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So its come to a new year!  I love it, you know why?  Because virtually everything in my life is now on the right track!  At least for now, lol!  So as my first act of the new year, I needed to make revisions to the first act of my Chrono Trigger story because of some of the elements were too close to Chrono Cross and others would have made it hard for me to explain certain criteria that had changed, such as where Earth and Wind styled magic came from.  Much of the story remains the same though, so now it will continue as planned.  Ahem, I'm also working on new BBW works as well, so those of you who watch me specifically for that reason will still have a reason to hang around.  My new years resolution this year is to, hopefully, post more and be more active!  Thanks for watching!
Chrono Corruption

Act 1: The Frozen Flame

Chapter 4: A Strange Anomaly

    Ty and Tomo awoke an indeterminable place and they were amazed.  Their amazement quickly turned to fear, however.  “Ty, where in the world are we?” Tomo asked as she sat up from her position.

    Ty was a bit overwhelmed, “I... I don’t know, but it makes me feel sick and disoriented...”

    The place they were in had no logical form.  The sky, if one could call it that, was grey, as if they were on some alien world.  The storms in the sky were roaring, but there was no wind.  They, themselves, were on an impossible structure that reminded one of a bismuth crystal, but it was not as colorful.  It was suspended in the void.  Other structures also littered the sky of similar design.  The place also seemed spiritually iridescent as everything seemed to be a little fuzzy, but bright.  Finally, small mysterious orbs flitted about everywhere.

    Tomo turned to Ty with a look of fear, “Ty... are we... dead?!”

    Ty inspected his person, “I don’t think so, if we were I don’t think we would have any mortal items on us.  See, I still have my clothes and my daggers!”

    “What should we do then?” Tomo asked curiously.

    “Well, I guess we should just do what we do best, explore,” Ty said with a shrug.

    “Hmm, not much else we can do I suppose...,” Tomo agreed.

    With Ty leading, the two began trekking around the rather small structure.  Easily, they found a small orb of light perched at the other side.  “I wonder what this is?” Ty said as he went to place his finger on it.

    “No wait, Ty...!” Tomo yelped as she was cut off by Ty’s sudden disappearance.  “Wah, no, come back Ty, don’t leave me here all alone!” she whined.

    “Hey, I’m over here!” shouted Ty from another structure across the abyss.

    Tomo turned her head immediately and smiled with relief, “Oh, how did you get over there?”

    “Just touch it!  It connects to another orb over here!” Ty explained.

    Tomo gulped as she touched the orb and before she could even process thought she stood before her rival.  “Whoa, it worked!” she said with amazement.

    “See, nothin’ to it!  I think we can get around this way,” Ty added.  “Let’s continue shall we?”

    They regrouped and began hopping between structures hoping to find an exit to the strange world they were placed in.  They engaged in small talk to keep their minds together.  “So Tomo, how exactly did you get so..., um, ‘big’ anyway?” Ty asked as politely as he could.

    “Well, as I said before its just from me abusing the Gastromorph spell I created and..., well I was always sort of a... chubby kid,” replied Tomo with embarrassment.  

    “Huh, I did just meet you face to face around a year ago, so I guess that makes sense that I wouldn’t know that,” Ty said as they hopped to another structure.  “And you said you were able to compress all this excess as well?”

    “Yeah, my Lipomorph spell let’s me shape my body into a slimmer, more convenient body type,” she explained.

    “Why not just lose the extra weight?” Ty asked curiously.

    “...I never really thought about it because its never inconvenienced me that much.  Actually..., its helped me out a few times.  I’ve trained so much with my dad over the years as a young teen that I just got used to it being there,” Tomo shrugged.  

    “I knew about the weight training, hell all you Levines undergo that training, but I didn’t know it would be literal ‘weight’ training for you,” Ty joked with a chuckle as they made it to another structure.

    “Oh, ha..., ha... make another joke why don’t you?” Tomo said sarcastically.  “And what about you?  Why are you so fast on your feet for such a large person?”

    “I exercise...,” Ty replied simply.

    Tomo grunted, “Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer...  And the whole poison thing?  Explain that to me...”

    “Gladly,” started Ty. “Since the Middle Ages, my first ancestor, named Eston Drayguard, harmed the ecosystem of the bog that I live in.  I’m not sure about the details, but he was a master toxicologist.  His studies were rumored to have been the cause of the toxic swamp my family, as well as a few others, lived in.  Since Eston already had great immunity to toxins due to self poisoning techniques, he passed this on to his children, both in knowledge and in flesh as the swamp grew more toxic over time.  As time passed, many families left, but my family adapted along with a few other stubborn ones.”

    “Huh, I guess your all a bunch of mutants then?” Tomo chuckled as they moved to another platform.  “I also heard from my dad about Eston.  He was rumored to be, ‘King of the Thieves’ and he was actually exiled to the Choras Boglands,” Tomo continued.

    “Mostly true, he was called the ‘King of the Thieves’, and was a thief,” started Ty with a sigh.  “But he never called himself that, it was a title others gave him because of the ways he went about collecting all of the treasures he had.  He kept all the treasures hidden deep within the Boglands.”

    “So is that why some people decided to stay behind in the swamp, hoping to find your treasures if the swamp killed you off?” Tomo asked curiously.

    “Possibly, I wouldn’t put it passed them,” Ty chuckled.  “I swear I’ve seen Guardia Soldiers snooping around from time to time.”

    Tomo’s attention was then grabbed by an anomaly, “Um, speaking of ‘seeing things’, did you just see that chunk of rock just vanish into thin...!” she was cut off as a chunk of rock materialized in front of them.

    “Woah...,” they said in unison.

    They watched the anomaly unfold, trying to understand it.  They found that these platforms would phase in and out of wherever they were going at thirty second intervals.  “All right Tomo,” Ty started as he turned to her.  “It looks like we’ll have to make a jump for it, so on three!”

    “Right!” agreed Tomo as they braced themselves.

    “One..., two..., three!” Ty announced as they leaped to the platform.  “All right, let’s find the next one!”

    “Hey look, I think we are headed towards something!” Tomo said as they approached the next platform.

    “That’s interesting, let’s keep moving before this thing vanishes again!” Ty said urgently.

    They timed their jumps and after seven more platforms they landed on a far larger structure that was simply made up of cubic blocks.  “Wheew, made it!” Tomo said as a small orb of light passed her glance.  “Huh?” she gasped as it seemed to dance in front of her.  “Hey Ty, look I think its trying to communicate!” she said with a heavy whisper.

    Ty took a closer look, “Hmm, cute little fella, but I wonder what its trying to tell us?”

    “I think... it wants us to follow it?” Tomo said as the orb urged them to follow suggestively.

    And they did so, the orb led them around a corner and flickered as strange creatures appeared.  Peeling off the walls and floors like paintings that have come to life, the two dimensional creatures captivated the two explorers.  They had two arms and legs and resembled ancient cave drawings that had no real shape or form beyond the erratic.

    “Ty... what are these things?” Tomo asked as she drew her hammer.

    Ty drew his daggers, “If I had to guess?  Total Chaos, is what they are!  There’s almost no form to these things, how freaky!”

    The anomalous entities lunged from their position and attacked.  Ty ran his dagger through one, cutting it like common parchment.  This seemed to destroy it as it vanished.  Tomo crushed one with her hammer and it spewed sparks of light into the atmosphere like throwing a log onto a bonfire.  “Nice!  These things are easy to destroy!” Tomo said gaining confidence as she crushed another.

    “Yeah, they only look weird I guess!” agreed Ty as he sliced another to bits.

    With quick footwork and heavy strikes, Ty and Tomo vanquished the strange creatures in no time.  After their work was done, the orb signaled them to continue following suggestively.  They did so for only a short while, in the meantime they faced several more waves of the ‘Total Chaos’ anomalies.  Finally, they were led to another challenge space and time had for them.  Spacious platforms moved, converged with one another, and then vanished only to reappear at their starting positions.

    Tomo examined the strangeness before them, “Okay, so it seems we can jump onto and ride one of these platforms to the next one, but we have to be quick to move to the next one before the one we are on vanishes.  Should be simple enough, right Ty?” she said as she turned to Ty.  

    Ty however, already leaped to the first platform.  “Come on slowpoke, I think I see something at the end of this sector!”

    “What are you doing you moron?!” Tomo cried out as she ran and jumped to the platform as it moved away.  She stammered as only half of her feet reached the platform.

    “Tomo, no don’t fall...!” Ty shouted as he dashed to her.

    Tomo fell and Ty could only watch in horror as she plummeted into the abyss below.  She screamed as she fell, but then, she vanished in a flash of light, leaving Ty speechless.  Ty then heard her scream from above him as she returned to the starting structure unharmed, but dazed.  “Oh, thank goodness she isn’t...!” Ty was cut off as the moving platform he was on vanished and he fell into the abyss as well.  Like Tomo, he vanished for on second, then found Tomo beneath him as he landed on her flabby body.  Ty laughed, “Thanks for breaking my fall.  You were right about this body of yours helping you out before!  Now its helped me out!”

    “Ha, ha, just get offa me!” Tomo said with irritation.  They quickly separated and got to their feet.  “This time, wait and let’s go together you bone head!” she scolded.

    “Alright, alright, I got ya,” Ty said as he scratched the back of his head with embarrassment.

    The orb of light guided them both as they jumped to the treacherously moving platforms.  After several jumps and perilously close calls, they made it to a large cubic platform with a massive sphere of light.  It radiated electricity and flashed visions of a place unknown to them.  They were in awe as they approached.  “Wow, this is amazing Ty, pinch me and tell me I’m not dreaming all of this!” she said in astonishment.

    Ty shrugged as he grabbed a handful of her rear, “How’s that?” he asked flatly.

    “I said ‘pinch’, not ‘grab’, idiot!” she replied angrily as she punched him in the stomach.

    Ty keeled over, “...Fair enough...,” he moaned.

    As Ty recovered, the orb that had been their guide hid itself behind them as something began to appear between the portal and them.  “Uh oh, something’s happening!” Tomo warned as she drew her hammer.

    Ty followed suit, “Look, those anomaly creatures are... coming together!  They’re forming something new!” he said as they did just that.

    The resulting fusion created a massively armed creature that kind of resembled a cactus.  “It looks like some sort of Chaotic Mural, or something!” Tomo described.

    “Yeah, like it jumped right off a canyon wall or something!” Ty added.

    The creature bellowed with what sounded like static as it tried to swipe at them with its large spiked appendage.  They managed to narrowly avoid the attack as Ty retaliated with a dagger swipe.  The creature followed up its erratic movements with more swipes.  Tomo beat its arms away with hammer swings while Ty took swipes with his daggers.   The creature then paused as the damaged regenerated.  “Oh crud, it can heal itself?!” Tomo pouted.

    The energy that moved across its body was fed from a shiny object at its core.  “Hold on, I think I see something, maybe I can grab it!” Ty said eyeing the core.  Ty’s muscles and senses heightened as he dashed like the wind and leaped up to the creature.  He reached the core with his hands and drug it out, plundering it.  Ty retreated with a bright white stone that resembled a bismuth crystal physically.  “Hey, look at this Tomo,” he said astonished.

    “Its gorgeous...,” she replied in awe.

    The creature didn’t like this one bit as it responded with erratic movements and static gurgles and moans.  “What’s it doing now?!” Ty said looking on.

    “I think it may be... counting down?  It sounds kinda like numbers are being announced from it!” Tomo said as she listened more closely.

    “So how do we stop it?  It might explode or something!” Ty said trying to find a place to take cover.

    Tomo then got an idea, “I know, I’ll Gastromorph it!” she said strongly.

    “What, but it didn’t work on Mustarl, how do you know it will on this thing?!” Ty asked nervously.

    “Don’t worry, I realized what went wrong before,” Tomo explained with a grin.  “Every time I use this skill on a creature, it was wounded.  Mustarl wasn’t even scratched when we fought so it could just shrug my spell off!  This creature however, is damaged quite badly, so I believe it will work this time!” she said as she pointed her finger to the Chaotic Mural.

    “Okay, if it doesn’t I’m hiding behind a rock!” Ty said backing up.

    Tomo breathed steadily as she shot forth the beam of yellow light into the monster.  The energy enveloped the Mural and it began to morph into a foodstuff.  The Chaotic Mural vanished with only what looked like a like a small pile of flan.  Tomo went up to it, “Flan?  So Anomalies become pudding?” she said as she picked it up.

    “Your really gonna eat that?” Ty said as he walked up to her.

    “Yep, I wonder what it tastes like?” Tomo replied as she tossed it into her mouth.  “Oh, its tingly, but it has quite a soft, but mysterious taste!” she finished with a satisfying gulp.

    “So I guess we can call it, ‘Phenomenal Flan’, then, huh?” Ty said with a chuckle.

    Tomo then shivered as her body wafted a mysterious light.  “Woah, this is so incredible!”

    “What the!  You just lit up, what’s happening?!” Ty shouted as he instinctively backed up.

    “Its that creature Ty, I learned a new spell after eating it!  I think I just absorbed its spell!  That’s never happened before!” she said excitedly.

    “What, another one?” Ty said sort of glumly as he still did not have even one spell.  “Well, that kinda reminds me of an old saying, ‘If you eat the flesh of you enemy, you gain its strength’!  Or in this case, flan...,” he said still a little overwhelmed.

    “Chaotic Zone..., that’s the feeling I get from this spell, that’s what its called!” Tomo said inspired.  “I don’t think I have the stamina to use this spell now though, it’s a doozy.  I’ll have to train a lot more to use it!” she said happily.

    “Hmm, well then, what do we do now?” Ty asked dumbfounded.

    Then, the orb of light returned to them and urged them, “I think it wants us to walk into that giant sphere...,” Tomo deduced.

    “How do you..., oh whatever, let’s just do it,” Ty said as he approached the sphere.  Tomo followed.  Ty reached out cautiously as he was understandably hesitant.

    Tomo grew tired of waiting, “Come on, anywhere’s better than this!” she said as she swiftly pushed him in with herself.  Once more, they were enveloped by the bluish atmosphere as they were transported to a place unknown.


    Ty was unable to see or even breath as he felt a soft mass covering him.  As he felt around he could tell his arms were free and it was Tomo that was on top of him rather haphazardly.  Ty muffled as he wiggled his feet, hoping Tomo would get the message.  Tomo quickly realized she was smothering her rival and did a push up, to reveal his face.  He breathed heavily in response, “Okay Tomo, now its your turn to get offa me!” he groaned as he struggled for breath.

    Tomo chuckled, “Oh sorry, wait, let me make this easier,” she said as she chanted.  Her body emanated a soft yellow glow as her mass was compressed and her body returned to her fit state.  She moved off of Ty who came to his senses.  “I’ll occasional swap body types to fit a situation or mood.  It’s much easier to do now that my Crystal Hourglass is all charged up!” she explained as they both rose to their feet.

    The two breathed heavily as they took in their surroundings.  Small bits of trash paper blew around a solid concrete base that overlooked what seemed to be a large body of water.  No other forms of land could be seen.  It seemed as though they were at some sort of dock for ships that was held inside a large facility.  Ty ran out to the dock and gazed upwards at the facility.  He was in shock, “Tomo you have to come see this!” he said with urgency.

    Tomo went out to the dock with him, “What, what is it?” she asked as she did the same as her rival.  She too became surprised, “Ty its... the facility we seen under the El Nido Sea!” she gasped.

    “Yeah, only now it isn’t waterlogged!” Ty said with a smile.

    Then suddenly, an elderly voice called out to them as an older gentleman approached from another dry dock that was parallel to theirs.  The elderly man has pure white hair with matching beard, eyebrows and mustache.  He was much shorter than Ty was and wore a lab coat with a maroon vest underneath with blue pants and brown leather shoes.  He marveled as he placed a pair of glasses on.  He leaned in and examined them both.  “Well now, I was wondering if this might happen as our experiments continued…,” he said with a slight tone of worry.  “Judging by your clothes and rough appearance…, you’re from another era in time aren’t you?  Where are you two from?” he asked seriously.

    Ty and Tomo looked at each other and then turned to the gentleman, “We’re from Choras..., where are we?” Ty said nervously.

    “Not ‘where’, but more importantly, ‘when’ you are…,” the old man began.  “Yes, so, what year did you come from?”

    “Um…, 1005 A.D., just ‘when’ is this?” Tomo asked politely.

    The old man took off his glasses and polished them with his lab coat and then placed them back on.  “You’re in 2400 A.D. the future…, well to you anyway,” he responded flatly.  “I knew our experiments on time travel would eventually start having repercussions on the fabric of time, especially with the use of the Frozen Flame.”

    “The Frozen Flame?!!” Ty and Tomo shouted in unison.

    “Why yes, the Frozen Flame is an artifact of legend!  We have it here in Chronopolis as an energy source.  We found it here in El Nido just sitting on the bottom of the sea back in 2300 A.D.,” explained the elderly gentleman.

    “Speaking of energy, do you know what this is?” Ty said as he handed over the shining stone he stole from the Chaotic Mural.

    The old man gasped in surprise, “Can it be...?  Crystallized Annihilation energy?  This I believe may be an Annihilation Fragment!”

    The two had no idea what the man was talking about, but decided to just listen.  “Anyway, I’m the chief and curator of this research facility, but I’m afraid you’ll have to come with me,” said the chief.  “I have to send you back to where you belong before the Counter-Time Experiment goes underway, which will be within the next 24 hours.  I still have to make preparations.”

    Ty massaged his forehead in confusion.  “Counter-Time Experiment, with the Frozen Flame?  Just what are you guys doing here?  That sounds ridiculously dangerous!”

    “Indeed the repercussions of either success or failure could be catastrophic, but I feel at this point it is imperative to push on,” the Chief said solemnly.  “For now, just follow me, I’ll have you put back home, safe and sound!” he said cheering up.

    “Wait a minute, we found the Frozen Flame and this facility at the bottom of the sea in our time!” Tomo stated distressfully.  “Did something go wrong here?!”

    The curator stopped in his tracks with his back facing them.  “What did you say?” he asked as he turned back to Tomo.  “This facility... you say you found Chronopolis at the bottom of the El Nido Sea?”

    “Yeah, we were scuba diving for treasure and we found what we thought was something strange!” Tomo began.  “So I told my dad to use the new bathysphere and the both of us rode it down so far deep we could see this facility at the bottom of the ocean!”

    The curator paused, thinking heavily, “...And you say the Frozen Flame was inside...?”

    “Yeah, we managed to retrieve it but some weirdo ended up stealing it and throwing us into some strange world.  Then we moved around a little while in there and came out here...,” Ty explained.  “To keep it brief...”

    The curator gave some thought as he stared off into space for a moment, “Hmm, thank you for the input, with this Annihilation Fragment and a few adjustments, we should be able to alter our calculations, thank you!  Now, if you would, please follow me,” the curator urged.

    With nothing left to say, they both agreed.  They left the dry dock via a high tech door and they entered the facility by stairwell.  They traversed hallways upon hallways with many doors lining the walls that had differing experiments labeled in red lights above them.  Biology, Geology, and Astronomy was just a taste of the subjects studied here.  Eventually, they followed the curator to a foyer with a receptionist desk.  It was very nice and well kept with leather sofas and an elevator at the center of the large room that was in a transparent glass tube-like structure.  The two followed the scientist to the elevator and he swiped a strange card and it made a noise.  It came to their level and the doors opened smoothly.  The curator walked in without a care a second thought but Ty and Tomo were slightly more reluctant.  The doors closed as they both entered.  The elevator then smoothly climbed up.  The chief turned to them, “Now, forget about everything you saw while you were here.  This was all just a strange dream.  If you make a fuss about this place when you get back to your era than your peers may deem you mad,” he instructed carefully.  They agreed in unison.  

    The elevator stopped and the doors opened.  The curator exited as they both followed.  They trekked through a small corridor and came to a door.  Above it read, ‘Restricted’.  The curator swiped another card and the door responded by opening.  He urged them to continue following him.

    The room they entered was small, but orderly.  It was also elevated with small sets of stairs that surrounded a strange futuristic device that was the centerpiece of the room.  Wires and tubes hung from the ceiling and connected to the ‘roof’ of the machine.  The base was a pad of some sort that was surrounded by electronic screens.  All around the room, large screens showed different versions of the World Map throughout history.  The curator approached a control panel and then turned to the both of them.  “When you’re ready, step onto the pad of this machine in the center of the room, this Tele-Pad will send you through an artificial time Gate we call a Rift!” he said as he began punching in equations with the computers keys.

    Ty decided to examine at all the maps that lined the room’s walls and Tomo followed.  The first map they came to was a map of only a single massive continent.  The screen in front of Ty read, “65,000,000 B.C. although this date is just an estimate.  This is Prehistory; the super continent viewed here we called Gaia.  It is believed that this continent is the first landmass that supported life in the history of our world.  Further study is needed however.”  

    Astounded, they then approached the next map in line.  The world was mostly covered in ice at the poles and frost elsewhere with two more landmasses present. The screen beneath read, “300,000 B.C.; this is also a guessed date in time.  The beginning of the end of the Ice Age, the humans survived and hunted for food above in this era in small tribes.  This era is believed to be the era in which humanity first discovered and came into contact with the legendary, Frozen Flame.”

    They continued to the next map.  It had much smaller landmasses that were covered in frost.  The screen read, “12,000 B.C. not much is known, but this is the supposed era where the ancient magical Kingdom of Zeal was supposed to have reigned.  However, no scientific evidence has been found to support this claim.  It is a major target of our research.”

    They continued to the next one.  This map was very familiar, but had slight changes to the continents he knew.  “1 A.D.  This era is the supposed era the Kingdom of Guardia was established and became the leading nation of the world at the time.”

    They then came to the next one.  This map Ty was very familiar with, it was a map of his own era, “Roughly 1000 A.D.  This is the era in which the first temporal anomaly is said to have taken place.  This was said to have happened at the Guardia Millennial Fair.  The great scientist, Lucca Ashtear also lived during this time and her research is a major staple in this facility’s guideline, even to this day.”

    Ty walked to the next map with Tomo still in tow.  This map was unfamiliar, but seemed futuristic.  An enormous crater was found at the center of a continent.  The screen read, “1999 A.D.  The infamous date of, ‘The Day of Lavos’ was said to have occurred here.  More study is needed however.

    The following two maps were 2300 A.D. and 2400 A.D.  They both categorized the facility they were now in and the civilization was very advanced.  However, there was one more map that confused them most profoundly.  The map was of a dark world that bore nothing but destruction.  The screen read, 2300 A.D.  This simulated map is the theorized world if the ‘Day of Lavos’ had come to fruition.  It was dreamt up by the original creator of this facility.  It is met with much skepticism however.”

    Ty and Tomo were in future shock, unable to comprehend anything they had just now witnessed.  The curator gently urged them to the Tele-pad as they stood there not wanting to freak out.  As the curator started the Tele-pad it buzzed and hummed.  The atmosphere around the duo began to rapidly change and become ‘fuzzy’.  In an instant, they were once again sucked into a sphere of blue light.

*Hero’s Grave, Choras, 1005 A.D.*

    Ty and Tomo appeared from the Rift and landed in a familiar place.  “Hey, this is..., the Hero’s Grave, the grave of the legendary knight Cyrus!” Tomo realized with a smile.

    “Yeah, it seems exactly the same, so I think we’re back,” Ty assumed as he looked around suspiciously.

    “We should really take a look outside to see if we’re right though,” Tomo stated as a matter of fact.

    “Yeah, let’s move,” Ty agreed as they quickly left the mausoleum.  

*Choras City, Choras, 1005 A.D.*

    As they made their way outside, they took in the view of their home.  They sighed with relief, “It is the same after all,” Tomo said first.

    “Yeah, we should find your dad though, I want to ‘clock out’ and go home for a nap,” Ty said with a giggle.

    “Let’s do that,” Tomo agreed as she stretched.

*Later, Choras Café, 1005 A.D.*

    The Explorer Corps employees were all gathered around having lunch at the Choras Café, their meeting spot.  Ty and Tomo arrived and everyone seemed happy and surprised to see them.  Posh came running up to Ty and hugged his arm, “Oh, Mister Drayguard, where have you been, its been nearly a week since we left El Nido?” she asked with concern.

    Gosh dashed up to Tomo, “Oh Tomo, my sweet, I was worried sick!  What kept you?  This oaf didn’t do anything strange to you did he?  If he did I’ll clobber him!” he threatened angrily.

    “Oh, don’t silly Gosh, Ty wouldn’t do anything like that!” Tomo said as she waved off Gosh’s notion.

    Then Tomo’s dad, Toma XIII walked up to them, “Either way, where have you two been all this time?  We end up coming home from El Nido and you two just up and disappear!  I was worried you know?  I know you an adult Tomo, but a little info about where your going wouldn’t be a bad thing!”

    Tomo chuckled, “Sorry dad, we just got a little lost is all,” she reassured.  “Anyway, not to change the subject so abruptly, but what’s everyone doing here?”

    “Well, we were getting ready to go find you two!” Biggs said from the crowd.

    “Yeah, but now that you’re here safe and sound, we can all get going to Guardia and present the find we made in EL Nido!” Wedge said excitedly.

    “We shipped all the stuff there for the Guardia Festival.  The Princess’s wedding is at the end of the month, so we want to please her with our find!” Piette said anxiously.

    “The Princess is also asking for someone to help with a special favor, that’s where you come in Ty,” Toma instructed.  “I hate to ask a lunk head like you, but the Princess needs someone, and since I need my daughter to help with the presentation, you’re it!”

    Ty recalled the letter he got from Tomo’s mother originally, but decided to keep it to himself.  “Um..., okay then, will do!” Ty said passing off the strangeness.

    Everyone then sat down to finish their meals as Ty sat near Biggs, Wedge and Piette.  He leaned near to them, “Hey, have you three eaten any..., Quadffid Seeds lately?” he whispered curiously.

    The triplets looked at one another with a confused expression, then back to Ty.  Biggs spoke, “No, not that we can think of, why do you ask?”

    “Um, well I hear they are plentiful this year, and I just wanted to let you all know that you can’t eat them as they are toxic,” Ty explained with a laugh.

    “Gee, thanks Ty, your such a nice guy,” Wedge said gratefully.

    “Yeah, Toma may be rough around the edges, but he really does like you,” Piette informed with a smile.

    “Nice, Toma doesn’t hate me anymore!” Ty thought happily.  “And these guys are all healthy too.  It looks like whatever change that curator made at Chronopolis, prevented us from getting arrested by Viper and... finding the Frozen Flame... crud...,” he thought as he slammed his head into the table with a sigh.  Then, Ty thought of something else that chilled him to the bone, “Hey um, what’s happening in Porre right now?  Is Captain Viper’s daughter okay, I um, heard she got hurt recently?”

    Toma chewed on his squid gut pasta and swallowed his bite, “Captain Viper?  Where did you hear about his daughter being hurt?  No, she’s fine last time I heard.  Although I keep hearing rumors that Porre may start some kind of rebellion against Guardia soon, but keep that to yourself,” he instructed strictly.

    Ty sighed with relief as he reached into his rucksack and looked at the cure he made from the Hydra Humor.  “I guess Viper never brought Riddel on that mission this time..., thank goodness,” he said quietly to himself.

    “Alright everyone, once we’re done here we’re heading back to the docks and headed over to Guardia!  Maybe this time, if we please the Princess enough, she’ll grant Choras our independence!” Toma said as he rose from his seat, his meal finished.  Everyone cheered having high hopes for what was to come.

    Ty and Tomo snuck off to talk for a moment, “Hey, it looks like the whole thing between us and Viper never happened!” Ty informed.

    “What, then that means, we never found the Frozen Flame!” Tomo said in despair.  “No, I was still hoping that’s what we were unveiling!”

    “So that begs the new question, what the hell did we find?!” Ty asked curiously.

    “I have no idea!” Tomo said completely stumped.  “Not only that, but did you hear what my dad said earlier?  We just ‘up and vanished’?  What the heck is with that?!  Did we replace other versions of ourselves?”

    “From what I get, if there are other versions of us, then they vanished in this time line at the same time that creep in the cloak threw us into that temporal anomaly!” Ty deduced.

    “So what, did we replace them?  Merge with them?  Were we somehow superior to our counterparts?” Tomo asked gong wild with many questions.

    “Those are all good questions, but wait, didn’t that curator’s thingamajig say something about someone living in our era that knew things about this time stuff?” Ty remembered with a gasp.

    “You mean Lucca Ashtear?” Tomo asked with an eyebrow raised.  “Yeah, my dad’s told me about her.  She supposed to be really brilliant or something.”

    “Maybe we should swing by and talk to her while we’re in town,” Ty suggested as he crossed his arms.

    “That may be a good idea,” Tomo agreed with a nod.

    Posh came up to them after noticing their private talk, “What is this?  I hope you two aren’t talking romance!” she said pulling Ty away slightly.  “You may talk to me anytime you wish Ty!  Come, let us go talk about our find shall we?” she said sweetly.

    Before Tomo could react, Gosh appeared as well and pulled her away, “If something is bothering you Tomo my sweet then you know you can always talk to me about it!  Drayguard wouldn’t know how to handle your troubles!”

    “If you only knew Gosh...,” Tomo thought with a weak smile.  “Cause right now, Ty is the only man on this planet I can talk to about what just happened to us.”

*End of Act 1*
Chrono Corruption: Act 1 - Ch.4 A Strange Anomaly
The fourth chapter was revised with some extra time travel as well as temporal anomalies as well.  Ty and Tomo changed history, but how exactly, they are not sure.  Now the story shall proceed as planned!  Enjoy!
Chrono Corruption

Act 1: The Frozen Flame

Chapter 3: Reclamation

    Ty yawned loudly, and he awoke with a groggy disposition.  He sat up in bed and stretched.  “Ugh, how boring!  This trip to Porre is taking forever!” he moaned.  He then thought of something he had been neglecting.  “Hmm, y’know I haven’t seen Tomo for quite a few days now.  I wonder what she’s up to?  If I’m not a prisoner anymore than neither are the Levines.  If that’s true then Tomo should have come to annoy me by now.  Well then Captain, I guess I’m gonna take a nice private tour of your ship!” he thought.  

    It was night outside, and the sea was restless with a storm.  Ty silently stepped out of his cabin and the tight hallways were lit dimly with whale oil lanterns.  The floor was covered with a suave red carpet with copper colored trimmings.  Ty smirked as the carpet muffled the sounds of his footsteps.  Ty passed many doors and found many sleeping Dragoons.  They slept through the rumbling thunder quite well.  “No Tomo just yet, I wonder where she is?” he thought curiously.  “I think I’ll look for her down below.  I’ll avoid the bridge; I don’t want Viper to think I’m up to something,” his thoughts continued.

    Ty found some stairs to the Lower Deck.  He came across the first door and peered through a small rectangular peep hole.  Inside were more sleeping Dragoons.  There was nothing of interest and the door was locked anyway, so he decided to keep moving.  He walked silently to the back of the Lower deck to find a door that led to the Tween Deck.  This deck was mostly an empty space, but held varying cargo.  Ty searched the cargo curiously and found a strange barrel.  He thought he heard a noise inside and gave it a knock.  The barrel curiously responded, “No answer, its just a barrel,” he heard.  Ty repeated this with four more knocks until it responded again, “Whaddaya want, already?!  I said I’m just a barrel!  Tch..., Fine!  Just take this, man!  HERE!” said the voice as it tossed out some extra supplies.  Ty took them and simply tip-toed away trying not to think about what just happened.

    The other side of the Tween Deck revealed a mess hall where the Dragoons ate.  However it was closed for the night and very quiet.  Ty gave it a quick look around nevertheless.  He found some crackers and helped himself to quick bite.  After doing so, he thought calmly to himself, “Hmm, no Tomo here in the kitchen, that might be bad...,” he worried.  Then suddenly, he heard a rattle of a cage.  He quickly turned and swallowed the crackers he was munching on.  He seen that the noise came from a small cage with a large orange frog inside.

    The frog opened its mouth and spoke words, “Out, I want out, ribbit!” it said.

    Ty withdrew in surprise, “What the-!  It talks!” he said in shock.  Ty leaned in to get a closer look and then tapped the cage.  “Viper’s got some messed up cargo on this ship!”

    “My Boss would be very upset if I were eaten!” the frog claimed.

    “Um… okay, here you go…,” Ty said as he unlocked the cage.

    “Thank you, ribbit!  I am so outta here” the frog said as it escaped through a hole in the wall.

    Ty left the kitchen and by extension the mess hall altogether.  He made his way to the Gun Deck below where all the munitions were located.  Dragoons littered this deck, some on patrol, and some sleeping on the job.  Being the sly fox that he was, he pick pocketed the sleepers and silently avoided patrolling troops.  He made sure to quickly leave the Gun Deck and enter the Hold down below.

    The Hold was dark and offered little more than storage.  Ty searched the storage, finding loot to take with him.  Ty chuckled with a thought, “Well, Viper said I could have anything I wanted!”

    As Ty finished his looting, he saw a light come from an open door at the end of the Hold.  He quietly made his way towards it.  It looked inconspicuous, but he approached anyway and peeked through the crack.  He expected the Bilge, but he was wrong.  This door led to a small room with a single chair at the center and the walls were filled with extra goods and cargo.  Ty snuck in and found something on the ground in front of the chair.  He knelt down to pick up fleshy seed casings.  He inspected them, “Quadffid Seed casings?” he said quietly.  “Why would Viper be in possession of these?  They look partly chewed up, I wonder if someone spit them out?  That would be very bad if someone ingested these.,” he finished.

    As Ty raised his head he was greeted by the same cloaked figure from before.  Trying to ignore the jump scare, Ty clasped the casings in his hands and spoke, “Oh, sorry was this your room?” Ty asked frantically.

    The cloaked man responded, “You could say that.  Did you get curious or bored maybe?” he chuckled.

    “You could say that...,” Ty retorted humorously.

    “You seem to be looking for someone.  Perhaps I can help?” the man asked.

    “Where are the Levines?  I haven’t seen them for a while,” Ty asked casually.

    “Ah, your boss and his daughter.  Toma was placed on his ship and his daughter wanted to be with him.  The ship was being sailed to Porre for confiscation.  You’re getting it back right?” he asked curiously.

    “Yeah, that’s where we’re headed,” Ty replied.

    “Then I wouldn’t worry, you’ll meet them as soon as you get to Porre,” the cloaked man informed.  “Now, you wouldn’t want Viper to catch you snooping around.  It would be wise to head back to your cabin now.”

    “Now that you mention it, I am getting a little queasy from the storm,” Ty said blinking his eyes hard.

    “Not to worry I won’t say a thing to Viper about what you were doing, but I have one question I forgot to ask earlier,” the man stated.

    “What’s that?” Ty asked.

    “You seem to have a very interesting artifact around your neck as did your friend,” he started with keen interest.  “Would you mind telling me where you got it from?”

    “Oh this?” Ty said pointing out his Cloud Key.  “It’s... it’s a family heirloom, been in the family for generations.  I have no idea where it comes from.  I found it in a box of stuff my family kept stored away for years.”

    “Ah I see...,” the man said.

    “Well then, I’ll let myself out,” Ty said uneasily.  “I’m gonna go back to bed...,” he said leaving.  The man merely chuckled lowly as a response.


    Ty sat at his bedside with the Quadffid Seed casings in the palm of his hand.  “I should make a quick antidote for these before we reach Porre.  I have a bad feeling something bad is coming our way,” Ty thought seriously.

*The Nation of Porre*

    Viper’s ship pulled into the Porrean Harbor and the Dragoons disembarked, hoping for some R&R.  Ty was released along with the Lords siblings and they set foot in Porre Harbor.  Ty was feeling a tad green from the trip and Posh gently patted his back to help him feel better.  Her brother simply snubbed the situation.  The weather was gloomy and headed into nighttime.  Posh leaned in to Ty, “Shall we retire to the Inn for the evening?  A good night’s rest will make you feel as good as new Mister Drayguard.”

    “I suppose, maybe Tomo and her dad are there as well,” Ty said with agreement.

    Ty and his party stopped at the Inn and approached the clerk, “Hello, how can I help you?  If you wish to stay the night, the fee is 100 gold a night,” said the clerk.

    “Sure that’s fine,” Ty agreed as he handed over the money.  “By the way, have you seen a rather robust looking man and his quirky daughter come in?”

    “That is the poorest description ever!” Gosh criticized.  “Please excuse him miss, what he means is, did the famous Toma Levine XIII and his wild flower daughter come to stay here?”

    The clerk responded, “Oh, the famous Toma?  No, I’m sorry.  He isn’t here tonight, but if he arrives I’ll make sure to let you know!”

    The party still seemed bummed out as they made their way to the room.  Ty landed on the soft bed with a ‘thud’.  He flipped his boots off with his feet and simply pondered.  Posh wandered over, “Not to worry Mister Drayguard, I’m sure they are fine.  They are probably eating their fill at the best restaurant in town and will be here shortly.  You get your rest for now you still seem a tad pale,” she said with concern.

    “Toma can do as he pleases he is our boss after all,” Gosh said grumpily as his sister turned to him.  “Let us simply turn in for the night.  We can find Toma and the others in the morning.  Porre has always had nicely decorated Inns, so we’re in a good room.  I’m exhausted from playing prisoner to Viper!” he finished as he removed his shoes and jumped into bed.

    “I suppose your right...,” agreed Posh as she turned to Ty.  She noticed he had already drifted off to sleep.  She smiled gently, “Poor thing, he’s been through much these past couple of days.  Well, its time to sleep, good night Mister Drayguard.”

*Later that Night*

    Ty snuck from the Inn and outside he went without a peep.  As he began to leave the Inn and walk down the street, Posh and Gosh snuck out just in time to catch him.  He cringed, “And here I thought you didn’t hear me,” Ty said glumly.

    “We didn’t... erm... I was... awake when you rose from your slumber,” Posh said, her movements fidgety.

    Gosh approached from the other side, “I could not sleep as well, the Levines not returning is one thing, but I fear Porre may find the Frozen Flame aboard our ship.  I feel that we should go back to our ship and see if my lovely Tomo and the Flame are present!”

    Ty smiled, “Now your talking, let’s go!” he said as he trotted off towards the harbor.  “Well, I feel better now, now to find Tomo and her dad.  Those Quadffid Seeds are giving me a bad feeling.  Viper claimed the Levines were on our vessel.  I just hope they are alright!”

    As the party took an unintentional tour of Porre, they quickly realized how militarized the country’s capital was.  Soldiers scouted the cobblestone streets looking for miscreants.  Even though the peace was kept, a strange feeling of oppression was upon Porre.  The party quietly made their way down the roads to reach the Porrean Harbor in hopes of finding a secure way around without being noticed.  The moonlight shined brightly over the waters as the party edged closer.  Crickets and waves could be heard alongside the murmuring of Gosh, who found what they were doing to be revolting.  Gosh stepped in front of Ty, stopping him, “This is degrading!  I am a distinguished wealthy gentleman!  I cannot lower myself to the level of a common criminal!  Posh let us go to the guardsmen.  If we explain the situation I’m sure everything will be understood.  It is our ship after all!” he said quietly.

    Ty stretched his arms behind his head and stared off into the distance with an uncaring expression, “Fine, suits me just as well.  Do what you want and while you guys distract the security I’ll sneak in and find the others.”

    Gosh gave Ty a silent but cross glare, “Come sister, we have little time to spare!”

    Stuttering, Posh fumbled unable to decide for herself, “B-but…, I…,” she said as she stamped her foot down.  “Ty, I believe going to the authorities would be best, don’t you think?”

    Ty sighed as his body went limp.  “Alright, we’ll try your guys’ way first, but if that doesn’t work then we do things my way!” he finished with a grin.

    “Deal, I will show you how to be a real gentleman!” Gosh said confidently.

    Gosh and Posh approached the entrance to the harbor which was guarded by two of the bronzed mechanical dolls that Viper had on his ship.  

    Ty kept his distance while Gosh cleared his throat, “Ahem, we are Gosh and Posh Lords from the Explorer Corps of Choras!  We understand you have a few of our co-workers visiting here that are aboard our vessel.  To be frank, we have come to reunite with them and return to Choras!”

    “GA-PI-GA-PI-PI!!!” steamed the mechanical doll as it threw its large arms into the air irately.

    Gosh backed off immediately in a frightened manner.  “Gah, I’m sorry, no need to be so angry!”

    Posh gave her brother a long disdainful gaze as if to call him pathetic while Ty simply grinned slyly.  Ty approached Gosh, “See, now will you do things my way?”

    Gosh ground his teeth in frustration, but finally relented.  “Fine, if it will… allow me to see my wonderful Tomo again… we will do things your… way…,” he gulped as he swallowed his pride.

    Ty grinned widely, “See that wasn’t so bad was it?” he gloated. “Come on, let’s go find a good spot to sneak in!”


    With Ty in the lead, the party trekked through a rocky wooded area that overlooked the eastern side of the harbor.  “Hmm, I think this spot is our best bet.  I haven’t seen anyone move down here since we started looking,” Ty deduced as he gazed into the harbor discreetly from behind a tree.

    Posh grew nervous, “Er-erm, yes, just as long as we avoid the search lights!” she stammered.

    “That is an awfully long walk across that shipyard…,” Gosh sighed.

    “Nah, the guys working the spotlights don’t seem like they’re really paying much attention,” Ty noticed.  “Come on, let’s move!”

    With that, the siblings followed Ty closely as they dashed quickly and quietly across the shipyard.  Luckily, the infiltration went smoothly as they reached their vessel.  Each member of the party took cover behind a stack of crates to catch their breath.  “Oh, that was rough!” Gosh complained.  “I almost tripped over a coil of rope!”

    “Try running in elevated heels, I thought I was going to twist my ankle!” Posh followed.

    “Will you two quit complaining!  You’re going to alert the guards!” Ty warned sternly.

    As the party regrouped behind the safety of the crates, Ty noticed the plank leading to their ship was unguarded.  The party moved like shadows as they boarded the ship.  The Main Deck was void of life except for a search light up in the crow’s nest.  It moved in a figure eight pattern.  “Hmm, looks like the coast is clear, this where the real fun begins!” Ty whispered as the party quietly snuck into the ships side door from its Promenade Deck.

    The party entered into the Tween Deck and noticed all the extra cargo was violently disturbed.  Posh gasped, “Who has done this?!”

    “Damn that Viper, he had his men do this I’ll bet!” Gosh said in anger.

    “Wait, didn’t we leave the Flame at the Bridge?” Ty remembered.  “If so, then why tear apart our cargo looking for it?  This damage implies someone was desperate to find something in particular.  If the Flame were it, then their search would have ended at the Bridge.”

    “Do you think it was hidden by the other co-workers or perhaps Toma himself?” Posh theorized.

    “That must be it!” Gosh agreed.  “I was told Toma and my Tomo were placed on this ship as they came to Porre.  So they had to have hidden it before Viper’s men noticed it!”

    “Let’s make sure, the Bridge is just up ahead,” Ty said with caution.

    The party ran to the Bridge and noticed it was still missing the windows but was swept up a bit.  The Frozen Flame and its container were missing.  “It looks like someone did take it!” Posh said with eyes widened.

    “Yes, and the damage outside proves that someone is trying to look for it!” Gosh claimed.  “We must see if its still here on the ship!”

    “That, and the Levines too!” Ty added.

    Leaving the Bridge and going through the back of the Tween Deck, they entered  the Entertainment Deck.  The Entertainment Deck was in shambles.  Doors were ajar or just completely ripped from their hinges and the luxuries were all destroyed.  “My word..., they destroyed our entertainment room looking for the Flame...!” Posh gasped in shock.  

    “Shh, quiet!” Ty shushed as he heard a noise.  Sure enough, a shadowy figure could be seen at the end of the room, but its identity could not be discerned before it vanished.

    “Someone’s here with us...,” Gosh shivered, his hand on his rapier handle.

    “Well, let’s introduce ourselves...,” Ty said as the party pressed forward.

    As the party continued to search the Entertainment Deck, they eventually made their way down below into the Lower Deck, which housed all the cabins of the Explorer Corps employees.  They felt as though they were being watched the whole way.  Whoever had their eyes on them didn’t do a very good job of making sure they weren’t noticed.  Footsteps could be heard behind them, but the owner vanished as soon as they looked in their direction.  Small items could be heard hitting the floor at times, as well as scratching on various surfaces.  “Ty, I believe we are being culled into a trap,” Gosh said with unease.  The party entered into a four way intersection.

    “I ‘know’ we are..., wait, here we go!” Ty said as three figures surrounded the party.  They looked identical to each other.  They wore white muscle shirts and tan baggy pants held up by a yellow cloth belt

    “Biggs, Wedge, Piette, where have you three been and…, what the hell has…, become of you?” Posh said as she realized the strange change that has overcome her co-workers.  The three co-workers had gained sickly deep blue skin and red fiery hair and black eyes with blood red irises.

    “Quadffid poison, they are afflicted with it!” Ty claimed as he drew his weapon.  “Posh, Gosh, cover me for a second, I need to apply the antidote to my daggers!”

    “Right!” they responded in unison.  However, before Posh and Gosh knew it, Biggs and Wedge leaped on top of them with ferocity.  While Posh and Gosh were pinned to the ground by their zombified co-workers, Ty was tackled by Piette and he dropped the jar of antidote and it rolled behind a broken door.

    The party struggled against their demonized co-worker’s brute strength.  “We have to be sure… not to kill them!” Ty said as he shoved Piette off of him.  Ty reached behind the door and grabbed his antidote and quickly took a cotton swab and dipped it into the slick oily solution.  He then wiped the solution onto the blades of his daggers and managed to place the antidote away before once again being thrown to the ground by Piette.

    Posh screamed, “Agh, Ty I could use some assistance, Wedge is touching me in a place I did not permit him too!”

    “You heard her you oaf!  Help her!” Gosh said angrily as he continued to struggle with Biggs.

    “Patience is a virtue!” Ty said calmly, but with growing frustration as he struggled to raise his dagger to Piette’s triceps.  With luck, Ty overcame Piette’s strength as he sunk his dagger’s blade into his arm.  After a few moments, Piette began to cough as the regular flesh color began returning to him along with eye color and hair color.  Ty then threw Piette off him and into the door, causing its complete collapse.  Biggs threw Gosh to the ground and he stood angered.  His prideful demeanor changed to one of wrath.  Ty threw him the cotton swab with the antidote.  “Gosh, swipe your rapier with that and give Wedge a non lethal cut!  It’ll cure him!” he said as he went to help Posh.

    Gosh grunted hesitantly, “Fine, as I see no other way…,” he said as he caught the cotton swab.  He swiped it across the Mithril blade and the dim light of the vault reflected brilliantly off of it.  “Please forgive me Biggs, but I have no other choice but to slap you as Sir Cyrus would!” he announced as his muscles tightened and his senses increased.  Biggs leaped like a beast towards Gosh and Gosh retaliated with a super fast dash.  When the attack connected, Gosh’s Mithril Rapier had pierced Biggs’s right shoulder.  Just like Piette, Biggs began to revert to normal as he clutched his shoulder.

    “Agh, Ty help!” shouted a distressed Posh as Wedge used her as a human shield.

    “Bad move, Wedge!” Ty claimed strongly as he used a technique of his own.  Ty’s body surged with power and he moved so fast he appeared behind Wedge as if he came from the shadows.  “How do you like my ‘Ghostly Strike’ technique!” he shouted as he cut Wedge alongside his back.  Like his two other peers, Wedge quickly began to revert to normal.  

    After finally reverting back to their normal selves, Biggs, Wedge and Piette were patched up and they thanked the party greatly while bowing and scraping.  Gosh approached them worriedly, “That’s enough you three!  Now, where is my lovely Tomo?!”

    Wedge responded, “She’s down in the Hold!”

    “We have no idea what they have done to her though, but if it’s anything like us, I’m sure it’s horrid!” Biggs added fearfully.

    “Please, you have to help her!” Piette pleaded.

    “Just who exactly did this?” Ty asked curiously.  “Was it... a man in a cloak?” he asked in suspicion.

    “Yeah, but... how did you guess that?” Biggs said bewildered.

    “Just a hunch...,” Ty said as the others gave a look of confusion.

    “Well anyway, I’m just glad you were able to reverse the effects!” Piette said now calming down.

    “Now that you guys are cured, let’s go get Tomo,” Ty said sternly.  

    Everyone agreed as the triplets guided them through the rest of the ravaged Lower Deck and finally making it to the staircase that led to the Hold.  They faced the door that led into the Hold.  This deck stored not only cargo, but the treasures and artifacts the team had found over the course of their journeys.  They entered the room.  It was the first section and the place was nearly cleaned out.  Their was nothing in this room now, but broken crates, a single mysterious blue treasure box with gold accents and an ornate pot.  

    The party made their way to the chest, curious as they had never seen it before.  “I wonder what’s inside…, this could be bad,” he said to no one in particular.  As Ty knelt down to touch the chest a smoke cloud erupted and two entities came forth.  The two entities were spiritual beings that possessed treasure chests.  One was a large treasure chest with burly striped arms and legs while the other was smaller with very thin lanky arms and legs.  There voices spoke in unison, “Heh, heh, heh, we’re the Boxer Boys!  We want to play a game with you!  Make a choice, hit one of us.  If you choose right we’ll give you a special treasure!  Choose wrong and we’ll rough you up!”

    “What should we do?” Posh asked hoping for an answer.

    “What else, we let Drayguard decide!” Gosh began.  “I hear you’ve encountered these monsters numerous times and were always successful.”

    Ty took a long gaze at both monsters and without warning he kicked over the large one.  Posh and Gosh grew anxious as the Big Boxer got to its feet.  It dashed up to Ty, and then stopped suddenly.  It opened and revealed a small burlap sack that it handed over to him.  With that, Ty took the goods and the Boxer Boys vanished into thin air, “Nice job, until next time!” the Boxer Boys said in unison.

    “Oh, thank goodness,” Posh sighed with relief.

    “What did the monster give you?” Gosh asked curiously.

    “Looks like some extra equipment, let’s see; we have a Power Glove and a pair of Bronze Knee Defenders, nice,” Ty said as he stored it safely away.

    “Well, even you have to make yourself useful sometimes!” Gosh said haughtily.

    “Wonderful work Mister Drayguard!  I knew you could do it!” Posh said as she stared on with admiration.

    The party regrouped and decided to inspect the ornate pot, wondering why it was left behind.  Upon touching it, it too came to life.  “Crud, a Potty?!” Ty said as he drew his daggers.  Posh and Gosh did the same, but as they did, the monster acted strangely.  Two leather bands that acted like arms grabbed Ty’s feet and dragged him before the pot.  “Whoa, what’s it doing?” Ty shouted as he tried to shake the monster’s hold.  The lid opened and a puff of red smoke revealed a very obese female Genie with tan skin, three striped horns, and long maroon colored hair that was tied back in a long ponytail emerged.  Her big belly giggled as did her bust when she made even the slightest movements.  Instead of attacking however, she seemed amorous towards Ty.  Ty was astonished, “I didn’t know Genie came in a female variety!”

    The Genie had a deep voice as she blew Ty a kiss, “My, hello there handsome!” she moaned coyly.  “Why don’t join me inside my Potty here for some real entertainment!”

    Ty, ever polite, responded nervously, “Well now…, I’m not offended by larger women!  Nevertheless, I am… in the middle of something important!”

    “Aw, now, now, don’t be that way!” the Genie said with a sultry tone.  “I’ve been alone with Potty here for sooo long and I really could use the company!”

    Posh reacted on pure jealousy as she slammed the unaware Genie with her Mithril Rod, causing the monster to become unconscious.  Potty drew back its master with comical fright as it vanished back into the spirit realm.  Posh scoffed, “You should really be more careful Mister Drayguard.  You are more desirable than you realize, even to filth like that Genie!” she ended with a pouting face.

    Gosh ran his hand through his hair, “Well now sister, let’s not be quick to judge!  That Genie was perfect for our friend here!” he said with arrogance.

    Biggs, Wedge and Piette comically recoiled from Posh.  “She’s scarey when she’s mad!” Piette said in distress as the other two agreed.  

    Ty rose to his feet blushing heavily, “Let’s just keep going...”

    The party proceeded to the water tight door and Ty placed his ear to the large metal door.  Female groans could be heard coming from within.  Ty drew his daggers and without turning to face them, he spoke to the rest of the party.  “Gosh, Posh, take Biggs, Wedge and Piette and get off the ship.  I think I’ll take it from here…”

    They were distressed, “Ty no, you need us to help you!” Posh said sternly.

    “Yes, and ‘I’ shall be the one to rescue my fair Tomo!” Gosh followed.

    “Look, Biggs and the others are scuffed up pretty badly and still need to be treated for additional toxins,” Ty explained.  “Whatever I’ll find in there at this point is something only I can handle…, I have the antidote.  Return to the Inn and wait for me there.  This won’t take long, I promise.”

    “But it is only right for the ‘prince’ to save his ‘princess’!” Gosh continued urgently.

    “Look Gosh, if you care about Tomo at all then I don’t want you to see her if she has, ‘become a monster’,” Ty stated.  “If she is poisoned by Quadffid Seeds then she may be in worse condition than those three.”

    Posh was unable to say anything as her brother relented, “Do you think it could be that bad?!” Gosh said as he gritted his teeth.  “Fine then, have it your way, come on everyone let’s let the bilge rat have his moment in the spotlight!”

    As the party left Ty alone, Posh shouted back, “Please be careful Mister Drayguard!  Just..., please...,” she stammered in worry.

    Ty chuckled as they left him alone, “That woman..., I wonder why she’s so fixated on me...  Oh well, gotta do this!” he said as he opened the water tight door.  He found this next section of the Hold to also be completely cleaned out.  All the treasures they had gathered were stolen.  Ty sighed in disgust as he noticed someone struggling in a chair at the end of the dimly lit Hold.  As Ty approached, he was stopped in the middle of the room by a puff of smoke that revealed a familiar yet mysterious person.  The cloaked man Ty met on Viper’s ship.  “Hey, just who are you anyway?” Ty started, quickly growing irritated.

    The man smirked underneath his hood, “Not something you need to know boy,” he said with an angry tone.  “Tell me treasure hunter, you found the fabled ‘Frozen Flame’ did you not?” he said as he taunted Ty.

    “Don’t know what your talking about!” Ty responded in defiance.

    “Really now?” the man laughed boastfully as he revealed the flame in its dormant state in his hand.

    Ty’s eyes widened with nervousness, “Hey, give that back!”

    “This artifact is far greater than your puny mind could understand!” the man continued.  “You could not conceive of its power!  Just as the ancients in the time of Antiquity couldn’t!  I’ll tell you what!  If you entertain me enough I may give you back your treasures!” he said as he held a strange jingle bell in his other hand.

    “That jingle bell..., a Green Tinkler!” Ty said in nervous awe.

    The man rung the bell and the person behind him reacted with pain.  “Let’s see how well you hold up against your fat friend!” he said wickedly.

    “Wait what..., fat?” Ty said in confusion.

    “You two play nice now!” the man said as he vanished in a puff of smoke.

    The person broke through their bindings and was consumed with a dark aura as they began to grow enormously in height and weight.  “Tomo…, oh no…, I should not have said she would one day become a monster…,” Ty lamented as he recalled his words to her on the Weather Deck.  Tomo’s body deformed as she grew to around nine feet tall and her body fat kept pouring on like rising bread dough.  Her skin turned the same sickly blue color that the others had and the hair and eyes were also the same as the others.  When the transformation ended, Tomo was massive.  She was almost as wide as she was tall.  All the excess body fat made her slow and she took up a lot of room.  She was given a new hammer made from solid bronze that she carried easily with one arm.  She glared at Ty with a monstrous expression Ty had never seen before.  She did not seem to recognize him at all.

    The man’s voice echoed through the Hold, “Meet ‘Hell Tomo’!  Be careful now, she’ll gobble you up!” he laughed hysterically.

    “Damn you!” Ty shouted as he quickly dodged Tomo’s hammer strike.  Ty dodged hammer swing after hammer swing.  Due to all Tomo’s access girth, she was ridiculously slow, but very powerful.  “I have to be sure not to get hit, getting hit is very bad,” he said aloud as he continued to dodge.  Tomo then took one really big swing and Ty jumped to her left.  Her strike missed and the hammer went through the floor and got stuck in the hull.  As she tried to pull the hammer out Ty swung at her massive thighs giving her some superficial cuts that were stricken with the antidote.  She managed to pull her hammer out but made a hole in the hull causing a water spout to start flooding the room.  “Oh, crud, I’d better end this quick or we’ll be at the bottom of the harbor in no time!” Ty said with urgency.  

    Ty managed to keep this pattern with her for a little while but then began to notice something strange.  “Why isn’t the antidote working?” he mused as Tomo stomped around while getting a better grip on her hammer.  Tomo began to stare Ty down as she tapped her belly with her hammer and then she began to wildly slam her hammer in unpredictable ways as she dashed randomly around the room.  Water flew around the room along with her massive movements.  Ty worked hard to make sure to avoid her, but her jiggling body made it hard for him to read her movements properly.  He then realized something, “That’s it, it’s her body fat!  That’s why the antidote isn’t working right away her fat is just soaking it all up!  I need to give her a heavier dose of it!” he said aloud.  This revelation came at a price however, as Tomo was able to catch him off guard and swat him away like a fly.  Ty felt the side of the hammer collide with his torso and he spit up blood into the flooding room as he felt some bones in his ribs become bruised.

    Tomo laughed heartily as Ty wearily got to his feet, holding his torso.  He then took the jar of antidote from his rucksack, “Got to make this count, can’t take another hit like that!” he said as he ran towards her.  She laid her hammer down and Ty used all his strength to dodge the hammer, climb the hammer and leap up to Tomo.  He stood on her chest, “Open wide, it’s time for your medicine!” he said sarcastically as he shoved the jar into her open mouth.  The entirety of the antidote was swallowed by her gaping maw and Ty was thrown to the ground.  Unlike the others the antidote took a while, but it was having an effect.  Tomo still tried to attack Ty, albeit wearily as her body began to shrink very slowly.

    Tomo then did something that Ty was familiar with.  She held out her index finger and her Crystal Hourglass gleamed with light.  She then pointed her hand towards Ty.  Ty knew what would happen to him if the beam connected, but with his injury he was not capable of going anywhere.  Then, Ty shut his eyes as the beam of light enveloped him.  However, nothing happened and even Tomo was surprised that nothing came of it.

    Ty opened his eyes to find that his body was still intact, he chuckled, “Did you forget Tomo?  You said this Gastromorph skill of yours didn’t work on people!” he grinned weakly.  With that, Tomo transformed again.  The form she took though was not the form Ty was expecting.  Tomo was back to her original skin color, eye color, hair color and height, but she was still very overweight.  Her blubbery body was shaped like a pear.  She sat on the ground trying to regain her senses.  Ty approached her.  “Tomo…, is that really you?”

    Like a small child, the plump rosy cheeked woman rubbed her eyes as if waking up from a nap.  She then rubbed her tummy and yawned.  “What happened, why do I feel so heavy…, I…,” she said as she suddenly came to and realized where she was and what became of her.  “Ahh, no wait!” she said as she got a good look at her own body.  “This…, this was not something you were ever supposed to see Ty!” she said frustrated as she splashed in the water.

    “What…, I don’t understand?” Ty said puzzled.

    “This is…, my normal self…,” she began with embarrassment.  “This is what I truly look like…, it’s the other technique I developed alongside Gastromorph...  It’s called ‘Lipomorph’, and I can compress my, ‘excess’ with it... so to speak...  I deserve it for being so gluttonous.  So go ahead and laugh if you want...,” she said with shame.

    “Tomo, I don’t want to laugh at you,” Ty said weakly.  “I don’t think I could if I wanted to…,”

    Tomo gave Ty a slightly brighter expression, “You mean, you don’t think I’m… disgusting?”

    “No, why would I think that?  I’m just glad you’re alright!” he said happily.

    “So does that mean I’m still your biggest rival?!” Tomo asked eagerly.

    “In more ways than one…,” Ty chuckled.  “Ah, it hurts to laugh…”

    “Hey, you said you wouldn’t laugh!” Tomo scolded as she pouted.

    “Just playing with you Tomo, um, so how about we get out of this death trap!” Ty suggested with urgency.

    “Um, yeah let’s do that!” Tomo agreed as she realized the water had already reached their knees.

    As they headed towards the door, Tomo stopped and turned to Ty with tears of joy in her eyes, “One more thing, brace yourself, this might hurt a little!” she said as she gave Ty an enormous squishy hug.  “Thank you…, for seeing me as I truly am and not thinking little of me!” she finished as Ty weakly returned the hug and suppressed his pain.

    She released him, “Oww, my back and ribs…, your welcome Tomo…,” Ty said with a cough.

    The strange cloak figure appeared again and stopped them before they could reach the door.  “I must say, how touching.  That was interesting, but there is no longer any need for existence I’m afraid...,” he said.  “I have a world to conquer, so if you’ll excuse me I have important things to do!” he said as he awoke the Frozen Flame.  The Hold became engulfed in a spiraling blue light.

    “Ty, what’s happening?!” Tomo shouted as she covered her head and chest with her arms.

    “I don’t know, but it can’t be good!” Ty responded.

    Tomo grabbed Ty in fear as the two felt themselves lifted into the air.  Tomo managed to keep hold of Ty as they were enveloped by a spiraling light.  They then felt as though they were sucked into some kind of hole and were falling down into a darkness they had never known.  The horizon was black and it separated a blue waving ‘sky’ that mirrored itself on the other side of the black horizon.  They drew closer to the black horizon until it consumed them and they fell into a strange place.  They fell unconscious in this strange place as they impacted a hard surface.  Their they lay, outside of anyone’s reach.

*End of Chapter*
Chrono Corruption: Act 1 - Ch.3: Reclamation
The third chapter is also revised.  The fight with Hell Tomo as well as Biggs, Wedge and Piette is still in the story just moved to one chapter early.  Enjoy!
Chrono Corruption

Act 1: The Frozen Flame

Chapter 2: A Raid at Sea

    Ty and Tomo lay exhausted on the weather deck and gazed at the night sky.  “So many beautiful stars out tonight,” muttered Ty.

    “Yeah, so could you think of a spell?” Tomo asked hopefully.  “Cause, I think I have an idea on what to do with my next spell!”

    “Oh really?” Ty asked curiously.  “What’s that?”

    “It’s a secret!” Tomo began playfully.  “But I’ll give you a hint!  Apparently, I can mess with rocks like you can mess with the air.”

    “What are you gonna do with that?  Throw a rock at me?” Ty asked jokingly.

    “Jerk, you’ll see…,” Tomo replied humorously.  “It’ll be much more effective than you throwing a breeze at me!”

    Then a sudden noise could be heard on the port side of the ship.  A siren went off from another nearby ship that pulled beside their port side.  “What’s going on?” Ty said annoyed.

    “Let’s go take a look!  That is ridiculously annoying!  There are people trying to sleep on this ship!” Tomo retorted angrily.

*Main Deck*

    As Ty and Tomo made their way to the Bridge of the ship they bared witness to a Porrean Vessel outfitted with cannons and military troops.  They had already boarded via planks that reached the Promenade Deck.  Toma was just about to meet with the ship’s captain.  The Captain was a very tall, sturdily built middle aged man who seemed to be in his early forties.  His brown graying hair was combed neatly and he had a well groomed light brown beard that also showed signs of graying and bushy eyebrows.  His wardrobe was mostly militaristic with a black trench coat with white skeletal trimmings, black baggy pants, black boots and gloves and a white ruffled scarf tucked into his popped up collar.  “That’s Captain Zorander Viper!” Ty said with a look of fear.

    Tomo was just as fear stricken, “W-What’s he doing here?” she muttered.

    “I don’t know, but your dad seems to hate the fact he’s here,” Ty retorted as he observed Toma’s distress.

    Captain Viper and Toma XIV stood face to face as their conversation quickly heated up.  Ty and Tomo could not discern what they were talking about, but with each passing minute Toma grew more irritable.  

    “What’s the meaning of this Viper?!” Toma said angrily.

    Viper got a good look at Toma and smirked, “Well, it seems you have put on a lot of weight recently Toma.  Enjoying the finer things in life a bit too much, eh?”

    “Don’t dodge my question Viper!” Toma scoffed.  “What are you doing boarding my ship without an invitation?!”

    Viper remained calm and collected, “Well, my men and I were doing our rounds until the officer on the crow’s nest spotted a pillar of red light not to far from our position.  We were wondering what it was so I ordered my ship to head to it.  Simple as that.”

    Toma calmed down, but still remained on edge, “Well as you can see we are okay and there is no danger.  We just had some... difficulties with the distress flares is all.”

    Viper was unconvinced, “Excuse me Toma, but I know as well as you do that, that was no ‘flare’.  Which brings me to my next point.  What did you find out here Toma?  I’m not disembarking until you tell me the truth.  You found something extraordinary didn’t you?”

    Toma relented with a heavy sigh, “Posh, Gosh get Ty and my daughter down here.”

    The Lords siblings nodded in obedience. They quickly went to find Ty and Tomo.  Tomo looked on as the Lords siblings hurried off rather frantically, “What do you suppose those two are so flustered over?”

    “I don’t know, but I don’t like it,” Ty responded.  “Viper must be here because he saw the light the Flame gave off.  Let’s see if we can’t hide the Frozen Flame.  Just in case.”

    Ty searched the Bridge for a safe place to store the Flame, but found it to be fruitless.  “Bah, there’s no good place to stash this thing!” he snarled.

    Tomo tapped her foot nervously, “We’ve got to think of something!”

    Just then, the Lords siblings entered the Bridge and they seemed very nervous.  “Oh thank goodness!” Gosh said relieved a bit.

    “We we’re hoping you two were up here!” Posh followed also calming down.

    “Viper wants to know what we found!” Gosh said with alarm.

    “What should we do?” Posh asked hoping for an idea.

    Ty paused for a moment.  He then gazed at everyone with a grin, “We tell him the truth.  We found a chunk of coral and nothing more.”

    “He may buy that, but how do we explain the light it emitted?” Posh asked with concern.  “Surely there is nothing else in this world that could emit such a light?”

    The four hunters paused for a moment until Tomo got an idea, “Wait, I know!” she started with a confident grin.  “Ty and I saw a really weird structure in the deep waters!  Why don’t we tell Viper the light came from underneath us, from the structure I mean and not from the ship?”

    Gosh fell into an infatuated stupor, “Oh wonderful, Tomo my sweet!  Your idea is fool proof!”

    “Yes, that isn’t in poor taste at all!” Posh said in agreement.  “We can tell Viper whatever made the light is still down there.  If he buys our story he may take over searching the sea himself and we will be back on our way home!”

    “Alright let’s tell him the truth!” Ty said as the four left the bridge.

    Standing before Viper and his men felt like a trial of sorts.  Ty stepped forward and threw down a bag of odds and ends the party found while scuba diving.  “This is all we found Viper.  No legendary treasure, just some old stuff from old ships and nothing more.”

    Viper remained unconvinced, “Hmm, I will buy that story if you can explain the strange light show we saw.”

    Tomo stepped forward and placed the backs of her wrists on her hips while wearing a sort of defiant attitude.  “Well, if you must know we found a mysterious structure beneath the waves when me and Ty were using the bathysphere.  This structure was like nothing we’d ever seen!  It was covered in coral and undersea minerals, but it looked... futuristic?  I want to call it?  Anyway, we interacted with the structure and it made a huge tower of light that lit up the entire bottom of the sea!” she lied solidly.

    Viper paused and his stone cold face raised one eye brow.  He then burst into laughter, “Young lady, I do believe you have been reading to many science fiction novels!  What makes you think I would believe such a tall tale?!”

    In an instant, Viper’s words struck fear into Tomo, Ty, Posh and Gosh.  Tomo protested, “No its not a lie, there really is a structure down there!” she pleaded.

    “Rats, I didn’t anticipate the truth would be so hard to believe!” Ty thought in surprise.

    “Well if you don’t want to tell me the truth, then let me show you what the future really holds!” Viper said strongly.  “MUSTARL!!  RALSH!!  COME!!” commanded Viper.

    Two large figures jumped from the upper promenade deck of Viper’s ship.  When they landed before the party it became apparent that these two figures were mechanical and not human or fiend.  The one to Viper’s left, was thin and green with long skinny limbs.  Its head was long but rounded with noticeable ears and slit shaped eyes and mouth.  Its figure resembled the likeness of ancient stone fetishes in tribal cultures.  The one to Viper’s right was much more bulky with wide hips and shoulders.  Its head was ovular with large round eyes and ears.  It too resembled ancient tribal fetishes.  Finally, they both had large silver windup keys in their backs.

    “What are these things?!” Ty asked in astonishment.  “Puppets?!”

    “I don’t know, but they look like ancient statues we’ve found before!” Tomo stated in awe.

    “Mustarl, Ralsh, arrest all crew members of this ship and escort them to our brig!” Viper commanded.  “These cretins call themselves treasure hunters!  I call them what they really are!  Thieves, grave robbers and criminals!  Further more, they have entered into Porrean waters without permission!  See to it that they are detained!  Dragoons, search this ship for their stolen goods!  Have I made myself clear?”

    Everyone was in shock as Viper’s men quickly mobilized and began to carry out their mission.  Toma cried out in anger, “Have you gone mad Viper?! Who says the Sea of EL Nido is Porrean property?!”

    The two mechanical puppets obeyed their master and quickly moved around the deck of the ship in an odd rickety fashion.  The two figures then began abducting Toma’s crew with simplistic ease alongside Viper’s Dragoons.  Toma’s crew members fought back with their cutlass’s as everything turned into an old fashioned brawl.

    Posh cried out to Ty, “What do we do now Mister Drayguard?!”

    “We’ll just have to fight our way out of this!” Ty said drawing his daggers.

    “Um, hello!  In case you haven’t noticed there are way too many of them and to top it all off we are trapped on this ship!” Gosh said with a realistic tone to his statement.

    “You got any other bright ideas?!” Tomo snapped as she firmly grasped her hammer.  The four then grouped together as they were surrounded by several Dragoons.  The Dragoons wore grey metal body armor with brown cloth pleated skirts around their waists and they wielded plain iron swords and their iron helmets covered all but their mouths and noses.  

    One of the Dragoons rushed Ty with his sword, but Ty parried with his left dagger and attacked with his right dagger, sinking it into the man’s unarmored triceps.  He dropped his sword and backed off as two more took his place.  Tomo managed to block and parry most sword swipes with her hammer and then retaliate with powerful blows while Posh and Gosh defended with their own mithril weapons.  Gosh locked himself into a duel with a Dragoon until he managed to disarm the man.  It did not take long for another Dragoon to take his place however.  Posh found herself in the hardest position.  She mainly protected herself with blocks using her mithril rod while staying close to her brother or Ty.

    Ty kept his opponents at bay with lighting fast dagger strikes and deflections erstwhile ‘Plundering’ the Dragoons pockets for extra money or goods.  However, this strategy began to fail once the Dragoons changed their own tactics.  This forced Ty to stop his plundering and withdraw, “We need to retreat and get in a better position!” he announced to his teammates.

    “I know!  We’re sitting Bellbirds out here!” Tomo said as she batted a Dragoon away from her.  

    Then suddenly, Mustarl and Ralsh appeared opposite to one another surrounding them.  “Oh, forget that we’re done for!” Gosh said with an expression of fear.

    “No, we can’t give in like this!” Ty said as he faced Ralsh.  “We are so close to making the biggest historical discovery ever!” he finished as he dashed towards the machine with his daggers held in a reverse grip.  Ralsh did not move as Ty leaped into the air and slashed the mechanical doll with all his might.  As Ty landed he turned his gaze towards Ralsh who was not even the least bit scratched or fazed by the attack.  He was in shock.  

    Tomo did the same to Mustarl with her hammer but it only bounced off also giving her an expression of fear and awe.  “But... but I’m super strong!  How did my hammer do nothing?!”

    “Well then... it seems we have to try our new ‘special techniques’ out, huh Tomo?” Ty smiled with unease.

    “No Ty, don’t be reckless!” Tomo shouted in resistance.  “You haven’t even learned one yet!”

    Ty braced himself in an awkward stance with his legs spread and arms outstretched weakly.  His Cloud Key reacted to his emotions and his body was surrounded with a green luminescence.  “Ha, not to worry Tomo, I got this all under control!” he said with reassurance.  He then gave a powerful war cry as he threw his hands downward as if to ‘fan’ his opponent.  Unfortunately, that is literally all he did was give a cooling breeze to Ralsh.  He gasped in horror, “Oh crap...!”

    “Let me try mine!” Tomo shouted as she outstretched her right index finger.  “Gastromorph!!!” she announced as the yellow stream of light hit Mustarl dead on.  Mustarl was enveloped by the light, but with a shrug, it broke free unharmed.  Tomo was shocked, “What...?  But I know my own spell...  Why did it fail?”

    Gosh dropped his rapier and his sister dropped to her knees.  “That’s it, we’re done...” Gosh said hopelessly.

    Mustarl and Ralsh raised their arms in preparation for an attack.  Their metal joints making grinding noises as they did so.  Before Ralsh threw a slap at Ty’s head, he closed his eyes in an attempt to ‘lessen’ the impact.

*Later, Aboard Viper’s Ship*

    Ty awoke groggy and bruised in a dark damp cell deep in the bowls of Viper’s massive ship.  He quickly remembered the pummeling Ralsh gave him.  Only a small lantern lit the cramped space.  He lay on a rickety iron framed bed with a putrid mattress.  “Ugh, my everything...,” he moaned in pain.  He quickly searched his person and found his Cloud Key still around his neck, but his daggers were missing.  A large figure stood before the portcullis door with its backside facing it.  It was another mechanical doll.  It was about seven feet tall and had a burly upper body with a bronze finish and had maroon cloth accents.  Its head was set into its torso and its long arms nearly reached the ground.  Ty approached and tapped the thing through the bars.  

    It responded with a whir, “GA-PI?  GA-PI-PI?” it said.

    No matter what Ty did after that point it did not give any other response or even turn around.  Ty gave up and sat back down to tired and beaten to do anything else.  “I wonder what happened to the others?” he said worriedly.

    Tomo awoke in a well kept aristocratic room with beautiful wooden stained furniture with bronzed accents.  It was lit dimly with candles and the window let in a cool sea breeze.  The dawn had still not come so save for the candle light the room was quite dark.  Tomo searched her person and found her things to be placed neatly on a chair not to far from her.  The bed was comfy and had maroon colored curtains lining the top of its frame. She noticed her hourglass pendant still around her neck and clutched it with a sigh of relief.

    As she took a deep breath she heard the door creak and open.  She quickly feigned being asleep.  A Dragoon came to her bedside and ‘awakened’ her.  Tomo acted like she had been asleep to throw off suspicion.  The Dragoon spoke with order in his voice, “Miss, are you awake?” he asked.

    “Yeah, what do you people plan on doing with my dad and my friends?” she asked sternly.

    “Come with me and we’ll tell you everything,” the Dragoon continued.  “You must be hungry, we’ll stop at the kitchen before moving on.”

    Tomo’s face brightened a little, “Well, I am pretty hungry...”

    The Dragoon quickly brought Tomo to the mess hall which was filled with Dragoons, “We have a meal already prepared for you so we don’t waste time, please eat your fill,” he said not breaking his orderly tone.

    Tomo was suspicious as she sat at the large wooden table.  There were a few Dragoons quietly eating their meals at the other end of the table.  This made the scruffy tomboy feel a little nervous.  She felt a little better after sitting down and taking note that no one was paying her any mind.  She eyed the Hyper Kabob that was placed in front of her a meal normally for a family.  She thought with suspicion, “Why are they giving me this to eat?  I hope this isn’t like a ‘last meal’ or something...” she worried.

    As she worried she managed to polish off the entire kabob stuffing herself to the ‘gills’.  This comically caught everyone’s attention which caused her to blush fiercely.  The Dragoon came to her side, “All finished?  Good then let’s go,” he ordered.

    Tomo had no choice but to follow him but decided to attempt to make a little conversation, “Y’know, I’ve had Hyper Kabobs before, but that one had some weird seasoning on it,” she claimed.

    “...,” he responded.

    “Joy... a real chatterbox...,” Tomo thought unsettled.  “I mean it was ‘good’, it just had something weird on it...,” she stammered.

    “...,” he responded again.

    She decided to stay silent and after a few moments of walking they reached their destination.  He seemed to have taken her to a very eerie part of the ship deep inside the hull.  This made her feel nervous and tense as she was invited into a room.  Upon entering the room the Dragoon stood watch outside.  The room was filled with nothing but extra weapons and armor and was lit with small whale oil lanterns.  A single wooden chair sat directly in the center of the room.  Nervous, Tomo sat down in the chair.  She hoped she would not be here long if she did what they wanted.  However, unbeknownst to her a dark cloaked figure stood behind her.  This figure blended in with all the junk due to the cloak they wore.  The person walked up silently and raised their hands over her head.


    Viper came to Ty’s cell and called to him, “Drayguard, Welcome to my ship,  ‘The Snake Strike’.  I have business with you,” he claimed sternly.  The mechanical doll now stood to the right of the cell door as Viper stared at him through the portcullis.  Viper unlocked the door and opened it, “Come with me, Drayguard,” he commanded.

    Ty kept quiet as he analyzed Viper.  He left the cell, but kept his distance as he followed Viper.  Two Dragoons followed Ty to make sure he did not try anything, but kept their distance from him as well.  They acted nervously not wanting to get within arms range of him.  

    After some time and a very brief tour of Viper’s war ship, Ty was brought to a suite.  The suite was lined with bronzed accented mahogany furniture with a white fluffy bed lined with marooned curtains and girly accessories along with some girly toys placed on a coffee table.  Ty was brought to the bedside of a black haired little girl who slept very deeply in the bed.

    “What does a sleeping kid have to do with me?” Ty asked puzzled.

    “Do you know who this is Drayguard?” Viper asked rhetorically.  He responded without allowing Ty the time to guess, “This is my daughter Riddel.  She is very ill, stricken with a touch of poison.  I fear this poison will eventually take her life if she is not cured soon.  You... my studies have shown you and your family are masters of poisons and venoms.  I am glad whatever you found underneath those waves drew me to you.  This is surely Fate.  I need you to cure my little girl,” the man said attempting to fight back tears.

    “First...,” Ty began as he looked over the child.  “Promise me you’ll let my friends and I go after I finish.  Second; I need to know some details.  How did she get poisoned, and what kind of poison is it?”

    Viper took a deep breath as he remembered the unpleasant incident.  “We were on one of the many uncharted islands east of Porre in hopes of establishing our rule there.  The natives were Fiends and not the friendly Medinan variety.  They were savages who used a lot of occult magic and brandished weapons glazed with poison.  Not unlike what you do.  During the nighttime hours while we slept some of those Fiends snuck aboard our ship while others entered our campsite.  Fearing the worst, I left my Dragoons to deal with the Fiends at the camp while I darted back to the ship.  I was just a moment too late though.  A Fiend broke into Riddel’s cabin and attempted to kidnap her.  I managed to kill the Fiend, but not without their weapon cutting into my daughter,” he explained solemnly.  

    Ty sent Viper a cross gaze, “Why did you have Riddel with you in the first place?”

    “My daughter hates it when I’m gone for too long and since that was supposed to be a routine scouting trip for land expansion it didn’t seem to be too dangerous,” Viper explained.  “But I was wrong...”

    “And now your kid here pays the price...,” Ty followed up.

    “I don’t expect a ruffian like you to understand what its like to be a father!” Viper snipped back.  “I simply want you to heal my daughter!  I’ll pay you anything!  What do you want, jewels, gold, or women perhaps?”

    Ty sighed heavily, “You don’t need to bribe me to get me to help a kid Viper.  I’m not made of stone.  Only this, just let me and my coworkers go after this is done.”

    “You have my word as Captain of the Porrean Military, and head of the Viper Clan!” Viper said sternly.

    “Good, now I need some things before I can do anything,” Ty started.  “First; I need to know what type of poison she’s inflicted with.  So if you have a sample that would be great.  Second; I need a place to work.”

    “Done, one of the weapons, a crude knife was confiscated and there is a medical deck down below.  You can work in there,” Viper claimed.

    “Alright, it’s a start.  Let’s get to it,” Ty replied.

*Medical Deck*

    Ty was guided to the medical deck where it was nice and clean and it resembled any common doctor’s room.  Viper showed Ty around, “You can study the toxin in here.  If you need anything that will assist in making the cure simply let me or my men know,” he explained.

    Ty simply nodded as a Dragoon came in and handed him a wrapped up object.  Ty grasped the object and unraveled the white cloth.  It was the crude fiend knife that was used to poison Riddel.  Ty walked over to a lab table and gently placed it down.  With that, Viper left Ty alone to work.

    An hour passed as Ty ran the sample of poison from the knife and as he did he heard the door open and a figure sat down in a chair near the door.  Ty turned his head to his strangely silent intruder.  The figure was in a dark cloak, and no features were discernible underneath the hood.  Ty became suspicious as the figure did not act hostile or say anything and seemed to simply sit there and monitor his progress.  “Can I... help you?” Ty said curiously.

    The figure let out a deep low chuckle.  This person’s laugh indicated they were male, “Hmm?  Oh don’t mind me, I just wanted to see a poison master’s progeny at work is all,” he said with interest.

    “No offense, sir,” Ty began as politely as possible.  “But having you sit there and stare at me silently is a little creepy.  Its kinda distracting really.  I’m not so good at what I do when I feel like I’m performing for an audience...”

    “Ah I see,” the man replied, seemingly understanding.  “I will leave you to your work..., but before I do allow me to ask you a question.”

    “Sure, what is it?” Ty replied.

    “Do you realize you are in a situation where your actions can change the course of history for many decades to come?” the man asked.

    Ty blinked with an expression of surprise, “Come again?”

    The man chuckled again, “But of course!  You’ve been given the keys to open the doors of Fate young man!  Captain Viper has been placed in charge of a surprise attack on the nation of Guardia, but thanks to his daughter’s affliction he can’t focus.  Your ability to remove the poison from Lady Riddel will judge whether or not Captain Viper will be mentally fit enough to go to war.  If you fail the lives of both you and your friends are likely at stake, but if you succeed Viper’s mind will be clear and his resolve strengthened!  Success will bring about a bloody attack on Guardia that will cost many lives, lives that were lost because you helped Lady Riddel.  Your nation, Choras, has something to gain from a Porrean Victory as well; your independence.”

    “Well that doesn’t place any pressure on me at all...!” Ty said sarcastically.   Ty was stunned, taking in all that had been said to him really placed him on the spotlight, “Well, it seems that no matter what I do, someone is going to die, but my arms can only reach so far…  It’s not really any of my business who goes to war with who, nor could I stop them either way.  Only Lady Riddel and my friends are within my reach and I can save them and myself as long as I can craft this cure.  If I do, then the Porreans will get the drop on an unprepared Guardia and lead in a bloody war, most likely with Porre as the victors.  I can’t do much about that.  Regardless of who wins, Choras is guaranteed nothing.  We may just switch who rules us as opposed to gaining independence.  Nevertheless, my only moral choice now would be to save Lady Riddel and my friends.  So that is what I’m gonna do.”

    The man laughed deeply with a sense of joy, “I’m quite happy you made your decision and fate seems to have laid the path for you.  I also heard of a special event the Royal Family is currently preoccupied with, so their minds aren’t on war preparations.  It must be a very special event to have the attention and priority of so many!”

    “Yeah, it’s been the latest kick, the Princess is getting married soon…,” Ty explained.

    “Ah, the Princess’s big day!  It is surely a big event indeed,” said the man.  “It would be such a shame for her to receive such woe on her most cherished day.  Her alter dashed, her wine spilled upon the ground, mixing with the blood of her dying people, her fine cuisine lapped up by stray animals, her villages burned, and her town square leveled during the festivities.  Yes, for it is much misery and woe indeed!”

    Ty seemed a little put off at the man’s strange remarks, but at the same time was not all that offended by it, “Yeah, that would ruin my day for sure…”

    The stranger noticed Ty’s discomfort, “Ah, are you offended by what I’ve said?  You seem a tad unsure…  Oh, I see it in you, you show some… disdain for the Princess of Guardia, do you not?”

    Ty’s expression changed to one of shock, “Um, well its not like I outright hate her personally, but yeah, she is… a really big problem… that needs to… go away.”

    The man seemed intrigued, “Oh ho, tell me of her sins towards you…”

    Ty scoffed under his breath, “First of all things, she and her father keep my nation bound to theirs and we have no power or say in the decisions they make.  They have higher taxes on Chorasians along with other frivolous charges to prevent us from gathering wealth or passing it on to our descendants.  They take our dignity by claiming the legendary Cyrus is a child and ‘Hero of Guardia’ despite him being from Choras.  However, they instantly blame us for the defiling of his grave, so they fix it, glorify themselves, and shame us for something we could not rebuild because our nation is rock bottom pore.  They drive my people to work long hours with just enough pay to make our standard of living ‘miserable’.  Other than that, other small petty laws are placed on us...  We’ve practically begged for our independence but are laughed out of their throne room without a second thought!” Ty explained getting more and more riled up.

    “And now you have the power to change that!” said the man strongly.  He then rose to his feet and while heading for the door he gazed at Ty, “Good luck, Drayguard!” he said with a chuckle as he left.

    Ty sighed heavily as he lifted a flask with a strange yellow fluid in it.  His mind was brought back to his work as he realized something about the mixture, “Oh, I know what kind of toxin this is!”


    Viper became anxious as Ty was able to explain the situation to him, “It’s a toxin called ‘Mojo’,” Ty notified.

    “Mojo?  What sort of weird toxin is that?” Viper asked confused.

    “Mojo is a cocktail style poison made from many differing toxins that work well with each other,” Ty began.  “The recipe is always different; a little of ‘this’ and a little of ‘that’, you know that sorta stuff.”

    “How can it be cured?” Viper asked hoping for a clean cut answer.

    “That’s difficult to answer considering its one of the nastiest poisons in the world,” Ty started as he crossed his arms.  “If I had some Hydra Humour your daughter would be completely cured in as little as a single day.  However, considering the Hydra is a critically endangered species that may not be possible to obtain.  Another option is that if your daughter’s blood type matched mine I could make a blood serum that contained my antibodies.  My family’s self poisoning technique boosted our immunity as well as living in the poisonous marshes of northern Choras for nearly 400 years.  It could give your daughter the edge to survive and kick the toxin out of her body, but it could take a while.  The only other option is to keep giving her different panaceas and hope for a result.”

    Viper didn’t like any option he was given.  Nevertheless, he pressed on, “Does your blood type match my daughter’s?” he asked.

    “We can see, but if it doesn’t than that option is a loss for us,” Ty informed seriously.

    Viper excused himself from the room and his Dragoons quickly brought a sample of Riddel’s blood in a vial.  The Dragoons left Ty to his work and with little effort Ty reached his conclusion.

    Viper was called back to the lab, “Well Drayguard?”

    Ty gave a glum look, “Nope its no good, no match...”

    Viper let down his gaze, losing hope, “Wait, you said you lived in a marsh!  Is there any Hydra...!” he said as he was cut off.

    “Nope, there are none there.  That’s why the waters are so dirty and acidic,” Ty said coldly.

    “Is there anything you can do at all?!” Viper said growing angry.

    “Well, we can find another Hydra or search the Black Market for Hydra parts; I would use the second option really,” Ty informed.  “Poachers know where to find Hydra’s and they hunt them for their expensive body parts.  Meat, bones, blood all of it has worth.”

    Viper came to a decision, “Very well Drayguard, we’ll set sail for Choras.  In the meantime you can stay here in the lab.”

    “What about Toma’s ship?” Ty asked curiously.

    “Its being sailed to Porre.  It and its contents are being confiscated for the time being,” Viper explained.  “You’ll get it back after Riddel is healed.”

    Ty sweated as he felt his blood run cold, “If they find the Flame aboard we are so doomed!” he thought.  “Alright Viper, the Black Market should have something I can use.”

    “Good, no more wasting time then, let us be off!” Viper said as he left Ty in the room by himself.

*Three Days Later*

    Viper’s ship had kept its distance from Choras to make sure no one on the mainland became suspicious and reported their actions to Guardia.  Ty was placed on a life boat with Posh and Gosh to assist him.  Ty explained the situation to them and Posh was all to eager to help Ty, “So all we have to do is find some Hydra Humour from the Black Market?  I will gladly purchase it for you Ty!”

    Gosh was grumpy as usual, “You do know how expensive Hydra parts are don’t you?!”

    “It matters not!” Posh scoffed.  “I will gladly throw as much money down as needed to help Ty!”

    “Hmph, whatever!” Gosh snubbed.

    “This is gonna be a long day...,” Ty moaned to himself.

*Choras, Choras City*

    Choras City was the country of Choras’s main capital city.  It was large, but had a feeling of poverty about it.  Its infrastructure could use updating and the only structure that stood with majestic beauty was the Hero’s Grave Mausoleum that stood at the northernmost end of the city.  “So where is this ‘Black Market anyway?” Gosh asked irately.  

    “Underground, we can take those stairs that lead into the sewer system beneath the city,” Ty explained as he pointed out a flight of stairs that led underground.

    “You know, I do wonder why Tomo is not with us,” Posh said curiously.

    “It matters not, this sewer is no place for a lady such as her!” Gosh defended as the party entered the sewer down below.

    Posh instantly took offense, “So what am I then?  Chopped liver?”

    The two bickered as Ty simply sighed.  The sewer offered something it had not before.  Massive Rats, Bugs, and Bats attacked Ty and his group whenever they could.  Despite the resistance, Ty was able to make it around the sewer, turn various valves and pull strange switches until he found the secret entrance into the black market.

    “I thought we’d never find it!” Posh said relieved.

    “Please let us hurry! Do you realize what I stepped in back there?!” Gosh said shivering in disgust.

    “That’s strange, I’ve never seen so many monsters in these sewers before.  I hope that’s not a bad sign...,” Ty thought.

    The black market underneath Choras was like an underground shopping district.  It was lined with kiosk stands and had shady people walking up and down its dimly lit isles.  “What a strange place,” Posh said unnerved.

    “I think you mean, ‘disgusting’...,” Gosh corrected.

    “Well, this is Choras’s Den you know,” Ty explained.  “Just don’t wander off alone would you?”

    “Not a chance!” Posh said as she cheerfully latched onto Ty’s arm.  Her brother snubbed the situation.

    After a while, Ty came to a shady looking shop that held many strange things.  Most of those things were kept in jars or vials.  Ty went up to the salesclerk and he seemed to be familiar with Ty, “Hiya, you uh, got any Hydra parts laying around?  Like the Humour for instance?”

    The shady man scratched his goatee, “A fresh kill came in from the south about a week ago.  Scholars are now reporting the creature to now be officially extinct.  A lot of it already sold, but I should have some Humour still laying around.”  He went into the back and fiddled around for a few moments before coming back with a large flask of a yellowish green fluid.  “Good news, its our last bottle, fresh from the fridge!” he said with a smile.

    “Wonderful, how much is the damage?” Ty asked humorously.

    “About 50,000 gold,” the clerk said as he placed it on the table.

    Ty cringed, “Oh, that stings!” he said.  Ty leaned over to Posh, “I hate to ask...”

    “Think nothing of it, Mister Drayguard!” Posh said cheerfully as she pulled a special government issued gold note from her wallet.

    She handed it to the salesclerk after filling it out, “Wow, you guys mean business!  Do you want that gift wrapped?”

    “No thanks, that’s about it for us!” Gosh said with urgency.  

    “Alright then!  Ty, tell your dad I said hi for me would ya?” the clerk said as he waved them off.

    “Right!” Ty said as he and the Lords siblings left the shop.  “Now let’s get back we don’t have time to mess around!” he said as the siblings agreed.

    As the party left the sewer they began heading for the docks.  During their trek a woman came up to Ty running and panting.  She resembled Tomo, but was middle aged and wearing a tight brown corset top with blue sleeves that left her shoulders bare.  She also wore skin tight pants of matching color as the sleeves.  Finally, she wore brown leather boots and was adorned with gold jewelry.  “Ah, there you are, where is my husband, Toma?!”

    “Tomo’s mom, I wonder if her hind quarters are as good looking as Tomo’s..., wait what am I thinking?!” Ty thought humorously.  “Uh, well, he’s preoccupied at the moment.  Why do you need to see him is something wrong?”

    “Not in a dangerous sort of sense,” she began.  “I got a letter from the Guardia Royal family.  It seems to be a request.”

    “A request?” Posh asked curiously.

    “Yes, please give this to my husband and tell my daughter I want her to come home soon,” she said trying to hide her worry.  Oh and Ty, be sure to visit your parents once in a while too, you’ll make them worry!” she said turning and walking off.

    Ty glanced at her bottom as she strutted off, “Yep, now I see why Toma kept this one!” he thought with a blush of embarrassment.  “Don’t worry we’re almost done!  We’ll be back soon!” he shouted.

*Viper’s Ship, The Snake Strike*

    “You got the goods?” Viper asked hopefully.

    “Yep, making the cure should be a breeze!” Ty said with a confident smirk.

    “Wonderful, you do Porre and myself a great commission lad!” Viper said swelling with joy.

    Ty was guided back to the lab where over several hours managed to construct the cure for Riddel.  It was administered and her condition improved within a single hour.  She awoke, albeit weakly, and asked for a glass of water.  Her father gave her the water with loving tears of joy in his eyes.

    “There, your daughter should be fully rejuvenated by tomorrow,” Ty said with a smile.

    “Thank you, as promised you’ll get your ship back along with its cargo.  It’ll be a few days until we reach Porre, but you have my word,” Viper said honorably.

    “Thank goodness!” Ty thought with relief.  

    Ty was then led to a small cozy cabin to stay for the duration of the trip.  He was finally allowed to let himself relax.  He lay on the bed and opened the letter from the Guardia Royal family.  It was a very pretty letter as it had decorations made with gold glitter adorning it.  The letter read, “Dear Toma XIII, I have a special request of you on behalf of the royal family line of Guardia.  Please send your best as it is the single most important time of my life and I want it to be as perfect as possible!  You will be rewarded handsomely, Princess Nadia Guardia.” he read aloud.  Ty chuckled as he placed the letter back in his bag and drifted off to sleep.

*End of Chapter*
Chrono Corruption: Act1 - Ch.2: A Raid at Sea
The second chapter I also revised, I needed a new way to introduce the magics of Wind and Earth so I blamed it on the Frozen Flame since Lavos was the whole reason magic exists in CT.  Ty and Tomo are item assisted magic users as opposed to Crono and friends innate use of it.  This will be explained in further chapters.  Enjoy!
Chrono Corruption

Act1: The Frozen Flame

Ch.1: Secret of the Sea

    The Frozen Flame, a mythical treasure that draws the attention of all treasure seekers.  Said to be merely a myth, the Frozen Flame is regarded by some as nothing more than a ‘Fool’s Errand’, a ‘Wild Goose Chase’, and even a ‘Tall Tale’.  It’s said it’s a treasure that could grant any wish, what a laugh right?  Just like a child’s fairytale.  That would make it a treasure to end all treasures.  No known origin of the flame has ever been proven and it differs from storyteller to storyteller, from liar to liar, from scholar to scholar and from hunter to hunter.  Most people believe it’s nothing more than a rumor and that’s the one’s who have even heard of it, which aren’t many.

    People that know of it, all have different theories and stories as to its origin.  Some believe it to be from an ancient magical kingdom that once floated in the skies.  Nonsense…, I’m a Treasure Hunter and Archaeologist and while I’ve uncovered lost artifacts from distant, ancient civilizations, I’ve never found anything that says people lived in cities that were elevated in the skies.  Still, that would be cool though…  Nevertheless, others claim it’s far older, like some ancient gem stone from the ages of the dinosaurs.  This theory isn’t entirely impossible; after all, I don’t believe ancient man was as dull as the stones they used.  I believe humans were always smart and clever.  Other stories include things like the Frozen Flame being a highly advanced machine from far in the future that was sent back to record time and what not…  That’s a wild one, heh, heh, heh…  Its purpose and appearance also differ from tale to tale.  Some say it can grant wishes, but at a price, like your life for instance, to me that would make it worthless you can’t even keep it then, or enjoy what you wished for.  Others believe it’s a rare mineral that can be used as a source of energy and that finding it would change the way the world works, which is very likely.  Some even think it’s some kind of weapon of mass destruction, which is laughable.  Oh and get this, I’ve even heard that it’s something that fell from the heavens, like a meteorite from some alien world.  Yeah right, that’s the most unbelievable one yet!  Ha!

   You want to know what I think...  I believe the Frozen Flame, if it exists and that’s if it ‘does’ in fact exist, it’s a large uncut gemstone of incredible rarity, or a rare mineral of some kind.  A mineral that, if found could easily be used to further technology in a number of ways.  If found we may be able to trace it to where it can be found naturally.  Then again, on the other hand, I also believe that it may just be some old man’s hoax.  A rumor started by some old troll under a bridge to confuse humanity and tease their greed.  Then again, there is always some ‘Grain of Truth’ to these old myths and that, to me, is the real treasure.  The truth… as corny as that may sound to you.  But hey, am I really so wrong?  The truth is a hard thing to find after all… and so many covet it… because so many conceal it.

*The Great Blue Ocean*

    A medium sized water faring vessel made from strong wood and thick sails bravely sailed towards the most dangerous and treacherous part of the world’s oceans.  These waters were called by sailors, The Sea of El Nido.  In these waters lie anomalies that defy what man knows about nature.  Calm waters swallow ships whole with seemingly no warning.  Navigators and their equipment are thrown off by strange readings that make no sense and many are lost.  Many more are lost to terrifying storms that make mice out of even the most seasoned sailor.  Today, it is the year 1005 A.D. and it is a calm day with not a cloud in the sky and a band of treasure hunting explorers called the Explorer Corps intend to go scuba diving in hopes of unveiling its mysteries.

    A young man lies sleeping on the expansive bow.  He hopes to abate his case of sea sickness.  He appeared to be in his early twenties, had a sturdy build and was quite tall, measuring at six feet and four inches in height.  He has brown spiky hair that was swept to the right side and he has soft dark green eyes.  He wears a forest green scarf that is wrapped loosely around his neck with the tail end reaching down his back.  A tight charcoal colored t-shirt hugs his wide shoulders, torso and deltoids.  Over that shirt he wears an ash grey short sleeved jacket with a white woolen interior and brown leather covering the shoulders.  The jacket’s sleeves were rolled up at the hem and two small straps, one on each sleeve, both buttoned to the jacket itself indicated that the jacket had sleeve extensions for cold weather.  His worn azure colored shorts were lined with deep pockets and were held up by a plain black leather belt.  He wore two tin plated charcoal colored dagger sheathes, one at each hip, with two used and worn daggers sheathed in them.  Other items included his personal favorite pair of yellow rimmed goggles placed around his forehead, charcoal colored finger-less gloves, forest green rolled down socks and charcoal colored boots with tin metal plates adorning the toes and heels.  As he lay in the sun a seemingly ancient artifact in the shape of a simple skeleton key with a gleaming colorless gem stone set in it seemed to absorb the suns rays as it lay on his chest.  It was hung around his neck by an iron chain.  

    The young man noticed the sunlight became blocked by a shadow that loomed over him.  The shadow belonged to an irate young woman.  She called out to him, “Ty…!   Ty you bonehead are you feeling any better?” she scolded as he opened his eyes.  He squinted as the girl moved as he couldn’t look into the sunlight directly.  He rubbed his eyes to ward off his grogginess.

    Ty responded with a yawn as he sat up from his ‘pillow’ made from a coil of rope, “Yeah Tomo, what do you want anyway?  You know I don’t do well with sea sickness…, a nap is the only thing that cures me.”

    “I just wanted to let you know my dad says we’ll be at our destination in a few moments, so you better get your gear ready,” Tomo informed as she placed her hands on her wide hips.  Tomo was also in her early twenties and was much shorter than Ty; she came to about five feet and two inches tall and had a very fit build, amber colored eyes and she has honey brown colored hair that was styled in a short spunky haircut with her neckline fraying outwards and curled upwards slightly from her neckline, more so from the right side than the left.  She was dressed in a white plain sleeveless leotard and a pair of charcoal black colored stretchy form fitting pants with an olive green waistband.  An olive green purse was strapped to her hip on the left side and a brown leather whip at her right.  Two large olive green pouches also lined her belt above her rear.  She also wore a brown short jacket with short sleeves, a hood and zipper with two black horizontal lines running alongside the chest and white fluffy hems.  Her arms were covered with charcoal black fingerless gloves that reached her elbows and she wore brown leather boots with fluffy hems around the ankles.  She sported heavy beige sand filled arm weights and anklets to match and she had a wooden Ogan’s Hammer strapped to her back alongside an olive green leather rucksack that was slung over her left shoulder.  Lastly, the most mysterious item she carried was an ancient artifact in the form of a small sand filled hourglass.  It too seemed to absorb the suns rays as it shined brightly in the sun.  It was strapped to a small light silver chain that was hung around her neck.  “My dad says that we’ll be reaching our destination soon and he wants everyone ready!” she informed with her hands still on her generously wide hips as she tapped her foot repeatedly.

    “Oh yeah, well Toma can just wait a few more minutes that’s what he can do!” Ty said with a playful grin.

    “Okay then, but you know how my dad gets when he’s mad!” Tomo said as she pouted.

    “Yeah, yeah, I’m up..,” Ty responded with a stretch.

    “I can’t just leave you here to have naughty dreams all day!” Tomo teased with a smirk and a wink.

    “Oh, but those are the fun ones!  I think you were in one of them once!” he said returning her teasing.  “Would you like to hear about it?”

    She retorted with a mocking laugh and a slight blush, “Ty you’re so much a prude that I sometimes wonder if you’re even capable of naughty dreams!”

    Ty placed his arms down as he cracked his knuckles.  “Dreams about copious amounts of food are ‘naughty’ to you Tomo!” he ended with a chuckle.

    The two began walking slowly to their destination while keeping conversation, “Well then just excuse this little piggy!” Tomo replied while she playfully stuck out her tongue.

    Ty teasingly knocked on Tomo’s head as if it were a door.  “Careful now, you should really watch how much food you eat.  After all, you know what they say, ‘A moment on the lips, forever on the hips’!” Ty teased back.  As Ty said that he caught a gaze at Tomo’s plump posterior and thick thighs.

    Tomo caught his blushing but nervous gaze, “Hey there, where do you think you’re looking?” she asked with a giggle.

    Ty shot her a rather cheerful gaze, “Nowhere special, but I’m not gonna lie your backside fills out those stretchy clothes really well!” he said politely.

    Tomo felt a little irritated as she crossed her arms.  “Humph!  I wear these skin tight clothes because they are sporty and comfortable.  Just so you know!  So don’t get the wrong idea and lose your self control!” she said confidently as she flexed a little.

    “The only one around here, who can’t ‘control’ themselves Tomo, is you!” Ty grinned with a chuckle.

    The two bickered playfully until they parted ways at their respective cabins.  The ship came to a stop and Ty and Tomo each came from their cabins now wearing swim wear.  Ty simply kept his azure shorts on along with his daggers at his sides and his skeleton key artifact around his neck.  Tomo wore a simple white one piece bikini with her olive green rucksack, her hourglass artifact and Ogan’s Hammer still with her alongside her weighted anklets and wristlets.

    The two met up outside and made their way to the Main Deck to meet with other co-workers.  They continued to bicker playfully as they did so.  As the workers gathered on deck, a muscular heavy set man with a big belly and strong burly arms stood at the bridge overlooking them.  He had spiky dark brown hair with a scruffy mustache and beard and he wore round rimmed glasses over his dark eyes.  He dons a beige bandanna wrapped around his forehead leaving the tail end to dangle off the back of his head.  He is wearing a dirt stained, sleeveless white shirt with a burnt orange leather jacket that had many pockets with archaeological tools stuffed into them.  A stone grey stretchy cloth sash held up his worn tan baggy pants and he wore baggy brown gloves with orange weighted arm guards with silver plating and orange boots with grey socks.  Lastly, he carried a massive backpack with all kinds of equipment as well as small bags around his waist.  “Well, thanks to you all for coming out here despite all the terrifying legends surrounding these parts, but that is what we explorers do!” he said strongly.

    Ty leaned in towards Tomo and whispered in her ear, “Your dad really knows how to ham it up!”

    “Oh, shut up!” Tomo responded with a heavy whisper.

    As Toma XIV finished his speech, two more explorers made themselves known as they approached Ty and Tomo.  A male and female, they are siblings and around the same age as Ty and Tomo.  The way they dressed and carried themselves indicated they were very wealthy.  The male has wavy blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes, was about five feet and seven inches tall and has a lithe build.  He wears a lavender tunic with a black belt over a baggy white long sleeve shirt, a pair of tan baggy pants, white gloves, lavender boots and a dark purple cape with white animal skin trimmings with black spots both around his neck and at the tail end of the cape.  He also carried a blue satchel at his left hip and a Mithril Rapier at his right hip.  The woman was exactly the same height as the man, but her leather strapped indigo steeple mage’s hat made her seem taller than she really was.  She has long black hair with curled sideburns that framed her face, blue eyes and possessed a very voluptuous yet fit build with a large bust she proudly showed off.  She was scantily dressed with only a blue long sleeved crop top that bared her midriff and matching loin cloth with an indigo cape.  She also wears a black leather belt, a pair of white frilly gloves, black thigh high stockings and purple boots.  She also brandishes a Mithril Rod for protection and had several pouches tied to her belt.

    The man approached Tomo, “Ah, Tomo my sweet, I Gosh Lords have the honor of seeing you in swim wear today and even though it is of the simplest and most common of design your natural beauty makes it seem like one of a kind!”

    Tomo seemed unimpressed and completely unaware of his affections, “Thanks Gosh!” she said casually.

    The female approached Ty, seemingly with the same smitten affection.  She inspected him and seemed disappointed, “Aww, I was hoping to see Mister Drayguard in his swim wear today!  How come you are still in your shorts?” she pouted as she fidgeted with her fingers.

    Ty also responded casually, “I am wearing it, Posh.  It’s under my shorts instead of my usual underwear.  It’s just a…, tad snug so I’m going in with my shorts on to cover it!  Minor oversight actually…,” Ty said embarrassed as he blushed.

    Tomo blushed as she shot Ty her astonished gaze, “What, you ‘ARE’ wearing something like that?!  Now I have to see!  That’s so not like you!” she said growing intrigued.

    Posh blushed but kept her clam composure, “Well then, allow me to show you mine first, perhaps then, you won’t feel so self conscious!” she said as both she and her brother threw off their own clothing in a spectacular fashion.  The two struck poses as they revealed their revealing swim wear.  Gosh wore nothing but a pair of lavender swim briefs and his rapier while Posh had a skimpy indigo sling bikini that barely covered any part of her body.  All crew members both male and female gathered around in pure admiration and lust to witness the scantily dressed duo.

    Both Ty and Tomo blushed with embarrassment, “Wow, I didn’t even know they made swim wear like that!  Is that even legal?” Ty said as he gazed at Posh’s design.

    Tomo looked at Ty with a mischievous smile, “Are you wearing the same thing he is?” she said pointing to Gosh.

    Ty’s attention was now glued to Tomo, “No, I wouldn’t say that...,”

    “You are aren’t you?  Oh, you naughty boy…” Tomo whispered mischievously.

    “Now listen here you…!” Ty retorted defensively.  “Mine at least cover my thighs too!”

    Both Posh and Gosh became irritated at being ignored so they decided to make a move.  Posh interrupted Tomo by hugging Ty and this irritated Tomo, “So what do you think of my swim wear?  I designed it myself!  It saved me a lot of money on material!” Posh explained proudly.  “Not that I needed to save money mind you!”

    He blushed furiously in response, “Oh wow, yeah, I’ll bet it did, barely anything to it, front or back!”

    “Strong words from someone who chose practically the same thing as my brother, only yours is blue instead!” Posh said as she carefully inspected her crush’s waistline.

    Ladies in the crowd of onlookers urged Ty to remove his shorts, “I’m surrounded and everyone has the wrong idea now thanks to Tomo,” Ty said hopelessly.

    Gosh focused only on Tomo, who was growing more irritated with every passing second, “You needn’t bother with that bonehead Tomo!  It doesn’t matter what he wears, I do it better!” he reassured poetically.

    Before Tomo could respond, her father interrupted in an outburst of rage.  “Will you morons quit clowning around and get your air masks on?!  Especially you Drayguard, you stupid swamp rat!  As much as I love seeing Posh in her new little number we have a job to do!” he scolded furiously as he plugged his bleeding nose with a handkerchief.  Ty vanished before anyone noticed and everyone dispersed in a hurry to please Toma.

    Several workers moved four bronze crates up to the deck and placed two each on the port and starboard sides of the ship.  They flipped open the top to reveal a mechanical three cylinder air pump inside.  They attached air hoses to the bottoms of the crates and began to slowly crank them.  Ty, Tomo, Posh and Gosh each placed an air mask on and attached the hose to the apparatus.  Ty placed his goggles over his eyes, “I’ve always wanted to go diving!” he said with excitement as he placed black fish-like flippers on his feet.

    “It’s great and really refreshing too!” Tomo stated excitedly also placing the flippers on her feet.

    Toma came forth with his orders, “Now, I want you guys to find as many artifacts as you can carry.  Anything that might be of interest is valuable!  Also, if the sea life is bustling, off some of them so we have some extra supplies for meals!  Those are your orders, now get to it!” he finalized.

    With everything checked and double checked, the party of four jumped into the ocean and it was warmer than expected.  “Nice, I was hoping it was warm!” Ty thought as his muscles relaxed and the tiny bubbles tickled his skin.  “Well, we are near the equator so I guess it would be weird for it to be freezing!” he thought.  Ty then began to dive downward as did his co-workers, but they found the waters to more turbulent than they first thought.  It wasn’t long until they reached a shallow bottom however.  “Alrighty, now it’s time to look for goodies!” Ty thought with a smile under his mask as he swam around.  He quickly lost himself to the beauty of the ocean floor as he gazed at the undersea structures and its inhabitants.  Its most interesting inhabitant had to be the large amoeba like creature known as the Jelly Blubba.  Its gelatinous body was shaped like a large gorilla but with no head and it had two large nuclei that acted like a pair of ‘eyes’.  Other creatures were mostly fish although one had to avoid contact with the Puffies as their poisonous spines would cause serious harm.  The party continued to search for some time until Ty started coming to man made items half buried in the sand.  “There we go, jackpot!” he thought as he eagerly began digging up all sorts of items, most of which included trinkets and ancient coins lost on ships over the years.  Eventually, he filled his sack with all kinds of stuff until he made his way to a steep and dark cliff.  Ty peered down into the watery darkness, “Wow, that sure is deep I must be at the end of the continental plate or something.  I wonder how deep it goes?” he thought quizzically.

    Tomo managed to make her way over to Ty and also carried a couple of sacks worth of watery goods.  She waved cheerfully as she began heading towards him.  The current got the better of her however and toppled her.  With all the heavy stuff she carried and her weights on she fell off.  “TOMO!!!” Ty shouted underneath his mask causing bubbles to escape.  Ty dropped his bag and dove in after her as she struggled to untie her bounty from around her neck.  The pressure of the deep quickly began to increase making it hard to breathe.  Tomo gave Ty a desperate gaze until he finally was able to grab her foot.  He quickly grabbed her body and unsheathed his dagger and cut the cloth from around Tomo’s neck and freed her from the heavy bags.  She then grabbed hold of Ty with her super human strength in sheer appreciation.  Ty tapped her elbow comically and she quickly realized that the pressure of the deep was already causing him trouble.  She let go and Ty tried taking a slow deep breath as best he could.  As the tension lifted Ty caught sight of something looming out of the deep dark depths.  It was just barely noticeable.  It was a long skinny structure that stuck out of the darkness.  Ty pointed it out to Tomo and while they could not discern exactly what it was, they both agreed that it was a man made structure.  Excited but unable to withstand the deep pressure anymore, they grabbed each other in a hug with Tomo blushing as they slowly began rising to the surface.  They did not want the Benz so they took their ascent very slowly and breathed regularly.  After plenty of time, Ty and Tomo reached the surface.  

    The Explorer Corps workers helped them aboard and Toma was there to meet them.  Ty and Tomo were physically drained from their endeavor.  Posh and Gosh came up to see them as well each caring for their respective interest’s condition.  Posh knelt down and rubbed Ty’s back as he breathed heavily, “Oh Ty, we were so worried!  Why were you both gone for so long?” she said with worry.

    Gosh did the same for Tomo, “Tomo my sweet is that bilge rat responsible for this?”

    Ty then spoke, breathing heavily, “Toma, there’s a man made… structure down there… get the bathysphere up and running!”

    Tomo followed, also breathing heavily, “Yeah dad… I think it might be a ship… of some kind!”

    Toma reacted with astonishment, “What, but the bathysphere is kind of a new invention we don’t even know if it works!  And just how far down did you two go?”

    “I got pushed off the continental plate by the under toe…,” Tomo began.  “I sank for a wile until Ty finally caught up…  I really don’t… know how far it had to be… but the pressure was a real killer down there!”

    “I’m just glad we didn’t… get oxygen poisoning… even my skills with poisons can’t cure that,” Ty claimed.

    “We could have been poisoned with… air?!” Tomo said in shock.

    “Everything can become a poison Tomo… all you need is the right dosage…,” Ty said with a smirk.

    Toma interjected gruffly, “And yet somehow with a body like yours Ty, I would not be surprised if you or the rest of your family would be immune to oxygen poisoning!”  Toma started.  “I’ll get the bathysphere ready.  I want to know what’s down there, but whatever it is its way too deep for a man to reach, so get some rest in the meantime!”
*At Sunset*

    The bathysphere was a spherical vessel made of very thick steel plates riveted together with a bronzed finish and had a small very thick window with flood lights attached.  Inside it only had room for two people.  Ty and Tomo were aboard and they completed their tasks in preparation for the dive.  Using the crane, Toma began lowering the sphere into the ocean, “You two be careful now especially you sweetie!” he said to his daughter over the radio transceiver.

    “Right dad, we’ll be okay!” Tomo responded over the transceiver.

    The bathysphere slowly submerged while Ty and Tomo gazed out the window.  In time, it dropped 100 feet, 200 feet and then 300 feet.  Ty looked around and could barely see anything, “No I don’t see the spire yet, keep going!” Ty said into the transceiver.

    “Just how deep did you two get?” Toma growled.  

    Once the bathysphere reached a few more feet the structure that Ty viewed earlier came into view.  “Found it Toma, keep lowering us!” Ty urged with excitement.

    “I’m gonna turn the lights on!” Tomo informed, also excited.

    Once she flipped on the lights the structure was now visible.  The structure was a tower of some kind, definitely man made.  It was covered with minerals from the ocean indicating it had been here for many years.  The anticipation became disappointment however, once they reached the floor and the light revealed it to be nothing more than a small tower of twisted metal.  “Aww, it’s nothing but a hunk of metal!” Tomo whined as she stamped her foot.  The shaking of the bathysphere made the ocean floor give way and continue the decent.  “Uh, dad, you can pull us up now it’s a false alarm…, dad?” she voiced into the transceiver only to hear static.  “Rats it’s on the fritz!” she panicked.

    Unbeknownst to them however, a large storm brewed and hit the boat hard.  Toma suddenly lost control of the crane and the descent was continuing without control.  “Everyone, help me get control over this thing!  We have to get them back up here and get out of this storm!” Toma shouted in an orderly fashion.

    The bathysphere began reaching depths of over 1000 feet and it continued this level of speed.  Every fifteen minutes or so caused another 1000 feet to be breached.  Tomo became afraid, “Ty…, how come dad isn’t pulling us up?”

    Ty gritted his teeth in worry, “I… I don’t know, maybe something’s happened…”

    “If it has… we’re done for…,” Tomo said with a gulp.  “I don’t want to die I’ve never even had a boyfriend yet!”

    The bathysphere began to moan a little as it reached 8000 feet depths.  “H-hey Tomo, look there are fish down here after all…,” Ty said nervously, trying to take their minds off the thought of death.  “This sphere must be really sturdy, who made it?”

    “My dad had it commissioned by Porre scientists, so I don’t know how deep it can go…,” Tomo claimed.

    At approximately 9800 feet the flood lights shined on something unimaginable.  Ty and Tomo gazed out the window and were speechless at what was being revealed to them.  “Ty, w-what am I looking at?” Tomo asked in amazement.

    “Good question, I was kinda hoping you knew!” Ty responded.

    The lights shined on a massive structure, a building of some sorts.  This was no ship that was hiding in the dark, but a massive facility of unknown origin.  It was covered in minerals, sand and coral; nevertheless it was an enormous sight to behold, no other ship or vessel came remotely close to it in size.  Small portions of the building seemed damaged while larger structures were intact.  The bathysphere came to a stop of what seemed to be a large road that would lead into the facility and the vessel creaked and moaned in protest.  The gauge inside the sphere read ’10,000 feet’ nearly two miles down.  “Wow, I want to explore it so badly!” Tomo whined while she hopped up and down slightly in her seat.

    “I know I really want to see what treasures lie inside!” Ty followed in her excitement.

    “Ty, what if… what if this is where the legendary Frozen Flame is?!” Tomo asked with excitement.

    “Oh… it has to be here, it has to be!” Ty said confidently.  As Ty flailed in excitement he hit his hand on a switch which caused the bathysphere to transform.  It gained four legs not unlike a crab and two grabbing arms.  “Whoa, this thing is mobile too?” he asked rhetorically.

    “Where did the Porreans get this kind of tech anyway?” Tomo asked also surprised.

    “Well, whatever, let’s move around and look for treasure!” Ty said as he grabbed a control panel with two joy sticks.  He moved the sticks around and discovered that they moved the arms.  “Heh, neat I got the arms, so that must mean the control panel near you controls the legs!” he pointed out.

    Tomo eagerly grabbed the control panel near her and began toying with it.  She quickly grew frustrated, “Oh damn it, this blasted thing!  What are these inverted controls?!” she complained as the sphere danced around humorously.  “Got it, there we go!  Now let’s look around!”

    The two began to use the bathysphere’s new form to explore the wondrous new find.  The form was slow but stable.  Like a crab it scuttled down the road to a coral coated entrance.  The two gulped in anticipation as they entered the building.  The first thing they saw was a statue of a human with his arms outstretched towards the sky.  It stood on a pedestal that had a bronze plaque that was illegible.

    Looking past the statue revealed a collapsed bridge and a large open door on the other side of the room.  Carefully, Tomo maneuvered the bathysphere across the bridge and into the next room.  This room was also covered in coral and mineral growths but ahead lay a hole in the floor.  Upon approaching the hole in the floor a faint red light could be seen illuminating the room below.  Tomo perked up with a big smile, “Ty, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”

    “Depends..., are you thinking of diving into the scary hole we might not be able to get back out of?” Ty started sarcastically.  “Or that, that red light below might be coming from the world’s most mythical legend?”

    “The latter, let’s go!” Tomo said as she plunged the bathysphere into the hole.  Luckily, it was not very deep but it did lead to a large room with a very long bridge ahead of them.  In the distance of total darkness a twinkle of red light lay at the center of the room.  Tomo gunned it and in a matter of moments they came within view of their prize.  What they saw was amazing.  A strange red object coated with sea salts and corals with an almost otherworldly design suddenly reacted to their presence.  It opened like some kind of insect until its shape resembled a ‘flame’ and had two eye-like structures at the center that seemed to peer at them.  “Ty this is it!  This is the Frozen Flame!  We’re gonna be the most famous people ever!  Grab it Ty!”

    “Well what do you know, it does exist!  It’s a whole lot creepier than I thought it would be, meh who cares I’m takin’ it!” Ty said with a smirk.  Ty grabbed the Flame with the robotic arms and it folded up taking its ball-like shape again.  Its red light went out as well, but they had it, the item of legend.  The two sighed with relief back to back.  Before they could rejoice a tug came on the bathysphere’s cable dragging them up back through the futuristic ruins.  Ty grabbed the transceiver, “Toma wait a minute, we’re okay!  Just give us a minute!  Stop pulling us up!” he shouted furiously.  To no avail, the transceiver only gave off static in return.  The bathysphere collided with the statue at the front of the ruins knocking it down on its way out the door.  This caused the bathysphere to moan and spring a small leak.  “Oh crud, Toma if you heard that last message forgo it, pull us up, pull us up!” he yelled into the transceiver loudly.

    “I hope we make it back up before we become pancakes!” Tomo said worriedly.

    “Yeah, or else no one will ever know this is down here!”  Ty added with concern.

*On the Surface*

    The bathysphere finally broke the surface and the door was quickly kicked opened.  Water came from the bathysphere and Ty and Tomo leaned out to meet a crisp cool night.  “Oh thank heavens we almost flooded completely!” Ty said with relief.

    Tomo struck Ty comically over the head with her fist, “We would have had a lot more air if you weren’t always yelling into that transceiver you block head!”  

    The crane brought the damaged bathysphere to the deck and they climbed out breathing heavily.  “Thanks guys you’re a like saver!” he said as Toma and the Lords siblings came rushing up to them in worry.

    Toma came to his daughter and rudely brushed Ty aside, “Are you alright?” he said as any caring dad would.

    Gosh rushed to her as well while Posh went to Ty’s side, “I was worried sick!  You should have just let Ty go!  He ‘is’ the most expendable of all of us after all!” Gosh said belittling Ty.

    Tomo simply attempted to quell their concern as she tried to keep her embarrassment down.  Meanwhile, Posh held Ty’s arm, squashing his upper arm into her bust, “I’m glad you’re alright…  Don’t worry you’re not as expendable as he says!  Well, errm…, what I mean to say is…  Oh, my…”

    Ty shrugged off the insults, “Don’t worry about it.  Let’s just get ourselves cleaned up and take a look at our find,” he said with a slightly glum tone.

*Later, On the Bridge Deck*

    “You found the WHAT?!!” shouted Toma and the Lords siblings simultaneously.

    Ty sat a large wooden chest on a table, “Yep you heard me, the Frozen Flame!  It was stashed in that weird building at the bottom of the sea.  I have no idea what it was doing there, but we found it!” Ty said cheerfully.

    Ty casually opened the box and pulled out a small sack.  Tomo continued the explanation, “We were careful not to touch it because we have no idea what it does or even if it’s harmful,” she said.

    As the sack was untied the contents seemed surprising, but in the disappointing sort of way.  The Frozen Flame was nothing but a round chunk of what seemed to be coral and other sea minerals.  Toma grew angry at the sight, “What is this?  Do you expect me to believe this chunk of coral is the legendary Frozen Flame?”

    Tomo stopped her dad, “No daddy, we both saw it!  It glowed just like the legends say!  It just folded itself back up again.  It has this… ‘compact’ state or something…,” she explained haphazardly.

    “Compact state…?” Toma said calming down.  “It can open and close?”

    “I know we just have to get it all cleaned up!” Ty said as he unsheathed his dagger.  He brought his dagger down and began chipping away at the coral until a small eye-like apparatus opened up and peered up at him unknowingly.  Ty brought down his dagger again and hit the eye-like structure and the room was enveloped by an enigmatic force accompanied by a blinding red light.  It was so forceful it placed all occupants on the bridge firmly on their backsides as well as blowing out all the windows.  The light cast forth a pillar into the night sky.  As quickly as it came, the light vanished leaving everyone groggy as Ty rolled over and struggled to open his eyes.  As he sat up he quickly noticed his key around his neck was glowing and his skin felt like it was crawling.  The dusty old skeleton key seemed to radiate with power and the gem set in it shined like the bright morning sky.  The gemstone even had torrents of energy that resembled clouds moving within.  The power made Ty feel strange as he inspected his arms for the source of the tingly feeling.  He gazed in awe that his blood veins glowed through his skin with the same bright red light the Flame unleashed.  As the light resonated from the key it synchronized perfectly with the luminescence of his veins.  “Whoa, what is this? I feel really weird…, like I can move the air or something!” he said as he made a slight push motion with his hands.  A small gust of air came forth from his hands and blew some papers off the table the Frozen Flame was sitting on.  “That…, that was also weird…,” Ty thought out loud as his body went seemingly back to normal.  The light also faded from the key, but its gemstone still shined.

    Tomo got up and she was also in the same condition.  She gazed at her Hourglass trinket and it too was glowing along with her blood veins.  Yellow energy collected in her hands as she smiled with cheer, “Alright the Frozen Flame must have recharged my Crystal Hourglass!” she said.

    Ty looked her over as she reverted to normal, “What do you mean ‘recharged’?” he asked dumbfounded.

    “Oh, was your Cloud Key dead this whole time?” Tomo asked curiously.  “My Crystal Hourglass had power when my dad found it for me when I was little.  I was able to use a little magic here and there with that power.  It was cool so I never let anyone know that.  Your ‘Cloud Key’ and my timer must be made out of the same stuff.  I’m thinking they are made out of the ancient minerals the Dreamstone and Sunstone!”

    “Nice, I’m glad I collect keys!” Ty said enthusiastically.  “So wait then, you could use magic before?  What could you do exactly?”

    Tomo’s expression changed to one of slight embarrassment, “Uh, it’s kinda hard to explain, so I’ll show you later!  If you don’t mind that is…  So what does your Cloud Key let you do?”

    Ty seemed suspicious but decided to drop it in favor of learning what he could do with the Cloud Key.  “Well, let’s see here now…,” he started as he moved his hands back and forth in a pull and pushing motion.  The air in the room followed his motions without missing a beat as it howled through the broken windows.  He laughed with glee as if he were a child with a brand new toy.  “I don’t know how I can explain this, but it’s like moving a part of my own body!  I just know how!”

    Tomo brought her arms inward in excitement, “That’s so cool Ty!  I always knew you were full of hot air!”

    Toma and the Lords siblings got up wearily and began growing curious.  “What was that?” Toma started in confusion.

    “I guess this thing really is the Frozen Flame!” Gosh said as he cowered back.

    “Magnificent, should we head back to Choras now?” Posh asked with satisfaction.

    Toma stepped forward to see that the Frozen Flame was still in its dormant state.  He quickly wrapped it back up and carefully placed it back into the box.  “Okay everyone, get some rest!  We’re headed for home in the morning.  We’re going to change history once we get back!”

*Later, On the Weather Deck*

    Ty was up late that night outside on the weather deck on the ship.  He was practicing using his newfound power.  “I hope this isn’t all I can do!” he said stressed.

    Tomo came up to him from behind, “Couldn’t sleep, huh?” she said as she placed her hand on her hip.

    “Not a wink…,” Ty said as sweat fell from his brow.

    “Since we have this power now do you wanna practice a bit?” Tomo suggested.

    “Sure do!  I want to know everything about this!” he said firmly.

    “Well let me show you what I can do!” she said excitedly.  She placed a large rock on the deck and stepped back to Ty.  “Watch closely now!” she said cheerfully as she pointed her index finger outward and a yellow stream of light emanated from it and hit the rock.  The rock transfigured into a small craggy piece of red material.  Ty was stunned as she went over to retrieve the item.  She popped the strange material into her mouth and chewed it up.  It had become rock candy.  “I call this spell, ‘Gastromorph’.  With it, I can transform anything into an edible foodstuff.  I always got sick of not being able to eat when on long trips with dad so I made this spell so I would never go hungry.”

    “Can you make different things other than rock candy?” Ty asked curiously.

    “It depends on what I hit with it…,” Tomo started.  “I haven’t used it on nearly everything out there but I know that animals become a slab of mystery meat, bugs become gummies, Fiends become pastries and inanimate objects always become hard candies.  It also doesn’t affect humans.”

    “Well that’s a relief, but you still might want to be cautious you might become a monster if you eat too many!” Ty teased.

    Tomo seemed flustered, “This coming from a man who boosts his immunity with self poisoning techniques!”

    “All right, you want to spar so I can come up with a spell?” Ty asked as he unsheathed his daggers in a playful manner.

    Tomo took her hammer from her back with a wide grin, “You know it!  I’ll pummel you into oblivion with my strength!”

    “Heh, you gotta catch me first woman!” Ty taunted.

*End of Chapter*
Chrono Corruption: Act1 - Ch.1 Secret of the Sea
A revised version of my Chrono Trigger fan fiction, now this is the ABSOLUTELY LAST TIME I am revising this thing!  I edited out most of the Chrono Cross references, making only nods to that game for lore purposes.  Enjoy!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!  I hope you all have a fantastic day!  As for me, I'm still learning and trying to find time to practice art.  So, I'm trying to get more active and give out more art for you guys to see!  Thanks for your patience and your watches, your all great! :)


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Hidden within the Sands of Time!
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United States
Hi there, I am a practicing artist who likes to draw fan oriented material as well as my own creations! I like works that involve Japanese media such as anime, video games, Science Fiction like the Terminator or Medieval Fantasy like Lord of the Rings. Oh and I also like chubby girls, but no porn mind you! I like to keep things cute and adorable! Pleasure to meet you and thanks for stopping by!

I am also a member of the Japanese website Pixiv! You can find the link below! :)


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