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Chrono Corruption: Hell Tomo by ChronoWeapon
Chrono Corruption: Hell Tomo
I actually drew this before I swap a few minor colors so some small parts are off like her pants and belt.  However, I'm not OCD enough to go and change it.  Anyway this is what Hell Tomo looks like more or less from my Chrono fan fiction after she eats Quadffid seeds.  She morphs into a evil hulking blue skinned version of herself.  

Here's the chapter just in case.…
Chrono Corruption

By: ChronoWeapon

ACT 1: The Fate of a Nation

Chapter 4: The Snakebone Pit

        Ty, Posh and Gosh quietly made their way down the rocky hillsides to reach Viper Manor in hopes of finding a secure way inside without being noticed.  The moonlight shined brightly behind the haunting manor as the party edged closer.  Crickets and running water could be heard alongside the murmuring of Gosh, who found what they were doing to be revolting.  Gosh stepped in front of Ty, stopping him, “This is degrading!  I am a distinguished wealthy gentleman!  I cannot lower myself to the level of a common criminal!  Posh let us go and knock on the front door.  If we explain the situation I’m sure everything will be understood,” he said quietly.

        Ty stretched his arms behind his head and stared off into the distance with an uncaring expression, “Fine, suits me just as well.  Do what you want and while you guys distract the security I’ll sneak in and find the others.”

        Gosh gave Ty a silent but cross glare, “Come sister, we have little time to spare!”

        Stuttering, Posh fumbled unable to decide for herself, “B-but…, I…,” she said as she stamped her foot down.  “Ty I believe going through the front door would be best, don’t you think?”

        Ty sighed as his body went limp.  “Alright, we’ll try your guys’ way first, but if that doesn’t work then we do things my way!” he finished with a grin.

        “Deal, I will show you how to be a real gentleman!” Gosh said confidently.

        The party regrouped as they traveled the cobblestone pathway to the front gate of Viper Manor.  Upon arrival, two large figures stood at the gate.  They were humanoid, but not human.  Their bodies were made of metal, bronze to be specific and the bronze ‘armor’ was complemented with maroon colored cloth accents.  The figures were hunched over, their heads jutting from their broad upper bodies instead of setting upon a neck and their bulky arms nearly reached the ground.  The creatures were mechanical in nature and turned to meet the visitors.  One responded with a raspy mechanical voice, “GA-PI-GA-PI-PI?” it sounded.

        Instantly upon hearing this, Ty realized something, “That’s the same thing the ‘monster’ said when it hit me over the head the first time I was here!”

        Gosh was astounded, “Wow, a real life humanoid robot!  Steam powered no less!”

        “Certainly has wonderful craftsmanship!” Posh added with admiration.

        Ty kept his distance while Gosh cleared his throat, “Ahem, we are Gosh and Posh Lords from the Explorer Corps of Chorus!  We understand you have a few of our co-workers visiting here.  To be frank, we have come to retrieve them as they have long overstayed their welcome and must return to Chorus at once!”

        “GA-PI-GA-PI-PI!!!” steamed the mechanical doll as it threw its large arms into the air irately.

        Gosh backed off immediately in a frightened manner.  “Gah, I’m sorry, no need to be so angry!”

        Posh gave her brother a long disdainful gaze as if to call him pathetic while Ty simply grinned slyly.  Ty approached Gosh, “See, now will you do things my way?”

        Gosh ground his teeth in frustration, but finally relented.  “Fine, if it will…, allow me to see my wonderful Tomo again…, we will do things your…, way…,” he gulped as he swallowed his pride.

        Ty grinned widely, “See that wasn’t so bad was it?” he gloated. “Come on let’s go find a good spot to sneak in!”


        With Ty in the lead, the party trekked through a rocky wooded area that overlooked the eastern side of Viper Manor.  “Hmm, I think the terrace is our best bet.  I haven’t seen anyone move down there since we started looking,” Ty deduced as he gazed discreetly from behind a tree.

        Posh grew nervous, “Er-erm, yes, just as long as we avoid the search lights!” she stammered.

        “That is an awfully long walk across that courtyard…,” Gosh sighed.

        “Nah, the guys working the spotlights don’t seem like they’re really paying much attention,” Ty noticed.  “Come on, let’s move!”

        With that the siblings followed Ty closely as they dashed quickly and quietly across the grass and cobblestone courtyard.  Luckily, the infiltration went smoothly as they reached the steps to the terrace.  Each member of the party took cover behind a pillar to catch their breath.  “Oh, that was rough!” Gosh complained.  “I almost tripped over a misplaced patio brick!”

        “Try running in elevated heels, I thought I was going to twist my ankle!” Posh followed.

        “Will you two quit complaining, you’re going to alert the guards!” Ty warned sternly.  As the party regrouped under the safety of the terrace roof, Ty located a varnished door with bronzed accents.  Ty opened the door only slightly so he could take a peek as to what was on the other side.  It was an entrance to the corridors and hallways of Viper Manor.  “Hmm, looks like the coast is clear, this where the real fun begins!” Ty whispered as the party quietly snuck into the manor.


        The party walked quietly through the halls of Viper Manor, checking doors to see if they were opened.  Posh on the other hand attempted to find her way by reading signs that were attached to the brick walls.  “Mister Drayguard, you said you heard the Acacia Dragoons speak of using the Quadffid Seeds on ‘prisoners’ correct?” Posh asked quietly as she adjusted her steeple hat.

        “Yeah, that’s what they said,” Ty responded.

        “Then perhaps our destination lies beneath the manor, in the Catacombs,” Posh suggested hoping for approval.

        “Great thinking Posh, did you figure out where the door is to get there?” Ty asked hopefully.

        “Er-erm no, I haven’t yet exactly…,” Posh stuttered.

        “It is this way,” Gosh interjected, now returning the pitiable gaze to his sister.

        “Alright, let’s keep moving we don’t have time to waste!” Ty retorted confidently.

        The party headed down the corridors until coming to a large door that read ‘Catacombs’ on an ornate sign above the door.  However, as Ty tried to open the door he found it to be locked up pretty tightly.  “Rats, I didn’t think it was going to be this easy, but it was a good try…,” Ty said bummed out.

        “It seems we need the key, where do you suppose they keep it?” Posh asked.

        “Around Viper’s neck probably…, no I’m kidding…, but it probably has to be around here somewhere,” Ty said as he was placed in bewilderment.

        Suddenly, Gosh’s attention was grabbed by echoing voices emanating from down the hallways.  “Gah, Acacia Dragoons, we must hide or else they’ll kill us!” he panicked.

        “Ah, crud!” Ty said as he and the twins began searching for an open room like a closet or otherwise to take shelter in.  Luckily, they found an open room.  The room they took shelter in was dark and they could not see.  “Somebody flip the light switch please!” Ty said irately as he tripped over a can.

        Gosh searched the side of the way and found a lever.  He pulled the level up and it latched, completing a circuit.  The lights in the room came to life.  “Eww, yuck, patooie!  This room is a kitchenette and a slovenly one at that!” Gosh said reviled.

        “My, even the cupboards are emptied!” Posh said with surprise.  “This is no doubt that gluttonous tomboy’s doing!”

        Ty was enraptured by a large orange frog kept in a hanging square cage.  “Nah, if Tomo was here, this frog would have been eaten too…,” Ty chuckled.

        Then suddenly, the frog opened its mouth and it spoke words, “Please release me, ribbit!” it said.

        The party withdrew in surprise, “What the-!  It talks!” Ty said in shock.  Ty leaned in to get a closer look and then tapped the cage.  

        “My Boss would be very upset if I were eaten!” the frog claimed.

        “Um…, okay, here you go…,” Ty said as he unlocked the cage.

        “Thank you, ribbit!” the frog said as it escaped the cage and escaped through a hole in the wall.

        “That has got to be the weirdest thing I have ever seen,” Posh stated.

        Gosh regained his composure, “Whatever, it seems quiet outside, we should get moving!” he said.

        As the party continued they found a large set of double doors that said ‘Ballroom’ above the door.  The door creaked as Ty quietly opened it.  Inside was a beautiful but eerie room.  A large organ lies at the far end of the room taking up the entire wall.  The room was illuminated by numerous candles that bathed everything in a soft light.  “Nope, there doesn’t seem to be anything of interest to us in here,” Ty said as he walked up to the old organ.  Gosh turned to the door and witnessed someone holding it open slightly staring at them through the crack.  However, just as Gosh noticed this, the door shut quietly.  Gosh turned to the rest of the party in fear.  “S-someone knows were here!” he shivered.

        “What, how do you know that?” Posh asked curiously.

        “Someone was glaring at us with the door cracked open!” Gosh responded.

        Ty drew his daggers cautiously and quietly walked over to the door and placed his ear to it.  He could not hear anything on the other side and decided to slowly open the door.  He placed his foot in front of it to prevent any surprise attacks.  Ty clutched his dagger; his blood ran cold as he slowly cracked the door.  He looked through the crack but did not see anyone.  He opened the door a little more just enough to poke his head out and look both ways, but found nothing.  Breathing a deep sigh of relief the party left the ballroom and continued now on edge, more than ever before.

        As the party continued a room that Ty recognized came into view.  Curious, Ty checked the door and found the room to be open.  He and the party entered and Ty realized that this room was in fact, Lady Riddel’s room.  It was the very same room where he was poisoned by Viper.  Ty walked up to Lady Riddel’s bed and found her missing.  He thought quietly with a sense of relief, “Good, it seems she has recovered after all, well that’s one worry off my shoulders.”  Feeling reassured, the party realized that nothing left of interest was in this room and they left.

        The party soon snuck their way to the center of the manor and ended up in an atrium.  The cool night breeze echoed throughout the atrium as the centerpiece fountain poured water from the snake statues.  The party took a moment to take in the relaxing scenes while being careful not to make any noises.  Ty approached the fountain.  He smiled as he took a coin from his pocket and flipped it into the fountain’s waters.  The water rippled, reflecting the moonlight from above.  After their little rest the party made their way to the other side of the manor.

        The first room they found unlocked was a study.  It was a spacious room lined with tall shelves that were packed with books.  Its walls were lined with eerie paintings, some paintings depicting leaders of the Viper Clan and then some that were surreal depictions of events throughout history.  The party searched the study closely, hoping to find anything that could help them.  Then suddenly, footsteps of those who wore heavy armor echoed throughout the hallway outside.  The party freaked, “Quick, everyone take cover under the desk!” Ty urged as they haphazardly hid themselves underneath the studies large mahogany desk.  The party stayed quiet as the door opened.  

        A dragoon’s voice could be heard, “Funny, I thought I heard something in here…,” he said.  “Meh must be my imagination.”

        As the door closed, the party sighed in relief.  Unfortunately, their relief was replaced with imminent fear as another pair of footsteps entered the room with a creak at the door.  The footsteps were heavy, but not with armor, they shuffled around for a bit and then left the room closing the door behind them.  Posh clung to Ty in fear, her breasts suffocating him.  Gosh was back to back with Ty, to afraid to even breathe, for fear it would be heard.  Ty managed to speak underneath Posh’s ample bust, “Posh, I am no masher, but as much as I am enjoying your chest I have to ask you to release me, so we can continue…,”

        Posh released Ty, her face as bright red as a tomato, “Dear me, how unrefined!  This is not the place for such…, activities…!”

        Gosh cleared his throat, “Ahem let us leave here now shall we?”

        The party left the study with extreme caution.  Luckily, the corridors were empty so the party continued.  After searching many locked doors a large metal door that seemed to stand alone awaited them.  Ty placed his ear to the door, “Hmm, I hear mechanical noises coming from inside.”

        Gosh edged closer, “Don’t open that door Ty, what if more of those mechanical dolls we met at the front gate are stored here?”

        Posh added, “Yes, this room is not one we’re-!” she said as she was interrupted by Ty opening the door.  Without immediate expression, Ty close the door.  “What was inside?” Posh asked puzzled.

        Ty began walking away, “Exactly what Gosh said would be in it, alongside the inner workings of a clock tower.  That’s what was making all the noise.  The gears to the clock tower,” he said obviously attempting to comically hold back his fear.

        After a while, the party came to yet another room, it was the armory.  Ty and the party searched the armory and found it to be stocked to the brim with newly crafted weapons and armor.  “Wow, they really are preparing for war…,” Ty said with a whistle.  With that, another set of footsteps came to the door and the party quickly hid behind suits of armor.  As the party hid Ty grew curious as he peeked out beneath one of the arms of the armor suits.  The figure had its back turned to them, but Ty made out some of its features.  “Biggs, is that…, is that you?” he thought with an eerie chill as goose bumps emerged on his arms.  The figure left the room and the party left their hiding places.  

        “Ty I am growing weary of all this, where is that key to the Catacombs?!” Gosh said with frustration.

        “Only one place left to try and look…, Viper’s Quarters…,” Ty responded.

        “Wonderful, let us make it fast, I do believe we are being watched somehow…,” Posh said as she looked back and forth nervously.

        With that, the party left the armory and headed to the second floor.  Every room here was someone’s living quarters and they were locked up tight for the night.  The party avoided getting caught by night patrol throughout the second floor as they came to the largest set of double doors on the floor.  “This is it, Viper’s Quarters,” Ty said as he cautiously placed his ear to the door.  No sounds came from the room as he opened it.  The room was mysteriously unlocked and empty as well.  No one was home.  

        “We are in luck he doesn’t seem to be in!” Gosh said as both he and his sister began searching for the keys to the catacombs.  The room was simple in design and was very similar to Lady Riddel’s room.  Ty searched Viper’s desk and found a secret compartment that opened a drawer that revealed two keys on a key ring.

        Ty took the key ring, “One key for the catacombs, and one for the…, nice the vault key.  Now why would this key be…, with the…, other one…” he said as he slowly came to a realization.

        “Ty, you seem pale is something wrong?” Posh asked worriedly.

        “Oh, nothing…, but I believe…, that we have been being led this whole time…,” Ty said with his whole body running cold.

        Posh and Gosh also lost color in their faces.  “Y-you’re saying we were…, expected?”

        “Well I did tell Viper…, I’d be back…,” Ty said as he stored away the keys and the party left the room.

        “Great, so what do we do, what if we are headed into a trap?” Gosh said worriedly.

        “We don’t have any choice…, we go to the catacombs…,” Ty said as the party began heading towards to catacombs entrance.


        Ty turned the key albeit hesitantly and opened the door.  As to be expected, the staircase leading into the catacombs was dark and only illuminated by wall mounted torches.  The party breathed deeply and descended.  Upon reaching the midpoint of the stairs a corridor line with jail cells awaited them.  However, Ty wanted to see what was at the bottom of the stairs so the party continued.  Upon reaching the bottom a large vault door lay before them.  Gosh gulped, “Ty, do you think this is where the trap would be laid?  After all you are a treasure hunter.”

        “Maybe, but luckily for me, I have a ‘key’ of my own,” Ty said confidently.  “Just prepare yourselves…,” he said as he approached the vault door.  Ty inserted the ornate key and turned it.  He then turned the large tumbler lock and the door opened.  The party drew their weapons and entered cautiously.  The room was circular and made of sandstone.  It was filled with mountains of gold coins.  “HOLY SHRIMP!” Ty shouted in awe.  “This is the most gold I’ve ever seen!”

        “Well, when you have to finance a war a large amount of money is required!” Posh claimed.

        “This is far more money than we have and I though ‘we’ were wealthy!” Gosh said astonished.

        The party looked around and Ty found a blue and bronze treasure chest in the corner.  “I wonder what’s inside…,” he asked no one in particular.  As Ty knelt down to touch the chest a smoke cloud erupted and two entities came forth.  The two entities were spiritual beings that possessed treasure chests.  Once was a large treasure chest with burly striped arms and legs while the other was smaller with very thin lanky arms and legs.  There voices spoke in unison, “Heh, heh, heh, we’re the Boxer Boys!  We want to play a game with you!  Make a choice, hit one of us.  If you choose right we’ll give you a special treasure!  Choose wrong and we’ll rough you up!”

        “What should we do?” Posh asked hoping for an answer.

        “What else, we let Drayguard decide!” Gosh began.  “I hear you’ve encountered these monsters numerous times and was always successful.”

        Ty took a long gaze at both monsters and without warning he kicked over the large one.  Posh and Gosh grew anxious as the Big Boxer got to its feet.  It dashed up to Ty and then stopped suddenly.  It opened and revealed a small burlap sack that it handed over to him.  With that Ty took the goods and the Boxer Boys vanished into thin air, “Nice job, until next time!” the Boxer Boys said in unison.

        “Oh thank goodness,” Posh sighed with relief.

        “What did the monster give you?” Gosh asked curiously.

        “Looks like some extra equipment, let’s see; we have a Power Glove and a pair of Bronze Knee Caps, nice,” Ty said as he placed tossed the equipment to Posh and Gosh.  

        “But Ty, this stuff is yours, why give it to us?” Posh asked worriedly.

        “Because, you need extra protection while Gosh over their needs to swing that sword of his a lot harder,” Ty claimed with a grin.  The party then regrouped and came across an ornate pot on the other side of the room.  Upon touching it, it too came to life.  “Crud, this one’s alive too?” Ty said as he drew his daggers.  Posh and Gosh did the same, but as they did, the monster acted strangely.  Two leather bands that acted like arms grabbed Ty’s feet and dragged him before the pot.  “Whoa, what’s it doing?” Ty shouted as he tried to shake the monster’s hold.  The lid opened and a puff of red smoke revealed a very obese female genie with tan skin, three striped horns, and long maroon colored hair that was tied back in a long ponytail emerged.  Her big belly giggled as did her bust when she made even the slightest movements.  Instead of attacking however, she seemed amorous towards Ty.  Ty was astonished, “I didn’t know Potty came in a female variety!”

        Potty had a deep voice as she blew Ty a kiss, “My, hello there handsome!” she moaned coyly.  “Why don’t join me inside my pot here for some real entertainment!”

        Ty ever polite responded nervously, “Well now…, I’m not offended by larger women!  Nevertheless, I am…, in the middle of something important!”

        “Aw, now, now, don’t be that way!” Potty said with a sultry tone.  “I’ve been alone for sooo long and I really could use the company!”

        Posh reacted with pure hostility as she used her magical brooch to cast her Gravity spell.  The spell caught Potty off guard and sent her into the ceiling.  She came back down and the magical pot she stayed in shattered and she vanished unwillingly, returning to the spirit realm.  Posh scoffed, “You should really be more careful Ty.  You are more desirable than you realize, even to filth like that genie!” she ended with a pouting face.

        Gosh ran his hand through his hair, “Well now sister, let’s not be quick to judge!  That genie was perfect for our friend here!” he said with a slight blush.

        Ty chuckled with unease as he rose to his feet.  The party then returned to the center of the room and they discerned that it was not a trap.  However, as the party got ready to vacate, the door opened revealing three figures.  The three figures entered the room.  “Biggs, Wedge, Piette, where have you three been and…, what the hell has…, become of you?” Posh said as she realized the strange change that has overcome her co-workers.  The three co-workers had gained sickly deep blue skin and red fiery hair and black eyes with blood red irises.

        “Quadffid poison, they are afflicted with it!” Ty claimed as he drew his weapon.  “Posh, Gosh, cover me for a second, I need to apply the antidote to my daggers!”

        “Right!” they responded in unison.  However, before Posh and Gosh knew it, Biggs and Wedge leaped on top of them with ferocity.  While Posh and Gosh were pinned to the ground by their zombified co-workers Ty was tackled by Piette and he dropped the jar of antidote in a nearby coin pile.

        The party struggled against their demonized co-workers brute strength.  “We have to be sure…, not to kill them!” Ty said as he shoved Piette off of him.  Ty leaped into the coin pile and grabbed his antidote and quickly took a cotton swab and dipped it into the slick oily solution.  He then wiped the solution onto the blades of his daggers and managed to place the antidote away before once again being thrown to the ground by Piette.

        Posh screamed, “Agh, Ty I could use some assistance, Wedge is touching me in a place I did not permit him too!”

        “You heard her Drayguard you oaf!” Gosh said as he continued to struggle with Biggs.

        “Patience is a virtue!” Ty said calmly but with growing frustration as he struggled to raise his dagger to Piette’s triceps.  With luck, Ty gridlocked Piette’s strength as he sunk his dagger’s blade into his triceps.  After a few moments Piette began to cough as the regular flesh color began returning to him along with eye color and hair color.  Ty then threw Piette off him and into the gold coin pile.  Biggs threw Gosh to the ground and he stood angered.  His prideful demeanor changed to one of wrath.  Ty threw him the cotton swab with the antidote.  “Gosh swipe your rapier with that and give Wedge a non lethal cut!  It’ll cure him!” he said as he went to help Posh.

        Gosh grunted hesitantly, “Fine, as I see no other way…,” he said as he caught the cotton swab.  He swiped it across the Mithril blade and the dim light of the vault reflected brilliantly off of it.  “Please forgive me Biggs, but I have no other choice but to slap you as Sir Cyrus would!” he announced as his muscles tightened and his senses increased.  Biggs leaped like a beast towards Gosh and Gosh retaliated with a super fast dash.  When the attack connected, Gosh’s Mithril Rapier had pierced Biggs’s right shoulder.  Just like Piette, Biggs began to revert to normal as he clutched his shoulder.

        “Agh, Ty help!” shouted a distressed Posh as Wedge used her as a human shield.

        “Bad move Wedge!” Ty claimed strongly as he used a technique of his own.  Ty’s body surged with power and he moved so fast he appeared behind Wedge as if he came from the shadows.  “How do you like my Stealth Strike!” he shouted as he cut Wedge alongside his back.  Like his two other peers Wedge quickly began to revert to normal.  

        After finally reverting back to their normal selves, Biggs, Wedge and Piette were patched up and they thanked the party greatly while bow and scraping.  Gosh approached them worriedly, “That’s enough you three where is my lovely Tomo?!”

        Wedge responded, “S-she’s in the torture chamber on the floor just above us!”

        “We have no idea what they have done to her though but if it’s anything like us, I’m sure it’s horrid!” Biggs added fearfully.

        “Please, you have to help her!” Piette pleaded.

        “Just who exactly did this?” Ty asked curiously.

        Biggs faced Ty, “It was some Harlequin’s idea she informed the General right after Lady Riddel was cured!”

        “Yeah, they wanted to test out the poisoned fighters against someone!” Wedge claimed.  “When you arrived, the General made sure your every move was watched!”

        “Lucky for us though, I don’t think they expected you to have a cure for the Quadffid toxin Ty,” Piette added with a little confusion.  “I’m just glad you were able to reverse the effects!”

        “Well, now that that’s taken care of, let’s go get Tomo!” Ty said sternly.  The party left the vault and dashed up the stairs.  They returned to the jail cell room and at the far end of the maze-like structure a large metal door stood.  Ty placed his ear to the door and heard female moans of pain come from within.  Ty drew his daggers and without turning to face them, he spoke to the rest of the party.  “Gosh, Posh, take Biggs, Wedge and Piette and get out of Viper Manor.  I think I’ll take it from here…”

        They were distressed, “Ty no, you need us to help you!” Posh said sternly.

        “Yes, and ‘I’ shall be the one to rescue my fair Tomo!” Gosh followed.

        “Look, Biggs and the others are scuffed up pretty badly and still need to be treated for additional toxins,” Ty explained.  “Whatever I’ll find in there at this point is something only I can handle…, I have the antidote.  There should be a soldier from Porre fixing up a steam car in front of Fiona’s Shrine.  Get there and wait for me and Tomo.”

        “But it is only right for the prince to save his princess!” Gosh continued urgently.

        “Gosh you can court her all you like once this is over!” Ty added frustrated.  “I can’t see her anymore after this anyway.  I’m not even supposed to be here.  So this is like…, saying goodbye in a weird stupid sense.  After this is all said and done, I won’t bother you guys anymore…”

        Posh was unable to say anything as her brother relented, “Fine, just bring her back safely would you!” Gosh said as he gritted his teeth.  “Come on everyone let’s let the bilge rat have his moment in the spotlight!”

        As the party left Ty alone, Posh shouted back, “You don’t bother me Ty!  You can bother me all you like after this, just please, come back!”

        Ty chuckled, “That woman…, alright let’s see what’s behind door number 2!” he said as he opened the door.  Ty entered the room and found it to be noting more than a circular room.  The room was only barely lit and someone was bound with ropes at the opposite end of the room.  As Ty approached he was stopped in the middle of the room by a puff of smoke that revealed none other than Harle.  “Harle, you bitch!” Ty spat angrily.

        She waved her finger as a taunt, “Ooh, someone is a little grumpy, yes?” she teased.

        “Just get outta my way you harlot-quin!” Ty said irately.

        “No, no, I cannot do that.  I am glad you survived Gaea’s Naval because that means we can play some more!” she said as she revealed a strange jingle bell on a string.  “And now I can play with your fat girlfriend too!”

        “Well, Tomo isn’t my girlfriend…, wait…, fat?” Ty asked quizzically.

        “You shall see!  1…, 2…, and 3!” Harle said as she rung the strange bell.  Although Ty could not see clearly, the person bound at the back of the room violently reacted to the ringing of the bell.  “You two play nice now!” Harle said as she vanished in another puff of smoke.  

        The person broke through their bindings and was consumed with a dark aura as they began to grow enormously in height and weight.  “Tomo…, oh no…, I should not have said she would one day become a monster…,” Ty lamented as he realized the Acacia Dragoons made her consume the Quadffid Seeds.  Tomo’s body deformed as she grew to around nine feet tall and her body fat kept pouring on like rising bread dough.  Her skin turned the same sickly blue color that the others had along with the eyes and hair.  When the transformation ended, Tomo was massive.  She was almost as wide as she was tall.  All the excess body fat made her slow and she took up a lot of room.  She was given a new hammer made from solid bronze that she carried easily with one arm.  She glared at Ty with a monstrous expression Ty had never seen before.  She did not seem to recognize him at all.

        Harle’s voice echoed off the walls, “Meet Hell Tomo, you two go ahead and get friendly with one another!  Oh, to make things even more fun the ceiling of blades will slowly descend, so you’d better hurry!”

        “Damn you Harle!” Ty shouted as he quickly dodged Tomo’s hammer strike.  In addition, he could hear the ceiling scraping against the walls as it began its long descent.  Ty dodged hammer swing after hammer swing.  Due to all Tomo’s access girth, she was ridiculously slow, but very powerful.  “I have to be sure not to get hit, getting hit is very bad,” he said aloud as he continued to dodge.  Tomo then took one really big swing and Ty jumped to her left.  Her strike missed and the hammer got stuck in the ground.  As she tried to pull the hammer out Ty swung at her massive thighs giving her some superficial cuts that were stricken with the antidote.  Ty managed to keep this pattern with her for a little while but then began to notice something strange.  “Why isn’t the antidote working?” he mused as Tomo stomped around while getting a better grip on her hammer.  Tomo began to stare Ty down as she tapped her belly with her hammer and then she began to wildly slam her hammer in unpredictable ways as she dashed randomly around the room.  Ty worked hard to make sure to avoid her, but her jiggling body made it hard for him to read her movements properly.  He then realized something, “That’s it, it’s her body fat!  That’s why the antidote isn’t working her fat is just soaking it all up!  I need a heavier dose of it!” he said aloud.  This revelation came at a price however as Tomo was able to catch him off guard and swat him away like a fly.  Ty felt the side of the hammer collide with his torso and he spit up blood as he felt some bones in his ribs become bruised.  

        Tomo laughed heartily as Ty wearily got to his feet, holding his torso.  He then took the jar of antidote from his rucksack, “Got to make this count, can’t take another hit like that!” he said as he ran towards her.  She laid her hammer down and Ty used all his strength to dodge the hammer, climb the hammer and leap up to Tomo.  He stood on her chest, “Open wide, it’s time for your medicine!” he said sarcastically as he shoved the jar into her open mouth.  The entirety of the antidote was swallowed by her gaping maw and Ty was thrown to the ground.  Unlike the others the antidote took a while but it was having an effect.  Tomo still tried to attack Ty albeit wearily as her body began to shrink very slowly.

        Harle’s voice echoed off the walls again, “Ohh, but the fun’s just starting!” she moaned as she appeared on Tomo’s shoulder.  “Let’s see what happens when she gets her magic ring back!” she said as she appeared with a puff of smoke and forced the ring onto her ring finger.  Harle vanished immediately after and Tomo raised her hand as she began gathering energy in her palm.  She then pointed her hand towards Ty.  Ty knew what would happen to him if the beam connected, but with his injury he was not capable of going anywhere.  Then, Ty shut his eyes as the beam of light enveloped him.  However, nothing happened and even Tomo was surprised that nothing came of it.  

        Ty opened his eyes to find that his body was still intact, “Huh, I guess it doesn’t promote cannibalism!  Lucky me!” he grinned weakly.  With that, Tomo transformed again.  The form she took though was not the form Ty was expecting.  Tomo was back to her original skin color, eye color, hair color and height, but she was still very overweight.  Her blubbery body was shaped like a pear.  She sat on the ground trying to regain her senses.  The ceiling above them stopped and Ty approached her.  “Tomo…, is that really you?”

        Like a small child, the plump rosy cheeked woman rubbed her eyes as if waking up from a nap.  She then rubbed her tummy and yawned.  “What happened, why do I feel so heavy…, I…,” she said as she suddenly came to and realized where she was and what became of her.  “Ahh, no wait!” she said as she got a good look at her own body.  “This…, this was not something you were ever supposed to see Ty!” she said frustrated.

        “What…, I don’t understand?” Ty said puzzled.

        “This is…, my normal self…,” she began.  “This is what I truly look like…, a big fat blob of a woman,” she said as she started to grow saddened.  

        "Um, does it have something to do with that ring of yours?” Ty asked as he pointed to the ring that was now painfully cutting off circulation to her plump finger.

        “Yeah, I can compress my access with it…, so to speak…,” she said as she struggled to get up.  “Go ahead and laugh…, I deserve it for being so gluttonous…”

        “Tomo, I don’t want to laugh at you,” Ty said weakly.  “I don’t think I could if I wanted to…,”

        Tomo gave Ty a slightly brighter expression, “You mean, you don’t think I’m…, disgusting?”

        “No, why would I think that?  I’m just glad you’re alright!” he said happily.

        “So does that mean I’m still your biggest rival?!” Tomo asked eagerly.

        “In more ways than one…,” Ty chuckled.  “Ah, it hurts to laugh…”

        “Hey, you said you wouldn’t laugh!” Tomo scolded as she pouted.

        “Just playing with you Tomo…, but…,” Ty started gaining a sad expression on his face.

        Tomo became worried and leaned in, “But…?”

        Ty sighed, “Because you and the others got captured…, your dad, doesn't want us to hang out anymore… or he’ll fire me or kill me.  Probably not in that order,” he lamented.

        Tomo gave Ty a gentle smile, “Ty, we’re adults, we can hang out with whoever we please, I’m not going to stop competing with you just because my dad says so…,”

        “Heh, for now, can we just go…,” Ty started with a chuckle.  “Let’s get out of this death trap…”

        As they headed towards the door Tomo stopped and turned to Ty with tears of joy in her eyes, “Brace yourself, this might hurt a little!” she said as she gave Ty an enormous squishy hug.  “Thank you…, for seeing me as I truly am and not hating me!” she finished as Ty weakly returned the hug and suppressed his pain.

        She released him, “Oww, my back and ribs…, your welcome Tomo…,” Ty said with a cough.

        Harle’s voice echoed for the last time, “Aww, so adorable, but it would seem that our little game has ended!  I have much more important matters to attend to!  See you around!”

        Ty and Tomo wore angry expressions as they listened to Harle gloat, but then relaxed as soon as she was done, “Let’s get the hell outta here,” Ty said with a grin.

        “No argument here!” Tomo added.

*San Dorino, a Day Later*

        “So you have to go all the way to Guardia Castle?” Tomo asked as she sat on the bed across from Ty.  She had reverted to her thin state using her ring and warned Ty to never tell Posh or Gosh.

        “Yeah, so I need to leave as soon as I can,” he said as he rose from the bed patched up and fully rested.

        “Well um…, good luck I’m headed back to Chorus to get some extra antioxidants and talk to my dad,” Tomo said kinda down.  “I guess I’ll see you when you get back to Chorus…”

        “Yeah, catch you later Tomo!” Ty said as he left the Inn and headed for the Ferry.

        And so, Ty boarded the Ferry to Guardia and was in for a three day ride.  As he sat on the deck and watched the water below he let his mind run and think about all the things that had transpired up until this point.  He thought about what awaited him at Guardia and about his job.  As he thought, he let his head back and breathed deeply.  But, unbeknownst to him…, his hardships were only beginning…

*End of Chapter*
Chrono Corruption

By: Chronoweapon

ACT 1: The Fate of a Nation

Chapter 3: A Land that Time Forgot

        The Wingapede flew high over the ocean with great speed.  The party rode the massive insect with mixed cries of cheer and disgust.  In a few hours time, a massive high rising island with steep cliffs came into view.  The ocean was a tempest as a storm began to brew.  Ty shouted with cheer, “Look everyone that must be it, Gaea’s Naval!”

        Gosh’s discomfort was replaced with a sense of relief.  “Great, I wish to disembark soon!  I’m feeling a tad faint!”

        “Oh suck it up big brother, honestly!” Posh spit back as she hugged Ty from behind.

        In a very short period of time, the Wingapede came to a stop over a massive jungle canopy that had a small clearing.  It descended into the latter clearing and the party disembarked.  As soon as everyone was on solid ground, the Wingapede ascended back into the skies.  Gosh freaked out, “Hey, get back here you big bug, as much as I hated the ride, how are we supposed to get back home?!”

        Ty took in the surroundings and he spotted another ancient tree not to far from them.  “Not to worry, we’ll just grab another piece of fruit and blow the Ancient Flute when were ready to leave!” he said reassuringly as he took another fruit from the tree.  “Well guys, let’s look for that Hydra!”

        The party regrouped and began walking around the ancient jungle.  They were in awe at how many plants and animals were here that were no longer anywhere else in the world.  Strangely colored plants that were now fossils elsewhere grew throughout the dense jungle.  Aside from those plants, reptilian creatures as well as enormous insects and amphibians hid among the brush.  The team fought against the ancient creatures and found them to be quite formidable.  As Ty removed his dagger from a large spider, he began to feel the Hydra Venom’s sting once more.  He took the elixir from his rucksack and drank from it and regained his composure.  After a time of searching, a loud roar echoed throughout the jungle.  Ty looked around frantically to see what the source was, but found none.  “No way, I hope that wasn’t a…, dinosaur…, or something!” he said nervously.

        Gosh retorted in fear, “Dinosaur…, no way, even here those must still be extinct!”

        “Ty, I believe that roar may belong to what we are looking for!” Posh said as she witnessed a large snake-like creature sleeping in the distance through the brush.  “I believe its taking a nap!”

        Ty perked up, “That’s wonderful, that means we don’t even have to face it in combat!  All I need to do is draw some blood from it while it’s resting!”

        With a renewed sense of vigor, the party dashed towards their goal.  After dashing through the thick jungle flora, the party came to a clearing where there was a small pond.  A massive, brown and yellow snake-like creature with three heads slept half submerged in the water.  It seemed to be resting quietly.  Ty was astounded, “Wow, a real Hydra, it’s too good to be true!” he said happily.

        “Wow, I never thought I would see one of these!” Posh said in astonishment.

        “Good, grab its body fluids so we can leave, please!” Gosh urged impatiently.

        Without saying a word, Ty quietly slipped into the water and moved very slowly up to the creature’s side.  However, before he could pull out a syringe to draw the reptile’s blood, razor sharp playing cards from Harle’s weapon of choice she called the ‘Pack of Lies’ darted into the creature’s underbelly.  Then suddenly, the monster began to stir and rise from the waters.  Ty gave Harle a gaze of astonishment, “What… the… hell, Harle!!!!”

        She waved her finger back and forth in a scolding manner.  “Now, now Ty, what fun would it be if we didn’t fight it?” she said in a sadistic tone.

        “I hate you so much Harle…, so very much!” Ty said still bewildered at Hale’s actions.

        The Hydra towered over the party and roared loudly.  “Great, thanks to our ‘entertainer’ we now have to fight this thing!” Posh said sarcastically.

        “Oh, it doesn’t matter!  Ty would have awakened it anyway!” Gosh said with frustration.

        The party braced themselves as the creature moved in for a kill.  With lightning reflexes, the Hydra’s right head lunged for Ty.  Luckily, Ty managed to dodge and frantically make it back to the beach.  The creature followed and the party began their own attacks.  Ty’s daggers had little effect on the monster’s hard scales.  “Drat, my daggers aren’t sharp enough!” he said loosing hope.  

        Despite their weapons being made from Mithril, Posh and Gosh’s weapons had little effect due to the sibling’s inexperience in using them.  Gosh groaned, “Ugh, I knew I should have trained more, this is going so poorly!”

        Before Posh could chew out Harle, she bore witness to Harle’s attacks and her gymnastic finesse.  Harle kept the Hydra’s attention as her acrobatics seemed to really irritate it.  This gave Ty a good opening, “Heh, I’ll just ‘Pilfer’ the Hydra’s bodily fluids.  As Ty readied a syringe, his muscles tightened and his senses sharpened.  With blinding speed, Ty dashed towards the Hydra and stuck the syringe into the soft tissues on its underbelly.  Ty pulled back the plunger, but the Hydra noticed before he was finished and batted him away with its tail.  The syringe stayed embedded in the Hydra’s side only half full of blood.  Ty’s body skipped like a stone across the water, but thankfully he was not to badly hurt.  “I’ll feel that in the morning…,” he moaned.

        Gosh sheathed his sword in frustration, “Our weapons are getting us nowhere!  Sister, I say we resort to Magic!” he said strongly.

        Posh laughed heartily, “Ho-ho-ho, I think your right dear brother!”

        Ty was astounded, “Huh, magic…, these two dingbats have magic?”

        Harle shot them an interested, yet devious gaze, but it did not distract her from her own attacks upon the Hydra.

        Posh and Gosh braced themselves as Gosh’s red pendant and Posh’s red brooch glowed strongly.  The energy released from the two mysterious accessories seemed to spiral and warp the atmosphere.  Gosh then stretched out his hand into the air and particles of light gathered into a sphere high above the island, “Meteorite, FALL!” he shouted as the atmosphere warped around him more intensely.  Then suddenly, the decently sized sphere of energy fell from the skies at extreme speeds.  The Meteorite collided with the Hydra’s left head, causing much more damage than his sword.  Afterwards, Gosh knelt down, breathing heavily.  “Phew, that took more out of me than I thought, just give me a second to catch my breath!” he said panting.

        Posh stepped in and a much darker energy collected in her left hand, “Gravity, RISE!” she chanted as the sphere of black and purple energy barreled towards the Hydra.  The Hydra’s body was hit with the sphere and it was tossed up into the air.  As the massive creature reached the height of its ascent it came back down hard as its gravity returned to normal.  The Hydra landed, shaking the ground and tossing the water from the pond.  The water flowed back into the pond as the Hydra rose back up only angrier than before.  Posh, like her brother, became winded by her exertion.  “I was hoping that would hurt it more!”

        Harle laughed hysterically, “Oh that is rich!  Let me show you people what ‘real’ magic can do!” she announced as her body began to gleam with a light blue glow as she chanted a soft music-like hymn.  The energy surrounded Harle’s body and became a tempest of freezing cold air.  “Icefall!!!” she chanted as a wave of cold energy permeated the air.  From the skies came down two large boulders of ice and they crashed onto the Hydra.  The Hydra was noticeably damaged, but still alive as it rose from the chunks of broken ice.  Everyone was stunned at the sheer level of power Harle displayed even without the use of an artifact.  The Hydra became slow because of the cold and Ty took the opportunity to finish drawing the blood from the Hydra.  Ty finished drawing the monsters blood, but before he could pull out the syringe, he felt the monster’s jaws clamp down on his left arm.  Ty’s expression went blank as the Hydra released its prey and he fell into the water, semiconscious.

        Posh screamed in terror, “Oh no, another dose of Hydra Venom!!!”

        “That damned fool!” Gosh cursed.  “He jumped the gun!”

        Then suddenly, a beastly dinosaur gave a loud roar as it rushed onto the beach.  It came for the Hydra and the two clashed.  The waves from the pond washed Ty’s semiconscious body to the shore.  He could not move and the only thing he could feel was his own weakening heartbeat.  “I’m done…, for…,” he thought solemnly.  As the two ancient reptiles clashed, Harle took the opportunity to remove the syringe from the occupied Hydra’s underbelly and come ashore with some kind of teleportation spell.

        Harle approached Ty and he moved his gaze slowly to her, “Hmm, now that we have the actual Hydra’s Blood, we don’t need your alternate cure anymore.  A pity, I wanted to play with you some more…,” she said as she bent down and removed the electric collar from his neck.  “But it seems that this is where you and I part ways… Adieu!” she said with a twisted sense of cheer.  

        “Wait, how do you intend to leave here?” Posh shouted worriedly.

        “Not to worry, I can leave here by teleportation!  I don’t need the silly Wingapede to get back to Chorus or to Viper Manor for that matter!” Harle claimed as her body became enveloped with a dark energy as she chanted a music-like phrase.  With a sudden flash, Harle vanished leaving Ty’s party broken.  

        Posh rushed to Ty’s side with tears of fear in her eyes, “Ty…, no…, you can’t leave me like this.  We we’re just getting to know each other better!”

        Gosh rushed up to his sister with mixed feelings.  “Damn you Drayguard, useless down to the very end!  And you leave like this, making my sister grieve?!”

        “What do we do?!” Posh said frightened.  “We can’t just leave him here, can we?”

        Gosh responded begrudgingly, “It’s really unfortunate, but he’s doomed like this…, and we aren’t physically strong enough to carry the big oaf.  Even if we did manage to get him back to Chorus, he’d be dead in no time anyway!  Probably even before then!” he said as he took the Beeba Flute from Ty’s pocket along with the Ancient Fruit.  “Sorry it has to end this way Drayguard, but there’s literally nothing that we can do for you now…, but let your family in on the bad news.”

        Gosh took his sister by the arm and brought her to her feet.  She had sunk into a state of shock at this point, unsure how to solve the problem.  Gosh and Posh left Ty on the beach and escaped into the jungle while the two lizards fought one another right near him.

        Ty had never felt more alone.  As he used all his strength to watch the two reptiles bite and scratch one another his body felt hot, “Well at least I get to go out seeing something really cool…,” he thought trying to think of something else.

        Then, when all hope seemed lost, something strange happened.  Up on a cliff that overlooked the small lake, a bright flash of dark red light seemed to shake the island.  Following it, a pillar of light of the same color shot into the sky causing the stormy clouds to converge around it in a spiraling motion.  Ty’s weakened eyes managed to bare witness to it, as did the Hydra and Tyranno.  Strangely, both ancient lizards turned tail and retreated in fear into the jungle.  Then, Ty heard footsteps come closer and closer to him, but could not discern the source, but right now, he hoped it was Posh and Gosh returning for him.  As his eyes gazed upon the unnatural phenomenon, his mind went numb and the owners of the footsteps came into view.  They were short ovular shaped creatures with skinny arms and legs.  There bodies were blue and they had green tufts of hair on their ‘heads’.  Ty recognized the strange creature as a ‘Nu’.  He heard them speak to one another but could not make out their words.  Then he felt them place their hands on him and lift him up.  What felt like an eternity, finally came to an end as the Nu carried Ty up to the cliff where the mysterious phenomenon was taking place.  They placed Ty near the source of the strange light.  As Ty gazed upon it, he realized what it was.  The alien shape, to unnatural light, it was none other than the legendary ‘Frozen Flame’, the treasure to end all treasures.  It was nothing like Ty thought it was.  It was definitely otherworldly.  “So, this is…, the legendary treasure huh…?  Glad I got to see it before…, before I died…, too bad I can never tell anyone…,” he thought sadly.  The Nu began to slowly retreat in fear from the Frozen Flame, believing it held a wicked power.  Then Ty realized what was going on.  “I guess they…, are leaving me?  Well go ahead…, I’m done for anyway…,” he thought glumly.

        Then the Frozen Flame opened up and transfigured its shape.  Before, it was a plated ball of an unknown material, now, it opened and spikes emerged from it, making it appear as though it were a literal ‘frozen’ flame.  At the center, what looked like, ‘eyes’ could be seen.  Once this process finished, Ty felt an odd sensation come to his heart.  He felt as though it were speaking to him, but there were no audible words that came from it.  It was simply a feeling that Ty’s heart translated into these words and he believed they were his own, “Do you want to live?”

        Ty’s mind was boggled, “What am I thinking?  Of course I want to live…!” he thought.  The Frozen Flame then pulsated again and Ty’s heart felt another tug, “Then touch what sits before you…,” he felt and thought.

        Without thinking, as if in a trance, Ty slowly rose up and he got to his feet.  He then slowly approached the mystical treasure and placed nothing more than a single finger on it.  Ty felt a surge of unspeakable power surge throughout his body and the pillar of light drew the very sky and clouds into it, forming a massive sphere of light until a massive explosion enveloped everything in its path.  When it subsided, Ty the treasure hunter and the Frozen Flame were nowhere to be seen.  The Nu, now hidden among the jungle brush became awestruck that the man and the flame were now gone.


        Ty awoke in a fright as he sprang to his feet.  Small crumpled bits of paper and trash blew in the wind beneath his feet.  He breathed heavily as he took in his surroundings.  As Ty laid his eyes on what encompassed him, he was in shock.  He found himself in a highly advanced place that seemed like a small dry dock for ships of small size.  There were none however.  He was surrounded by metal crates, barrels, and many other supplies and odds and ends.  It was evident that he ended up in a storage area.  The water crashed against the neatly paved concrete docks as Ty gazed out into the stormy sea.  He turned his head back after walking out onto a dock and he marveled at the sight.  He found himself on an island with a towering highly advanced facility that connected to the dry dock looming over him.  “T-this is incredible…, where am I?  Am I dead?” Ty asked himself.  As he did so, his attention was then grabbed by the condition his body was in.  He examined his body in worry as he wondered, “Also, I feel great the Hydra Venom is all gone!  I’m cured, but I have no idea how!  Was it the Frozen Flame after all?”

        Then suddenly, an elderly voice echoed to him from a parallel dock.  Ty turned his head to find the origin of the voice.  An elderly man with pure white hair with matching beard, eyebrows and mustache approached.  He was much shorter than Ty was and wore a lab coat with a maroon vest underneath with blue pants and brown leather shoes.  He marveled as he placed a pair of glasses on.  He leaned in and examined Ty.  “Well now, I was wondering if this might happen as our experiments continued…,” he said with a slight tone of worry.  “Judging by your clothes and rough appearance…, you’re from another era in time aren’t you?  Where are you from son?” he asked seriously.

        “Uh…, I’m from…, Chorus…, where am I exactly?” Ty said asked nervously.

        “Not where, but more importantly, ‘when’ you are…,” the old man began.  “Yes, so, what year did you come from?”

        “Um…, 1005 A.D., just ‘when’ is this?” Ty asked politely again.

        The old man took off his glasses and polished them with his lab coat and then placed them back on.  “You’re in 2400 A.D. son…, the future…, well to you anyway,” he responded flatly.  “I knew our experiments on time travel would eventually start having repercussions on the fabric of time, especially with the use of the Frozen Flame.”

        Ty was overcome with shock, unable to comprehend the situation.  “I-I have no idea how I got here…,” he said as the old man cut him off.

        “Sorry to interrupt son, but I’m the Chief and curator of this research facility, but I’m afraid you’ll have to come with me,” said the Chief.  “I have to send you back to where you belong before the Counter-Time Experiment goes underway, which will be within the next 24 hours.  I still have to make preparations.”

        Ty massaged his forehead in confusion.  “Counter-Time Experiment, with the Frozen Flame?  Just what are you guys doing here, that sounds ridiculously dangerous!”

        “Indeed the repercussions of either success or failure could be catastrophic, but I feel at this point it is imperative to push on,” the Chief said solemnly.  “For now, just follow me, I’ll have you put back home, safe and sound!” he said cheering up.

        With nothing left to say Ty agreed.  The old man gestured Ty to follow him and he did so.  The two left the dry dock via a high tech door and they entered the facility by stairwell.  They traversed hallways upon hallways with many doors lining the walls that had differing experiments labeled in red lights above them.  Biology, Geology, Astronomy was just a taste of the subjects studied here.  Eventually, Ty followed the curator to a foyer with a receptionist desk.  It was very nice a well kept with leather sofas and an elevator at the center of the large room that was in a transparent glass tube-like structure.  Ty followed the scientist to the elevator and he swiped a strange card and it made a noise.  It came to their level and the doors opened smoothly.  The curator walked in without a care but Ty was slightly reluctant.  The doors closed as Ty entered courageously.  The elevator then smoothly climbed up.  The Chief turned to Ty, “Now, forget about everything you saw while you were here.  This was all just a strange dream.  If you make a fuss about this place when you get back to your era than your peers may deem you mad,” he instructed carefully.

        “R-right,” Ty agreed, still in awe.  The elevator stopped and the doors opened.  The curator exited as Ty followed.  They trekked through a small corridor and came to a door.  Above it read, ‘Restricted’.  The Chief swiped another card and the door responded by opening.  He urged Ty to continue following him.

        The room they entered was small but orderly.  It was also elevated with small sets of stairs that surrounded a strange futuristic device that was the centerpiece of the room.  Wires and tubes hung from the ceiling and connected to the ‘roof’ of the machine.  The base was a pad of some sort that was surrounded by electronic screens.  All around the room, large screens showed different versions of the World Map throughout history.  The curator approached a control panel and then turned to Ty.  “When you’re ready, step onto the pad of this machine in the center of the room, this Tele-Pad will send you through an artificial time Gate we call a Rift!” he said as he began punching in equations with the computers keys.

        Ty decided to examine at all the maps that lined the room’s walls.  The first map he came to was a map of only a single massive continent.  The screen in front of Ty read, “65,000,000 B.C. although this date is just an estimate.  This is Prehistory; the super continent viewed here is called Gaia.  It is believed that this continent is the first landmass that supported life in the history of our world.  Further study is needed however.”  

        Astounded, Ty then approached the next map in line.  The world was mostly covered in ice at the poles and frost elsewhere with two more landmasses present. The screen beneath read, “300,000 B.C.; this is also a guessed date in time.  The beginning of the end of the Ice Age, the humans survived and hunted for food above in this era in small tribes.  This era is believed to be the era in which humanity first discovered and came into contact with the legendary, Frozen Flame.”

        Ty continued to the next map.  It had much smaller landmasses that were covered in frost.  The screen read, “12,000 B.C. not much is known, but this is the supposed era where the ancient magical Kingdom of Zeal was supposed to have reigned.  However, no scientific evidence has been found to support this claim.  It is a major target of our research.”

        Continuing to the next map, Ty examined its contents.  It had continents and landmasses that were familiar to him, but there was a smaller landmass in the El Nido Sea that was alongside Gaea’s Naval that Ty did not recognize.  The screen read, “3000 B.C.  This era was supposedly home to yet another magical civilization that reigned from the El Nido Sea, where this facility now stands.  It is still under much study.”

        Ty continued to the next one.  This map was very familiar but had slight changes to the continents he knew.  “1 A.D.  This era is the supposed era the Kingdom of Guardia was established and became the leading nation of the world at the time.”

        Ty then came to the next one.  This map Ty was very familiar with, it was a map of his own era, “Roughly 1000 A.D.  This is the era in which the first temporal anomaly is said to have taken place.  This was said to have happened at the Guardia Millennial Fair.  The great scientist, Lucca Ashtear also lived during this time and her research is a major staple in this facilities guideline.”

        Ty walked to the next map.  This map was unfamiliar, but seemed futuristic.  An enormous crater was found at the center of a continent.  The screen read, “1999 A.D.  The infamous date of, ‘The Day of Lavos’ was said to have occurred here.  More study is needed however.

        The following to maps were 2300 A.D. and 2400 A.D.  They both categorized the facility Ty was now in and the civilization was very advanced.  However, there was one more map that confused Ty most profoundly.  The map was of a dark world that bore nothing but destruction.  The screen read, 2300 A.D.  This simulated map is the theorized world if the ‘Day of Lavos’ had come to fruition.  It was dreamt up by the original creator of this facility.  It is met with much skepticism however.”

        Ty was in future shock, unable to comprehend anything he had just now witnessed.  The Chief grabbed his arm gently and walked the stunned young man to the Tele-Pad.  He stood aloof and unsure of himself as the Chief punched in the codes for whatever this machine was supposed to do.  Ty closed his eyes, certain he would die as the machine started.  The atmosphere warped and twisted around him as electricity filled the room.  Then, Ty opened his eyes to view something he had never seen before.  A sphere of blue light opened before him and it drew him into it.  After being drawn in, Ty passed out as he felt as though he was falling through space and time itself.

*Hydra Marshes, Chorus, 1005 A.D.*

        Ty dropped gently out of the air as he emerged from the blue Rift.  As it closed, Ty opened his eyes and found that he was at the entrance to the Hydra Marshes where he had taken Posh, Gosh and Harle through some time ago.  He was in a complete state of bewilderment.  “Whoa, I…, have no idea…,” he said quietly as he shook his head violently in an attempt to regain his senses.  “Never mind that, I have to tell mom and pop I’m alive!” he said as he began making his way back to Chorus’ Den.

*Chorus’ Den, Ty’s House*

        As Ty approached his home, he gladly took in the familiar sights, “Well, everything seems how it was when I left, thank goodness!” he said relieved as he came to the door of his house.  Ty opened the door cautiously and he came in to see Posh and Gosh talking sheepishly and grievously to Ty’s mother and sister.  As he closed the door he garnered everyone’s attention.  His mother, Gayle simple waved with a smile, while Posh and Gosh were in awe.  “Oh, there you are sweetie my you’re looking much better!  Now, what is it you two were going to tell me?” she said as she faced Posh and Gosh.

        Their mouths agape and eyes wide with surprise, Posh and Gosh approached Ty; Posh with a warm embrace, “Oh, Ty you are alive and here, we surely thought you were done for!” she said tearfully.

        Gosh grabbed Ty’s collar, “What did…, you do, how did you get back here so fast?!  Not only that, but how are you completely healed?!” he asked with a loud whisper.

        Ty gained a blank look on his face, one of fear and uncertainty, “Apparently, I found the Frozen Flame…, and stuff happened…, and now I’m back here…, I don’t know how it works, but I’ll take it…,” he said in complete monotone.

        Posh and Gosh paused with bewilderment, then became frantic in unison, “YOU WHAT?!  YOU FOUND THE FROZEN FLAME?!?!” they shouted loudly.

        And so, Ty let them and his family in on as much as could without seeming insane, he left out his time traveling ‘dream’ hoping one day to be able to share it at the right time.  As the emotional reunion simmered down, Ty had dinner with his family and Posh and Gosh left to return to the city.  He felt secure that night as he slept in his own bed.  As he relaxed, Ty drifted off into a deep slumber.  That night he dreamed…  In these dreams Ty saw things he could not know; he saw a spiky red haired teenager with a sword accompanied by his friends, a blond girl in white clothing and a lavender haired girl with glasses who was good with technology.  He witnessed four others that joined them, a yellow robot from the future, a man whose body took the form of a humanoid frog, a cave woman with blond hair and finally a dark wizard who lead an army of Fiends.  He saw bits and pieces of these people’s tribulations until finally as his disturbing nightmare was coming to an end, he saw the plains of the planet itself rise and crack until and enormous hole broke open with unspeakable forces.  As the land trembled, a massive beast that was as vast as a mountain emerged from the hole in the land.  The creature roared with not a sound made by man or animal, but with one that caused the ears of those who heard it to cower in fear.  The creature’s spiky body reminded Ty of the Frozen Flame as it gleamed with the same deep red light.  In a flash, the sky became red as the creature shot forth beams of light that began falling into the technologically advanced cities and destroying them as nuclear warning sirens sounded throughout the world.  Ty awoke in a fright with a cold sweat unknowing of what he saw in his dreams, but decided to take a drink from the cup of water from his bedside.  He lay back breathing heavily, his head resting once more on his pillow; he attempted to doze off once more.  The scream of the beast he saw in his nightmares made this difficult however.

        The next morning left Ty in a daze, but he quickly got himself ready and left his home heading to Chorus City and to begin his journey to the see the Princess of Guardia.  Ty eventually made his way to the city and then to the docks where the ferry awaited to transport people back to San Dorino.  However, a familiar voice stopped him.  “Drayguard, there you are!” said the voice.  Ty turned towards the voice and it was Toma coming up to him in a hurry.  

        Less than thrilled to see him, Ty gave a smile and a wave, “Heya Toma, what can I do for you?”

        Toma took a moment to catch his breath, “I just wanted to check and see if you were headed to Guardia like I told you,” he said.

        “Yeah, that’s where I am going, but what about Tomo?” Ty asked concerned.

        Toma gave Ty a harsh scowl, “I told you, you are not to see her anymore didn’t I?  But if you must know, I sent Posh and Gosh off to Viper Manor yesterday to see to her well being, so you have no reason to go after her and make up for your mistake!”

        “But I got a bad feeling…,” Ty said as he was interrupted harshly.

        “I mean it Drayguard, just go to Guardia!!” Toma retorted angrily.

        “Fine, have it your way…,” Ty said, giving in glumly.

        “Good, now hurry to Guardia that Princess is counting on you!” Toma grumbled as he stormed off.

        And with that, Ty boarded the next ferry to San Dorino, which was expected to take two whole days.  After these two days Ty drug himself off the ship with sea sickness to the Inn to rest for the night.  That morning he felt renewed and began making his plans.  “I need to go after Tomo.  I know Viper is up to something with those Quadffid Seeds.  That guard said something about feeding them to prisoners.  I can’t imagine what those prisoners will do to Tomo or the others.  Especially Posh and Gosh who have no idea what happened at Foxhole Woods.  Toma’s going to hate me and even fire me for going near her, but that’s fine with me.  If I can see Tomo and the others return safe from Viper’s clutches I can always find a new job…, that would be enough for me,” he thought.  “Although, getting to Viper Manor is a problem.  It’s quite a hike up there and I don’t know how long Princess Nadia is willing to wait, oh this is nerve wracking!” he continued as he left the Inn and wandered outside.

        As Ty left his thoughts and took in his surroundings from San Dorino he noticed a significant change had come over the town.  Military Personnel from Porre had infested the town.  “Whoa, where’d these guys come from? They weren’t here earlier so they must have arrived right after Harle and I left,” he thought with conclusion.  

        Ty also noticed that the Porreans brought their steam powered machines with them and decided to take a look around.  Fascinated by the machines, Ty eventually came to a rather distressed engineer that was under a large steam powered vehicle that pulled a cart that was meant to transport people.  Its rear wheels had spokes and were larger than the front wheels while the body was styled like a Chimera.  Ty approached the man, “Hey, do you need some help?” he asked curiously.

        The man came out from under the machine and began making his plight, “Damn it, I had my tools stolen by some Outlaws when we first arrived!  This Chimera Car broke down and it’s awful hard to fix without my tools!  Wretched Fiends can’t turn your back on them for a second without them swiping something!”

        Then, Ty received and idea, “Hey, I’ll bet this thing moves pretty fast, could you take me to Fiona’s Shrine if I find your tools?”

        “Well sure, this baby can get you there in about half a day as opposed to a ten day hike,” the engineer said confidently.

        “Nice, now where did those Outlaws get to?” Ty asked inquisitively.

        “On the Zenan Bridge, they seem to be bullying people for money or they won’t let traveler’s pass into Guardia,” the Engineer claimed.  “Even though our guys could easily deal with them they are sure taking their sweet time doing it!” he scoffed.

        “And it seems that fate is on my side today!” Ty said as he dashed off to the north, to the Zenan Bridge.

        Ty quickly made his way through town and up to the bridge where it was occupied by bird-like thuggish Fiends that were draped in grey hooded robes and equipped with ninja-like gear.  As he drew closer the Outlaws quickly took notice.  Before anything could come of this however, Porrean Soldiers interrupted, taking the Outlaw’s attention away from Ty.  Ty was roughly shoved aside by the soldiers as a fight quickly broke out between them.  As the fight quickly escalated into a brawl, Ty came up with an idea, “Nice, I’ll just look around all these odds and ends while the Porreans do the hard work for me!” he thought slyly with a grin.

        Ty quickly tip-toed around the crates and sacks of stolen goods as he started looking frantically for a small tool box that might belong to a Porrean Engineer.  As he overturned sack after sack and moved crate after crate a red tool box with a chimera insignia came into view.  Ty smiled cheerfully, “There it is!” he said as he heard something zing toward him.  Ty was able to draw his daggers quick enough to block the shuriken that came from a lone Outlaw that was not willing to continue letting the human snoop around.  “Beat it punk!” squawked the Outlaw angrily.

        Ty gritted his teeth in anger, “Drat, I don’t have time for this mess!” he said as he reached into the lower pockets of his shorts.  He pulled out a tightly wrapped stick with a fuse, “Here, have Smoke Bomb!” he said as he unleashed the smoke bomb.  The smoke bomb bellowed thick smoke onto the bridge causing even more chaos.  Ty placed his goggles down on his eyes and witnessed the Outlaw snatching up the tool box.  “Oh, no you don’t!” Ty said as he performed his Pilfer technique.  With blinding speed and with the help of the thick smoke, Ty flawlessly swiped the tool box and stored it safely away.  As he did so the Outlaw rushed through the smoke with his Katana outstretched.  Ty grinned as he leaped over the Outlaw and sunk his dagger through the Outlaws back and out through his chest.  He chuckled as he withdrew his weapon and sheathed them.  “That’s about enough of that!” he said as he began his retreat from Zenan Bridge.  The smoke bomb made it both fun and simple to avoid the other Outlaws and Porrean Soldiers as Ty swiftly made it back to town.

        Ty made his way back to the engineer and handed the distressed man over his tool box.  He was overjoyed, “Thanks a lot, you have no idea how much you saved my bacon!  As thanks I’ll take you to the shrine like you wanted.  It should be a nine hour trip so just sit back and relax!”


        After repairing the Chimera Car, boarding its passenger car and waiting for what seemed like forever, Fiona’s Shrine was in full view.  The car sputtered and stopped in front of the shrine and Ty disembarked in a hurry.  The engineer complained loudly, “Drat, the things on the fritz again, this will take some time to fix!”

        Ty thought cleverly to himself, “Good, I just hope he’s till here when I get back!”

        With that, Ty dashed off into the Foxhole Woods, hoping to get to Viper Manor as fast as he could.  However, he quickly noticed that the sun was setting.  Worry set in, “Uh oh, night time in these woods is not a good thing…,” Ty said aloud.  Unfortunately, as Ty made it deeper into the woods, the sun had completely set allowing night to come to the spooky woods.  “Great…,” Ty moaned.  As he rubbed the bridge of his nose in frustration a noise came from the brush to his left.  Ty immediately focused his gaze on the cause of the noise.  Standing limply, a dark shady figure stood not far from Ty.  Ty focused harder, “Wedge, is that you?” he asked the shadowy figure.  The figure did not respond, but Ty wasted no time, “Yeah, no, it can’t be you.  I don’t have time for fox pranks or ghosts, I need to get to the manor!” he claimed trying to hold down the chill running down his backside.  Ty then darted off leaving the shadow in the dust.

        As he continued, Ty took many paths throughout the woods and encountered other shady figures that resembled his other teammates, Biggs and Piette.  He fought back the fear as he continued to run.  The running made him feel brave and confident.  After awhile, he finally came to a strange fork in the road with a sign that read, “Follow the owls to reach Viper Manor…”

        Ty scratched his head as he looked upwards into the tree tops.  A lone family of owls sat in the tree above the left path.  “Sure why not, animals know lots of stuff,” he said aloud as he took the path.  As he took the pathway, the family of owls flew off.  Ty came to another fork in the road that was identical to the last save for the fact that the sign was absent.  He continued to locate and follow the owls to find his way.  However, the said birds began making this more difficult as Ty progressed.  Some owls would fly to another tree before he could choose a path, others sat on trees that covered both ways and some seemed to hide themselves perfectly among the treetops.

        Finally, Ty seemed to escape the strange eerie trap and come to a different part of the woods where he heard two voices bickering and shouting at one another.  One was male, the other female.  Ty quickly ran towards the source as he recognized the voices.  “Posh, Gosh, what are you two doing out here?” Ty asked puzzled.

        As it turned out, Posh and Gosh were attempting to fend off a two tailed fox cub that had bitten Gosh, while Posh freaked out.  Both stopped when Ty caught there attention.  The fox cub released the stunned Gosh, hissed at him and then dashed back into the woods.  The worn and torn Lords siblings came up to Ty, Posh with admiration and Gosh with frustration.  Gosh spoke first, “Just what do you think you are doing here?!  You should be in Guardia tending to the Princess’s desire!” he said irately.

        Posh ran her hand through her hair, “Isn’t it obvious, he’s here to check on me, isn’t that sweet!” she said with a blush.

        Ty blushed uncomfortably, “Well I am glad to see you guys are okay, but I was really coming for Tomo and the others, I got a very bad feeling,” he said worriedly.

        The Lords sibling’s attention changed to a look of confusion.  Gosh grabbed Ty’s shirt, “What do you mean, what kind’s of things are they doing to my sweet Tomo?!”

        Posh snubbed at the mention of Tomo’s name, “Hmph, probably kicking her out after the glutton eats them out of house and home!”

        Ty removed Gosh’s grip and dusted his shirt off, “Look, something fishy’s going on in that place,” he started.  “When I was here the first time I overheard the Acacia Dragoons say they were sent to the Hydra Marshes in Chorus to gather Quadffid Seeds.”

        Confused, Gosh blinked a few times, “And just what are those?”

        Posh punched her brother in the arm, “Are you a complete idiot?  They are obviously seeds from a dangerous plant, am I right?” she ended with an approval desiring stare towards Ty.

        “Close enough,” Ty said flatly. “Actually, they are the seeds from a rare plant-like monster that lives in the marshes.  Consuming these seeds causes strange effects on the human body.  The dragoon I overheard claimed they were using them on prisoners as an experiment.  I don’t know what the means for Tomo and the others but I hope they aren’t hurt at all.”

        Gosh readjusted his outfit, “Well then, let’s get moving the manor’s just up ahead!  Not to worry Tomo, Gosh is coming to the rescue!”

        Posh shook her head in disdain, but then quickly latched onto Ty’s right arm, “Whatever happens, I am glad you are here with me!” she said affectionately.

        The party regrouped and proceeded forward and finally, Viper Manor came into view among the brush.  It loomed over the woods and the entire forest with its eerie design and dimly lit windows.  Ty stepped forward as he gauged the situation, “There it is…, Viper Manor.  I really hate this place.  Let’s find a quite place to sneak in at.”

*End of Chapter*
Chrono Corruption: ACT 1: Ch. 3
Third Chapter of Act 1 is up and away and this time the scene is also ready along with it! :)

Here's a larger version of the scene for those who can't see it well.…
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