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Sat Apr 18, 2015, 2:42 PM
super dark fumu vs pucca pls?
Sat Apr 18, 2015, 1:14 PM




Kirby Right Back at Ya!

Odyssey of Dreams

By: ChronoWeapon

Chapter 6: Ado and the Graveyard of Ships

*Tiff’s Journal*

“I fear I may be loosing my place in Kirby’s team.  Kryl proved to be, well, a monster…  Luckily, Meta Knight came and resolved the problem for us, I have no idea who won though, but I feel in my heart that what happened was in our favor.  Meta Knight would never let us down!  Once we got to Ripple Field I got my hopes back up when we faced off against a human girl that was possessed by Dark Matter.  I think she was about my age so it will be really cool having a foreign friend to talk to.  When we fought her we noticed she had powerful magic, and according to Ribbon she started using it to pollute the island, oh I hate it when people litter!!!  After we freed Adeleine we introduced ourselves and suddenly, an explosion occurred in the middle of Ripple City and to my horror, it was Mecha Kirby.  Doesn’t that machine have an ‘off’ switch?  Once again, I felt helpless as Mecha Kirby outclassed me while Adeleine and Kirby tore him apart.  Maybe I should have been the one to have been replaced by Adeleine instead of Waddle Dee…”



“Hey, it’s me, Waddle Dee, I swiped Tiff’s journal while she was out, and I hope she doesn’t mind me scribbling in this thing!  I felt like I made some real progress today, well I mean for all Waddlekin anyway.  That beast Kryl said he fell a ton of my people without ever being scratched by any of them, so I kicked him in the face for all of them, even if it only made him mad…  Incredibly we found a human girl when we came to the shoreline of Ripple Field and it was amazing I’ve never seen a human before, well, other than pictures of course.  She was quite cute!”

Waddle Dee

*Popstar’s Orbit*

Above Popstar, loomed the ominous cloud of Dark Matter.  Deep within, unbeknown to anyone on Popstar, lay an eerie structure.  Inside, two powerful beings conversed, “Master, did you see that?” the lesser asked with a menacing whisper.


The greater replied, “Hmm, it seems… Kryl has… failed to take… the Dream Stone… from those children…”


“Yes, but Kryl is not dead though, is he?” the lesser asked.  “He was split in half by the one who wields Galaxia!”


The greater forced a mild chuckle, “No, Kryl is… my special… little soldier… just wait and see… this Meta Knight is powerful… but he should learn… to check and see… if his opponent has truly… been defeated…”


“You’re so clever Master, even I did not know Kryl was one of your…, ‘personal experiments’,” the lesser brown nosed.


“Let us continue watching… the fun’s just starting…  Kirby… you’re an interesting creature…, but who would have thought… that the sword Galaxia… would be here…,” the greater said with intrigue.

*Ripple City*

Upon Mecha Kirby’s retreat, Kirby and his friends began searching the city for information about the Water Palace.  Tiff seemed rather glum as she sighed heavily.  Kirby noticed Tiff’s troubles, “What wrong Tiff?” he asked with concern.


Tiff jerked out of her stupor and faced Kirby with an uneasy smile, “Oh, it’s nothing Kirby, let’s get moving we don’t have time to loose!”


As Kirby and Tiff shared a chuckle, Kirby noticed something was up with Adeleine.  She stood blank faced and passed out, hitting the ground with a thud.  Ribbon rushed to her side in a panic, “What’s wrong Adeleine?!”


Kirby and Tiff dashed over to Adeleine, “What happened?  Why did she just collapse like that?” Tiff asked worriedly.  Kirby poked Adeleine to see if he would trigger a response, but he received none. 


Adeleine awoke in a maelstrom of dark clouds standing on a chunk of rock; she felt nothing but dread, terror, and cascading fear.  “W-where am I?” she thought.  As she viewed her surroundings further, bloodshot eyes emerged from the maelstrom along with incorrigible whispers.  Then suddenly, Adeleine felt a tap on her shoulder that nearly paralyzed her with fear.  She forced herself to turn to the source and what she saw filled her with fear.  Adeleine stood face to face, with a mirror image, and she stared into the hollowed blank eyes and evil grin that met her own fearful expression.  “W-what is this?!” she continued.  The reflection spoke gibberish that became fiercer with its own rage.  As the reflection’s rage rose it painted its face and mutated into a horrifying monster that attempted to devour Adeleine.  Adeleine screamed as she reflexively shut her eyes.


Adeleine awoke with a shout and frightened her worried friends.  Adeleine surveyed her surroundings and realized she was taken to an Inn.  “What happened?  I thought I was attacked!”


Ribbon flew over to Adeleine with an expression of concern, “You passed out in the middle of the road and I could sense your spirit being tormented!”

“Was that what happened?” Tiff asked concerned.  “Hey Ribbon, Waddle Dee said he had a similar nightmare, i-is that related?”

“Waddle Dee too, that isn’t good… not good at all…, but I’m not sure exactly what it means.  Most people who are caught by Dark Matter possession are either destroyed by their own allies or simply… vanish and become part of the Dark Matter army.”

Tiff lamented quietly about the situation, “This is getting intense, I have to do something.  I have to help Kirby, but how the more steps we take the worse this gets and it’s getting out of hand quick!”

Adeleine became charged with valor as she clenched her fists, “I won’t let this happen!  My brother is out there and only two things will happen from this point!  Either I will save my brother, or the Dark Matter will destroy me as I try!  They were obviously trying to send me a message of some kind, well I have a message for them!!” she spoke strongly as she rushed to a window as Kirby and his party watched in awe.  “Do you hear me?!!” she yelled into the darkening sky.  “I don’t care if you’re 1000 times or even 100,000 times more powerful than me!  I will NEVER become part of your plan so torment me all you like!!!

Tiff watched in awe and admiration as she witnessed the vow of a girl no older than she was able to make such a stand despite the grim situation.  “If Adeleine can do it, than so can I!  I don’t know what I’m going to do just yet, but I’ll think of something!” Tiff thought strongly as she regained hope.

Ribbon took the spotlight, “I hate to interrupt your stand but I thought it was wise to bring Waddle Dee to this Inn instead of leaving him at Refuge Point.  I already informed him and he agreed,” Ribbon finished as she teleported Waddle Dee to the Inn. 

Waddle Dee dashed up to Adeleine as he shook off the light from the teleport, “Ribbon let me hear your vow through telepathy and I want to make a vow too!” he said as he jumped onto the windowsill.  “Terrorize this planet all you want every last Waddlekin will fight you till the end and so will I!  I will use every angle and advantage the Waddlekin has against you!  I will stand with Kirby, Ribbon and Tiff and help Adeleine save her brother and you’ll have to destroy me to stop me!!!”

Just as Waddle Dee finished making his declaration, a plume of smoke and fire could be seen from the
Ripple Field Water Amusement Park.  Ribbon felt a malevolent presence, “Come on guys I can feel someone over there we need to head over there!”


“Is it Mecha Kirby again?” Tiff asked with worry.


“No, machines don’t have spirits so I can’t sense a machine, so it’s something or someone else entirely!” Ribbon stated.  “Okay guys, Kirby, Adeleine, Tiff let’s check this out!  Don’t get to comfy Waddle Dee I may need you!”


“You got it!” Waddle Dee said as he seen off his friends.

*Ripple City Water Amusement Park*

As Kirby and his party reached what was supposed to be a very well kept and lustrous amusement park filled with crystal clear water, they found the park to be in a lot of mayhem.  Kirby and his party approached the authorities that blocked off the exit of the park.  Kirby was blocked by a Cappy police chief that reminded him of Officer Bookem back in Cappy Town, “Woah there dudes this here’s a crime scene, err I should say, a crime in progress,” he said with a similar lax attitude of the mayor.

“What happened here?” Ribbon asked perplexed.

“Well we got some weird alien spreading paint…, hey wait the perpetrator’s right behind you!” the chief said as he noticed Adeleine.  “Detain them fellas!”

Suddenly, Adeleine was mauled by Cappy enforcers and after the rumble they had her all tied up, “Hey what is this? What did I do?!” she cried loudly.

Kirby ran to Adeleine’s side while Tiff tried to explain, “Hey, you said a person like her right?  She’s not your culprit!  Adeleine has a twin brother!”

The chief lifted his sunglasses and gazed into his telescope.  The chief scanned the water park and found a nearly identical person perched on the highest water ride as the suspect flushed thick, multicolored paint down the ride.  The chief faced his officers, “Stand down boys we got the wrong person.  Sorry dudes!”

The officers released Adeleine and she approached the chief with a worried yet determined expression, “Chief please let me pass through I have to talk to my brother!”

“So that little guy’s your brother, huh?” the chief asked gruffly.  “Well, I ain’t got much choice.  Alright if you can talk him down and clean up the park I won’t arrest anyone,” he finished.  Adeleine’s face brightened and as she and the others attempted to run into the park the chief stopped them, “Hey, you dudes are a little lightly dressed.  Why don’t you talk to my supplier over there he can fit you guys with some better equipment!  I can’t let a couple of under equipped kids running into a danger zone!”

Kirby and his friends approached the supplier, “Yeah, I overheard your conversation and I still don’t know why this police force is so lax, but whatever, if you think you can handle the problem…, so what can I get you?”

Ribbon included a thorough explanation, “Alright guys it looks like we can buy body armor!  There are two types of body armor, heavy and light weight.  Heavy armor is for those of you who want to fight up close in personal or what’s known as ‘tanking’ and it’s harder to move in so if you want to move fast don’t buy it.  Light armor is for people who like their speed and mobility, but it lowers the amount of protection given in comparison to the heavy stuff.  Let’s not be stingy with our money if we can help it, so let’s buy both sets so you guys can switch according to the situation!”

“I’m selling cloth based armors adorned with tough fish scales.  The sets are called ‘Gaveelascale’ as they are adorned with the scales of the exotic Gaveela sea serpent.  What’ll you have?” the supplier asked.  Ribbon made her order and everyone dressed accordingly.  They then proceeded into the park.

“Wow, the water is so heavily polluted!” Tiff said sadly with a grimace.  Small blobby creatures with angered red eyes emerged from the polluted water.

“Those are contaminated water elementals called Pluids!  They must have emerged because of my brother’s magic!” Adeleine deduced.  Kirby and his party fought their way to the water ride that Ado had taken control of and began fighting their way up.  When they reached Ado, he was in the same exact state in which Adeleine was upon meeting Kirby.  Ado was nearly identical to Adeleine except he wore a pair of brown shorts instead of a skirt and his dark hair covered his right eye.  Ado sneered at Kirby and his friends then hopped onto the water slide and slid down to the bottom.  “After him we can’t let him get away!” Adeleine shouted.  Kirby and his friends followed suit and made a large splash upon hitting the bottom.  As Kirby and his friends pursued Ado to the center of the park he stopped and faced the party with an evil grin.

Ado faced his sister, “Come on sis why don’t you play with us!” he said creepily.  Ado painted his faced just like his sister and transformed into the Ice Dragon, the twins’ favorite drawing.  


“Ado, please, stop this!” Adeleine cried as she transformed as well.  Kirby and Tiff fought off the pesky Pluids as Adeleine and her brother traded claw strikes as ice attacks did nothing against the Ice Dragon’s tough freeze proof skin.  After beating down some of the Pluids, Kirby transformed into Fire Kirby and placed his attention on Ice Dragon Ado, however, it seemed Kirby had a bit of a problem, “Which one which?” Kirby asked confused.

Tiff shouted at Kirby with comical anger, “Don’t tell me you can’t tell the difference between boys and girls Kirby!”

“Oh, Kirby…,” Ribbon sighed.

“Ours is the one with the little purple ribbon on her head!” she shouted.


“Ah, Kirby see now!” he said as he took aim at the Ice Dragon without the ribbon.  Kirby belched flames at Ado and he comically ran around in pain.

“Yeeow!  That buuurns!!” Ado shouted as he jumped into the lazy river.  Ado changed back into his human form with sheer hatred and frustration.  “Fine, you want to play with fire?  Let us play with fire then!” Ado said as he painted his face again and took a shape that was all too familiar to Kirby, the Fire Lion.  Everything about the form was perfect, from its orange flaming fur, deep red eyes and flaming red mane.

Tiff and Kirby remembered Fire Lion as if it had attacked only yesterday, “How could Ado know of that monster?” Tiff thought perplexed.  “Unless the Dark Matter showed it to him I don’t think he would know any other way!”


“Bad choice!” Kirby said with a smile.  Kirby and Fire Lion Ado belched flames at each other causing the streams of fire to clash together.  Unfortunately, under Ado’s control the Fire Lion was much craftier than before.  Ado broke the gridlocked flames by leaping into the air and pouncing Kirby.  Ado caught Kirby in his mouth and began to chew and scratched him up and spit him hard into a water ride.  The damage was fierce enough for Kirby to loose his fire ability in the water.  Kirby shook off the dizziness and noticed a non hostile Pluid simply moving passed him.  Unlike the others in the area it was not contaminated with paint and seemed rather docile.  Kirby inhaled the creature and transformed into Water Kirby, “Splash, splash Kirby can make more than puddles!” he teased.  Water Kirby had a translucent blue gel-like body with a crown similar to Kirby that was shaped like a geyser and a gold rim around the crown.  As Kirby finished his transformation he quickly took notice that Ado had already began assaulting Tiff and Adeleine.

“Kirby, we could use a hand here!” Tiff shouted in fear.  Just as Tiff finished her sentence, Ado leaped over his sister and headed straight for Tiff concluding that she was the weakest in the party.  Like a small animal staring into the headlights of a moving vehicle, Tiff froze in fear.  Ado clamped down on Tiff’s abdomen and began scratching and biting her as she screamed in agony.

Ribbon screamed as she placed her hands over her mouth, “Kirby!” she screamed.

“Let go Ado!!!” Kirby shouted angrily as he blasted Ado with a nasty geyser of water. 

Tiff lay unconscious on the ground, “Time to switch you out Tiff… I’m sorry…,” Ribbon lamented as Waddle Dee took her place. 

When Waddle Dee appeared he stared down Ado, “So that’s him, huh?” he said.  Ado leaped into the air to attack Waddle Dee in the same manner as Tiff.  Fortunately, it did not end like last time as Waddle Dee jammed Ado’s maw with his Parasol, “Ado, stop this don’t you care about your sister?!  Family is the most important thing in the world!  Siblings must never hate each other!  I know you can hear me!  Whatever the Dark Matter is telling you it’s a lie you have to wake up, wake up for your sister’s sake!!”

Adeleine watched as Waddle Dee attempted to reach her brother, “Waddle Dee…”

“Wow, I’m impressed who would have thought family dysfunction was one of Waddle Dee’s buttons,” Ribbon thought.  “Wait, what am I thinking, family is precious in Waddlekin culture, so no wonder this battle ticks him off he feels great sympathy for Adeleine!”


“Kirby, let’s finish this and free Ado!” Waddle Dee suggested strongly.  Waddle Dee removed his parasol and began his Rain Dance attack.  Waddle Dee’s attack was even with hits and misses, but enough to weaken Ado for one final strike. 

Kirby flew into the air and just like his fire ability, “Wave Surf!” he shouted as he bolted towards Ado with a powerful wave of water.  Kirby slammed perfectly into Ado’s body, forcing him back into his human state.  Ado stood wearily and began waving his paint brush around manically just as Adeleine did, but before anyone could stop him he froze in his tracks. 

Ado then suddenly let his body go limp, “Yes, master…,” he mumbled as a dark puddle formed beneath him.  Ado began to sink into the puddle and Kirby and his friends rushed in a panic to save him.

“Ado no, you have to fight them!” Adeleine shouted as she reached for her sibling.  However it was in vain as Ado vanished before anyone could reach him.  “No Ado…, not again…,” she wept as she reverted back to her human form.

Waddle Dee approached Adeleine and consoled her, “Don’t worry I’m sure we’ll get him back!”

Adeleine rose to her feet to meet her friends, “Thanks you guys…”

Ribbon interjected, “Let’s get back, Tiff needs attention!”

“Right, this place can wait, we can clean it as soon as we get the Dream Stone!” Adeleine said cheering up.

*Ripple City Inn*

Back at the Inn, Ribbon tended to an extremely bummed out Tiff, “Hold still Tiff, my Soothe spell only works if you’re not moving,” she explained. 

“Is that why you couldn’t just heal her in mid battle?” Waddle Dee asked curiously.

Uneasy, Ribbon faced her friends as if she tried to hide something, “Y-yeah, I need to learn more effective spells so I can be of more use...,” she lamented.


Waddle Dee wandered to the window and Kirby followed him, “Oh hey Kirby, I bet your worried about Tiff.”


Kirby moaned slightly, “Kirby break promise…,” he said sadly.

Waddle Dee sighed, “Adeleine sure is strong.  It must be hard, knowing someone so close to you is harming your friends.  Let alone not knowing what the Dark Matter is doing to him.”

Kirby looked back at Tiff, who faced the ground as Adeleine attempted to raise her spirits, “Maybe Tiff goes home now…?”

“I don’t know Kirby, but I think Ribbon is holding back something she wanted to say, but couldn’t,” Waddle Dee said mysteriously.

Kirby looked back at Waddle Dee, “Why Dark Matter keeps Ado?”

“Well, maybe they… heard her vow from earlier and are willing to put it to the test.  They… are tormenting her with her sibling’s life.  If they heard her vow then they heard mine too… I may come to regret what I said,” Waddle Dee said fearfully.

“How Dark Matter hear?” Kirby asked puzzled.

"That’s what scares me I don’t know,” Waddle Dee said nervously.

Then suddenly, Mayor Dudley came into their room, “Hey dudes, the head fisherman says he caught a large sunfish that keeps calling out for an Ebbrian girl named Tiff that was traveling with Kirby and a bandana wearing Waddle Dee.  I’m going to assume that’s you dudes, after all that is your names right?  He said he desperately wants to see you about something.”

Ribbon finished healing Tiff’s wounds and she slowly walked towards Dudley, “That must be Kine come guys lets go see what he wants…,” she said in a slight monotone.

*Ripple Field Harbor*

Kirby and his friends found a small fishing boat whose crew was trying desperately trying to unload its catch of the day.  Kirby walked down the pier with his friends and heard a familiar voice in the net, “I need to see Tiff and Kirby!”

Tiff called out to the voice, “Kine, is that you?”

“Huh, Tiff?  I’m over here Tiff, please hurry!” Kine urged desperately.  Tiff changed her position and noticed that Kine was trapped with a bunch of other fish.

“Ahoy there mateys, are you the landlubbers this here sunfish keeps yammerin’ about?” asked the ship’s captain.

“Yeah, that’s us…,” Tiff claimed solemnly.

“All right then let me see here,” the captain said as he climbed up to Kine.  He reached into his pocket and took out a pocket knife.  With some precision he cut the net just enough to let Kine out of the net, “There ya are mister sunfish,” he said cheerfully.

Kine jumped out onto the deck and landed between Kirby and Tiff, “Gee, thanks captain!” he said gratefully.

“What are you doing here Kine?” Tiff asked confused.

“Well, I was on my way to see the Mermaid Queen, who lives very close by when I seen Kirby’s Warp Star fly overhead,” Kine began.  “I was going to try and help Kirby when I found out about the Dark Matter invasion, but I think you need this more than Kirby, Tiff!” 

Kine took a moment and spit up a strange looking trident.  “This is a Mermaid Trident!  It’s the reason I went to go see the Mermaid Queen.  This trident can bestow the user with a mermaid’s magic!” he explained happily.

“Really, Mermaid’s magic?” Tiff asked quizzically as a smile emerged on her face.

Kine cleared his throat and continued, “I heard that your species is adept with magical weapons!  While you’re holding this trident not only can you cut with it, but when you get submerged you won’t drown underwater!” Kine explained further.  “And, that’s not all it does if you use it on land you can pummel enemies with a nasty ‘Water Pulse’.  If you’re underwater you can create whirlpools and perform all sorts of other mermaid magic!”

Tiff took the trident with renewed hope and her body gleamed a sapphire glow, “Wow, I can feel the magic flowing through me!” she said astounded.  Suddenly, a beautiful tiara appeared on her head and the gleam faded.

Everyone was astounded as Kine cheered, “That tiara means you’re ready to use the mermaid’s magic!”

“This is just what I needed to help Kirby and the others!” Tiff said with joy and tears in her eyes.  “So my people are adept with magical weapons?  Seems kinda childish and well, girly, but whatever,” she thought.  Tiff approached Kine and gave him a peck on the cheek.  Instantly Kine blushed and fell over stiff.  Kirby began poking him with a stick to see if he was alive.

After some gentle poking by Kirby, in the eye no less, Kine snapped out of it, “Oh wait, and one more thing!  The Mermaid Queen said she wants meet up with Kirby at the Graveyard of Ships.  That’s supposed to be on the southeastern shore of this island,” Kine said happily.  Kine began happily wiggling about ‘like a fish out of water’ as he blushed heavily.

Adeleine spoke up, “Uh, I think he’s off in his own little world, maybe its best if we head out on our way?”


Both Kirby and Tiff nodded in agreement and with Tiff’s hope and confidence restored Kirby and his team headed back into the city to find out more information about the Graveyard of Ships.


Kirby and his friends spotted a Cappy leaving his house.  He was a little nerdy looking and had a large camera around his neck.  Kirby went up to him, but Adeleine popped the question, “Hi there, uh, can you tell us anything about the Graveyard of Ships?”

He looked quite eager to answer, “Uh, sure, legend has it that a couple of extinct creatures live out there and I want to take their pictures!  However, I’m a little frightened and to top it off there’s always a pretty dense fog covering that place.”

“What do you mean extinct creatures live there?” Tiff asked.

“Well, they say that a Coralacanth, which was thought to be extinct, lives in one of the ships in the graveyard.  The other is a living sea monster!  People call her Nessy, but they’ve only got these indiscernible pictures and scientists don’t believe they exist, but I want to prove them wrong!” he explained.  “However, I’m too scared to go alone.  Hey, I just got an idea!  If you guys are going there, why not take this camera?” he suggested as he handed Kirby his camera.  Kirby seemed delighted at receiving the camera.  “Oh, before you go,” he said with a blush on his face.  “D-do you think, that it would be possible to get the Mermaid Queen’s picture too?”


“Sure, Kirby get picture, poyo!” Kirby said happily.

“If you guys are looking for more info on the Graveyard of Ships, then try the pub.  It’s open to everyone this time of day!” the camera guy shouted.

“Thanks for your help!” Tiff gestured kindly.

With new information, Kirby and his friends headed to the pub.  Inside the pub, it was void of many customers.  The bartender was cleaning dishes and an odd but very well dressed Cappy in a red colonial captain’s outfit with a hat and fine brown mustache and his friend, also a Cappy, who wore more casual sailor attire with a do-rag and a goatee, were chatting amongst each other.  Kirby went up to them, “Oh, hello there child can I help you with something?” the well dressed Cappy asked formally.

“Um, we heard you know a lot about the Graveyard of Ships,” Ribbon explained.

“Indeed, it may not look it, but I am a seasoned treasure hunter!” He said proudly.  “I’m looking for a treasure that’s said to still be stashed in the cargo bay of the largest ship in the graveyard and this fellow here is my assistant, he claims to be a descendant of the very pirate captain of the ship I’m looking for, but between you and me I don’t really believe him.”

This caused his assistant to stir, “Hey, you can believe what you want buddy.  I’m just following my family lineage!”

The gentleman chuckled a bit, “Very well, now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to get a drink!” he said as he left the table.

The assistant approached Kirby and his friends, “That strange fellow is a stubborn and greedy sap.  I bet he thinks I’m making it up so I can steal the treasure from him when he finds it.  Look, the truth is, I just want to find the flag of that ship, you know to keep as a family heirloom of sorts.  This is what it looks like,” he said as he showed Kirby a picture.

The gentleman walked back over after finishing his drink, “You know little guy,” he said pointing at Kirby.  “You look tough for your age would you and your friend’s be interested in helping me find the treasure?  I can make it worth your while!”

Kirby and his friends huddled for a moment, “Do you think the treasure this guy’s talking about will lead us to the Water Palace?” Adeleine whispered.

Tiff replied, “I’m not sure, but I do know that we need to get to the graveyard to find out more.  Maybe this guy can show us the way to get there.”  Kirby nodded in agreement.  The party broke the huddle, “Okay, we’ll join you,” Tiff stated firmly.

“Splendid, oh, by the way, my name is Fargus, a pleasure to meet you,” he introduced.  “Oh, and this young man here is Jack.  Before we shove off though, you might want to make sure you have everything you’ll need.  When you’re ready just come to the east side of town, we’ll be waiting for you!”

With their plans set, Fargus and Jack left the bar.  Kirby and his friends did the same.  Kirby and his party stopped at the nearby shop and all unneeded provisions were sold off and the rest of the party’s money was spent on food.  After leaving the shop, Kirby and his friends noticed a Museum.

The interior of the museum was rather bare; the curator was an elder that was dressed in a gray suit with a long gray beard and mustache.  Kirby approached him, “Why hello there my, what do you have there?” he asked as Kirby spit up the artifacts he gained from the Brambleweed Fortress, “My, those are extremely rare items you have there.  I would really appreciate it greatly if you would donate those to my Museum.  I have many Museums around the world, so I can make replicas of the things you donate so everyone can see them,” he said with an easy smile.

Kirby took the Season’s Heart and donated it, “Now this is a rare gemstone indeed!  I don’t know how you got this, but I will place it safely here.  Here take this for your kindness,” the Curator said as he handed over a beautifully crafted spear.  “That spear is wielded by Waddlekin Storm Knight’s and is called the Storm Pike!  It is similar to their basic spear, but this one packs a powerful jolt of electricity!” he explained.  Kirby seemed concerned at the old man giving away one of his treasures, “Don’t worry my boy that’s not an artifact they still make those, but they are really expensive!”

Kirby took the ancient Crossbow and donated it as well, “Well, isn’t this a treat!  This crossbow used to be used by Cappy soldiers in ancient times on this planet.  Thank you very much for your kindness!  Here, as a token of my appreciation,” he said as he handed Tiff a strange thorny vine whip, “That magical Bramble Whip can steal the life force of anyone it ensnares and it gives the latter’s life force to the user.  In addition you can use magic that relates to plant life one who uses the Bramble Whip is called a ‘Floralmancer’.” 

Kirby took the Quiver that still had some arrows in it and donated it too, “Well, it looks like I now have a complete set with this one!  Once again child I thank you for your patronage.  As a token of my thanks please take this,” he said as he handed over a strange scroll with a weird flaming monster on it.  Suddenly, Adeleine felt inspired and decided to scribble something down in a small notebook.  With a little face paint she transformed into a new monster.  The monster resembled an empty set of heavy female knight’s armor that was colored with a red and gold color scheme.  It shook the ground when it walked and wielded a red hot sword.  “That painting was of an elemental spirit called Dullaheat.”

Finally, Kirby gave the rare petrified plant fossils to the Curator, “Hmm, now these are wonderfully intact fossils!  I can only give you a large sum of money for them if that’s okay?” he said inconveniently.  Kirby nodded happily and received a very generous amount of money.

Kirby’s party became acquainted with their new ‘toys’ as the curator chuckled, “Thank you so much for uncovering these lost pieces of history, perhaps the things I gave you might one day end up in a museum too?
  If you happen to find any more treasures feel free to donate them to the many museums around the world.  I’m sure the people would enjoy seeing and learning about their past.”

Kirby and his friends decided that at this point in time they could be no more ready to head to the Graveyard of Ships than they were now.  With their minds set, Kirby and his party set out to the eastern gate to find Fargus.

*Ripple Field Beachside*

Kirby and his friends reached Ripple Beachside where they found the bumbling treasure hunter, Fargus and his assistant Jack.  Jack seemed to be carrying all of the supplies and did not seem to be holding out very well.  The beachside overlooked the ocean and white sand, both lacking former beauty because of paint borne pollution.  “I’m so happy to see that you made it!  Let’s be on our way shall we?  We can’t be wasting anymore time now!” Fargus said happily.  “You guys go on ahead and clear out any beasts that may stand in our way!”

Kirby and his party made their way down the beachside path.  Along the way they saw beautiful rock formations, palm trees, mini waterfalls and plenty of resistance from the local wildlife.  Kirby managed to get a hold of his Cutter ability during the trek.  After a good twenty minutes Kirby and his friends came to a small tunnel.  The tunnel floor was made of damp grey clay and Kirby’s feet sunk into it slightly. 

“Everyone slow down wait for me!” Jack shouted as he had a hard time trudging through the clay.

Fargus began scolding him, “Now, now, no complaining!  Pick up your feet lad!  Were almost out of the cave see, there’s some light!”

As Kirby headed for the exit, he and his friends quickly noticed that there was a slight mist coming in.  After leaving the cave, their surroundings were completely shrouded in a thick veil of fog.

In the veil of fog, a voice in terror emerged, “Ahh, help, somebody!”

“Do you hear that Kirby?” Tiff asked now alert to the situation.  “Someone’s in trouble!”

“Let’s see if we can help!” Adeleine added.  Kirby and his friends rushed out into the fog towards the origin of the voice.  


Eventually, Kirby bumped into something, “Huh, what was that, who’s there!” the owner of the voice turned around to see the small pink puffball that smashed into him.  Kirby looked up at the wall and it turned out that the wall was actually a muscular bipedal turtle with buck teeth and a blue headband on his head.  He loomed over Kirby, “Who are you chump?” he asked dumbly.

Kirby staggered to his feet, “My name Kirby!” he announced toughly.

“Kirby?” he said stupidly.  “That’s a stupid name!”

Tiff spoke up, “So just what is your name then?”

He laughed densely, “Just call me, Rolling Turtle!” he announced.  Everyone seemed dumbstruck as his name was actually quite dumb.

Behind Rolling Turtle, Ribbon’s voice reached them, “Hey guy’s I think someone else is over here!”

Tiff and Adeleine rushed over to her position and noticed the person lying on the ground was none other than the Mermaid Queen.  She had long beautiful pink hair and fish tail with a bikini top that matched.  Her skin color matched Tiff’s and her eyes were ocean blue.  Finally, she wore a golden tiara on her head and her body was covered in other gold pieces of jewelry.  She seemed to be slightly ruffed up from the bullying.

“Who did this to you?” Tiff asked as she picked the Mermaid Queen up from the ground.


“Who else?  That big dumb brute of a turtle!” she said angrily.

Rolling Turtle laughed, “Water is polluted!  Me thinks pretty fish lady can fix, but she say she know nothing!  Me thinks she lying!” he said.  “Me so angry, me want to toss someone into space!  Me know, me toss round pink thing into space!” he finished as he pointed at Kirby.  “This gonna be fun!”

Rolling Turtle withdrew into his shell and began spinning in place.  Once he gained enough speed he lunged at Kirby.  At the last second, Rolling Turtle stopped and grabbed Kirby in a nasty hold.  Rolling Turtle performed a somersault and slammed Kirby into the ground below.

At this moment Adeleine joined the fray as she became the Ice Dragon.  Adeleine launched a blast of ice breath at Rolling Turtle who manage to block it by throwing Kirby into it.  “Oh jeez, I’m so sorry Kirby!” Adeleine shouted as Kirby broke himself from the ice.  Kirby took the opportunity to transform into Stone Kirby with his suppressed ability and Tiff branded her Trident.

Although Tiff had summoned her new power she could not use it due to the lack of visibility.  Rolling Turtle began his assault on Kirby and Adeleine, who also suffered from the handicap of the fog.  Kirby used his Stone ability to transform into a giant statue that roughly resembled his own image.  In this form, he moved slowly, but was extremely durable.  Adeleine hopped atop Kirby and swapped her Ice Dragon form out with her new Dullaheat form.  In this form she acted as a torch, she hoped she could lead Rolling Turtle right into Stone Kirby so he could get his hands on him.

The Mermaid Queen shouted at Tiff, “What are you doing girl?  Use your water magic already and lift this wretched fog!”

Tiff looked back at her in confusion, “Uh, how exactly do I do that?” she asked.

The Mermaid Queen sighed, “Thrust the trident into the air and spin it clockwise and while doing this command the fog to disperse!”

“Um, okay,” Tiff said as she did as she was commanded.  “Fog, disperse!” she commanded.  Only a few seconds after her command the fog quickly lifted revealing the eerie Graveyard of Ships.  Rotten wooden ships, rusted and twisted iron ships, even some ships that were ancient were either half sunk or marooned on the beach here.  The sky was a tad on the dark side, like before a storm.  Kirby and Adeleine looked back at Tiff who seemed to be in disbelief as to what she just done.

Rolling Turtle seemed slightly confused, “Hey, where’d the fog go?” he asked rhetorically.  Kirby quickly took the opportunity to attack his distracted opponent.  Stone Kirby flattened Rolling Turtle under his hard stone body.  Kirby then reverted back to normal and found Rolling Turtle to be unconscious.  Kirby inhaled Rolling Turtle’s bandanna and transformed into Throw Kirby.

The Mermaid Queen took a stand and forced a geyser to come from beneath Rolling Turtle.  The Geyser threw him over the horizon in a very comical manner.  “Well, now that we got that nuisance out of the way I can tell you what I wanted to tell you,” said the Mermaid Queen.  “First off let me introduce myself.  My name is Undyne and I’m the queen of the mermaid’s and the ocean.”

Fargus and Jack came out from behind a large boulder, “Great work beating up that bad guy Kirby!  I was planning on helping but I got lost in that dreadful fog!”

“That fog may be gone but when I get a good look at this place I wish it were still here,” Jack said following Fargus.

“Ahem,” Undyne sighed.  “As I was saying, I suppose you’re after the Dream Stone correct?”

“How do you know about the Dream Stones?” Tiff asked quizzically.

“I’m the Mermaid Queen, I know many things, including the Sapphire Pearl and its location,” she stated flatly.

“Sapphire Pearl, is that the next Dream Stone?” Adeleine asked with joy.

“Yes, my ancestors defeated the Guardian and kept it as a family heirloom so it would not fall into the wrong hands.  However, the ancient Cappy’s on this island stole it from our home and placed it in their Water Palace.  As punishment, my great, great grandmother caused a sink hole in the middle of the city that sunk that palace,” Undyne explained.

Tiff raised a question, “Um, not to insult you or anything, but why didn’t you retrieve it?”

“We thought it would be safer down there, tucked away until it passed into legend and then into myth.  Unfortunately, the Dark Matter that is quickly approaching this island will no doubt destroy this place in an effort to retrieve it, like they are doing with the pollution.  They already began possessing the feeble minded on this island some months ago and began forcing them to pollute the island and the ocean around it,” Undyne went on.


“So how do we get to the Water Palace?” Tiff asked.

“There is a cavern hidden in a trench beneath this graveyard.
  A sunken ship conceals that cavern so you’ll have to swim through the ship to access the caverns,” Undyne instructed.  “Here take this box of diving equipment, there should be far more than enough for all of you to use,” she said handing over the box of swim gear.  “That snorkel is out fitted so you can breathe under water.  Tiff when you’re not using mermaid magic I suppose I don’t need to tell you to use the equipment.”

Fargus interrupted, “Whoa missy, we’re not going down there.  My trusty assistant and I are…, uh, going to stand watch and make sure Kirby and his friends aren’t followed!” Fargus said uneasily.  Jack simply sighed and shook his head.

Kirby and his friends equipped the swimming gear, “Oh, and one more thing,” urged Undyne.  “The Dark Matter has already entered the Water Palace, so please hurry.”

Kirby took out the camera he got from the geek in town as he approached the Queen, “Huh, you want my picture?  Well, I suppose, but I don’t know why you would want to do something like that at a time like this.  Let me guess, the geek in this town wants a cute photo of me right?  He’s been trying that for a year now.  Okay fine, how’s this?” she said striking a cute pose.  Kirby snapped the photo and thanked her.

Kirby and his friends boarded the nearest ship and looked out into the graveyard it was truly an eerie place.  Kirby and his friends fought through very little resistance as they hopped from ship to ship while avoiding the polluted water.  Finally, a larger ship came into view and a strange flag that resembled the emblem that Jack had shown Kirby in the pub.

Kirby and his friends boarded the rotting ship and lowered the flag, “Rat’s this isn’t the flag that Jack is looking for,” Tiff said with mild disappointment.  Shortly after taking the flag the mast creaked and began to fall.  Kirby jumped out of the way and the mast crashed into the ocean, or so they thought.  The mast fell atop the head of a very strange creature.  The creature resembled a large water dragon, “Hey I think this creature is supposed to be ‘Nessy’, that extinct animal that geek was talking about, Kirby, take its picture before it wakes up!” Tiff instructed.  Kirby took out the camera just as the creature awakened.  It shook its head and meandered towards Kirby and his friends.  It did not seemed angry or even the least bit agitated.  The creature bent its head towards Kirby and sniffed him. 

Adeleine took out a small sheet of paper and scribbled something on it, “Here Kirby feed it this,” she said as a Blipper jumped off the piece of paper.  Kirby took the harmless fish and offered it to Nessy.  Nessy sniffed the offering and slurped up the fish.  While Nessy enjoyed the Blipper Kirby snapped a wonderful picture of her.

“That’s a good picture Kirby, ever think of taking up photography when this is all over?” Adeleine complimented.  Kirby seemed overjoyed at her flattery.  Nessy seemed happy and made a motion as if to thank Kirby for the free meal.  After doing so, Nessy signed them to hop on her back.  They hopped on Nessy’s back and she dived.  The paint in the water did not seem to have any effect on her for some strange reason.  After a few short moments Nessy arrived at the bottom of the graveyard.  Kirby and his friends noticed the paint did not reach this far down. 


Kirby quickly spotted a trench amidst all the sunken ship and debris and he and his friends followed the underwater trench until a large ship emerged from the darkness.  The ship had a large hole in the bow and the stern was completely buried into the sand. 


Kirby and his friends entered the ship and found it to be littered with all kinds of harmful creatures.  After wiping out the harmful ones only one remained, but this strange fish seemed docile and if anything, lazy.  Kirby and his friends realized that this lazy looking fish was the Coralacanth.  Kirby took out the water proof camera and shined a soft light on the lax fish and snapped another great shot.  Kirby and his friends continued swimming after leaving the fish to do whatever it does best.


The room Kirby was in seemed to be the cargo room and a hole was in the ceiling.  Kirby swam to the hole and he and his friends quickly realized that the ship was not completely flooded.  The room Kirby entered was a cabin on a lower deck.  Kirby and his friends opened the cabin door and went into the hallway.  The hallway was obviously damp and still flooding, but at an extremely slow rate.  At the end of the hallway was a grand staircase that connected the upper deck to the lower deck they were now on.  At the top of the staircase it branched off revealing two more staircases that lead to either side of the upper decks cabins.


Curiously, Kirby and his friends searched the upper decks cabins.  Eventually, Kirby found the captain’s room and the very flag that Jack was looking for in pristine condition, locked away in a small black chest.  Kirby stored it safely away and traveled back the grand staircase.  A large hole was in the wall at the top of the staircase.  Kirby and his friends entered the room and found another cabin and a flooded lower deck.  Kirby entered the cabin and it seemed void of anything other than a note on the wall.  The note read, “Its mutiny I tells ya, my crew has rebelled against me because of me treasure.  However, those scurvy dogs will never find my treasure as I’ve hidden it in the Orange Ocean.  They’ve locked me in this room to rot, because they couldn’t find me key.  To bad for them, but I’ve hidden the key in the belly of the beast!”


“What an eerie letter,” Tiff said with a chill.  “But it looks like Fargus won’t find his treasure here.”  Kirby went to a corner of the room and found a skeleton.  The skeleton obviously belonged to the late captain.  Kirby noticed something in the remains.  Kirby picked the object out and it was a skeleton key.  “That must be the key to the captain’s treasure, I guess he swallowed it whole,” Adeleine stated. 


Kirby and his friends left the room and dived into the water.  After a few minutes of swimming, Kirby and his friends noticed that the scenery changed from the ship to that of a cavern.  The narrow cavern was filled with violent creatures and seemed to drag on for miles.  It twisted and turned and even forked on some occasions.  The underwater maze seemed to take an eternity to navigate as Kirby and his party hit many dead ends and got lost many times.  Finally, Kirby and his friends found a small ray of light from above.  Kirby swam towards the light and his friends followed.  When they followed the light they emerged in a cavern filled with air.  The cavern had some large pipes running through it, some green, others red and even some blue ones.  Amidst the pipes, lay exactly what Kirby and his friends had been searching for.  The entrance to the Water Palace was finally in their reach.  It was a very old structure, with large metal double doors and a staircase to the porch.  The porch was lined with pillars, some in ruins and some intact.


“There it is guys,” Tiff said astonished.


“Yup, the Water Palace,” Adeleine finished.

*End of Chapter*

Kirby: OoD - Fire, Ice and Water! Ado vs Adeleine! by ChronoWeapon
Kirby: OoD - Fire, Ice and Water! Ado vs Adeleine!
Repost: Bountiful Bunny Bulma by ChronoWeapon
Repost: Bountiful Bunny Bulma
This was my most popular one, it was also my favorite out of all my old work.  This is the last repost though, lol.  Other stuff I want to redesign.

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Repost: Normous Ninja's 1 by ChronoWeapon
Repost: Normous Ninja's 1
Might as well repost this so it makes the sequence complete.

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Repost: Normous Ninja's 2 by ChronoWeapon
Repost: Normous Ninja's 2
I guess I'll repost this?  I really didn't know how popular these were.

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Hiya folks!  I just wanted to say I love you all and thank you all for putting up with the fact that I have been updating... well, never it seems.  Since February my life has been going through some major changes, some I don't care for and others I'm okay with.  First and foremost the reason why I have virtually been a ghost here is because of my job.  The factory moved its location and I've been on mandatory Overtime since the start of February until now where it seems to be stabilizing.  Personally I kinda hate my job now, but not unbearably so, I would like something a little closer to home though.  

Anyway, you guys and gals may be wondering about a few things that have changed on my page and this upcoming Kiriban Finale demands the attention.  Some of you may have noticed that I removed a lot of my BBW/SSBBW artworks from my page.  I want you all to know this is not out of hate or anything negative in particular.  I have a progressive personality and if I felt that the BBW line of work I was making wasn't going quite in the direction I wanted so I wanted a fresh start.  Some of those pics also were tied to some bad memories, like my accident with fire(not as bad as it sounds, but still something that was nasty!) and some other family issues I need not explain here.  So basically yes, deleting my pics was more about a fresh start rather than anything that happened here.  So I deeply apologize if you liked something in my gallery that up and vanished.  I was not aware to give out any sort of warning to you so if you were upset at that, once again, I apologize.

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Okay, now that that's out of my way, I am bringing to your attention that if you are aware of my earlier Naruto kiribans, the last one is now knocking at my door.  This one is the last one and it may take a different tone then the last one's.

However, I want some fun with this and since it involves the BBW, WG, and FA community is there any suggestions you would like to suggest go into the pic?  If so let me know, but let's keep it clean and cute shall we?

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