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Super Luigi Bros.
The Shaman of Shadows

1-6: The Greenhouse of Horrors!

*Monstro Town*

    “This is quite a find Luigi!” praised E. Gadd.  “You’ve caught quite an old ghost here.  Let’s hurry and store him!”

    "Okie dokie, but what about the shadow spirit?” Luigi asked curiously.

    “Not to worry, we can filter him out separately!” E. Gadd claimed with a chuckle.  “Now, place the nozzle of the poltergust into the Ghost Container.  I’ll Portrify Pumpkin Head later.  For now, we deal with the shadow spirit!”

    Luigi did as he was told and after all was said and done, Pumpkin Head was stored while the shadow spirit was extracted.  The shadow spirit was ejected from E. Gadd’s machinery and projected onto the wall.  It hopped around in a friendly manner in an attempt to communicate.  As they were thinking about the situation, Luigi and the professor heard a knock at the door.  “Yes?  Merlon is that you?” E. Gadd asked.

    The voice on the other side of the door was muffled, but it was indeed Merlon’s.  “Yes, may we enter?” he asked loudly.

    “Please, come in!” E. Gadd said as he opened the door.

    Merlon and Merlessa walked in with a sense of urgency.  “I knew I felt something strange!” Merlon claimed as he looked upon the shadow spirit.  “That spirit is Mario’s Soul!”

    “Great job retrieving it Luigi!” Merlessa congratulated.

    “What do we do with it?” E. Gadd asked dumbfounded.

    Luigi looked pale, “Yeah, m-my brother’s not... dead... is he?” he said trying to fight the thought.

    Merlon chuckled, “No, no, not at all Luigi.  He’s under Merloom’s curse.”

    “We can’t understand him now, but I got just the thing for that!” Merlessa claimed with a wink.  “I’m gonna need some help, so would the Three Musty Fears hiding in Luigi’s shadow please come out?”

    Enchanted, the Three Musty Fears appeared and floated above Luigi’s head.  “How may we assist you Merlessa?” Greaper asked politely.

    “Ask the spirit if he’s willing to ‘haunt’ his brother,” Merlessa said with a quote, end quote expression with her fingers.

    “Oh, I think I know where your going with this...,” Greaper said with a smirk.  Greaper flew off and joined with the shadow of Mario.  Mario’s shadow was still for a few moments until he emerged.  “Yeah, he agrees with this he says he’s practically dying to help Luigi, but isn’t sure how.”

    “Aww, he must really hate the position he’s in right now,” Dry Bones said with a chuckle.

    “That’s brotherly love for ya!” Boo claimed.

    “Good, that’s all I need to know,” Merlessa started as she turned to Luigi.  “Luigi, stand in the light and project your own shadow so that it stands next to your brother’s.”

    E. Gadd moved a lamp behind Luigi and his shadow stood next to Mario’s.  Merlessa began a chant with her hands clasped together.  A strange wind moved throughout the room and Mario’s shadow overlapped Luigi’s.  E. Gadd was astounded, “Incredible, Luigi now casts his brother’s shadow instead of his own!”

    Merlon chuckled, “And that’s not all, take a look!” he said as he pointed.  Mario emerged as a three dimensional purplish being with glowing yellow eyes.  

    “Mama mia, what is this?!” said Mario’s shadow as it looked itself over.

    Luigi jumped in fright, “Waah!” he screamed.

    “Luigi calm down, it’s me Mario!” Mario said trying to calm his brother.

    Luigi calmed down as soon as he realized Mario was really before him, “What happened, why do you look like that?” Luigi asked with obvious concern.

    “Yes Mario, why don’t you fill us in?” E. Gadd asked with interest.

    “We thought you were doomed when Merloom took your soul,” Merlon claimed.

    Mario placed his hand underneath his chin, “Hmm, well it happened like this!  Merloom tried to use that same tactic to steal Peach’s soul but the crystal ball was too full and it cracked.  I was able to escape but Peach is still locked up in some large building with a lot pipes.  As I got further away, I got cursed by that wizard and turned into a shadow spirit!  All this time I’ve been looking for you Luigi so we could rescue Peach and get my body back!”

    “I was hoping for more info, but Peach was there with you?  Why?” Merlon asked curiously.  “Merloom can’t do anything with her.”

    “Oh yeah, and King Boo was there too, he seemed to be wanting something from Merloom!” Mario blurted out.

    “KING BOO?!!” everyone shouted.

    “Great Scott, King Boo, what dealings does he have with that wizard?!” E. Gadd said with a fright.

    “I don’t know all the details, but it looks like they were going to make a trade,” Mario began.  “He wanted Merloom’s Crystal Ball for something he called, ‘The Urn of Underland Valley Shadows’!”

    Merlon, Merlessa and the Three Musty Fears spit in absolute fear over what they just heard.  “The Urn of Underland Valley Shadows?!!  If Merloom gets a hold of that artifact his power will increase one hundred fold!” Merlon claimed in fear.

    “I knew he was always looking for something powerful, he must really want to undo the prophecy of the Green Thunder!” Merlessa. “He was always paranoid about prophecies!”

    “Well, the King of all Boo’s would be the one to ask about that,” said Boo in terror.

    “Why does King Boo want Merloom’s Crystal Ball?” Greaper asked bluntly.

    Everyone went silent as they had no answer as to why the King of all Boo’s would want a wizard’s crystal ball.  Merlon spoke up, “Nevertheless, we’re now running out of time!” he claimed with a sense of urgency.  “It’s time to take down the Rag Hag, Luigi!  I suggest taking time to visit Merlicity and buying some things before taking her on.  Just as a precaution, you know.”

    “Okie dokie!” Luigi claimed strongly.

    “One thing before you go!” Merlessa said.  “Mario, you can help Luigi by interacting with the environment in a number new of ways.  I’ll brief you as you go along, but for now just get to the Greenhouse and I’ll do the rest!”

    “Thank you!” Mario said as he and the Three Musty Fears retreated into Luigi’s shadow.

    Luigi then paid a visit to Merlicity and seen that her shelves were stocked with magical goods, not all things Luigi could use, but they were neat nonetheless.  “Ah, what great timing!  I’ve just finished taking inventory!  So what can I get you handsome?” she asked with a coy tone.

    Luigi searched the shelf and found a special green shell, “Perfect, a Noknok Shell!”

    “Ah, yes, the Noknok Shell is an enchanted Koopa Shell that returns to its user after being kicked around.  It’s perfect for long range combat!” Merlicity explained.  Luigi took the shell and he then decided to head to Jinx’s Dojo for some pointer’s on the Noknok Shell.

    “The Noknok Shell, is pretty straightforward!” said Jinx straightforwardly.  “Aim it at your target and give it a good kick!  The enchantment on it will always have it return to you, so kick it as hard as you like!  Hmm, now that you have enough weapons and skills, I can teach you how to combine them with the Vibes.  Would you like to learn about that?”

    “Yes, please!” Luigi urged.

    “Fantastic, as you know already, the Thunderhand can be combined with the Rage Vibe, but not the others.  This lesson teaches you that your brother’s hammer can be combined with the Gloom Vibe.  You’ll be able to throw a fit of flailing hammer swings under that effect!  Let’s give it a try!” Jinx said enthusiastically.

    “Okie dokie!” Luigi said as he took out the Vibe Shroom and bit into it until he felt sad and gloomy.  Tears of sorrow leaked down his cheeks as he took out the hammer and felt like doing nothing more than swinging it in a fit.  “Baaah boo hoo!” he screamed as nearly flattened Jinx.

    Jinx managed to narrowly avoid the flurry of strikes, “Hey, watch it with that thing will ya!  Let’s just move on to the next lesson!” he said flustered.

    Luigi sniffled as he paused and took a bite of the Clarity Shroom and his mood became normal.  “Huh, I didn’t know I had that in me!” he said.

    “Fine, fine, ahem, now this next lesson we’ll combine the Joy Vibe with the Noknok Shell!  So go ahead and change your mood!” Jinx instructed.

    Luigi did as he was told until he was Joyful.  He then took out the Noknok Shell and gave it a kick as Jinx suggested.  It was enveloped by a whirlwind as it bounced wildly around the room.  “Wahoo!” Luigi cheered.  

    Jinx also avoided this move narrowly as Luigi caught the shell and returned his mood to normal.  “Oh my stars, was that ever close!” Jinx said as he wiped sweat from his brow.

    “Ahem, well then, finally your High Jump skill can combine with the Calm Vibe to slow your descent in the air as well as make opponents you land on sleepy and pass out!  Give it a try!” Jinx explained.

    Luigi followed Jinx’s instructions and he became calm and drowsy.  He then let out a big yawn as he crouched and High Jumped to the ceiling.  He gently floated back down all while scuttling his feet.  Jinx freaked out as he noticed Luigi was going to land on him.  “Hey now, wait...!” he said as he was cut off by Luigi stomping on him.  

    Jinx stumbled around feeling drowsy, “I’m’ma gonna... lay down for a while... that’s all for today...,” he finished as he collapsed onto his futon and passed out with a heavy snore.  Luigi returned himself to normal and thanked Jinx and with his mind set, he went outside, took out the Warp Whistle and returned to Mage Land.

*The Haunted Greenhouse*

    Luigi appeared at the end of the trail leading from the Pumpkin Gorge and as he gazed just slightly further up the trail, he could see a massive gloomy Greenhouse standing on a cliff overlooking the Forest of the Druids.  It was a long and rectangular building with a domed center and a small patio that extended from the dome section.  “Here we go!” both Luigi and Mario said in unison.  

    Luigi trotted up to the entrance and seen it was blocked by a Calm Door.  So he took out the Vibe Shroom and took bites until he was calm.  He sighed with a breath of calmness and the door echoed him and creaked open.  He then entered the Greenhouse with his flashlight lighting his way.  Inside, Luigi was astounded by the spaciousness of it.  There were rows of plants that were grown for whatever purpose the Rag Hag needed.  Luigi proceeded through until he reached the big door at the back of the room.  He grabbed the handle, but found it locked.  He then heard a rustling behind him as every plant in the room shivered.

    The room then suddenly filled up with the same Pumpkin Piranhas he fought in the Gorge.  Mario’s shadow emerged, “Let’s go, give’em a good whack with that Noknok Shell Luigi!” suggested Mario.

    Luigi changed his vibe to Joy and took the Noknok Shell.  A cyclone wrapped around the shell and it hit multiple targets as it rebounded off walls and other targets.  This made clearing rooms filled with offenders much easier and timely.  Luigi then sucked up any ghosts left behind until one dropped a key.  He took the key and the lights turned on and all the plants crumbled into dried dust.  “Oh yeah!” said both Mario Bros.  

    Before Luigi could move, a rumbling shook the ground beneath his feet and the dirt floor opened into a sink hole.  Luigi shouted in fear as he descended and landed with a loud thud.  He landed in a muddy pit with water leaking in from an ancient pipeline.  As he regained his senses, he seen a worn hole in the wall in front of him.  “Mama mia, that was some fall!” Luigi moaned.

    Mario materialized and tapped on Luigi’s shoulder, “Hey bro, get a load of this!  This pipe to our left... must connect to the well where that Pumpkin Head ghost was.  This place is pumping in water from that well.  Let’s see where it leads!” he suggested.

    “Okie dokie!” Luigi agreed.  “But first...,” he went on as he poked his eyes down the hole in the wall.  The long dirt hole revealed a darkened room that was hard to see into.  However, what Luigi did manage to see, spooked him.  He made out moving plant-like shadows that seemed to belong to a large plant.  “Calamitous clam sauce...,” he said in quiet astonishment.

    Greaper appeared to the left of Luigi’s face, “I’ll bet that’s the Rag Hag’s current experiment.  I say we kill that plant.  It may draw her out of hiding!”

    “Oh yeah!” Luigi agreed with a nod.  Luigi then jumped up to the wall and began Wall Kicking back and forth until he made it back to the surface.  He then used the key he obtained to open the door.

    This room was the main room to the greenhouse.  It was circular and built up to look like a flower garden.  Only this garden had chipped and worn statues of wizards and the plants were overgrown and unkempt.  At the center of the room stood a circular fountain with a large obelisk standing in the center.  Strange red water poured like a waterfall in front of the obelisk and into the fountain.  “What’s with this fountain?” Boo asked rhetorically as he appeared.

    “It looks like blood, but its much too thin to be blood,” Luigi deduced with a sigh of relief.

    “It must be fertilizer she’s using!” Mario guessed.  “Let’s turn off her irrigation system!  I have a hunch we’ll find the off switch in the basement!”

    With that, Luigi noticed a door on the left side of the room and another door opposite of it.  The door on the left side of the building was locked but the door to the right was a Rage Door.  Luigi changed his mood to Rage and approached the door and growled fiercely and the door deeply echoed him and opened.  

    Inside was a dimly lit room that was lit with a strange unnatural black light.  Luigi was chilled at the many strange large flowers that were planted in the dirt carrying crates.  The crates held one of these massive flowers and were arranged in a way that made the room a maze.  Strangely, the rectangular room was filled with this one type of flower.  “I wonder what type of flower this is?” Luigi thought out loud.  “They look dangerous, I would refrain from touching them...,” Dry Bones suggested.

    “Good idea...,” Luigi agreed as he started moving through the maze.  Menacing Gold Ghosts and Hanging Ghosts appeared occasionally to spook Luigi and make his trip cumbersome.  He dealt with the ghosts carefully as he passed each flower.  Strangely, each flower twitched and shivered slightly as he passed them.  As he progressed he found blocks that contained coins as well as other treasures hidden in the dead ends.  Eventually, he came to the end of the strange maze and found himself at a large water pipe that was churning away.  It was the main pipe that connected to the sprinklers above the strange flowers.

    “All right Luigi, let’s do what plumbers do best!” Mario said with a thumbs up.  

    “You got it bro!” Luigi said as he approached the main valve.

    As Luigi placed his hands on the valve, he was immediately spooked by two hanging ghosts that dropped down on both his right and left flanks.  After the initial shock of being spooked, Luigi retaliated with his flashlight and sucked up the two spooks.  This caused the lights in the room to come on and the strange black light to go out.  A key dropped from the ceiling stalking ghosts and Luigi picked it up.  Luigi then wiped the sweat from his brow and turned the valve.  However, the valve would not stay put.  “What the?  I wonder what went wrong?” he thought out loud as he inspected the pipe more.  He then found a secondary valve that was further down the pipe.  So, he tried to turn that one as well.  Unfortunately, this one too, returned to its normal state.

    Luigi tapped his foot in confusion, that is, until Merlessa contacted him in his mind, “Luigi, this is the type of moment where your brother is going to have to help you!  Let me explain!  Your brother is a shadow spirit that can interact with objects in the physical plane, but he cannot touch living beings.  All you need to do is have a light on in the room and cast your brother onto a nearby plane.  Then all Mario needs to do is interact with whatever is outside your reach!  Go ahead, give it a try.  I can see both those valves through your eyes and I’ll just bet they both need to be turned at once!” she explained.

    “Crazy wizard architecture!” Luigi said with a shrug as he stood against the valve that was closest to the light.  Mario then took over and cast himself onto the wall.  He then grabbed the other valve and the two both turned the valves until a satisfying click could be heard.  Both valves locked in place and the water stopped running.  “All right, we did it bro!” Luigi cheered.

    “We’re one step closer Weeg!” Mario encouraged.

    Luigi about faced and proceeded to the flower maze only to find the plants moving slightly as if waiting for something.  These plants were active now that the lights were on and they didn’t seem happy that heir water source was turned off.  They resembled Crazee Dayzees, but their petals were dark red and their eyes were dilated and had a pin prick size red pupil deeply set in those black eyes.

    Greaper stopped Luigi in a panic, “Don’t get near these.  There’s a sign here that tells us what these are.  It’s written in the Mage Land characters, but I can read it,” he warned as he read the sign.  Greaper read, “Mayzee Dayzee, Warning, getting to close will result in immediate mauling followed by death!”

    Boo appeared and shied away from the Mayzze Dayzze’s long blank stare and creepy smile.  “Uh, let’s get outta this room, like now!  Do you see any alternate routes to take?”

    Luigi looked around the room and gazed at the sprinklers above.  “Yep, I have an idea!” Luigi said confidently as he High Jumped to the pipes above.  Every Mayzee Dayzee in the room followed him with their creepy gaze.  Luigi then began to balance himself as he carefully walked back to the door.  

    Some time passed as Luigi was almost home free.  He nearly slipped a couple of times and when he thought he was going to fall, the Mayzee Dayzees would shiver in anticipation.  Luckily, Luigi made it back and left the room.  

    As he passed by the fountain, Luigi could see it had not changed.  He quickly pressed on and unlocked the other door and entered.  Inside was a room filled with little black piranha plants.  “Mama mia Mario, would you look at all the Munchers!” Luigi said astonished.

    “Mama mia, I’ve seen pipes with lesser clogs!” Mario pointed out.

    Dry Bones appeared at Luigi’s right, “So, what will you do now Mr. Green?  This particular breed can’t be harmed by a whole lot of things.”

    “Hmm,” Luigi pondered as he inspected the room carefully.  “Let’s see, the walls and ceiling are clear, made of glass, but the floor have these little guys planted very neatly along nearly every inch of the surface.  The pipes of the irrigation system are close to the walls and stand vertically as well as horizontally.  Hey bro, I think its time we try that new technique we have been working on!” Luigi said with a clenched fist.

    “Huh, but Luigi, you have a harder time with that move than me!” Mario protested.  “Your shoes are so bald on the bottom, how can you be sure you won’t slip up?”

    “It’ll be fine bro, as long as I can build up enough speed I should be okay!” Luigi reassured.

    “That’s right, Luigi is a better runner than me and has more stamina and durability, but I still worry.  It’s only going to take one slip with those cruddy shoes of his!” Mario thought hoping his brother would be fine.

    Luigi, made a mad dash from the door and headed straight for the open left wall.  “Behold, the Mario brothers new technique!  The Wall Dash!” he shouted with a jump to the wall.  Like a ninja, Luigi ran vertically across the wall while leaving his left hand to skim the wall for extra balance.  Just before Luigi began to lose his footing, he spin jumped to the vertical pipe and clung to it like a fireman’s pole.  “Yes, Luigi got it!”

    “Nice one, Weeg!” Mario cheered.  “And here I thought we weren’t ready for that one yet!”

    Luigi gave his brother a thumb’s up with a chuckle and then began changing positions on the pipe.  He jumped from the pipe and used the thin sprinkler pipe running along the ceiling like a pair of monkey bars.  He then swung from that pipe to another vertical pipe.  From that vertical pipe, Luigi faced the right wall and jumped to it.  Upon reaching it, he rebounded with a Wall Kick and then Scuttle Jumped to safety on the other side of the room.  Luigi gave himself a cheer for a job well done and Mario cheered along with him.  There cheering however, was cut short as a large blue ghost appeared.  Luigi howled in fright and by reflex flashed his Thunderhand which stunned it.  He then promptly sucked it up and the lights came on.  The door behind the ghost was a Joy Door.  Luigi changed his Vibe and entered the door.  It was a stairwell to the basement.

    The basement was very dark, so much so, that nothing was visible.  Luigi shined his flashlight and he could see nothing but pipelines and massive vines.  Gulping with anticipation, he followed the vines to the source.  His eyes widened with fear as the light revealed a massive version of a Pumpkin Piranha.  “Oh no, a ‘Pumpking’ Pirahna!” Luigi joked with a moan as it opened its fiery eyes.  

    “Luigi, let’s smash that overgrown squash!” Mario said confidently.

    “Here I go!” Luigi said as his waist was grabbed by a vine.  “Uh-oh!” he gasped as he was tossed across the room and collided with a strange machine.  Luigi shook it off and turned around to get a good look at what he collided with.  “Mario look, it’s the machine that controls the environment in this place!”

    “Hmm, let’s mess with it!” Mario suggested with a grin.  

    The massive monster shined Luigi with his fiery colored emissions from its eyes and mouth.  This allowed Mario to be projected as a shadow spirit onto the machine behind Luigi.  “Keep him busy, Weeg!  I’m gonna tinker with this thing!” Mario instructed.  The machine began making strange noises as Mario began to interact with it.

    The Pumpking Piranha lashed out at Luigi with one of its huge roots.  Thankfully, Luigi caught the massive vine and held on tight.  “Just make it quick bro!  I can’t hold on to this forever!” Luigi said hurriedly.

    “Got it, I think this thing is a dehumidifier of sorts!” Mario said as the machine began to glow.  The damp air began to change instantly.  The machine then began to vibrate and shake violently.  “Oh no, I overloaded it, take cover Weeg!” Mario warned.

    Before Luigi could react, the Pumpking Piranha lifted him up and swallowed him whole all while making a satisfied moan.  Unfortunately for him though, the atmosphere control machine began to dehydrate the room at an accelerated rate until finally, it ruptured and exploded releasing a massive heat wave into the room.  When it cleared, the lights came on and the room was dryer than a desert and the Pumpking Piranha was a dried husk.  It turned into a dried gourd.  The dried husk then burst open as Luigi emerged.  “Hmm, that was strange, but it seemed to have worked!” he said happily as the lights came on.

    “Are you all right, bro?” Mario asked worriedly.

    “A little parched, but I’m fine, now where’s that irrigation pump?” Luigi asked rhetorically as he looked around.  Luigi did a 180 degree turn and found a massive pump-like machine with all sorts of pipelines leading to it and from it.  “Bingo, jackpot!” he laughed.  He approached the machine and turned the master valve off and then proceeded to break it off.  “That should do it Mario!” he said with a thumbs up.

    “Right, now let’s head back and see what that all changed!” Mario suggested with curiosity.

    Back in the main room, the waterfall completely stopped and revealed a massive painting.  The painting was of a huge beautiful tree in the center of a meadow that was by extension surrounded by a thick forest.  “A painting?  I was hoping something else was going to happen!” Luigi said distressed.

    “Not so fast bro, this painting looks a lot like the one’s that were in Peach’s Castle!” Mario analyzed.  “I’m betting, we can enter this painting and it’ll lead us straight to the Rag Hag!”

    Luigi snapped his fingers, “All right, Luigi do it!”

    Greaper and the rest of the Fears appeared behind them, “Be careful with the Rag Hag Luigi, I sense some strong spiritual energy from within that painting!” Greaper warned.

    “Well she is a ‘master’ Druid after all.  What did you expect?” Boo followed.

    “Let’s mosey, I really wanna see why she’s called ‘The Rag Hag’!” Dry Bones urged.

    “Okie dokie!  Let’s go!” the Mario Bros. said in unison as Luigi rushed into the painting with a long jump.  Sure enough, the painting reacted like someone jumping into a pool.  When the waves settled the picture changed from its serene look to one of death.

*The Rag Hag’s Lair*

    Luigi dropped from te sky, landing hard on the mushy dirt.  Luigi looked around but could see nothing but lush thick grass and a massive tree that stood before him.  In the distance a wizard was chanting and dancing at the base of the tree.  “Weeg, that must be the Rag Hag!  Let’s go give her a taste of pasta power!” Mario said eagerly.

    “Let’s go!” Luigi followed as he dashed up to the wizard.

    The wizard stopped her chanting and dancing in an instant and turned to face the brothers.  Her appearance was strange in comparison to what they’ve encountered so far.  She didn’t appear to be zombified at all and was quite stunning.  Her cherry blossom colored hair framed her face with two plush tassel-like sideburns and her bangs nearly covered her glowing yellow eyes.  She wore the traditional green robes that all other druids wore alongside a white and pink colored kimono styled garment underneath the open robes.  Finally, she wore a crystal ball around her neck that was made from amber.

    “Oh, hello, who are you and... how did you find me here?” she asked in a gentle manner.

    Luigi scratched his head underneath his cap, “Hmm, um, do you happen to know of a druid called ‘The Rag Hag’?”

    “Rag Hag...?” she asked as she shot Luigi a scowl.  “Is that what they are calling me now?  What a boorish and rude nickname!  I may use ragweed in many spells but I am by no means a ‘hag’!  My name is Merlana!”

    The voice of Dry Bones whispered, “This is the Rag Hag?  I thought she was supposed to be butt-ugly!”

    Mario stretched himself over Luigi’s shoulder to get a closer look at her.  He wore a slight mocking expression, “Your pretty..., but your no Princess Peach!” said Mario with a shrug.  The Rag Hag gave him a quizzical stare.

    “Mario I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know who Peach is...,” Luigi said embarrassed.

    “Ahem, either way you’re the one responsible for making a mess of the forest outside aren’t you?” Mario accused.

    “Mess?  Excuse me, but I am arranging that forest into a much nicer assortment of plants!” Merlana replied harshly.

    “Trust me lady, you and I have completely different ideas when it comes to beauty!” Luigi snarked.

    “Yeah, and me and my bro here have come by to stop what you and your master, Merloom are doing!” Mario boasted.

    Merlana was now agitated, “Eh, my beloved Merloom?!  You intend to fight us?!  Humph, I try to make the forest beautiful and everyone has a hissy fit!  I should have known a couple of 8-bit lunk heads like you could never appreciate what I’ve done!  It looks like I’ll have to explain it to you!  You see this wonderful tree behind me?  It’s a wonderful tree called ‘The Tree of Life’!  It’s the main flower in my arrangement.  When you choose flowers for an arrangement you must have a main one that others compliment!  This tree requires a massive amount of nutrients to grow to full potential so I’ve been feeding it the fertile nutrients from the Forest of the Druids.  The forest may die as a result but it’ll make a perfect arrangement.  Just think about it!  The entire forest dies and then it surrounds the Tree of Life at the very center, creating a magnificent contrast between life and death!  Ho, ho, ho, ho---!” she laughed haughtily while placing her hand over her mouth.

    Mario paused for a second and gazed upwards at the tree.  He then faced Merlana with a rather blank expression.  “Your tree’s ugly...,” Mario said bluntly.

    “W-w-w-w-whaaat!” cried out Merlana.  “How dare you-!  What would you two know about flowers?!  What are you guys anyway?  You look like garbage disposal slaves!”

    “Well, we’re not slaves, but removing clogs of garbage is kinda something we are good at!” Mario said with a grin.  “And that’s why we’re here!  You see that man behind me?  My little bro.  He’s gonna stomp you into the afterlife!”

    “Come again?!” Luigi said astonished.  “Bro, what are doing?”

    Mario came close to Luigi and whispered to him, “Relax bro, I’m talking you up!  She’ll be shaking in her shoes in no time!”

    Before Mario could instigate anymore, Merlana was already boiling, “So..., you think your such hot stuff?  Well then, let’s play a little game!” Merlana said as she whipped out eight magical cards.  She approached a stump and placed the small deck onto it.  “You know, we wizards use a lot of cards in our spells.  Well, let’s try your luck!  I’m going to pick four cards and so will you.  After that, the game will begin and I will eliminate you with the power that’s imbued into each card!”

    Luigi approached the stump while Mario whispered to him, “Ha, see, gambling is another strong suit of yours Luigi, you got this!” he encouraged.

    Merlana shuffled the cards quickly and then laid them out on the stump in two rows of four.  “I’ll go first and pick a card.  You pick one after me.  We’ll take turns until we each have four in our hands.  Then you may use the power of each card in any order you choose but only after the other has made their play!  I’ll pick this one!” she explained as she picked up a card.

    Luigi tried to find a weakness in her expression but her cold eyes did not budge.  Luigi chose a card and Merlana followed immediately.  Luigi carefully chose another card.  Merlana wasted no time in choosing her next card.  Luigi chose carefully between the three last cards and Merlana wasted no time choosing her final card.  The last card automatically went to Luigi out of process of elimination.

    Merlana began laughing lowly with her head down as Mario and Luigi looked at the cards they got.  “Did you get anything good?” Mario asked as he looked over his brother’s shoulder.

    Luigi held all four cards in his hand, “Hmm, a Mini Mushroom, a 1-Up Mushroom, a Poison Mushroom and... a plain Mushroom?” he said strangely.

    “That’s not too bad, what do you think Luigi?” Mario said confidently.

    Luigi sighed, “I think I got every card she wanted me to have...”

    Merlana floated backwards even while still giggling, “You are so right, Green Man, and now I’m gonna feed you to my flora!  My first card is... the Ghost Shroom!” she said holding the magic card up to Luigi.  In an instant flash of light, Ghost Shrooms came by the dozen and began speeding after Luigi.

    “Wah!  Oh wait, Ghost Shrooms!” Luigi said as he pointed the nozzle of the Poltergust downward and began sucking up the Ghost Shrooms one by one.  This strategy worked until one of them bounced off of another and bit down hard on Luigi’s arm.  “Yeow!  Why you little-!” he cursed as he wildly sucked up the rest of the Ghost Shrooms.  Merlana was slack jawed at what just happened.  Luigi took the plain Mushroom card out of his pocket, “Let’s use this to clear up those flesh wounds!” he smiled as the card produced a Mushroom.  Luigi happily munched it down.

    Merlana smiled evilly, “Ha, this exchange is over..!  Huh...?” she paused in bewilderment.  

    “That Mushroom tasted kinda funny, but it still did the trick all right!” Luigi smiled.

    “Why, what’s going on?  You were supposed to become a Mushroom when you ate that!” Merlana said in distress.

    “Huh, I thought that Mushroom tasted funny!” Luigi said irately.  “But I’m wearing a Trueform Badge, so my shape doesn’t change!” he said pointing to the badge that was pinned to his overalls.

    “You sneaky little sewer rat!” Merlana cursed as she stamped the ground with her feet.

    Luigi took the opportunity to take a bit from the Vibe Shroom until he became enraged.  He then lunged at Merlana with the Raging Thunderhand and began to pummel her into the ground.  When he took a moment to catch his breath she was buried underneath the soil.  As expected she rose from the dirt seething with anger, “Fine let’s see you try that again!” she threatened.

    Luigi was more than angry enough to comply as he took another lunge at her.  She summoned the power of her next card and Luigi was repelled via a lightning strike from Merlana’s body.  “What the..?!” Luigi shouted as he tumbled backwards.

    “Ha, taste the electric shield from my Volt Shroom!  Those electric attacks of yours can’t even touch me now, no matter how angry you are!” Merlana explained while laughing boastfully.

    Luigi cleared his head with the Clarity Shroom.  “Okay then, let’s see you enjoy your own medicine!” he said as he held up the Poison Mushroom card.  It produced a sickly purple mushroom that headed straight for Merlana.

    “I was hoping you’d use that one, sorry but it won’t work on me!” Merlana said as she held up another one of her cards.  “I don’t know how you managed to find a Vibe Shroom and the Clarity Shroom, but I’ve decided that you don’t deserve such things, so I’m taking it away from you!  Go, Reverse Mushroom!” she bellowed.

    The light teal mushroom emerged from its card and collided with the Poison Mushroom and Luigi freaked out.  The Poison Mushroom now began chasing Luigi down.  Once he gained enough distance however, he turned on it and began to suck it up with his Poltergust.  Unfortunately, this turned out to be a bad decision as it burst into spores upon being squashed by the nozzle.  Luigi was smothered by the spores of poison.  “Oh, no, Luigi!” Mario shouted in terror.

    Merlana laughed, “No matter how strong you are you can’t train your organs and the poison of that mushroom will cause those to liquify!  So you’d better do something before that happens!”

    Mario attempted to retaliate by swinging his fists in the air angrily, but he couldn’t get very far from Luigi.  Luigi pulled out the 1-Up Mushroom card fully knowing that Merlana was expecting him too.  “Bottoms up!” Luigi said as he swallowed the life giving mushroom.  In an instant, he felt the poison clear from his body and his strength restored to a degree.  

    “I don’t get it Weeg, why give you the 1-Up?” Mario asked quizzically.

    “My guess is... the undead can’t use them and since she made me use it so soon, I’m guessing she thinks her last card is her trump card!” Luigi deduced.

    “Well get ready bro cause I think she’s up to bat!” Mario warned.

    Indeed, Merlana held forth her last and finally card and it was the worst one possible for Luigi.  It was a Mega Mushroom.  Merlana devoured the shroom and she began growing several times her original size.  “Oh no..., one stomp from that and I’m doomed!” Luigi said as he took off running.

    “Run, run, run little human!” Merlana taunted.

    Luigi held up the Mini Mushroom card in disgust, “How is this supposed to help me now?  Even if her power runs out she can still stomp me in one blow if I use this!” he thought.

    Luigi ran around the meadow as fast as he could while being chased by Merlana until he passed the stump again.  Mario caught his brothers attention by tapping Luigi on the shoulder, “Luigi, use the Mini Mushroom!  There’s a hole in that stump!”

    “Well, I don’t have any other choice!” Luigi said as he used the card and swallowed the Mini Mushroom.  He shrunk down to a fraction of his size and entered the hole in the stump.  

    Merlana rose her foot over the stump, “Hide if you want it makes no difference!” she said as she stomped on the stump.  It was pressed into the ground like a cork into a bottle.

    Luigi fell into a small tunnel that led underground and eventually into a small cave with two ‘?’ Blocks and a new block he hasn’t seen before in his travels through Mage Land.

    The block was a red colored ‘!” Block.  Boo materialized, “Hey, doesn’t that block have the same ‘!’ as the switch in that Switch Palace you pressed?  Let’s hit it and see what goodies we find!” he laughed giddily.

    Merlana began shrinking down to her original size, “Well, that was fun, I needed a break.  As I said though, they are now fertilizer for my tree.”

    As Merlana finished her sentence, the ground began to rumble and the stump began rising from the ground.  Merlana gasped in terror as the ground erupted with green colored flames.  Luigi emerged from the ground with green overalls, white cap and undershirt.  He held a green fireball that was the size of a basketball on his right index finger.  “Playtime is over Merlana...,” Luigi said with a now determined expression glued to his face.

    “Good going bro!  Fire Luigi is just what the doctor ordered!” Mario encouraged strongly.

    Merlana rose to her feet, seething, “A Fire Flower?  I thought I got rid of those nasty little weeds!  Well it doesn’t really matter.  Fine, I guess playtime is indeed over.  You want to see my master druid magic?  Then I’ll show it to you!” she said as she began to show her true colors.

    “No matter what, this will be over in a flash!” Luigi said cheerfully as he clenched the fireball in his hand, causing it to emit through his fingers.

    Merlana released her true power and both her and the environment changed drastically.  Merlana herself now showed her undead state and her tree was now a sickly shade of grey with blood red leaves.  The grass beneath their feet vanished and the ground cracked it became so dry.  Dry Bones’s voice was filled with excitement, “Ohh, there we go!  She now fits her nickname!”

    “Now you’ll see the beauty of my arrangement!” Merlana howled malevolently.  She chanted a spell, “Sun Flash!” she announced as several thin beams came from the sky.  

    “No problem, Pumpkin Head had a spell just like this!” Luigi said as he effortlessly dodged the beams and volleyed fireballs through the chaos.  Merlana screamed in horror as she was engulfed in green flames.  

    She quickly put herself out and growled in anger.  “How can a human deal this kind of damage?!” she said astounded.  “I think you need to slow down!  Or better yet, since you love to run so much, why don’t you try this spell on for size!  Amber Splash!” she chanted.  She expelled a massive glob of amber sap from her mouth.

    Luigi didn’t have time to dodge the unpredictable attack and he was covered in the sweet sticky sap.  “Eww, gross!” Luigi cringed.  Then, Luigi instantly heard a buzzing noise come from above him, “What’s that?!” he said looking up.  A swarm of infatuated Buzzers emerged from the tree’s canopy to come after Luigi.  

    Merlana continued to chant as enemies grew from the ground.  Plant creatures sprung up all around.  An army consisting of artichoke-like creatures named Artichokers, carrot-like creatures with faces like a Halloween jack-o-lantern called Carriboscis, stump-like creatures called Stumpets and the Pumpkin Piranha’s from earlier swarmed the field en masse.  “Weeg, whack those Stumpets with your fireballs, they explode with a Backfire technique that destroys everything around it when you do that!” Mario claimed.

    “Luigi do it!” he replied.  Luigi jumped into the air and fired fireballs at the Stumpets.  They began exploding like volcanoes and the other creatures also caught fire.  Luigi then began dodging the Buzzers and retaliating with fireballs.

    Luigi defeated all of Merlana’s summons, “What is this?!  Why is this happening?” Merlana said in distress.  “Stay away from me!” she panicked as she began summoning waves of poisonous thorns like the one’s Pumpkin Head used.  

    Luigi jumped and leaped over these walls of thorns.  Luigi then went for the Vibe Shroom in his pocket, but when he pulled it out he noticed it had wilted into a Dried Shroom.  The Shroom of Clarity also dried out.  “Oh, no!  The Poison Mushroom must have destroyed them!  So that’s what she meant when she said she would take them from me...” Luigi thought sadly.  “I guess I have to finish this with fire!”

    Merlana grew desperate, “That does it!  Only my finest spell will place an end to you!  Get ready..., for my Celestial Force spell!  It is the most powerful spell we druids use!” she finished as she began chanting with her wrinkled hands in the air.  Luigi rushed toward her, “It’s useless!  You can’t dodge this!” she threatened as she completed her chant.

    Luigi smiled as he tightened his legs for a High Jump.  Just as Merlana unleashed a powerful wave of multicolored energy, Luigi unleashed his High Jump and leaped over the massive wave as Merlana could only look on in awe as her best spell was wasted.  As Luigi feel from the sky, he pointed his fingers downward and threw volleys of fireballs down on her.  Her body was engulfed in flames as she cursed her bad luck.  

    When Luigi landed and his flames extinguished, Merlana slumped backward and she fell to her knees with her face to the sky.  She was defeated, “I know who you are now..., you’re the Green Thunder aren’t you...?  Who would have thought you would be human and not a wizard at all...  Fine Green Thunder, I am defeated, I go willingly...,” she said with a new sense of sadness.

    Luigi gave her a look of pity as he aimed the Poltergust at her.  As he turned it on, Merlana’s body deteriorated until spirit and all was sucked into the vacuum. However, unlike any ghost he had vanquished before, a bright light erupted from the nozzle as what seemed like reality itself was being pulled into it.  When it faded, Luigi opened his eyes and found himself back in the greenhouse.  It was now filled with beautiful lush flora.  Luigi smiled and left to go see the outside world.  Sure enough, the Forest of the Druids had been restored.  Luigi smiled as he looked at the bright fresh pumpkins, the healthy soil, and the full thick pine trees.  Merlana’s cursed had been lifted.

*Back at the Druid Village*

    “Thank you, sir, you have done us a most great favor!  We are in your debt!” the Druid Elder claimed as he shook Luigi’s hand erratically with joy.  

    The entire village cheered for their new hero and Luigi wasn’t sure how to respond.  Mario’s shadow appeared back to back with Luigi.  “Do you see that bro?  They’re cheering for you this time, not me.  To be honest, I am a little jealous!” he chuckled.

    The Elder turned to Luigi once more, “Good sir, I know you’re in a hurry, so we won’t keep you any longer.  We can take care of things from here concerning Merloom.  With the Rag Hag’s cursed lifted we can do our jobs and fight death with life.  Good luck, Green Thunder...!” he said with tears in his eyes.

    “Take care of yourselves!” Luigi said all teary eyed as he took out the Warp Whistle.  With that he blew the whistle and headed back to Monstro Town.

*End of Chapter*
Super Luigi Bros. and The Shaman of Shadows 1-6
Wow, this one was a doozy, but I guess these boss chapters would be since its the culmination of everything going on in this arc of the story.  Anyway, enjoy!
Super Luigi Bros.
The Shaman of Shadows

1-5: Evils of the Pumpkin Gorge!

*Pumpkin Gorge*

    Luigi gazed upon the murky river that entered the Pumpkin Gorge and it reminded him of the waters of the Feasting Swamp.  “All this water is bad!” Luigi fretted.  Walking further into the gorge revealed the two high stony cliffs that framed the river.  On top of those cliffs, the massive pine trees of the Living Thicket grew, still cursed.  Finally, smashed and rotted pumpkins lined the small fields that were next to the rivers sides.

    The Three Musty Fears appeared from Luigi’s shadow.  “Well, that’s not very nice,” Greaper started.  “Someone smashed all these pumpkins!”

    “Such a waste!” Boo stated.

    “Maybe we can gather up the seeds and roast them after we deal with the Rag Hag so it won’t be a total waste!” Dry Bones suggested.

    “Hmm, those are good roasted!” Luigi claimed.

    “A light hearted treat after a job well done perhaps, but first comes the Rag Hag,” Greaper urged.

    Luigi began trekking down the side of the river and entered the clearing in the Gorge.  On both sides of the river lie greenhouses with broken glass and grimy walls due to the floral overgrowth.  Everything here seemed quite old.  Then, Luigi heard some rustling.  “What’s that?  Who’s there?” he said as he turned the corner of a broken greenhouse and shined his flashlight out into the open.  Luigi’s light hit a lone but seemingly pristine pumpkin sitting on a dirt pathway.  As soon as a light hit it though it sprung to life with a scary face and vines that acted as limbs.  It screeched at Luigi who also screeched in response.  The creature rushed Luigi who luckily retaliated with a powerful Thunderhand and shattered the pumpkin creature.

    Greaper appeared, “Great!  Pumpkin Piranhas!  These suckers, and I mean that quite literally, can suck up spirits and use their energy to power themselves up!” he informed.   Just as Greaper finished saying this, a Pumpkin Piranha appeared with many more tagging along behind them.  Boo and Dry Bones were devoured by the nasty creatures with a loud yelp and Greaper was also caught.  “Luigi, stomp these things and we’ll be free!” he said as the creature swallowed him whole.  With that the creatures ran away, leaping over fences and scurrying away into the broken greenhouses.  

    “Oh no...!” Luigi moaned as he was robbed of his company.

    And so, Luigi did the only thing he could do.  He entered the nearest greenhouse and found it to be somewhat small.  He traveled down one of the aisles and found many strange wilted herbs that probably were once used by the druids as medication or spices.  Luigi then heard a rustling in the distance.  He shined his flashlight down the aisle, “Hello?” he asked sheepishly.

    A voice responded, “Hello?  Is someone there?  Can you give me a hand?”

    Luigi approached the voice by pushing aside leaves and vines.  He found a male adult druid tangled within the vines.  “Luigi got ya!” said Luigi as he untied the druid.  

    “Many thanks good sir!” thanked the druid.  “My wife and son are wandering around the Gorge too.  We came looking for an herb that could help my little girl get better, she has an illness, but those blasted pumpkin monsters got to me!”

    “A surprise attack?” Luigi asked.

    “No, it turns out our druidic magic isn’t working because the Rag Hag is so close, she must be so powerful to have a curse like that...,” explained the druid.  “It looks like we’ll have to smash all these creatures to get their leader out.  I’m pretty sure the leader is hiding in the well in the center of all the greenhouses.  The river forks right our side and there’s a well that stands on the small strip of land in between the fork.!”

    “I got it, but I have a problem...,” Luigi said with concern.

    “Oh?” said the druid.

    “These monsters avoid me, I can’t smash them if they don’t come out of hiding!” Luigi claimed.

    “Ah, that is a problem, but not for me!” the druid claimed as he turned to a counter top that stood behind him.  There were many jars filled with dried herbs that he began searching through.  He opened a few and began mixing some of these reagents together.  After only a few moments he turned to Luigi and handed him a flask.  “Here, take a sip of this household potion!  It’ll attract those critters even if they don’t want to come to you!” he explained.

    “Thank you!” Luigi said as he took a sip from the potion.  “Hmm, tastes like cold pumpkin spice coffee, delicioso!” he thought to himself.

    “Now, all you need to do is step outside into the pumpkin patch and they’ll come running.  Just be prepared when they come!” the druid informed.

    Luigi stored the flask away, “Thank you very much!” he said gratefully.

    Luigi then departed the empty greenhouse and approached the field outside.  He walked until he reached the center.  He shivered a bit as his breathe could be seen.  Then suddenly, a Pumpkin Piranha sprouted up on the far side of the field and it acted as though it smelled something irresistible.  Luigi put up his dukes and his Thunderhand danced across his fingers.  “Come get me!” he taunted.

    The creature suddenly lunged at Luigi but he jumped into the air with a spin jump to stomp on one he heard come from behind him.  Luigi then rebounded off of the one he stomped on to land on the first one he encountered.  Next followed three more from all sides.  Luigi simply ducked and the three monsters collided and splattered Luigi with gooey pumpkin bits.  He was disgusted and complained about it as more quickly arrived.  Being covered in slimy pumpkin goo, he found it hard to stand without sliding.  He nearly lost his footing until he grabbed another Pumpkin Piranha with his Thunderhand and it exploded releasing a hostile gold ghost.  Luigi quickly took out his poltergust nozzle to suck up the ghost but he slid around so much it made his job difficult.  He managed to fight off more Pumpkin Piranhas who in turn released more gold ghosts and other spirits.  With some luck and nimble foot work Luigi dispatched all but one Pumpkin Piranha which he decided to give it a simple stomp.  When it was crushed, Dry Bones emerged, “Wheew, thanks a lot buddy it was really cramped in there!” he said with relief.

    “I was beginning to think I lost you for a moment!” Luigi said also in relief.

    Now reunited with Dry Bones, Luigi moved on to another greenhouse.  Inside he heard a female voice, “Drat, that won’t work either!” echoed the voice.

    “Hello?” Luigi called out.

    “Huh?  Is someone there?” said the voice as the owner came into view from behind the plants.  “Oh, hello, I was expecting another druid, but maybe you’ll be able to help me.  Won’t you?” she asked.

    “Sure, I would love to,” Luigi agreed with a smile.

    “Ah, please follow me then!” she asked excitedly.  Luigi followed the druid to the back of the greenhouse to see what she wanted.  She stopped in front of a table top that had many chemicals, “I’m trying to make a weed killer for these miserable Pumpkin Piranhas.  I’m almost there but I need one more reagent.  Unfortunately, the last ingredient I need is in this greenhouse’s basement.  You seem equipped to handle danger, would you please get it for me, its in a blue bottle?” she asked politely.

    No problem miss, I’ll have it in a jiffy!” Luigi assured.

    Luigi descended the staircase behind the druid and found the basement to be nothing but a large dirt floor.  The chemicals were on a shelf at the back of the room.  As Luigi walked over the dirt floor, another Pumpkin Piranha emerged as it was drawn to him, thanks to the potion.  As it approached, two more followed.  Luigi quickly stomped his first offender into goo and gave the Thunderhand to the second and Mario’s hammer to the third.  As soon as they were dispatched, another wave appeared.  He managed to dispatch wave after wave of them and the ghosts they released until Boo reappeared from the remains of one, “Sheesh, I thought I was never gonna get outta there!  I was trapped like hair in a lint filter!” he said as he reunited with Luigi.

    Luigi sighed with relief, “Ah, that just leaves Greaper now.”

    “Yeah, and if I know him, he’s gotta be fuming by now,” Boo replied as he retreated into Luigi’s shadow.  Luigi then took the time to investigate the room now that there was nothing standing in his way.  He found a Hidden Block with a cache of treasure and a few more minor treasure’s lying around as well as the blue bottle the druid wanted.  Finding nothing else of interest, he left to return to the druid.

    The druid was quite joyful at his return, “Oh, thank the stars!  I heard some rustle and bustle down below, so I only could imagine what was going on down there!” she said nervously.  Luigi handed her the bottle, “Ah, you got it, that’s the one!” she said as she took the bottle from him.  She quickly rushed to the table and began mixing up the contents in a precise order.  She then mixed said contents into a large bottle of water.  She carried it to Luigi, “Here sir, this poison will take care of any plant based ghouls you come across!  In addition, since you seem to be headed for the Rag Hag, this poison will help out against her hoards of evil plants.  These Pumpkin Piranha were made by crossbreeding a standard pumpkin with the Piranha Plant and using druidic magic as a fertilizer.  When your done outside, toss some of this into the well and their leader will come running out real quick!”  

    “Thank you!” Luigi said as he took the bottle and excused himself.

    Luigi marched on until he reached the third greenhouse he had not yet entered.  It was the only one left intact.  He entered cautiously and heard the sounds of a male child’s frustration.  “Hello, who is there?” Luigi asked.

    “Huh?” said the child as he poked his head around a corner sheepishly.  He cautiously came out of hiding as soon as he realized Luigi was not a monster.  “Oh, hey, can you help me out mister?” he said nervously.  “There’s this bundle of herbs I can’t reach!”

    “Sure, I can reach it for you bambino err, um, boy,” Luigi stammered.  Luigi followed the young druid to where he wanted to find the herb.  

    “See mister its all the way up there on that shelf, its even labeled!” he said as he pointed to a strange bundle of dried plants. “Its called Witch’s Bane and its great for panacea’s.  My sister needs some medicine and that would do the trick, but I can’t reach it!”

    Luigi adjusted his cap and approached the shelf only to hear the breaking of glass.  The room began flooding with aroma entranced Pumpkin Piranha’s.  “Gahh, oh no!” shrieked the druid boy as he cowered in a corner.

    Luigi was faced with the monsters; one to his right and another to his left.  He took Mario’s Hammer and performed a spin, destroying them both.  However, their place was taken by more offenders.  Luigi stomped and crushed Pumpkin Piranha’s and sucked up their ghostly prisoners until the entire floor was covered in their slippery innards.  Finally, Greaper emerged from the sticky mess.  “Bah, what an annoyance!  Thanks Luigi, that’s all three of us...,” he said as he was interrupted by a minor earthquake.  “Did you feel that?  The ghost at the bottom of the well has awakened because you destroyed all these monsters.  Let’s hurry and tick him off!”

    Luigi jumped up to the shelf top with a high jump and grabbed the Witch’s Bane.  He came back down and the young druid was still shivering from fright until Luigi consoled him.  “Hey, they’re gone now, this is what you needed, right?”

    The child perked up as soon as he realized he was safe, “Oh, you got rid of them?  I thought I was gonna be eaten for sure!” he said as he took the Witch’s Bane from Luigi.  “Oh, your gonna go and take out the ghost in the well?  Well, I know some things about that ghost.  Word has it that it’s the ghost of a druid.  He has a pumpkin for a head, because someone took his head and stuffed his body down that well.  I’m sure there’s more to that story but I don’t know it all.  Just be careful if you choose to tangle with him, he may want your head!” he said as  Luigi grasped his throat nervously and he swallowed hard.  

    Outside, Luigi approached the well and found a Hint Block near it.  He hit the block and recorded the EVP.  He then gulped as he placed his hands on the edge of the old stone well.  He could feel the malice that came from the bottom.  He took a dash of the poison he was given and poured it down the well.  In just a few moments another earthquake came but this one was stronger.  The ground was disheveled as large roots emerged from the ground.  The well crumbled and the waters erupted from the well.  All that was left was an entanglement of roots where the well was and at the center was a horrifying sight.  The undead spirit of a druid with a pumpkin for a head emerged.  The spirit moaned in anger, “Who tossed that vile substance on me?!” he said angrily.  He quickly noticed Luigi, “A human?  I, Pumpkin Head, will make you pay for that!  And after I’m done with you, I will make the Shaman of Shadows pay!” he announced.

    Greaper emerged, “Hmm, that’s odd, I thought he was a part of the mess with Merloom.  Heh, it looks like even this guy hates him.  I wonder why.”

    “Never mind that, cause here he comes!” warned Boo.

    “Do your thing Mr. Green!” followed Dry Bones as the three vanished.

    Pumpkin Head waved his arms and two massive roots rose into the air.  One of those roots slammed down hard only for Luigi to quickly dodge it.  As he regained his footing he charged up his Thunderhand and made a mad dash for the druid.  Luigi ran atop the roots while they were squirming and grabbed the spirit’s head.  Pumpkin Head cried out in agony and was stunned from the attack.  “How does a human know the Thunderhand?!” Pumpkin Head shrieked.  Luigi took the opportunity to begin drawing him into the Poltergust.  Pumpkin Head’s spiritual energy flowed into the Poltergust until the connection was severed by a root that batted Luigi away.  

    “Mama mia,” Luigi moaned.  Pumpkin Head was now angered even more as he began casting a hex.  He chanted as a line of sharp thorn ridden roots jutted up from the ground.  Luigi rolled to the side to avoid the attack.  Upon inspection, the attack dripped with poison.  Luigi cringed as he witnessed the drops of poison sizzle on the ground.  He got to his feet and charged his Thunderhand again.  Pumpkin Head responded by floating high into the air.  Luigi wore a confident smirk as he used a high jump to reach the ghastly spirt.  His Thunderhand hit right on target and the earthbound spirit fell back to the ground.  Luigi reestablished the link between his Poltergust and the ghost.  However, just like last time he was disconnected before he could finish it off.  The spirit was now at its peak level of anger as it burned with rage.  It cast another spell, only this time it was an entanglement spell and it caught Luigi’s legs in vines.  “Noo!” he cried out.

    “Now, you’re mine!” said Pumpkin Head as he chanted a powerful spell.  “Moon Flash!” he announced as Luigi’s body was enveloped by a bright and harmful light that resembled moon light.  The spell sounded like thunder that drowned out Luigi’s cries of agony.  Pumpkin Head laughed evilly as Luigi emerged nearly unconscious.  The spirit then began to taunt Luigi, “Still alive are you well then..., urk!” he said as he was cut off by a mysterious force.  As Luigi regained his composure, he witnessed Pumpkin Head struggling with the shadow spirit that helped him in Scarecrow Fields.  Luigi’s feet were freed now that the spell wore off and he dashed for the distracted spook with one more Thunderhand.  Pumpkin Head received the attack full force and Luigi made one final push with his Poltergust.  With a satisfying yell, Luigi managed to suck Pumpkin Head into the Poltergust and immediately, the roots he summoned turned to ash leaving nothing but a hole in the ground.

    The family of druids came up to him with the dad speaking first, “Wow, you did it, thanks a lot sir, you really helped us out!  If you can do the same to the Rag Hag and even Merloom, we’ll be free to restore this Gorge as well as all of Mage Land!”

    “You sir have our gratitude!” said the mother.  “Isn’t that right dear?” she finished as she turned to her child.

    “Yes mom, you’re a tough guy, I want to be strong like you some day!” praised the child.

    Luigi blushed as he was not used to being so admired.  “Oh, it was nothing!”

    “So, what’s your name?” asked the dad.

    “I’m’ma Luigi, number one plumber in all of the Mushroom Kingdom, well, right behind my brother anyway...,” he said retracting his statement a little.

    “Well, I’m Merleaf,” started the dad.  “This is my wife Merlivine and my son Merlanch!  We are pleased to have met you, but this is the part where we have to get going.  Our daughter, Merlerry has a cold and now that we got what we came for we have to see to her right away!”

    “Okey dokey, bye bye, be careful on your way back to the village!” Luigi said joyfully.

    As the family walked away, Luigi heard Merlanch talk to his dad, “Dad what’s a plumber?” he asked.

    “Hmm, you know son, I have no idea!” he said as he started laughing.

    The Three Musty Fears emerged, “Well, that takes care of that mess!” Greaper said with relief.

    “Yeah, it looks like that shadow spirit helped you out again!” Boo pointed out.
    “Hmm, speaking of which where is he anyway, oh no, don’t tell me he got sucked into your Poltergust with Pumpkin Head?!” Dry Bones asked with the nasty assumption.

    Luigi checked the Poltergust and sure enough it was full, but he couldn’t tell if the shadow spirit was inside.  Let’s go back to Gadd, he can sort this out!” Luigi said as he pulled out the Warp Whistle.

*End of Chapter*
Super Luigi Bros. and The Shaman of Shadows 1-5
Here's the next chapter!  Next is the Boss fight with the Rag Hag, then its off to the next area of Mage Land!
Super Luigi Bros.
The Shaman of Shadows

1-4: Shadows in Scarecrow Fields

*Monstro Town*

    After getting some rest Luigi checked around town but found little in the way of updates as Gadd was still trying to decipher the EVP he collected and Merlicity still had little to offer.  “Sorry Luigi, but this one’s bigger and may take some more time to decipher, so come back later!” Gadd informed.

    Merlon and Merlessa gave him some info on his next destination.  “Your almost to the Haunted Greenhouse Luigi!” Merlessa said excitedly.

    “Yes, we just need to get Luigi passed the Scarecrow Fields and the Pumpkin Gorge first!” Merlon claimed.

    “Ahem, yes, well about that,” Merlessa began.  “The next stop on our little journey is called the Scarecrow Fields.  Its where we wizards grow our crops.  Now, we don’t farm like the rest of the world does, we have magic.  So your going to find tools that move by themselves doing the works that the wizard’s spells tell them too, or most likely, find living Scarecrows with powerful magic of their own.”

    “The scarecrows are the worst Luigi,” Merlon stated seriously.  “They were created to perform the heavy labor out in the fields so many have different designs.  So do be careful.”

    Luigi shivered at the thought of living scarecrows, “I-I’ll be sure to keep that in mind,” he said as he excused himself.

    Luigi the paid a visit to Jynx and he taught him the uses of his Thunderhand in tandem with the Rage Vibe and how it could easily become reckless if improperly used.  “That’s it Luigi, use it just like that!” said Jynx as Luigi performed the move three times on a training dummy that looked like a Koopa.  “The Raging Thunderhand is powerful, but sometimes can be very reckless and hard to control.  So use it wisely.  See how other Vibes affect your different abilities while out in the field.  Just because most disable your offense doesn’t mean they won’t augment your other skills!  Try different things out and see what works!” he finished as he dismissed the plumber.

    “Oh yeah, Luigi got it!” said Luigi with a confident thumbs up.  “See you later!”

    With that settled, Luigi left Jynx’s Dojo to continue his journey.  Outside he blew on the Warp Whistle and back to the Living Thicket he went.

*Living Thicket*

    Now more confident, Luigi retraced his steps through the dark forest until he made it back to the Calm Door from before.  He took a bite of the Mega Vibe Shroom until he was calm and touched the door.  The door let out a ghostly sigh of comfort and let him pass.  Inside Luigi cured himself and found a Warp Pipe.  “Go weegie!” he said as he plunged himself into the pipe.

*Scarecrow Fields*

    Luigi arrived from the Warp Pipe and began looking around.  The Scarecrow Fields were disheveled and placed in a perpetual dusk-like atmosphere.  The dried maize stalks made a sort of maze for him to walk through.  “Wonderful, a maize maze...,” Luigi shivered.

    Greaper emerged from Luigi’s shadow, “Welcome to the Scarecrow Fields green one!  Let us heed the wizard’s warning about ticking off scarecrows, they are rickety and unpredictable.  And I hate them...  Anyway, the Druids of Mage Land used scarecrows to do all the dirty work here in the fields and when the Rag Hag came along they went a little haywire.”

    Boo also emerged from Luigi’s shadow, “Yeah, now they roam these fields and attack anything that isn’t a scarecrow in defense of the crops!”

    Boo was then followed by Dry Bones, “Also, these scarecrows do possess some spells that can really ruin our day.  They can and probably will, use a S’crow Funk spell to turn you into one of them so do be careful.  They also like to attack in groups, so you gotta stay on the move if you get surrounded.”

    “Basically, what we are saying is..., let’s make this quick!” Greaper said bluntly.

    “No problem!  I’ve always been a fast runner!” Luigi reassured.

    “Good, you’ll need it...,” Greaper said as he and the others retreated into Luigi’s shadow.

    With that settled, Luigi entered the cornfield with caution.  However, no more than a few steps in, Luigi heard a bloodcurdling scream.  “Wahh!” cried Luigi as he rushed toward the outcry.  

    Luigi burst into a small opening to find a young druid girl stared down by a rickety scarecrow that was made with mostly sticks for limbs, white gloves, brown ripped boots and a rusty open bear trap for a head.  Taking a look at it, Luigi noticed he could not stomp on it due to its ‘head’.  It raised its hands and began to rattle.  It was casting a magic spell.  Luigi did the first thing that came to mind.  He rushed to the little girl and pushed her out of the scarecrow’s range.  Luigi took the spell for her and he blacked out.


    Luigi awoke and his body felt strange.  He found himself unable to move very much.  He was inside a barn alongside a bunch of crates and hay.  Greaper appeared from Luigi’s shadow, “Great, this is why I hate scarecrows!  Miserable S’crow Funk right off the bat!” he complained.

    Boo followed, “I know you thought what you did was a good thing, but if you would have defeated the druid in the greenhouse you would have saved her anyway.”

    “Nevertheless, we’re not out of this yet,” started Dry Bones.  “We just need to find a Trueform Badge and Mr. Green here can keep his shape!”

    “Hmm, there may be one in this barn,” Greaper said looking around.  “With all this junk, we may be able to find one!”

    “Can you move Mr. Green?” Boo asked.  Luigi’s body was now just a round lump of straw with a green tattered shirt over the torso and a straw head with button eyes and a matching green steeple hat.  His arms were outstretched and his lower body was nothing but a stick.  Luigi saw something behind the Fears.  A shadow that moved along the walls of the barn but nothing to cast it.  Luigi hopped, “Oh good, you can still move a little!” Boo smiled.  Luigi hopped seemingly in a ecstatic state.

    “What, do you see something?” Greaper asked as he turned around.  The shadow was still on the wall on the far end of the barn.  Greaper took a closer look by means of squinting.  “Hmm, a shadow spirit, wait, that spirit looks familiar...”

    “Wait, I think your right...,” Boo said also squinting.

    The shadow jumps in a familiar fashion and started moving along the wall until it came to a ladder.  It then climbed the ladder in a 2D fashion.  Footsteps could then be heard above on the wooden mow only for it to disappear when it came to an open window.  

    “Bah, pesky shadow people!” Greaper cursed.

    “I hope that wasn’t one of Merloom’s summons,” Dry Bones said worriedly.

    “I don’t think so, that shadow person was very familiar!” Boo claimed.

    After a few seconds a small push came to the barn’s double doors.  A whimper was heard behind them.  Then, footsteps could be heard on the barn’s hayloft once more.  The shadow spirit came back down the ladder and walked over to the door.  It managed to move the large 2X4 that barricaded the doors.  Then the doors opened slightly and the small druid girl Luigi saved snuck in quietly.  She quietly and nervously came to Luigi as the Fears retreated into his shadow.  “H-hello?  I’m sorry you got turned into... a scarecrow...  I was looking for this!” she said as she held a Trueform Badge in her hand.  “I was able to find one after you saved me.  I think you should have it though.  Your much more heroic than me...  Here I can undo the scarecrow’s spell,” she said as she chanted.  Luigi then returned to his normal state.  

    “Ohh, thank you bambina!” Luigi said gratefully.  She handed over the badge and Luigi pinned it to his overalls.

    The shadow on the wall jumped near the door and it grabbed the druid’s attention.  “Hey mister, I think that spirit knows you,” she said as she gave him a light tug on his overalls.

    Indeed as Luigi gazed upon the shadow spirit the silhouette it took the form of was non other than his brother Mario.  Luigi then began to grow afraid as to what might have become of his brother but as he did he began to hear the sound of a very loud machine outside the barn.  The roar of its engine drew closer and closer until the door was destroyed in a massive crash.  A magically created crop harvester stood where the door had been and it chewed on the wood with its spinning blades.  The windows were tinted so it was hard to tell who was inside.

    “Quick!  Up the ladder, there’s a window we can sneak out of!” said the druid in a growing panic.

    Luigi fearfully did so after picking up the little girl and carrying her on his shoulders.  The harvester began a slow but very dangerous pursuit as Luigi retreated to the back of the barn.  In the back of the hayloft he found a Hint Block and quickly took the second to capture its message before leaping out the window with the druid.  “Here, we go!” Luigi shouted as they landed in hay piles outside the barn.

    Horrid noises of destruction could be heard inside the barn as it quickly began hitting the wall from the other side.  “What do we do now?!” asked the druid in a panic.

    “Hang on tight!” Luigi said as he carried her like a princess and ran like the wind.  Luigi darted off into the maze of strange vegetables.

    “Hey mister, don’t try to run through these stalks!” warned the druid.  “They have thorns all over their stems and you can easily get tangled in them!”

    “Luigi got it!” Luigi said as he took a turn to the left and then a right.  As Luigi navigated further he realized that it was easy to get lost.  “Oh no, it’s a labyrinth!

    Luckily, the harvester seemed to be far enough away so that he could back track and check alternate paths.  He came to a dead end with nothing and began to feel butterfly’s in his stomach.  Then, as Luigi turned to go back, the shadow spirit from before could be seen trying to get his attention by jumping up and down.  It was cast on the crops via a bright moonlight.  It was making a motion that told Luigi to follow it.

    Luigi followed the shadow as it ran across the crops.  Luigi found this hard as it was not always apparent where the shadow went as it was only visible in the light.  Left’s, right’s, bobbing and swaying, Luigi followed the shadow as fast as he could go through the maze while dodging and evading scarecrows.  The scarecrows that he dodged were chewed up by the harvester.

    The shadow had to correct Luigi every time he hit a dead end.  The only good thing about the dead ends were the Hidden Block and treasure laying around he would pick up. Other times they were a burden as they were filled with ghosts and scarecrows.

    “Look Mister, an exit!” shouted the druid with her index finger outstretched.

    “Oh yeah!” Luigi said with a look of joy.

    Luigi dashed through but it turned out to be an illusion.  “Oh no, we’re cornered!” the druid screamed.

    Before Luigi could turn and go back a spiritual barrier blocked his path.  It took the form of a glowing purple translucent portcullis gate.  Then with a sudden yet familiar laugh, a Boo appeared.  “Tee hee, now you’re doomed Luigi!” taunted the Boo with a wide grin.

    Luigi turned his gaze to the sound of the harvester as it grew closer.  “Oh no, we don’t have much time left!” Luigi said with failing confidence.

    Luigi dared not let go of the little girl as the Boo closed in.  “Its okay mister, let me down so you can do your job...” she said with a strange sense of calm.

    Luigi was taken with the little girl’s bravery and he placed her on her feet.  He then armed himself with his Poltergust and took aim at the Boo.  “Let’s go!” he said strongly.  The Boo smirked with a wide evil grin.  It vanished with high speed as Luigi activated the Poltergust.  He was surprised at the spirit’s speed.  

    The Boo of the Musty Fears spoke angrily to Luigi with just his voice, “Wretched rodents!  We don’t have time for this!  Any ideas guys?!”

    “No, he’s your kind, you think of something!” Greaper scolded Boo.

    “I know what your aiming at Greaper, but that sounds wrong to me for some reason...,” Dry Bones said as he scratched his skull.

    “Those three don’t help much when they bicker,” thought Luigi.

    Then suddenly, the enemy Boo was stopped in its tracks and began struggling.  It was the shadow spirit from before.  It grabbed hold of the Boo from the ground and tugged on its ghostly tail.  This surprised everyone as they all went silent with awe.  Luigi took the hint and aimed the nozzle of the Poltergust at the Boo and activated it.  With several moments of a powerful bout of tug ‘o’ war, Luigi finally sucked the Boo into the vacuum and he slung the nozzle onto his back with a satisfying cheer, “Go weegie!  Thanks Mr. Shadow!” he said as the mystical barrier lifted.

    The harvester cut the party’s victory short as it came into view.  Luigi quickly scooped up the druid and followed the shadow spirit out.  As they did so, a ravine came into view.  “Okay, that’s the real exit!  I just hope you can jump!” said the druid.

    “That Luigi can do!” Luigi said as he High Jumped across the ravine.  The harvester burst through only to fall into the ravine and get stuck.  Luigi set the druid down to her feet and cautiously approached the ravine.  It was dark but he managed to catch the movement of someone quickly leaving the machine and escape into the darkness below.

    “Who was that?” asked the druid as she appeared right next to Luigi.

    This spooked Luigi and he screamed, “What are you doing?  Little ones should not be so close to danger like this!  This is for heroes like myself,” Luigi assured with renewed confidence.

    “Oh, so that means your headed to the Haunted Greenhouse, right?” asked the druid with brightening eyes.  “To stop..., her?”

    “You mean..., the Rag Hag, don’t you?” Luigi asked as his knees began to shake.

    The druid nodded, “Mm-hmm, passed this ravine is the Pumpkin Gorge.  There’s a big nasty ghost there, so you may need to get passed it to open the Haunted Greenhouse.  Good luck, I can get back to the village from here.  So don’t worry about me.  Thank you so much though, for your help I mean.  I can pass this story down to my children one day!  I met and was saved by the Green Thunder!”

    Luigi blushed with a giggle as he rubbed the back of his head.  “It was nothing bambina!” he said nervously.

    “Bye, bye!” she said as she ran off.

    “Well, Mr. Green we made it to the ravine...!” Greaper rhymed.

    “Ugh, no rhyming Greaper, its just irritating,” Boo moaned.

    “I don’t know I kinda like it!” said Dry Bones.

    “Tch, you’re no fun!  Either way, Luigi, do you need a little rest before we enter the Gorge?” Greaper asked.

    “I think we should for a visit I need to ask a question!” Luigi said uneasily.  He took the Warp Whistle out and placed it to his mouth and headed back to Monstro Town.

*Monstro Town*

    Luigi entered the home that Merlon and Merlessa stayed in and let them in on what he had encountered.

    “A Shadow Spirit that resembles Mario?” Merlon said with astonishment.

    “Luigi, capture that spirit so we can speak with it.  You must!” Merlessa said with determination.

    “Hmm, we’ll need to look further into this, but I have a hunch on what’s going on,” Merlon said with uncertainty.

    “What do you mean uncle?” Merlessa asked puzzled.

    “Well, I can’t be totally sure, but if that shadow is a part of Mario, some kind of conflict could have happened with Merloom.  If it is not then it could be some sort of trap,” Merlon theorized.

    “Be careful when you enter the Pumpkin Gorge Luigi, that’s basically the Rag Hag’s front yard.  It’s got a strong spiritual vibe!” Merlessa claimed.

    “Yes, the druid’s should still be able to help you get into the greenhouse.  So continue to seek them out!” Merlon instructed.

    “Okey dokey!” Luigi said as he excused himself.

    Luigi stood outside the door with the Warp Whistle in hand, “No time to waste!  Let’s go!” he said as he blew the whistle.

*End of Chapter*
Super Luigi Bros.
The Shaman of Shadows

1-3: The Vibe Shroom of the Mushroom Woods

    After resting up, Luigi used his Warp Whistle and made it back to the Living Thicket.  Taking the Warp Pipe he found with the Dark Light, Luigi emerged in a thick dense forest made entirely of massive mushrooms.  Luigi walked around to take in his surroundings.  He was astounded at all the scales that were suspended in the air that shifted with a person’s weight along with moving yellow blocks and falling donut blocks.  
Greaper appeared in a flash, “Hmm, the mysterious Mushroom Woods, huh?  This place has seen some hard times.  If you find a druid, they may provide some insight,” he said as he vanished.

    Luigi hummed his tune as he began his journey through the Mushroom Woods.  He quickly noticed that a great amount of footwork was needed and his slippery shoes made this hard.  The ground was full of very deep pitfalls and uneven terrain.  He came to an elderly druid that was aimlessly wandering around.  Luigi decided to speak with him.  “Hey there young fella, thanks for making our village safe again.  In return I’ll give you some tips about this place.  If you’re here then you’ve found the Vibe Doors no doubt?  Yes, that would make things hard if your trying to get to the Haunted Greenhouse in the deepest part of the thicket.  Here in the Mushroom Woods exist Vibe Shrooms.  There are four; the Rage Shroom, Calm Shroom, Joy Shroom, and the Gloom Shroom.  If you’ve been to Vibe Island before then you may be familiar with how these emotions work.  However, here in Mage Land, these shrooms are a danger.  Eating or even touching one can having you in a laughing fit, uncontrollable rage, a fit of sadness or a drowsy shamble.  If your in a dangerous situation being under these effects can give an opening for your enemy.  These effects can also make it very hazardous to safely traverse dangerous areas.  The effect will lift as soon as you come into contact with another shroom or leave the area; much like allergies.  The only beneficial effect these shroom’s effects have is they open the corresponding Vibe Door to what emotion your currently under.  Beware though, ghosts here are also under these vibe effects.  That makes them unpredictable, so do be careful,” he explained.

    Luigi thanked the helpful druid and decided to continue on.  He quickly noticed the four emotions being expressed by haunting disembodied voices deep in the darkness of the woods.  Unnerved, Luigi decided to scale the woods to get to higher ground.  He jumped up to some scales and quickly made his way across the falling donut blocks until he made it atop a large dried mushroom.  The mushroom was unstable and it cracked under Luigi’s steps.  Unlike many mushroom trees encountered in the past, Luigi found that these ones did not have the bouncy trait that the others had.  As he kept hopping from mushroom tree to mushroom tree he hit blocks and collected their goods.  However, one block Luigi punched produced an item he had never encountered before.

    The strange object was a shiny round mirror with a patina frame and two black eyes.  Curious, Luigi chased the mirror down as it bounced wildly around.  As he grabbed it he felt a powerful surge of magic run through him.  In a shining transformation, Luigi inspected himself to find his body was now reflective like a mirror, “Oh yeah, go Weegie!” he cheered.

    Merlessa’s voice echoed in Luigi’s mind, “Nice one, you got a hold of a Magic Mirror!  Those fellas can give a person a magical reflective body that repels any kind of attack.  It can even destroy foes simply by having you run into them!  It’s a really nifty item!”

    “Yahoo!” Luigi cried out as he began bulldozing his way through the woods plowing down any resistance that tried to bring him harm.  Any projectile and attack bounced off and returned to the user, destroying them.  He quickly got lost in his joyous leaps and jumps until finally, the Magic Mirror’s power had run its course and wore off.  Only, he was in mid-jump when this occurred and headed straight for a Red Ghost that was readying its fist.  With a quick lunge, the nasty ghost sucker punched Luigi and it sent him hurling downward towards a spike filled pitfall below.  Luigi could only look on in horror as he plummeted.  “No!” he screamed as something strange occurred.  His decent was halted by a large shadowy hand.  That hand acted like a spring board and launched Luigi back into the air where he landed safely in a small alcove.  Luigi looked back and the hand gave him the ‘V’ sign and vanished.  He blinked a few times in disbelief, but felt good about what happened.  

    Luigi trotted through the alcove and found another Hint Block and collected its EVP.  “Great work Luigi!” Gadd informed him over the Dual Scream.  

    As he made his way out of the alcove a small pool of water awaited him.  Deciding to go for a swim, Luigi dived right in and swam around the water logged ghosts to find himself inside a small cave with no exit.  It was filled with blocks however, and Luigi hit all of them and even found a Hidden Block with a massive cache of treasure within.  He eagerly cleaned up the treasures and left the cave the same way he came in.  

    Eventually, after some more ghost busting, Luigi found himself at a Vibe Door.  Dry Bones appeared.  “Well, it looks like you’ll have to use those Vibe Shrooms to get further into the woods, huh?” he said as he vanished.

    Reluctantly, he retraced his steps until he found a mushroom that matched the emotion on the door.  He ate the Joy Shroom and he began to giggle uncontrollably.  Although these laughs were as random as the hiccups they would come out when Luigi attempted to make some sort of attack.  He would stop in his tracks and let out a deep laugh.  He quickly realized these shrooms were as dangerous as he was warned and quickly and cautiously made his way back to the Joy Door. Upon returning to the door, Luigi placed his hand on it and he laughed hard.  The door let out a bellowing laugh as well as it opened for him.  “Oh yeah!” Luigi cheered as he laughed.

    This new area of the woods was very dark and had a lot of small ponds littered around.  In addition, the giant mushrooms had dangling platforms that were bouncy and very unbalanced.  Luigi continued on while trying to keep himself under control from the persistent laughter.  As he jumped and leaped and avoided the local ghosts, he eventually came to a log cabin in the woods.  This log cabin had nothing but Vibe Doors for entrances.  Luigi found another Joy Door and entered.

    Inside he found this massive cabin was built like a maze.  Vibe Doors existed within every room.  The room he was currently in was like a small laundry room.  Only two doors existed; one a Joy Door, the other a Gloom Door.  He hit a lone block but found it only contained a coin.  Luigi left this room to return outside.  

    Some time passed as Luigi attempted to inspect the cabin but found himself unable to get very far as the many Vibe Doors blocked his path.  Without Vibe Shrooms to change his emotional state, he could not progress any further.  Boo appeared before him, “Heh, more Doors than Shrooms, huh?  I wonder if there’s something special hidden in that cabin...”

    And so, Luigi decided to trek passed the cabin for the time being and venture onward.  A rickety log bridge connected to the cabin’s back deck stretched over a fairly large pond.  Luigi did his best to avoid the skeletal fish that jumped at him while he crossed.  At the end of the bridge a small cave awaited.  Luigi entered and found the glowing flora to be quite magnificent.  Another druid was walking around and seemed to be searching for something.  Luigi decided to talk to her, “Hello!” he said with a friendly wave.

    “Oh, hello sir,” she said with a tone of sorrow.  “You seem to be under the effects of the Vibe Shrooms, like me.  I ate a Gloom Shroom and now I can stop..., ‘sob’, crying.  I tried to use my misfortune to enter the cabin outside, but it has so many doors, ‘sob’!  The person who owns that, ‘sob’, cabin is said to have a Clarity Shroom which can, ‘sob’, clear up the effects of the Vibe Shrooms, but they barricaded themselves inside, ‘sob’.  I came to this cave, because, ‘sob’, I heard there’s a special Vibe Shroom in here that can give you a new Vibe every time you, ‘sob’, bite into it.  It even grows back while you have it, ‘sob’, so it never goes to waste!  The Clarity Shroom is the same way, but the person inside isn’t responding, ‘sob’, so I can’t have a bite of it!  To make matter’s worse, ‘sob’, I’m too afraid to go deeper into this cave to look for the Mega Vibe Shroom!”

    “Luigi will find it!” he giggled.  With that, Luigi ventured into the cavern.  He first came to a fork and decided to take a left.  This turned out to be a wise decision, as he encountered another Joy Door.  He opened it and found a small room that contained some blocks, he hit them and a Gloom Shroom appeared from one.  He ate it and began to sob rivers of tears that were as random as the last shrooms effects.  Ahead of him was a Gloom Door that he entered.  This cavernous room was very large and contained many Brick Blocks.  As Luigi took a look around he quickly realized he was not alone.  He however, continued onward until he came to the end of the room.  A Rage Door blocked his path.  He quickly went around hitting Brick Blocks until he found a Rage Shroom.  Luigi ate the shroom and occasionally threw flurries of punches in an angered fury, “I have FURY!” Luigi shouted.  He opened the Rage Door and found a small room with many ghosts inside.  The ghosts attempted to approach him only to quickly realize he was enraged.  He comically beat all of the ghosts with his Raging Thunderhand and after he did so, he then found this room to be empty.  Curious, Luigi used his Dark Light and found a treasure chest.  After removing the pesky spirit balls he opened the chest to reveal a huge mushroom that had four colored layers on its cap.  “Yeah, the Mega Vibe Shroom!” he said as he left the room.  

    As Luigi stomped angrily through the Brick Block room a massive ghost made itself known.  It was a humongous Broozer.  It attempted to use its big red boxing gloves to bully Luigi.  Luigi however, was just as angry as the Broozer thanks to the Rage Shroom.  He used his new Raging Thunderhand to quickly overpower the bullying spirit.  Afterwards, Luigi used the Mega Vibe Shroom to leave the cave.  He noticed the druid from before was right.  The Mega Vibe Shroom regenerated after being bitten.

    Greaper emerged from Luigi’s shadow at the cave entrance, “It seems the druid that was here went back to the cabin.  Meh, either way you got what you came here for, now you can use that Shroom to scour hidden alcoves all throughout Mage Land.  However, I believe it imperative to retrieve the Clarity Shroom as well,” he said as he vanished.

    “I got it!” Luigi replied as he made his way back to the cabin.  The druid woman from before was pacing the deck outside but this time she was very calm and drowsy.  She barely gave Luigi anything more than sleepy gibberish when spoken to, so Luigi decided to enter the cabin.  Navigating the cabin was now a breeze thanks to Luigi’s new treasure.  He was able to beat the ghosts within, find loot and finally make his way to the attic.  The attic was empty, lonesome and dark.  A treasure chest lie at the back near a small circular window.  Unfortunately, before Luigi could come near the chest, a Boo appeared and made it vanish.  It then laughed at Luigi and ate a Joy Shroom.  It then began to chase Luigi around the attic while laughing madly.  “Mama mia!” Luigi shouted in distress.

    Luigi bit into his Shroom until it gave him the vibe of Rage again.  He pounded the laughing Boo with flurries of lightning charged punches until it was dizzy.  Frustrated, the Boo ate a Gloom Shroom and ghostly tears dripped from its eyes and coated the floor.  This also turned out to work against it as the water left behind made Luigi’s Raging Thunderhand even more powerful.  The Boo quickly changed over to a Rage Shroom and it began throwing a monster of a fit.  It tried to pulverized Luigi with spinning dives that lit its body aflame with blue ghostly fire.  Luigi found that he had to time his attacks just right and hit the Boo back as it barreled towards him.  With three good whacks, Luigi found himself victorious.  He sucked the Boo into his Poltergust and revealed the treasure box it hid.  Inside was a large plain white mushroom with a look of purity about it.  Luigi took a bit and his condition cleared up.  He was once again normal.  A druid came up to the attic to meet him.  He seemed relieved, “I-is that awful ghost gone for good?” he asked with growing optimism.

    “Mm-hmm!” Luigi nodded.  “All taken care of!”

    “Oh, thank the stars!” he said with relief.  “It seems you found that Clarity Shroom.  You can keep it, I just use magic to cure any emotional abnormalities, but that young woman outside could probably use a bite.  I would have given her some but I was a tad preoccupied as you could tell.”

    With that, Luigi was escorted out and the elder bid him a farewell.  Luigi then decided to share some of the Clarity Shroom with the druid outside.  When she came too she was immensely grateful, “Oh thank you mister!  I feel so much better now, here take this, it isn’t much but it’s the least I can do!” she said as she handed over three Wizard Coins.  “I’m getting out of here, you’d best do the same!” she said as she left.

    The three musty fears appeared.  Greaper spoke first, “Well now, that was rather emotionally stressing wasn’t it?  Either way, we got what we came here for, so let’s go back to that door in the thicket shall we?”

    Boo interjected, “Uh, are we just going to ignore the strange hand that saved Mr. Green here or what?”

    Dry Bones rattled, “No, but what more can we learn by hanging around here?”

    “Alright, alright, good point,” Boo caved.  “But, there may be a secret passage somewhere around here, so if you want some more time to look around then go ahead.  Otherwise blow that whistle and let’s go.”

    The nagging thought of a hidden passage plagued Luigi’s mind and suddenly, he thought of the cave and how there was a passage he did not yet take.  He quickly made his way back to the cave and took a right at the fork.  However, there was nothing at the end of this tunnel.  So Luigi took his Dark Light and shined around and sure enough a Calm Door appeared.  He did away with the spirit orbs and entered with the use of the Mega Vibe Shroom.  The small room he entered contained a Warp Pipe that led to an unknown place.  He entered the pipe, “Here we go!”


    Luigi appeared inside a massive empty room with a P Switch on the floor.  Luigi smiled as he knew where he was at, “This is a Switch Palace!” he said as he approached the P Switch.  

    Before he could get close enough to step on it though, Greaper appeared, “Well, lookie what you found!  A Switch Palace.  It seems Merloom has sealed away some magical force that may be used against him, so let’s do ourselves a favor and unseal it!”

    Luigi nodded and stepped on the switch a wave of Gold Mouse Ghosts swarmed the floor.  He quickly sucked up as many as he could to gain the copious amounts of treasure they leave behind.  After the treasure hunt had ended Luigi entered the Warp Pipe and was brought to a hallway.  He continued down the hallway until he entered a large square room with a massive ‘!’ Switch at the center.  With a joyful expression, Luigi leaped high and ground pounded the switch.  The depressed switch released a rainbow colored wave of magic across all of Mage Land.  

    The Three Musty Fears appeared.  “I wonder what that switch kept sealed away?” Greaper asked rhetorically.

    “Whatever it was, our buddy Merloom is now probably aware that something’s not right,” Boo claimed.

    “Heh, yeah, whatever he’s got planned is about to start crumbling!” Dry Bones added.

    “Alright, that’s enough, we should head back now,” Greaper said calming the mood.  “We are nearly to the Haunted Greenhouse where this curse is spreading from.  So if you please?” Greaper said politely.  Luigi nodded and needing a little rest, he used the Warp Whistle and headed back to Monstro Town.

*End of Chapter*
Super Luigi Bros.
The Shaman of Shadows

1-2: Hide N Seek in the Living Thicket

    Luigi set foot on a grassy knoll that had not seen outsiders for over 3000 years.  He gazed deeply into the Thicket and found it to be absolutely haunting.  The landscape was covered by a light fog and the skies were filled with blackened clouds.  He shivered with fear as he gazed further into the dark pine thicket that lay before him.  Rising above the pine trees loomed a stormy mountain to the south region.  Thunder rumbled across the blackened skies as lightning became the only source of light other than small creepy lanterns that lit the dirt road.  Unable to see anything else, Luigi swallowed hard with a sense of dread and wiped the sweat from his brow, “Go weegie…,” he moaned with fright.  He then began his shaky trek down the chilling dirt road.

    Luigi followed the road with some help from the eerie gourd lanterns as he swore not to deviate from the pathway.  He was certain that ghosts were watching him from the corners of his eyes.  As Luigi entered the forest ahead of him it was nearly impossible to see but as soon as he adjusted to the low lighting, faces in trees emerged and stared down at the plumber when he was not looking back.  Then suddenly, a voice chimed in Luigi’s head, “Luigi, it is I Merlon, can you hear me?” asked the wizard hopefully.  

    “Hello?” Luigi responded with some confusion.

    “Ah, yes, there you are, I’m speaking with you telepathically,” Merlon explained.  “I see you’re entering the Living Thicket.  Thanks to the druid’s curse here, the trees here can rearrange themselves to confuse your direction.  It seems you’re aware that the entirety of Mage Land’s foliage seems dead with rot and fuzzies have infested the trees as well.  Be not alarmed however, the trees cannot harm you only confuse you.  Good luck, Luigi, we are counting on you!” Merlon said strongly.

    As Luigi took a deep breath he took his first baby steps into the dark woods.  He lit the pathways with his Poltergust’s flashlight.  Luigi hummed a tune to keep his calm and as he did he heard footsteps quickly approach him.  Emerging from the darkness was yet another Wizard Cultist and he rushed Luigi with a horrifying growl.  Luigi shouted with a shiver as the wizard spooked him.  Luigi then leaped into the air and landed perfectly on the Wizard’s head, sending him to the ground, defeating him.  His body turned to a puff of black smoke and revealed a darker than night, cloaked spirit that resembled the wizard, but with piercing red eyes.  The spirit lunged with a roar.  Switching on the Poltergust, he stunned and sucked up the undead wizard.  The ghost hardly stood a chance before it vanished into the device.

    Feeling reassured, Luigi continued through the Living Thicket fighting other Cultists, Peepas, Bone Piranha Plants in Warp Pipes, Gold Ghosts and Bone Goombas.  He also hit more blocks collecting more treasures and avoiding Poison Mushrooms when they emerged from blocks.  After a short while, Luigi found himself calmed by the smashing of blocks only to find a male druid child pop out of one when he hit it.  The young druid hit the ground with a thud and was quite dizzy.  Luigi noticed he was not one of the cultists he had been clobbering and approached him, “Oh, I’m so sorry are you okay, bambino?” Luigi asked as the child as he regained his senses.

    The druid shook his head and seemed quite happy, “Oh thank goodness, an actual person found me instead of…, whatever has been chasing me…”

    “Is someone after you?” Luigi asked with concern, putting his own fears aside.

    The boy stammered a bit, “Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce myself,” he started.  “I’m Merlide and I’m just a beginner druid so I haven’t taken any actual classes yet, but I was playing ‘Hide and Seek’ with my brother Merleek and five other druids.  A while ago they took a break, but I wanted to keep playing.  My brother told me to play by myself and to use a doll.  I was told by some elders not to do this ritual, but I thought it was false.  I did it anyway, but something strange happened.  I swear the doll came to life and began chasing me.  I got so scared that I hid myself in that block you hit.  Now I can’t find my brother Merleek or anyone else!  What if the doll found them!  Please mister, you don’t seem scary at all, will you help me?”

    Luigi gave the kid a thumb’s up gesture, “No problem-o bambino!” he replied while trying to hide the shaking of his knees.

    The kid was still uneasy, “Um, if you don’t mind, I’d like to come along with you, y’know, just in case…,” he said shakily.

    “Sure thing, I’ll enjoy the company!” Luigi replied, enjoying the thought of company.

    Luigi heard Greaper’s voice once more, “So the little tyke wanted to play Hide and Seek by himself, huh?  That was a mistake.  Evil spirits jump at the chance to do that with the ignorant.  It would be wise to find them all quickly before they get caught.”

    The young wizard followed Luigi closely as they began to explore the creepy woods.  Luigi soon found a circular pathway that looped around a massive tree with a very ugly shaped face staring down on him.  Luigi, although unnerved, called out to the children.  Then suddenly, a cotton bush rustled and a very relieved child emerged to greet them.  “Oh thank the stars!” he said as he greeted his friend.  “I got frightened by something that came after me so I tried to hide again!  Thank you for coming to find me!  There should be five of us left out here, we all scattered when that evil spirit came!”

    Luigi now had two of the seven children following him and the company gave him some relief.  No longer was he alone.  Curious, Luigi turned to Merlide, “Hey, why were you all the way out here playing Hide and Seek?” Luigi asked.

    “Practicing our divination magic!” the kid replied.  “We can use it to ask plants to help us tell fortunes!”

    Merlide interjected, “Yeah, a common skill amongst us druids as well as other wizards, is being able to sense the spiritual energy of others.  So we were practicing in the darkness of this forest.”

    “Yeah, but then…, ‘she’ came and ruined all the plants…,” the other child said sadly.

    Luigi grew pale as he contemplated over the child speaking of the Rag Hag, but decided to continue looking for the remaining children as opposed to dwelling on it.  As they continued, Luigi called out a few more times to find the children and eventually heard a faint sound from above him.  One of the kids was in a tree, surrounded by fuzzies.  He seemed frightened, “Um, hello…, can someone get me down now?  I feel really dizzy…,” he pleaded as he stumbled about.

    Luigi had just the thig.  He crouched down and put all his strength into his legs, “Ya hoo!” he shouted with a High Jump.  Luigi landed safely in the branches avoiding the hazardous fuzzies and reached the kid.

    The kid was astounded, “Wow, that was some jump, what kind of spell was that!?  Err, never mind that how do we get down now?”

    “Leave it to Luigi!” Luigi said as he gave the kid a piggyback ride.  Luigi then hopped effortlessly from tree branch to tree branch until he safely reached the ground.  

    The kids were speechless and muttered praise that became garbled due to them all talking at once.  Luigi managed to calm them and they continued.  Trekking down winding paths, Luigi called out again and received another reply, this time from a female druid.  She was stuck in a small alcove under a series of tree roots.  “Hello…?” she replied fearfully.  “I can’t see down here, if I had some light to show me the entrance, I could leave…”

    Luigi shined his flashlight and the bright light caught the girl’s eye and she was able to escape from her small alcove.

    “Oh thank you, thank you, thank you so much mister nice man!” she said without pausing for breath as she hugged Luigi’s leg.  She joined the other three and they huddled together.

    Luigi adjusted his cap and they continued.  In a dark corner of the forest, strange piles of rotted leaves that were obviously unnatural lay before them.  Luigi called out but all the piles shivered as a response.  Taking his Poltergust he gently began to blow away the piles.  Beneath the first few were just coins along with a Wizard Coin that Merlicity mentioned.  Luigi took the purple coin and stored it safely away.  A few other piles revealed Bone Piranha Plants hoping to attack someone who came along, but Luigi easily defeated them.  Finally, the last pile revealed another shivering female child.  She opened her eyes hesitantly, but when she gazed upon Luigi’s smiling face, she knew she had been rescued.  “Oh, I was sooo scared!  I don’t know who you are mister, but you’re a lot less scary than everything else in this forest!” she said as she huddled with her friends.

    Luigi gained a more positive demeanor now as five of the seven children have been located.  Continuing onward proved difficult as Luigi had a harder time finding the last two.  He hit many dead ends and retraced familiar areas, finding treasures and another Hint Block containing another EVP after being lead astray by mischievous moving trees.  Finally, as Luigi called out again, he heard a small female cry.  This time it was beneath him.  As Luigi felt the ground beneath him he located a wooden plank on the ground that was well hidden beneath the leaves.  Luigi performed a Ground Pound beside it and the little girl was ejected from her hole and into Luigi’s arms.  She was spooked at first, “No, don’t eat me!” she cried fearfully.  Luigi managed to calm her down and she realized she was safe.  “Sorry, I was so scared…, can we go home now?”

    Merlide spoke up as he tugged on Luigi’s overalls, “Um, that’s everyone except my brother Merleek!  We have to find him!”

    Luigi and the children continued searching and after what felt like hours, they thought they overturned every rock and branch they could find.  Then Luigi decided to take the Dark-Light feature and poke around with it.  

    As Luigi searched and searched he came to a break in the forest.  He was at the other edge of the forest and a fairly large strange double door stood before them.  The door was built into the plateau and surrounded by gnarled roots of the trees above.  The large door was green in color and had holes in it that created a face that was of a Calm expression.  Luigi was completely dumbfounded as the door would not budge for anyone or anything, he tried kicking it, punching it, using his Thunderhand on it as well has his hammer.  No matter what he tried the door would not as much as creak.  He did however find a Hidden Block with the Dark Light that contained a small treasure cache.

    Merlide tugged on Luigi’s overalls again, “Um, you can’t open this door yet, mister.  It’s a Vibe Door.  This one requires the person opening it to be Calm inside there hearts for it to open.  There are others like the Rage Door, Joy Door, and Gloom Door.  You have to truly be feeling the emotion that matches the door for it to open.  Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone here is calm right now.  Plus, we’re still missing Merleek!”

    Luigi decided to turn back and head back into the forest.  Luigi and the kids were growing worried that they could not find Merleek until the crowd came to a different place where large mushroom trees replaced the cursed pines.  They were blocked off by another plateau however, and could not progress further.  Then, Luigi placed his hand at his ear as he heard a faint noise in front of him but was unable to see anything.  Switching on the Dark Light, he shined it directly in front of him.  Suddenly, a Warp Pipe manifested from the darkness as well as the final child.  Once the two became whole again, Luigi used the Poltergust to suck up the spirit balls that made them invisible.

    Merlide rushed up to the kid in a wave of relief, “Merleek, oh thank the stars we’ve found you!”

    Merleek was sobbing with joy, “Everyone, I-I thought I w-was a goner!”

    Merlide turned to Luigi with tears welling up in his eyes, “Thank you for helping us mister, but we should head back to the village as soon as we can!”

    “You got it!” Luigi cheered as he stuck a victory pose.

    However, suddenly, the kids all rushed behind Luigi in a panic.  Luigi did an about face and gazed upon what gave the kids a fright.  A lone featureless doll made from burlap and had two button eyes sat motionless on the ground while holding a small rusted knife.  Then the doll suddenly, sprung into the air, “I… found… you… that means I win…,” it spoke eerily.

    Luigi’s confidence melted away as his knees began to shake.  The doll lunged at Luigi and a set of sharp teeth appeared on its face.  Luigi responded with Mario’s Hammer.  A good swing of the hammer batted the doll away and it dropped its knife.  Luigi then regained some of his confidence and shined the Dark Light on the doll.  The entity writhed and moaned under the Dark Light’s ultraviolet spectrum.  Finally, a familiar entity manifested.  A white round bodied spirit with a wide toothy grin, big red tongue and beady black eyes became visible.  It seemed distressed over the fact that it was now visible.  It glared back at Luigi with an expression of anger.  “Calamitous clam sauce, a Boo!” Luigi responded as he pointed the nozzle at the Boo.  This Boo was much faster than previous Boo’s he had encountered.  The Boo flew so fast and wildly it was hard to pin down.  The Boo became irate as it attempted to dive bomb the plumber.  Luigi reacted quickly as he channeled his Thunderhand and whack the Boo with it.  The Boo ran right into the unexpected attack and the shock of lightning stunned it causing it a great deal of discomfort.  Luigi then began to finish the job with his Poltergust.  Luckily, the spirit had no time to recover as it was sucked up.  The Boo got stuck a little bit as it made contact with the nozzle.  Luigi placed the nozzle to the ground and began jumping on it like a plunger to force the Boo inside.  As the Boo vanished inside with an audible funny noise, Luigi and the kids rejoiced.  Merlide ran to the doll and threw a match on it, burning it to ashes.  He sighed with relief; “Just to make sure nothing else tries to use this doll…!” he said calming down.

    All the children sighed with relief and Merleek approached Luigi and tugged on his overalls, “Thanks a whole bunch mister, we really appreciate what you did for us!  But, um, we aren’t the only people wandering around this place, our parents and elders are in the Mushroom Woods, Scarecrow Fields, and Pumpkin Gorge, so if you could, would you look out for them too?”

    Merlide approached Luigi once more, “Oh, in case you were wondering about that Vibe Door from earlier, you’ll need to go to the Mushroom Woods first and find a Vibe Shroom.  That’s what the elders say anyway…, they also said a few more things, but I can’t remember them.  That Warp Pipe behind you that I was near will take you over to the Mushroom Woods.  Really tall Mushroom Trees that glow pretty colors used to grow there, but now they don’t glow anymore, thanks to… her…  Now the Mushrooms Woods is dark and full of rotted, wilted Mushrooms that are quite toxic.  So do be careful…  Anyway, please stop by the village and play with us again real soon okay?” he finished with a cute smile only a child could make.

    With that, the kids said their goodbyes to Luigi and they departed back to the village via a warp spell that they all shared power for.  Luigi was no longer worried as the children holding hands vanished in a bright flash of light.  Luigi gave himself a confident nod as he turned to the Warp Pipe behind him.  Before Luigi could proceed however, Merlessa’s voice entered Luigi’s mind, “Luigi, thank you for what you did with the kids, I’m eternally grateful to you.  According to my uncle Merlon, the kids returned safely with their Warp spell.  If you need to rest, just blow the Mage Land Warp Whistle and feel free to get some supplies and rest!” she finished.  Luigi nodded with a smile and instead of continuing, Luigi pulled the Warp Whistle from his pocket and decided to take a breath of fresh air before moving onward.

*Monstro Town*

    Luigi returned to Monstro Town on a magical whirlwind.  He first paid a visit to Merlon and Merlessa.  Luigi casually trotted up to Merlon and greeted him, “Ah, Luigi, glad to see you came back in one piece!  I want to thank you as well for rescuing those kids.  They are far too young to be wrapped up in this mess.  Since the village has been set free from that Music Box curse they can safely return home.  I would have been able to help you, but thanks to Merloom’s curse of shadows over Mage Land, I can’t see anything, even with my crystal ball.  I can only see things through your eyes.  I wanted to choke a bit when I laid my eyes on what has become of the Living Thicket.  Merlessa can tell you more.  When I watched the kids from your eyes, I heard them mention ‘her’.  I take it they are speaking of the Rag Hag that was mentioned before, but thanks to Merloom I can’t use my magic to discern her true identity.  Anyway, we need to gather more information on who this female druid is and how we can fix what she has done!,” he finished with a point of advice.

    Luigi hastily departed from Merlon and Merlessa and entered Gadd’s new lab.  He was greeted cheerfully by the professor, “Ah, Luigi I was able to get a message from those ghostly Hint Block’s you smacked, it’s quite creepy if you want to hear it.  I have no idea what it means though.”

    Luigi grew uncomfortable about having to hear a message from spirits, but decided to hear it anyway.  “Okay…,” he said with a tone of unease.

    Gadd played back the recording and the following could be heard, “Well you see, we’ve been friends for years…,” came a young male voice.  “So I was wondering if I could show you something cool...”

    A female voice followed, “Um..., I don’t know..., I guess...,” was all that was recorded so far.

    Luigi was now curious as to what was being said.  “I wonder what that means?”

    “Like I said…, really creepy,” Gadd said with a chill.  “Any who, like I said, I want you to hit those corrupt Hint Blocks whenever you find them Luigi we might learn something valuable from them.  Despite how creepy they are anyway.  Well then, off with you young fella!  Time’s a wastin’!”

    Luigi decided to take a rest in the bed for a nap and Gadd fell asleep in his chair.  Just like before, the Three Musty Fears appeared over Luigi’s head.  Greaper came closer, “How do you like Mage Land so far?  Did you know the Living Thicket used to be a very pretty forest?  But now its in runs because of this... Rag Hag.”

    The Boo followed as he played with his face, “I wonder what kind of person she used to be.  If I were to judge, I would say she was a well respected person a long time ago.”

    Lastly, Dry Bones spoke up, “All the wizards you’ll find here were once rumored to have hated Merloom.  I wonder why they serve him now?  Ah well, I’m sure it’ll come to light soon.”

    With that the three spirits vanished and spoke in unison, “Don’t forget what we told you!”

*End of Chapter*
Hiya folks, I apologize for not being very active here on DA, nevertheless, the last few months of my life demanded my attention.  I crashed my vehicle a couple of months back and had to make it a priority to get  a new one, which took quite a while as only now have I finished not only finding one but finalized all the ridiculous amount of paperwork that goes with such an otherwise easy thing.  My job has also left me quite exhausted and I got a little ill these past two weeks.  Aches and pains definitely sap your creativity...

Anyway, I just thought I would let my watchers know what exactly I intend for the future!  Well, here we go!  As you may have noticed, I periodically update my Kirby fan fic, which I have now crossed the 25% complete rate as far as adding scenes goes.  Which is to say that's farther than I imagined it would go!  I am also fixing lore and grammar errors in the story as well, so if you were following that story be sure to know that it too is having some minor changes done as well to make it flow better.

My Chrono Trigger fic is going through a little editing as well as I found an error in it.  As such I am taking out the mass Chrono Cross references.  The story as it is will still remain what it is for the most part, but some of the setting will change and I will add a completely new chapter when that happens, so for those who were following it, please note that yes, its is still alive!  

Now, most of you are here for BBW art work yes?  Note that this is not stopping and I do plan on continuing.  The Chrono Trigger ladies 'Tubby Techs' project, yes that's what I'm calling it, will in fact be the next thing I update when it comes to this genre of my work along hopefully with a completely revised version of my Bountiful Bunny Bulma pic.

Finally, I plan on throwing some material at'cha this Halloween weekend!  

Thanks for stopping by and thanks to those of you who recently watched my page!


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Hi there, I am a practicing artist who likes to draw fan oriented material as well as my own creations! I like works that involve Japanese media such as anime, video games, Science Fiction like the Terminator or Medieval Fantasy like Lord of the Rings. Oh and I also like chubby girls, but no porn mind you! I like to keep things cute and adorable! Pleasure to meet you and thanks for stopping by!

I am also a member of the Japanese website Pixiv! You can find the link below! :)


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