Kirby’s.

    Waddle Dee took a long look at King Dedede, “This is the ‘great king’ that I was told about?  He looks like a total dope!  What do you think Kirby?” he finished as he looked at Kirby.  Kirby was preoccupied with the window however.  “Uh, Kirby, what’s wrong?”

    Kirby urged Waddle Dee to come over to the window, “Shh, Kirby hear noise!” he said quietly.  

    Waddle Dee approached the window and looked outside, “Hmm, this city is quite vacant during the night.  There isn’t a single person in those streets.”

    Kirby pointed at a strange cloaked and hunched over figure, “Hiii!” Kirby shouted cheerfully as he waved.  The figure did not respond and simply turned a corner.  Kirby seemed confused as Waddle Dee felt a chill run down his back.

    “I wonder *gulp* who that was?” Waddle Dee said filled with dread.  Waddle Dee and Kirby sealed the window and decided to turn in for the night.

    Tiff and Adeleine were locked in a quite conversation, “I wanted to go take a midnight stroll but they have a guard at the front door.  He won’t let anyone through,” Adeleine stated.

    “Now that certainly is weird.  Why wouldn’t they want anyone to leave?  Do you think it’s some kind of curfew for some tradition?” Tiff asked with suspicion.

    Ribbon was sitting next to a closed window and had her ear pressed against the shutters, “You guys I think I hear someone moaning outside,” she said frightened.  Tiff and Adeleine put their ears to the window and they could hear a slight moaning sound some distance away from the window.  A little uneasy, everyone decided to turn in for the night.  

*The Next Day*

    Kirby and Waddle Dee awoke early the next morning and seen that it was going to be a beautiful day.  Suddenly, the silence was broken by a shrill scream, “Eeek, our Dream Stones are missing!!!” Tiff’s voice sounded.  Kirby and Waddle Dee became aware in an instant and found that King Dedede was also no where to be found.  Kirby and Waddle Dee bolted into the girls’ room and found Tiff and the girls in deep dread and worry.

    “Who could have done this?!” Ribbon said with fear.

    Waddle Dee spoke up, “King Dedede’s gone from our room too!”

    “I’ll bet you he took the stones with him!” Tiff accused angrily.

    “Well, we don’t have any solid proof that he did it, but we’d better find him just to be sure,” Adeleine suggested.  The party regrouped into Kirby, Tiff, Waddle Dee and Ribbon.  Adeleine stayed at the hotel and awaited their return.  Kirby and his friends stopped at many places in search of King Dedede.  On the way they stopped at the shop to reorganize their supplies.  New body armor made out of leather, both heavy leather plating and simple light weight leather adorned with gold studs and spikes were available.  The armor sets were named ‘Goldune’.

    As Kirby and his friends continued they grew more puzzled as to the whereabouts of the king and their hard earned Dream Stones.  However, no matter who they asked no one knew where he was let alone who he was.  Some people, those who Kirby managed to talk to all gave a similar response, “Did your friend go outside at night?  If he did then ‘They’ could have taken him away,” said an elderly female Cappy.

    “You mean a friend of yours is missing?” said a Cappy nomad.  “I sure hope ‘They’ haven’t gotten to him!”

    “How unfortunate, ‘They’ seemed to have claimed another…,” said an Elder said ominously.

    Waddle Dee stopped for a moment, “This is nuts, what do they mean by ‘They’?”

    “I’m not sure,” Tiff said bewildered.  “Oh well, let’s keep looking for Dedede.”

    Some time later, Kirby noticed a small yellow mouse-like creature trying to pull a small pouch around a corner into an alleyway.  Intrigued, Kirby followed the creature.  Kirby quickly caught up to it and it dropped the pouch in surprise.  In its surprise, it quickly scurried off.

    Tiff tapped Kirby on the shoulder, “Kirby, it’s just a Squeak we’re looking for a much bigger rat.”

    Suddenly, a familiar moan came from the alley where the squeak had run off too.  Kirby ran down the alley and the moment he turned the corner he saw Dedede laying face down unconscious.  “Dedede!” Kirby shouted cheerfully.

    Dedede awoke in a dark void with a maelstrom of dark clouds and chunks of levitating stone surrounding him.  Dark bloodshot eyes came from the maelstrom and from behind the rocks.  Dedede collapsed with fear and a wide open jaw, “W-where am I, wa-what is this?!” he said with fear.  Dedede witnessed a large shadow growing from behind him.  “I know, if I close my eyes it’ll all just go away!” he said shutting his eyelids tightly.  Unfortunately, not only did the darkness not vanish, it seemed to move only inches from is face and began to breathe on him.  Then suddenly, Dedede opened his eyes to see none other than his own face.  Dedede went pale in the face while his copy’s face was blank eyed and speaking gibberish that became angrier with each second.  Eventually, Dedede caught only a single word, “GOOO-!” was all that was said as Dedede felt a sharp pain in his side as his copy’s mouth opened wide enough to swallow him whole.

    Waddle Dee was poking Dedede in the side with his Parasol.  This caused the king to jump to his feet in a panic.  After regaining his senses he noticed Kirby and his friends and their angry glare, “What, what are ya’ll starin’ at me like that for?!” he asked quizzically.

    Tiff spoke accusingly, “Gee, I don’t know maybe it has something to do with the fact that you and our Dream Stones are missing at the same time!”

    “Are you accusin’ me of stealin’ those pretty rocks?!” King Dedede asked infuriated.

    “I don’t see it any other way!” Tiff persisted.

    Waddle Dee attempted to calm Tiff, “Maybe we should at least hear his side of the story.”

    “Yeah, lemme at least explain!” Dedede said desperately.

    “Fine then, tell us already!” Tiff said angrily.

    “Last night while I was sleepin’ I saw some Squeaks lookin’ for somethin’ in our room when I got up to get a drink of water,” Dedede began.  I silently followed the cute little critters until I saw a big yellow one come out yer room.  He wore dark sunglasses and a red scarf and he was stealin’ yer glowin’ rocks so I went after him!”

    “Well, I guess that is a likely story,” Tiff said calming down.  “But can you prove it?”

    “Sure I can, I don’t have the Dream Stones on me!” Dedede said as he began emptying his pockets.  “And the conk on my noggin’ was from those Squeaks.  They ambushed me in this alley and then and then I woke up in a horrible place… before wakin’ up again here.”

    Ribbon approached Dedede, “What?  Horrible place, you must have had that same nightmare that Waddle Dee and Adeleine had!”

    “That was a nightmare, oh, thank goodness!” Dedede said with a sigh of relief.

    “Okay, I guess I’ll believe you, but one more thing still bothers me,” Tiff said suspiciously.

    “What’s that?” Dedede asked.

    “How do you know anything about the Dream Stones anyway?” Tiff asked suspiciously.

    “When I was possessed by that Dark Matter thingy they talked over me, but I could still hear what they were sayin’,” Dedede explained.  “I learned a lot from what they were sayin’.  They said a lot of terrible stuff and it hurt my head when they talked.”

    Waddle Dee spoke up, “Yeah, that’s the same thing that happened to me!”

    Ribbon faced Dedede, “The Dark Matter was probably trying to send you a message in your nightmare.  Was there anything unusual?”

    “Uh, I saw a clone of myself that tried to eat me, but before it did it was talkin’ all gibberish like.  Although, I did catch a word, they said, ‘go’, real loud and then I woke up!” Dedede explained fearfully.

    Waddle Dee spoke up, “Oh yeah, I caught the word ‘Never’ from my dream!”

    Ribbon began to think out loud, “Hmm, ‘Never… and go’, I wonder if Adeleine heard anything…”

    “I know, it sounds like something’s missing,” Tiff said quizzically.  “Hey, Ribbon asked Adeleine real quick if she heard anything from her nightmare.”

    Ribbon contacted Adeleine with her mind and asked her about her nightmare.  After a few quiet exchanges, Ribbon turned to the party with the color drained from her face, “…She said; she heard…, ‘let you’…”

    The party put it together, but ironically, Kirby said it aloud, “Never let you go…”

    “What interest could they possibly have in us?!” Tiff said in a cold sweat.

    “Not sure, not sure at all,” Ribbon said trying to regain her composure.  “Dedede, I want to ask you a question.  Will you join with us?”

    “What?  Kirby and I join forces?!” Dedede said surprised.  

    “Do you want to be possessed again?” Waddle Dee asked flatly.

    Dedede was horrified at the thought of being possessed again and began groveling to Kirby, “Okay, okay I’ll join, I’ll join,” he paused, “But only if I get to be the team leader!”

    Everyone was taken back by Dedede’s demand, but Waddle Dee whispered to Tiff, “We all know Kirby’s the one in the lead just tell Dedede that he’s in charge for now.”

    “Oh, all right, why not if it’ll shut him up,” Tiff whispered back.  “Fine Dedede, you can be team leader…”

    “All right, let’s go after them Squeaks!” Dedede said triumphantly.

    “Uh, do you even know where they went?” Waddle Dee asked.  King Dedede froze with embarrassment and his triumphant mood was shot down.  Waddle Dee continued, “Not to worry, I hear there’s a witch that lives in the tower on the outskirts of town.  Maybe she can tell us a little more about this city and maybe something about the next Dream Stone.”

    “That’s a great idea, Waddle Dee!” Tiff cheered.

    “Uh, shouldn’t we switch someone out now?” Ribbon asked concerned.

    King Dedede took the opportunity to speak, “I think Kirby should switch out with me!”

    “I don’t think that’s a wise decision, Dedede,” Ribbon retorted.  “I kinda need Kirby…”

    “Fine then, just switch out the girl then!” Dedede said with a smirk.

    “What, but I…,” Tiff said as she was interrupted by a tug on her clothes.

    Kirby consoled Tiff, “Poyo…, maybe Tiff rest now.”

    “I think Kirby’s right Tiff,” Waddle Dee said agreeing with Kirby.  “You’ve been with us from the start of this whole thing go ahead and take a break for awhile.”

    Tiff whined and pouted, “But, but, I got some rest during the fight with Amoebeo!”

    Kirby consoled her, “Poyo, poyo…, Kirby be fine!”

    “Don’t worry Tiff we’ll help Kirby as much as we can!” Ribbon reassured.

    “Fine, Kirby you be careful,” Tiff said as she was transported back to the hotel.  The party now consisted of Kirby, Waddle Dee, King Dedede and Ribbon.

    Waddle Dee spoke up, “Let’s go find that witch!”

*Sand Canyon Desert*

    The party left Citrine City and headed for the tall gold colored tower that stood stalwart over the desert city.  The party fought off violent desert dwelling creatures on their way to the tower.  Eventually, Kirby and his party made it to the tower and noticed that it was made from sandstone and not gold.

    Waddle Dee examined the building earnestly, “This is the Butter Building it was once a tower that was built to honor the sun and the moon.  The ancients wrote that at some points you can see the sun and moon sharing the sky at once.  I’m pretty sure they were talking about an eclipse.”

    “That’s interestin’ and all, but where’s the door to this place?” Dedede asked puzzled.   Suddenly, the Butter Building began rising from the sands and stopped to reveal a large door.  “Well, I guess that answer’s my question…,” Dedede said apathetically.  Kirby and his friends entered the building and noticed that the entire building was crowded with odd maze like staircases, making it difficult to navigate.

    Suddenly, a cheerful yet enchanting voice made itself known, “Come, if you can navigate the Butter Building and make it to the top of the tower then I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”

    Kirby and his friends began the taxing event of climbing the Butter Building.  Through the minor resistance of enemies, Kirby and his friends managed to navigate through multiple staircases, some lead nowhere while others led higher up.  Kirby and his friends also managed to make doors open and change structures by manipulating the sunlight through mirror puzzles.  While solving puzzles, Kirby managed to copy his Mirror ability, Needle ability and even regain his Stone ability but loose his Water ability.

    Finally, Kirby and his party reached a circular room that was filled with books and other witch trinkets such as fortune telling equipment and even magic potions.  It was now that the voice spoke once more, “It seems that you’ve solved the Butter Buildings puzzles, please come to the roof,” the voice asked.  A door opened at the back of the room leading to a spiral staircase.  Kirby and his friends climbed the staircase to meet up with the owner of the voice.

    As Kirby laid eyes on the owner of the voice he noticed that it belonged to a female witch with onion-like features and an upbeat and cheery demeanor.  She had a small tuft of bright green hair and eyes of the same color.  She wore bright red curl tip shoes with white socks and gloves, a purple witch’s hat with yellow stripes and a star block on the end of it.  Finally, she held a broom stick in her left hand and three onion-like minions stood in front of her.

    “Ahh, so you’ve come at last,” she spoke rather cheerfully.

    “Wait you knew we were comin’?” Dedede asked quizzically.

    “Of course I did, it’s easy to see visitors with a hidden camera!” she said.

    Everyone was brought down to the floor as their expectations were shattered.  “So you didn’t know we were in town, huh?” Waddle Dee said rising to his feet.

    “I don’t know, maybe!” she said winking to Waddle Dee.  “Oh, where are my manners?  My name is Grill and these three friends of mine are Salt, Pepper, and Sugar.”

    “Wait a minute, Grill, as in the Master Star Stacker Grill?!” Waddle Dee said astonished.

    “That’s me little Waddle Dee!” Grill said happily.

    “Imagine that this planet is smaller than I thought!” Waddle Dee said astounded.

    “What’s a Star Stacker?” King Dedede asked.  

    “Oh, it’s a popular game on this planet, I’m actually more surprised that there are people who still don’t know about it than learning that Grill here is one of the champions of it,” Waddle Dee said with irritation.

    Grill chuckled, “Well, Star Stacking is fun, but it holds no importance right now.  We have bigger problems, so why don’t you gather everyone and we’ll get down to business.”

*Sometime Later*

    Kirby gathered all five of his friends and they seated themselves on random places around Grill’s lab.  Grill herself sat atop her broomstick as it levitated.  Grill began to speak, “Now, I already know why you’re all here.  You have some questions you want to ask me, correct?”  Kirby and his party all agreed at the same time.  “You’ve all been wandering around the planet looking for Dream Stones right; well I know the full legend that surrounds those stones, would you like to hear it?”

    “Yes, please do,” Tiff said anxiously.

    Grill began with a deep breath, “Now, what I’m about to tell you may or may not be the truth, but that’s the fun of a journey right, finding the truth?”  Ahh, where to begin, well, a long, long time ago in Pop Star’s ancient times eight wise sages from across the planet each from a different race came together and created Dream Stones to be used as seals for the Dream Fountains to prevent Demon Beasts from coming through.  The sages collected eight lesser stones that held little value and were abundant.  During an eight day ritual at the Dream Fountains, they morphed these lesser stones into valuable ones with vast magical properties.  The sages placed these stones, now called Dream Stones atop the Dream Fountains which gave the fountains their power to repel negative forces.  All was well, for awhile anyway.  Until on one fateful day, the wise man on Crescent Moon Island, now a currently uncharted island began to notice one of the village children having terrible nightmares.  Saddened and mystified, the sages went to the Dream Fountain and found the water to be polluted with negative energy.  The wise men created the Dream Stones to ward nightmares off and grant the dreams of everyone.  As legend has it, the Dream Stones only held off small hordes of Demon Beasts and thus the more powerful ones were summoned to break through.  As the powerful elite level nightmares rose from the fountain, the sages worked desperately to dispatch them.  The sages came up with a new plan, they waited for the most powerful elite demon beast they could find to come through the fountain and then instead of destroying it they used a ritual to purify the creature into a Dream Sprite and used them as guardians.  Finally, it seemed as though everything was peaceful, but the populace was not convinced.  Despite their actions, the sages secluded and cut themselves off from the world, but not without leaving descendants and hiding the Dream Stones.  Over the centuries, and many wars, the people forgot about the Dream Stones, allowing them not only to pass into legend and myth, but to simply disappear almost altogether, still lying in wait, sealed away in the temples, shrines and strongholds our ancestors once built for peace and solace. ”

    “So that’s the entire story, huh,” Tiff said astonished.

    “Yup, that’s the whole story!” Grill said cheerfully.  “But keep in mind, the story itself may actually be a fairytale instead of the actual truth.  No one has ever been able to prove it.  Not even me…”

    “Wait, you said that the sages left descendants are they in this era?” Waddle Dee asked.  “Maybe one of them can help us!”

    “Even though the story’s a fairytale the sages’ descendants are the ones who passed down the story,” Grill said with a grin.

    “Come again?” Adeleine asked stunned.

    “I mean that I’m a descendant of the sage from this continent,” Grill said with a big smile.  “My ancestor felt like such an outcast when the plan backfired that he stayed in the depths of this desert, waiting for the inhabitants to forget about the Dream Stones so that one day his children could reintegrate into society, or, that’s at least what I was told.”

    The party acted with surprise, “You mean to tell me that you’re one of the descendants?!” Tiff responded.

    “That’s right, and Undyne the Mermaid Queen is the descendant of the sage that created the Sapphire Pearl!” Grill stated happily.

    Dedede threw his sense in, “That’s sweet an all but who are all the other descendants?”

    “You’re gonna love this one,” Grill said with a smirk.  “The sage that created the Amethyst Aggregate Dream Stone from Crescent Moon Island is none other than the mad jester that has been frantically looking for the rest of the Dream Stones.”

    The party was stunned to hear this revelation, “You mean that whacked out jester Marx is one the sage’s descendants?!” Waddle Dee asked in surprise.

    “Unfortunately, yes, his family was heavily ridiculed for the whole thing and it gave Marx the reason for his wanting to rule over Pop Star.  Marx thinks that if he controls Pop Star than he can make slaves out of everyone for shoving his family in the ditch,” Grill explained.  “The rest is just mental sickness…”

    Something was still on Tiff’s mind, “Hey, Grill we found the Emerald Amber in Dreamland, who’s the descendant for that Dream Stone?”

    Grill chuckled, “You haven’t realized it yet?  You and your family Tiff!”

    Tiff was dumbstruck and did not know how to respond to Grills information, “W-what, how can that be is that why I can use magic so fluidly?”  

    “Well, your species is really adept with magical weapons really and they were around far before the Dream Stones were created, but your relation to the Ebbrian Sage makes magic even easier for you to use,” Grill continued.  “That is why I would like you to stay with me for a little while, Tiff.  I need to teach you a few things before you move on with your friends.”

    Tiff became worried, “What if Kirby needs me though?”

    “Kirby won’t need you for retrieving this Dream Stone.  The Citrine Sandstone is located in a place on the other side of this island that’s now known as The City of Ghosts,” Grill stated.

    “The City of Ghosts, I-I thought that was just a myth…,” Waddle Dee said nervously.

    “Well, it used to be the first Citrine City, but now it lies in a valley in ruins where the dead are said to roam endlessly,” Grill explained.  

    “What, you mean there are ghost and zombies there?!” King Dedede asked with fear.

    “Yup, about a year ago when the Dark Matter started coming to this planet…,” Grill said as she was interrupted.

    “Come again, the Dark Matter arrived no more than a week ago yet you tell me a year!” Waddle Dee said confused.

    Grill chuckled, “I believe that your little fairy friend has some explaining to do!” Grill teased.  Suddenly, everyone’s attention meandered towards Ribbon, who seemed quite nervous.  “Go ahead Ribbon, I think it’s time for you to tell us a little bit about yourself!”

*End of Chapter*
Kirby OoD Ch. 7 Scene-Amoebeo the Moisture Monster by ChronoWeapon
Kirby OoD Ch. 7 Scene-Amoebeo the Moisture Monster
Ahh, the here is the scene for chapter 7 of my fan fiction Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Odyssey of Dreams!  Here we have Kirby and his party up against the Moisture Monster Amoebeo; pronounced Ah-mee-bee-oh, btw.  Enjoy!

Here's the chapter this scene goes with!  Kirby: Odyssey of Dreams Chapter 7
Kirby Right Back at Ya!
Odyssey of Dreams
By: ChronoWeapon
Chapter 7: Dark Shadows in Shallow Waters
*Tiff’s Journal*
    “Hey it's me again, Waddle Dee, I hope we can help Adeleine, I hate the thought of someone loosing family members to the Dark Matter.  I just hope I can be of some help when the time comes again.  I've been saying things like, if I had done this or that, I could have saved him, but I don't know...  I could see something was troubling Tiff after our fight with Mecha Kirby and she got hurt real bad during the fight with Ado.  She cheered up though after she got a hold of some Mermaid Magic, so that makes me glad!  I wonder if the gang found the Water Palace yet...”
    Waddle Dee
*Water Palace*
    Kirby and his friends stood in awe as they were c

Here's some info on Amoebeo:

Amoebeo is a water based gelatinous creature that can shift its gelatinous membrane to mimic undersea life.  A single eye-like nucleus acts as the core.  If Amoebeo catches one of Kirby's party members in its body it will attempt to digest them.  Amoebeo's form can be frozen by Adeleine's Ice Dragon form and its core is weak to Kirby's Throw Ability which he gained from Rolling Turtle.  On a normal mode Amoebeo only takes three forms but on Extra Mode its five.  After the first three, Squishy, Stickle, and Clammy are beaten, Dark Matter takes control, poisons the water and takes the forms of Coner and Glunk.  Waddle Dee's Storm Knight ability is also immensely helpful against Amoebeo as its weak to Spark attacks.  Amoebeo has many attacks mostly including those it mimics while in the forms of the creatures it takes.  Squishy form attacks with tentacles, Stickle attacks with ramming and needle strikes, Clammy with bouncing bubbles and so on.  As the room is completely flooded Amoebeo does have a distinct advantage in that its translucent body is invisible while under water.  After defeating Amoebeo Kirby and his friends have a 5% of gaining a legendary item drop from him which is 'Amoebeo's Clam'.  When equipped to a party member it greatly raises Defense and can completely negate an attack on a rare occurrence.  It also raises the attack power of Water and Ice based abilities. 

Legendary Item: Amoebeo's Clam, 5% drop rate. "This Clam is my friend, may it take care of you as you take care of it."

Kirby: Right Back at Ya!

Odyssey of Dreams


Chapter 7: Dark Shadows in Shallow Waters


*Tiff’s Journal*


    “Hey it's me again, Waddle Dee, I hope we can help Adeleine, I hate the thought of someone loosing family members to the Dark Matter.  I just hope I can be of some help when the time comes again.  I've been saying things like, if I had done this or that, I could have saved him, but I don't know...  I could see something was troubling Tiff after our fight with Mecha Kirby and she got hurt real bad during the fight with Ado.  She cheered up though after she got a hold of some Mermaid Magic, so that makes me glad!  I wonder if the gang found the Water Palace yet...”


    Waddle Dee


*Water Palace*


    Kirby and his friends stood in awe as they were confronted with the ruins of the Water Palace.  Kirby approached the iron crafted double doors and noticed that they were slightly opened.  “The Mermaid Queen wasn’t lying, someone else is here!” Tiff said with worry.


    Adeleine suddenly turned to Ribbon, “Hey Ribbon, when you switched Tiff with Waddle Dee how did he know what was going on?”


    Ribbon giggled, “Oh, don’t worry about that.  It’s like I said back at the Inn, I’ve been transferring every piece of valuable information to Waddle Dee via telepathy!  So Waddle Dee knows what we’ve been doing since you took his place!”


    Adeleine seemed relieved, “And here I was worried over nothing!”


    “I also transferred the Storm Pike to him as well and he was very grateful for it!” Ribbon said with a smile.  “I mean really grateful, he won’t shut up about it…”


    Kirby and his friends proceeded cautiously into the Water Palace, the door moaning as it opened.  Inside, the Water Palace was shaped cylindrically and had a large circular pool in the center.  In the center of the pool stood a large pole with a stone made water slide.  Around the pool were staircases that led up to the second floor.  The water slide seemed to be able to connect with river-like trenches that were carved into the floors on both stories.  At the end of those trenches, water wheels stood next to large doors on the first floor that had no way of opening them.  Along with the entrance another large door stood sealed shut directly across from them.  On the second floor, three doors stood right above the entrance and to the west and east respectively, but none over the large sealed door.  However, there was another water wheel on the second floor above the large sealed door.


    Tiff interjected with some information, “It looks like we want to get the water flowing to move through this place...”


    “This palace seems to be built to honor the power of water, so I guess we should have expected something like this,” Ribbon stated.  Tiff noticed a rather peculiar device standing before the pool.  It had a large dial like a compass and it looked like it could be moved.  Tiff turned the switch to the west.  Suddenly, the water slide began turning to the west and matched itself up with the trench in the floor.


    “Alright, this is my expertise, I’m great with puzzles!” Adeleine said cheerfully.  “We need to let water flow from the higher floor down this slide and into those water wheels.  Those water wheels are built so that water can pass through the small holes in their paddles so when they stop turning after opening a door the water will continue to flow through that part of the palace.”


    “Y’know, I had a thought,” Tiff began.  “Where does the water go?  We’re under ground.”


    Adeleine turned to Tiff, “We seen pipes that are running throughout the island, but they seem fairly new.  This Water Palace is much older.  Mayor Dudley said that he was aware that the Water Palace was down here, but I mistook that for simple lore.  I’m guessing the Water Palace was rediscovered while the plumbers placed the pipes down here.  To answer your question Tiff, the Water Palace isn’t part of the newer plumbing system, so it must have its own system.  If the water still works here, then that implies that the palace can still draw in water from the ocean outside to fuel itself or recycle its own water.”


    “I’m impressed Adeleine, you’re very perceptive!” Tiff complimented.  “I would have never noticed something like that.”


    Adeleine scratched the back of her head with embarrassment, “Well, it’s kind of a habit when you’re always painting and studying structures!”


    Tiff absorbed the surroundings once more and sighed, “I guess we better get started.”


    Kirby and his friends climbed the stairs to the second floor and entered the east room.  Inside the room, a long hallway and a trench led water out of the room.  Kirby followed the hallway while fighting off resistance.  The resistance consisted of the same creatures they fought since they came here; the only difference was they were now controlled by Dark Matter.  At the end of the hall stood a large fish head statue with a huge gaping mouth sticking from the wall, just above the trench.  A small red switch stood on the floor next to the statue.  Kirby pressed the switch and water began gushing out of the statues mouth and flowed down the trench.


    “Hey look, its working!” Tiff said happily.  Kirby left the room with his friends behind him.  When they arrived at the foyer they noticed the water was flowing down the slide and into the water wheel below and opened the western door as opposed to the door directly beneath them.  The water wheel opened the door and then stopped, but it still allowed water to pass through the small holes and slits in the paddle.


    Kirby and his friends entered the now accessible room and found it to be not just a maze, but a peculiar one at that.  The maze was small and held heavier resistance, but Kirby and his party quickly realized that there were three rooms and one was on a very high ledge.  “Kirby, I don’t think you could even fly to that door,” Tiff deduced.


    Kirby grew a little miffed and decided to try anyway.  As he took flight, however, he ran out of breath before he reached the top and floated gently back down.  “Let’s just try the other doors first,” Adeleine suggested.  Kirby and his friends entered one of the other doors and found it to be a small square room with a small red treasure chest in the corner.  Kirby opened it and it was a very old antique jeweled cutlass.


    After storing it safely away, Kirby and his friends left to check the other room that was available to them.  Inside this room was an antique elevator, complete with pulleys and cables.  Kirby and his party rode the elevator up to the second floor and found nothing but a large red switch in the center of the room.  Kirby pushed the switch and the sound of rushing water came from down below them.  “Oh, I get it,” Adeleine realized.  “We need to swim to that door to reach it!”  Kirby and his party equipped their swim gear and went back down to the maze. 


    The entire maze was completely flooded and Kirby and his party were now met with resistance in the form of fishbone monsters.  Kirby and his party defended themselves against the skeletal piranha and tons of other underwater foes that made them selves known.  Quickly, Kirby and his team exited the room and swam up to the door that they could not reach before.


    Inside the very large rectangular room an over sized Glunk sat directly in the middle.  The anemone-like creature took notice of the intruders and made a large noise.  The noise summoned a school of Blippers and Squishies.  The mindless fish seemed to be a lot more of a threat underwater as did the squid-like Squishies.  Under water, Kirby could not do much to defend himself so as a result he used his stored Water ability and transformed.


    Now, Kirby could defend himself, even underwater Kirby’s water gun attacks seemed effective.  Tiff’s whirlpools and Adeleine’s ice attacks were also quite effective.  Water Kirby rammed the Glunk while Tiff used her whirlpools to slam the nearby enemies into Glunk and Adeleine used her ice attacks to form blocks of ice and drop them into Tiff’s whirlpool.  Finally, the Glunk seemed to take all it could and it shriveled up and turned into sea foam.  In the foam, rested a large jeweled key and Kirby quickly snatched it up.


    After a small underwater dance of victory, Kirby and his friends left the room and went back to drain the maze room of the water.  Once the water was drained Kirby headed back to the palace’s main room.  After arriving, Kirby and his party headed back to the eastern room on the second floor to switch off the water.  Once that was done, Kirby returned to the Water Palace foyer.


    Kirby and his friends realized that the east and west wings of the Water Palace mirrored each other.  Kirby and his friends easily repeated their steps as before to open the opposite wing.  When Kirby entered the eastern room on the first floor he and his friends quickly noticed that it began to incline.  At the end of the incline was a square pit of water.  Kirby and his friends jumped into the water pit and found themselves in a similar room as the western room; however, as it was already flooded, Kirby and his friends were able to bypass the maze by swimming over it.  Kirby swam to the door on the high ledge just like before. 


    Kirby and his friends froze instantly the moment they entered this new room.  The entire room was filled with Gordos.  There were so many of them that it was hard to maneuver around them safely.  Ribbon spoke to the party telepathically, “Be careful you guys, I sense a dark presence in the middle of this room!”


    Suddenly, amidst the Gordo, a large red octopus known as Flotzo emerged.  Flotzo spotted the intruders with his beady little eyes.  Flotzo suddenly began its assault by flooding the room with some ink which completely dropped visibility.  Flotzo began spitting rocks between the breaks of Gordo.  Kirby tried his best to hit them back, but when he did the Gordos simply moved back into place and blocked the rock.  “Bad shot,” Kirby thought to himself.  Kirby’s attention was called back immediately by a sharp pain in his side.  He realized he had run into a Gordo and he quickly lunged in the opposite direction.  However, as tried to get away from that Gordo he unknowingly ran into another and then another.  The Gordo trap was ended by a large stone that smashed Kirby into the wall above his friends.


    Tiff seemed stumped, “Gordo can’t be damaged by anything and this ink makes everything even worse.  There must be a way.”


    Adeleine however, had an ace up her sleeve, “This is getting us nowhere, I’m ending this right now!” she thought.  Kirby got up from his position and noticed that Adeleine had reverted to her human form.  Kirby quickly realized what Adeleine was about to do.  Adeleine took her paint brush from her bag and waved the paint brush around and with a sudden flash a burst of multicolored waves of paint covered the entire room.  After the attack ended Adeleine seemed to float in the water in an exhausted state.  She nearly floated into a Gordo, but Kirby made sure that did not happen.  When Kirby looked around he noticed that both the ink and Flotzo were gone.  Kirby handed Adeleine over to Tiff and retrieved a key that lay in the huge paint smudge that stood where Flotzo was.  Adeleine regained her senses and began to chuckle slightly.  Tiff looked around and noticed she was laughing because the Gordos, albeit undamaged, were now painted a myriad of colors.

    Kirby came back with the key and as soon as he did the water began to drain from the room because Flotzo was sitting on a switch that caused the room to flood.  Since Flotzo was destroyed the switch was released and the water flow halted.  Kirby tried to open the door to leave the room, but it would not open.  After a few minutes passed the room was completely drained of water and the Gordos did not seem affected by this change even slightly.  Adeleine took her swim gear off and took a deep breath, “Wheew, I was hoping not use that attack so soon, it uses so much energy.  I was hoping to save it for later.”


    After a good laugh, Kirby notice the door opened again.  This time they had to go through the maze as it was too high to fly over.  Kirby and his team entered another door on the way out and noticed it had an elevator inside.  Curious they rode it to the upper floor where there was a switch just like before.  However, there was a small sign that read, “Out of Order.”


    Tiff seemed taken by this, “Well, it looks this maze room floods and drains on its own from time to time.” 


    “It also means that the room with the Flotzo is sealed off from the maze down stairs.  Meaning the two rooms flood separately…,” Adeleine added.


    Kirby and his party left and found another room in the maze.  Upon entering the room Kirby noticed three chests lined up side by side only a little ways apart from each other.  Kirby opened the one on the left and inside was a rare Ammon fossil.  He seemed happy about his find as he stored it away.  Kirby then tried to open the next chest but seemed saddened because it turned out to be empty.  As Kirby approached the final chest it opened by itself as soon as he touched it.  Inside was a pair of eyes and a voice, “Hey there, I’m a Pandora!” it announced.  The party was spooked by its sudden appearance.  “Hey, no need to fear me, but if you can answer my three questions then you can have the treasure in this box, how about it?”


    “Uh, okay then,” Tiff agreed reluctantly.


    “Alright, first question!” Pandora chimed.  “Who was it that chased you on your way to Refuge Point?”


    “Mecha Kirby!” Kirby said cheerfully.


    “That’s correct!” Pandora said.  “Second question; what is the name of the mayor of Vegetable Village?”


    “Mayor Silverleaf,” Tiff answered.


    “Correct!” he said.  “Third Question; what is the name of the Mermaid Queen?”


    “Undyne,” Adeleine stated.


    “Correct!” he said cheerfully.  “Congratulations, here’s your prize!”  Pandora said as he tossed a Trillo fossil out at Kirby.  Kirby happily took the fossil and stored it away.  With a puff of smoke the strange spirit vanished into thin air, leaving the chest wide open.


    “Strange, I wonder how he knew all those things,” Tiff pondered.


    Pandora’s voice could be heard again, “Now that’s a question even I don’t have the answer to!”


    After shaking off the strange event, Kirby and his friends made it out of the maze and back to the foyer.  Kirby and his team turned the dial and switched the water slide again.  Both east and west sides poured water into the pool below, now disconnected from the slide.  The water slide faced the big door and the team climbed upstairs and entered the door that stood over the entrance.  The door left outside the palace onto a balcony that overlooked the dark cavern.  On each side of the door, staircases, parallel to each other lead to a higher floor inside the palace.  Venturing to the third floor, instead of finding a hallway like the first two water ways, they found a spiral staircase with a railing that led water into the trench below it.  Kirby’s party climbed the spiral staircase into the attic room and they found a fish statue over what looked like a tub for water.  Kirby pressed the switch and the tub began to fill with water.  When the water got high enough it began trickling down the railing and into the trench below.  Parallel to the bath tub was another contraption; however, a gear seemed to be missing from its socket.  “Oh great, how are we gonna move this thing?!” Tiff said irritated.


    “Not to worry!” Adeleine beamed.  Adeleine took out a piece of paper and sketched a gear of exactly the right size.  Once she painted it, it popped from the piece of paper and she placed the gear in the slot.  After that was done, Kirby mashed the switch and the floor opened up and a secondary water slide dropped down and connected with the second floor and matched itself with the trench that lead to the lone water wheel with no door next to it.  Suddenly, Kirby and his friends heard a rumble.  Kirby and his team headed back to the first floor and entered the large door.  Inside was a large hallway that led to another door.  This door opened in the same manner as the other ones, only with the water from the first door being carried by a bridge overhead.


    The room on the other side of the door had a large bronze machine nestled in a corner to their left.  Across the entire room lay five trenches that were carved into an elevated floor.  Powerful streams of water rushed through the canals, making them impossible to swim in.  Adeleine examined the machine, “Hey, I think we can stop the water if we turn on this contraption.”


    Upon further inspection Tiff noticed something, “Rats, it looks like we need a key to turn it on.”


    Kirby spit up the red key he received from Flotzo and put it into a keyhole on the machine and then pressed a big green button.  The machine gurgled and churned as it started up.  The water quickly calmed down as large stone doors sealed the canals, thus preventing any more water from getting in.  The water that was currently in the canals drained in a heart beat.  Kirby and his friends jumped up to the raised floor and began to cross when they noticed something about the canals.  The canal floors were lined with spikes from right to left with the exception of the third one, which had a clear square platform with a red chest sitting on it.  Kirby hopped his way over to the box and opened it with a smile.  The chest contained a very large pearl, the largest Kirby or any of his friends had ever laid eyes on and it was almost as big as Kirby was.  Kirby stored the giant pearl away and he and his friends proceeded to the other side, where another door awaited them.  Just as they were crossing the last canal, the machine made an unsettling noise and it blew up.  The stone doors rose and the water began to flood the canals again.


    As Kirby’s party entered the room they noticed it was the largest in the palace and looked like an elegant school pool with some floating platforms in crystal clear water.  On the eastern and western sides of the room lay two doors and at the northern end of the room lay another pump.  Kirby and his friends approached the pump and pressed the on switch and the machine sputtered and clanked about.  Kirby flipped the switch to the left, however, the machine made a terrible noise as if something was stuck.  The same noise was made when Kirby switched it to the right as well.


    Tiff turned to Kirby and Adeleine, “The pump’s probably clogged, I’ll bet the two rooms in here will take us to the plumbing, let’s check it out.”


    Kirby and Adeleine nodded and entered the western door first.  Inside was what one would call a plumber’s nightmare.  A large bronze tank sat at the back of the room amidst the pipes.  Kirby and his party approached it and found that the valve was missing.  Kirby tapped the side of the tank and it made a deep echo signifying that it was indeed empty. 


    Suddenly, Kirby heard a strange noise come from behind the water tank. When he peeked around the tank he caught the glimpse of a large blue slime creature.  The creature hopped out from behind the tank and surprised Tiff and Adeleine.


    “Whoa, what is that?!” Tiff asked astonished.


    Adeleine noticed an object in the blob’s body, “It’s a Blue Zebon and it looks like it swallowed the valve.”


    “What’s a Blue Zebon?” Tiff asked curiously.


    “It’s like a Green Zebon only it isn’t stationary and it doesn’t have a very happy face.  If we try to get that valve it’ll just spit us back out again,” Adeleine explained.


    Kirby transformed into Throw Kirby with the suppressed ability from Rolling Turtle and rushed the Zebon.  However, no matter how Kirby tried he was always spat back out by the Zebon.  Even Tiff’s attacks proved useless against the gooey body. 


    “Alright, your turn Adeleine…” Tiff said with a sigh.  “I think my water attacks are only making it larger.”

    “Blue Zebon’s absorb water based attacks, lemme try this instead!” Adeleine explained as she transformed in to the Ice Dragon.  “I’ll just freeze the thing that should work!” she said as she took a deep breath.  Adeleine exhaled her freezing cold breath and the Zebon was frozen solid.  Kirby used his Throw ability and gave it a hard toss.  It landed on the floor and shattered into countless fragments.  The valve emerged from the frozen remains and Kirby quickly grabbed the valve as the pieces melted and began reforming.  The Zebon reformed and simply began wandering the room again. 


    “Uh, how come it’s not attacking us?” Tiff asked confused.


    Adeleine explained, “Zebon’s are harmless Tiff, they are more docile than a butterfly.”


    “Oh, um, well anyway, Kirby why don’t you put that valve back on so we can get moving,” Tiff suggested nervously.  Kirby tried to fit the valve back into place, but he and the party soon realized that it did not fit. 


    Adeleine had a thought, “How much would you bet if this valve actually belongs to the room across from this one.  This entire palace is mirrored; I’ll just bet that this valve belongs to a tank in the other room.”


    Kirby and his friends backtracked and entered the opposing room.  Adeleine was correct on her assumption that the rooms were mirrored.  This room looked exactly like the one before it.  Kirby went up to the tank and placed the valve where it belonged and he began twisting it.  Kirby turned the valve until it could no longer be moved. 


    “Hmm, if the valve for this room was in the other room then where is that second valve?” Tiff pondered.  Kirby and his party searched the room, while occasionally fighting off creatures that tried to jump out from behind the pipes.  It became clear to them that the second valve was not in this room.  Kirby and his friends left the room in deep thought.  While Adeleine and Tiff thought to themselves, Kirby approached the pump machine from before.  He turned the switched to the right and the water in the pool behind him began to drain.  The pool only drained halfway, revealing the shallow end of the pool.


    “Good thinking Kirby!” Adeleine praised.


    Tiff noticed the object in the pool, “Hey it’s the missing valve!”


    Kirby dropped down into the shallow end of the pool and picked up the valve and he and his friends went back to the first room.  Kirby placed the valve and began turning it until it could turn no more.  Kirby’s party left the room and turned on the pump allowing the rest of the pool to drain.


    At the bottom of the pool at the northern wall lay a hidden door that opened as soon as the pool finished draining.  Kirby and his friends entered the small tunnel and it quickly led to a small flight of stairs.  Kirby and his gang emerged from a hole in the floor.  This room was by far the most elegant; the Dream Fountain sat at the back of the room overlooking another pool with floating platforms.  Atop the Dream Fountain the object of their desire, the Sapphire Pearl sat shining in all its glory.  Kirby and his friends began hopping along the floating platforms happily.  As they approached the fountain, water began flowing from the fountain.  The water began flooding the room and it did so until there was no more solid ground to stand on other than the floating platforms.


    Suddenly, tendrils emerged from the waters of the Dream Fountain.  The tendrils were made from a similar blue gel-like substance that Water Kirby’s body was made from.  A large translucent amoeba-like creature emerged at the epicenter of the tendrils and a single eye opened and stared at Kirby.  Its formless body took the shape of a Squishy Squid.  It began to speak, “Welcome visitors, I Amoebeo am the Dream Stone Guardian of the Sapphire Pearl.  If you wish to claim the stone’s power for your own then you must challenge and defeat me!”  


    “Very well then, we challenge you for the Sapphire Pearl!” Tiff shouted bravely.


    “If I’m ever to find and rescue my brother then I need the Dream Stones!” Adeleine shouted strongly.


    Ribbon interjected, “Guys, it looks like it isn’t possessed by Dark Matter yet, if we hurry and defeat it we can get out of here before the Dark Matter attempts to possess it!”


    Amoebeo began its assault by trying to throw Kirby and his allies into the water by flipping them off the floating platforms.  Then Amoebeo took a dive and it was completely unnoticeable underwater.  Kirby jumped from his platform as Amoebeo flipped it upon revealing itself.  Adeleine shouted to Kirby, “Aim for its eye Kirby that’s its weak spot!”  Kirby inhaled another nearby platform with his Throw ability and tossed the platform at Amoebeo’s eye.  The platform knocked the eye from its watery body and the body dispersed as it began skipping on the water frantically.  Tiff thrust her trident at Amoebeo and Adeleine blasted it with a breath of ice cold air.  This caused Amoebeo to take another dive into the water.  This time instead of just flipping Kirby’s platform, Amoebeo flipped multiple platforms causing both Adeleine and Tiff to jump to safer platforms.  Kirby took the opportunity to sneak behind Amoebeo and just before Amoebeo could counter Kirby, he inhaled Amoebeo and caught it in a powerful throw.  Kirby threw Amoebeo against the hard stone wall of the palace dealing it a very painful blow.  Tiff and Adeleine got in a few more attacks before Amoebeo took another dive.  This time Amoebeo changed its form and became a large puffer fish called Stickle.  It swam quickly around the room smashing into the platforms.  Kirby and his friends barely managed to dodge and were thrown off several times only to be thrown into the air by Amoebeo and juggled on his spikes.


    Down but not out, Kirby’s party regrouped as Amoebeo came around for another go at them.  Kirby waited for just the right moment to inhale a nearby platform and smack Amoebeo hard with it.  Like last time, Amoebeo’s form was broken and it was quickly assaulted by the team.  Amoebeo took another dive and rose from the water once more, but this time it took the form of a large oyster called Clammy.  Amoebeo began its next wave of attacks with powerful water jets.  Every time it opened its ‘shell’ giant bubbles filled the room.  Kirby’s party quickly discovered that touching the bubbles bounced them in strange directions.  This made it hard to move from platform to platform with jumps and flight.  Kirby’s party began to feel the fatigue from the battle but no matter what attack they tried, the oyster form was invulnerable, save for a few moments when it opened to reveal the vulnerable eye.  However, the timing for this was excruciating.  Tiff thought desperately, “Darn it, there must be a better way, he’ll get the better of us at this rate!” she thought as she breathed heavily.  Adeleine jumped in for an opening and was finally able to reach the creature with an ice breath.  The ice breath connected revealing a weakness, “Hey look, Amoebeo can freeze in this state!  I’ll bet if we hit it while it’s frozen we can cull Amoebeo out!” she deduced.  Kirby and his friend’s rearranged their strategy.  Adeleine fought hard to reach far enough to hit with her ice breath.  Finally, Amoebeo froze over and Kirby and Tiff attacked respectively with trident jabs and thrown objects.  Amoebeo shattered and it was now quite frantic, but before it could do anything more a Dark Matter Scout emerged from the water.


    Ribbon gasped, “No, the Dark Matter was just waiting for us to weaken Amoebeo!” As Amoebeo fell under the Dark Matter’s power the water began boiling and turn into a purplish mucky toxic stew.  Amoebeo also adapted to the toxicity and turned a darkish purple color with a much distorted and reddened eye.  Its body morphed into a giant hermit crab-like shape that resembled a Coner.


    “Don’t fall in Kirby!” Amoebeo taunted with a cackle.  Amoebeo dived into the toxic stew and instead of flipping platforms as it usually would it simply begin to destroy the ones Kirby and his friends stood on with its giant pincers. 


    As Amoebeo quickly erased the ground that Kirby’s party stood on Kirby realized something, “Kirby bring back platforms!” he thought as he used the Emerald Amber to grow large flowers to take the place of lost platforms.


    “Great job Kirby that makes it much easier!” Tiff said as she landed on a flower.


    “Don’t get comfy guys I think that made it mad!” Adeleine warned.


    “It’s fast and resilient in this state!” Ribbon claimed in worry.  “What do we do?” she thought desperately.  Then an idea came to her, “That’s it, Waddle Dee!  With his new Storm Pike he can use electricity!” she deduced as she contacted Waddle Dee.


    “Gotcha, switch me in!” Waddle Dee agreed.  Ribbon chanted her spell and exchanged Tiff for Waddle Dee.  He quickly equipped his new weapon and he gained a large copper shield covering his whole backside that had a Waddle Dee face engraved on it.  It seemed too heavy for him to use effectively so it stayed where it was.  He also wore green colored armored boots and a copper crest that crowned his forehead.  Lastly his body surged with electricity as he took a strong pose, “Get ready for some shock and awe!” he announced.  Dark Amoebeo leaped from behind Waddle Dee who did not seem to feel the need to move.  Dark Amoebeo brought down its claw and hit the shield but it proved completely ineffective.  “Yeah, that’s right you’ll never break the Waddlekin Storm Shield!  I’m not big enough to use it properly just yet, but it will still protect my backside!” he explained strongly as he turned with a counterstrike.  His Storm Pike struck Dark Amoebeo with a powerful lightning bolt that caused its body to dissipate.


    “Nice Waddle Dee!” Adeleine cheered as did Kirby.


    “I’m glad I remembered Waddle Dee’s new weapon!” said Ribbon with relief.  Kirby’s party attacked strongly forcing Dark Amoebeo under again.


    Dark Amoebeo grew angrier as it took the form of a very gooey Glunk.  It then began to float around the toxic pool aimlessly as it spewed toxic gunk everywhere and around Kirby’s party.  Suddenly, Amoebeo jumped from the water and opened its top mouth to reveal multiple rows of ‘teeth’ within the ‘leaves’.  The party moved in a hurry and Waddle Dee was able to build up static electricity as he walked and stored it in his spear.


    “Jump guys, here it comes!” Ribbon shrieked.   Kirby’s party jumped in all directions but Amoebeo seemed to only be interested in Kirby.  Kirby flew high only to be followed by Amoebeo by means of a humongous leap.  Thankfully, the electricity stored by Waddle Dee allowed him to fire a ball of plasma from his Storm Pike that was humongous.  It destroyed Amoebeo’s form with great force.


    “Kirby, catch this!” Adeleine shouted as she tossed Kirby an ice block.  Kirby inhaled the ice block with his Throw power and landed on a flower platform.  With another strong throw Kirby hit Amoebeo hard.  Kirby took flight while Waddle Dee and Adeleine attacked Amoebeo’s frantic core. 


    Amoebeo let out a distorted cry as it escaped from its attackers.  Suddenly, as Dark Amoebeo dived into the depths the toxic pool began to boil throwing toxic vapors in the air.  


    Waddle Dee coughed and hacked, “What… do we do… the poison is sapping my strength!”

    “Ungh, my throat’s…, getting sore and so…, is my chest!” Adeleine stated.  Ribbon covered her mouth with her sleeves.

    Suddenly, Waddle Dee’s platform was pierced by a water jet as Amoebeo emerged, but he was able to leap to Adeleine’s platform to safety.  While Dark Amoebeo was distracted by Waddle Dee and Adeleine, Kirby took the opportunity to draw in Amoebeo with another inhale.  Kirby tossed Amoebeo into the other side of the room away from his friends.  Kirby was the only one close enough to continue attacking so he was able to land a few jabs and a few powerful kicks.  Amoebeo dove into the water below again.  Adeleine and Tiff drank a Pep Drink to get some of their energy back that was being sapped from the poison and it soothed the back of their throats.  Waddle Dee tossed Kirby one and as he finished drinking it, Amoebeo pierced Kirby’s platform causing him to fly over to his stranded friends.  However, just as Kirby landed the platform’s center was pierced and Kirby and his friends jumped into midair with no area to land on as the flower platforms from the Emerald Amber rotted away.  Just like before, Kirby attempted to make more flower platforms with the Dream Stone, but this time the Dream Stone was silent.  Desperate and in mid air, Kirby stared down Amoebeo and gave it one more inhale.  The poisonous air burned the back of Kirby’s throat as he grabbed onto the badly damaged Amoebeo.


    As she fell, Adeleine saw Kirby as he grappled Amoebeo, but with no solid ground Kirby would be unable to throw him.  “I have to give Kirby some help!” Adeleine thought as she blasted the water beneath Kirby with an ice breath causing a platform of ice to form.  Kirby landed on the platform and began his ability’s strongest move, the Tornado Throw.  Kirby spun Amoebeo around and gave it a super hard throw towards the ceiling.  Amoebeo made a large hole in the ceiling as it was destroyed and water began to flood the room from the outside. 


    Ribbon turned to Kirby, “Kirby, I’ll get the Sapphire Pearl, you help Waddle Dee and Adeleine!”


    Ribbon flew up to the Dream Stone and gathered it up while Kirby retrieved his barely conscious friends.  Kirby used up the last of his strength to fly to the edge of the fountain.  “Kirby this place is gonna collapse hang on I’ll get us out of here!” Ribbon said as she began chanting a spell.  The spell covered Kirby and his friends in a bubble and as the room flooded, Ribbon guided the bubble through the hole in the ceiling.  As she maneuvered the bubble around, boulders and other sharp rocks as they quickly began to pick up speed.  Kirby and his friends emerged in an underground cavern.  Above them was a lone pipe that led to a small cavern.  Ribbon noticed the water began to rise again and it eventually rose to the point where it pushed them into the small cavern. 


*Ripple City Square*


    Mayor Dudley wandered around the city square, “I wonder if those kids found what they were looking for?”


    As Dudley finished his sentence he and several others began feeling the ground shake beneath them.  Then suddenly, the fountain in the square blew apart as a geyser erupted from beneath it.  The geyser threw Kirby and his friends to the surface and they landed safely in the square.  The geyser died down and a Ribbon canceled her spell. 


    Mayor Dudley came running up to them, “Dudes that was awesome!  Since you’re back I take it you found what you needed?”


    Waddle Dee wiped himself off and put away his Storm Pike, “Yeah, we did actually, but just barely.”


    “How did we get back here?” Adeleine asked bewildered.


    Mayor Dudley explained, “Remember, I told you the Water Palace was built here, so it makes sense that you would be blown back up here through a geyser.”


    Everyone had a good hearty laugh as they knew another step in their quest was now over.  Suddenly, Waddle Dee heard a familiar voice approached them, “Ahoy there lads and lasses!” Fargus shouted as he and Jack came running up to them.


    “Fargus and Jack, what are you two doing back here?” Adeleine asked puzzled.


    Fargus seemed to fuddle his words, “Uh, well you see, we got tired of wait-, err I mean, we came back to town to stock up on supplies when you just erupted from the ground!  So, is there any word on the treasure?”


    Waddle Dee nodded in a disappointed manner, “Nope, all we found was this key.  The captain’s notes said he hid it in the Orange Ocean.”


    “Well, that’s a little disappointing but it’s still a step in the right direction!” Fargus said cheerfully.  “Thanks for your help friends, take this for your help, may we once again cross paths!” he said as he handed over a rather generous sum of gold coins.  With that, Fargus began getting lost in his own daydreams about the treasure. 


    Jack came up to Waddle Dee, “Did you find my family’s flag by any chance?”


    He handed the flag over to Jack whose eyes lit up with vigor, “Thanks, I don’t know how I can repay you for this, but please take this,” he said as he also handed over a large sum of money, “I’m guessing we’ll be heading towards Orange Ocean now, so if you’re ever in the neighborhood feel free to pay us a visit!”


    “Uh, we’ll be sure to look you up…,” Adeleine said nervously.  With their minds set, Fargus and Jack departed. 


    Waddle Dee sighed, “What strange people those guys are.”


    Adeleine followed, “Strange yes, but bad?  I don’t think so.  I don’t think the Dark Matter would waste time on possessing those two.”


    “Yeah, they’d probably only be used as slaves…,” Waddle Dee noted.


    Then suddenly, Kirby was hit on the head by an object from the sky.  Waddle Dee walked up to the object and noticed that it was a strange clam.  Amoebeo’s voice echoed in their minds, “This clam is my friend, may it take care of you as you take care of it…”


    “Wow, Wickett also dropped something like this,” Waddle Dee chimed.  “We’ll take good care of it Amoebeo!” he finished as he placed Amoebeo’s Clam safely away.  “I’ll give this to Tiff!” he said cheerfully.


    As Kirby and his party took deep breaths, they ventured back to the photographers house and he was astonished beyond words, “Have mercy, you are a master photographer!  “I’ll tell you what, you can go ahead and keep that camera and I’ll give you this for all those pictures!” he said as he handed over a picture of a jellyfish and money.  Adeleine was inspired by the jellyfish in the picture, so she took out her sketchbook and sketched the jellyfish.  Then she painted her face and transformed into her drawing.  The geek was astounded, “That’s an awesome trick, the jellyfish in the picture is called ‘Master Green’ although he isn’t green at all!” he paused for a second and Adeleine reverted back to her human form.  “Can I ask one more favor?  Could I get my picture with you guys?” he asked nervously.  Kirby and his friends agreed and got their picture taken with the geek, “Thanks a lot, here’s your copy!  See ya around!” he said as he waved his farewell.


    Kirby and his friends then paid a visit to the museum to give the artifacts to the curator.  Kirby approached the curator and handed him the Jeweled Cutlass.  “My, this cutlass used to belong to a very famous pirate.  Thank you child, please take this in return,” he said as he handed over a large amount of money.  Kirby also donated the Ammon Fossil and the Trillo Fossil, “What a rare find for you, these are fossils of extinct creatures.  Here child, as a token of my gratitude,” he continued as he handed Kirby money for each.  Finally, Kirby handed over the Colossal Pearl, “Gracious, this was a treasure that was held in the Water Palace as a royal heirloom.  I don’t know how you came across these wonderful things, but please take this,” he said handing over a powerful looking arm mounting Drill and Pick Ax.  “That Mining Set is a tool for Waddlekin Miners and they still use it to this day by the Waddlekin who inhabit Cloudy Park.”


    Kirby and his friends now decided that it was time to leave the island and begin search for their third Dream Stone.  This made Kirby recall his battle with Amoebeo and why the Emerald Amber did not grant his wish a second time.  Ribbon noticed Kirby’s worry, “Is their something you want to say Kirby?” she asked.


    “Dream Stone not work twice!” he said as he handed it to Ribbon.


    Ribbon took the Dream Stone and examined it, “Oh I see, you mean you couldn’t make more flower platforms again during the fight with Amoebeo?”


    Suddenly, Wickett’s voice came from thin air, “Dream Stones must be given time to recharge after a wish is granted…”


    “Imagine that, how long does it take to recharge?” Adeleine asked.


    “Dream Stones don’t loose power when a wish is made but they lock out any wishes for a limit of time that depends on the wish made,” Wickett explained.  “This was a defense to prevent the spamming of wishes.”


    “Hey Kirby, we know the Emerald Amber can restore things and manipulate plants, but what does the Sapphire Pearl do?” Waddle Dee asked eagerly.


    Just as he finished, Amoebeo’s voice echoed, “Thank you for releasing me from the Dark Matter, as thanks and for earning the Dream Stone I shall reveal to you what the Sapphire Pearl’s function is,” Amoebeo said gratefully.  “The Sapphire Pearl has the power of purification.  Toxins, venom, poisons can be removed from people’s bodies and from the environment they inhabit.  It can also grant wishes that relate to water.”


    “Hey Kirby, the Dark Matter used Ado and Adeleine’s power to polluted this country, let’s use the Sapphire Pearl to wash away the pollution!” Waddle Dee suggested cheerfully.


    Kirby agreed happily and made the wish on the Sapphire Pearl.  As Kirby made his wish, something else happened.  The Emerald Amber also resonated as if a wish was made on it.  In a bright wave of raw power, the pollution made through the twin’s paint magic was completely removed without a trace.


    Ribbon noticed the change with the Emerald, “Why did this Dream Stone act with the other?”


    Amoebeo interjected, “You had a large target for your wish, so an extra Dream Stone had to be present for it to work.”


    Wickett took over, “The more complex the dream, the more Dream Stones needed to grant it.  It isn’t a power issue, each Dream Stone has near infinite energy, it’s a fail safe to make sure a single entity could not gain too much power with only one Dream Stone.  This is why all must be collected for much larger dreams.”


    “I get it, let’s say we we’re the bad guys,” Adeleine began.  “If we wanted to use the Sapphire Pearl to ‘flood’ this place instead of clean it, we would have needed another Dream Stone maybe more.”


    “What a nifty fail safe,” Waddle Dee added.  “Oh, and let me guess, now these two Dream Stones are going to take a while to recharge now aren’t they?”


    “That’s what it looks like…,” Ribbon deduced.


    As Kirby and his friends enjoyed their lesson on the power of the Dream Stones, they noticed the Dark Matter completely darken the skies above and the people began to panic and hide.  Then suddenly, the sailors from the harbor came running as if trying to escape from something horrifying.  One of the sailors could be heard, “Everybody run, there’s a killer fish on the loose!”


    Kirby’s party, especially Kirby and Waddle Dee felt a familiar feeling of dread as they decided to take a look for themselves.


*Ripple City Harbor*


    Kirby and his friends rushed to the beach and witnessed a colossal and hideous angler fish jump out of the ocean.  The fish had enormous fangs and dark brown scales with long electrical whiskers like a catfish with a long eel-like body.


    Tiff was astounded, “It’s just like what happened in Big Forest!”


    “What do you mean?” Adeleine and Ribbon asked simultaneously.


    “When we claimed the first Dream Stone a huge nightmare appeared that we couldn’t even hurt.  The Dark Matter claimed they created them, but we aren’t sure why they would send such powerful creatures ‘after’ we claimed the Dream Stones,” Waddle Dee explained.


    The Mermaid Queen, Undyne approached them, “Please don’t worry about this island, if you’re going to restore this place and this entire planet than you need to collect all the Dream Stones.  It’s best if you head to the Sand Canyon continent to the south of here.  I’m sure there’s a Dream Stone there.”


    Ribbon checked the Dream Stones like she did the first time, “Hey there’s a city in a desert!” she said happily.


    “Hey, she’s right the next Dream Stone’s in the desert!” Adeleine said cheerfully.


    “Come on Kirby, it’s time we moved on,” Tiff urged.  Kirby nodded and Tiff summoned the Warp Star once more and Kirby and his friends hopped on.


    “Don’t worry, I’ll hold off the Dark Matter as long as I can!” the Mermaid Queen assured.  Within moments Kirby and his friends were out of sight, heading for the third Dream Stone.


*End of Chapter*

Kirby: Odyssey of Dreams Chapter 7
Update:  Chapter has been updated significantly.  Battle with Amoebeo is now on Extra Mode!  The Scene has also been added!

Here's a larger version of the scene! Kirby OoD Ch. 7 Scene-Amoebeo the Moisture Monster by ChronoWeapon


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